Why Is It Possible For This Type Of A To Also Have An O? – Chapter 100

"Good Morning Doctor Jiang."

“Knock knock.” There was


“Knock knock.” Pale knuckles knocked on the wooden door again.

“Who is it!” A drunken cry finally came from the door.

For a moment, an alpha opened the door, but his expression became extremely frightened when he saw the person in front of him, as if he had seen a ghost to kill him.

The next second, “Puchi”, the sound of the blade submerging into the body, blood spurted out.

Yu Shuang stood outside the door with a blank expression on her face. The incandescent lamp behind her made her bloody face beautiful and terrifying. She took out the fruit knife and stabbed it again without pause. By the way, she hooked her foot and the door closed.

The screams continued to sound from the door, and they became faint again.

Half an hour later, Yu Shuang changed into a set of clean clothes and walked out.

“Crack”, the voice-activated light went out.

There is an artificial lake in front of the government building in District 7. Since there were two suicides in front of the government building in District 2, it seems to echo the sound of the horn, and other districts have also happened one after another, so now there are security guards on guard.

Yu Shuang didn’t push hard. She sat on the bench by the lake for a while. The sun made her whole body warm. Then she stood up, and the knife pierced alpha’s body neatly and neatly. Cross your neck.

Although the carotid artery was not cut accurately, it was very deep, and the back of Yu Shuang’s head slammed on the hot floor tile, and blood gushed out from her neck.

It’s not that painful… it’s much more comfortable than having a baby.

The sun was shining brightly, and her pale face was dyed golden.

She kept her eyes open, tears rolled down with her blood, and after a moment of silence, she suddenly screamed with all her strength: “Pain…pain…pain…pain!!!”

She thought she had yelled, but in fact, No one heard her voice.

Tears quickly dried on her face, she thought, if there is an afterlife, she hopes to be reborn in a place where she can often see the sun, and she doesn’t want to stay in a dark room anymore.

But if it’s still this world, forget it.

The noon sun was dazzling, and ordinary people looked up and squinted, unable to hold on for two seconds.

She lay in a pool of blood, staring at the sun, unable to rest her eyes.

This year is destined to be an unprecedented turbulence.

The arson incident of the centralized fertility center in District 7 and the subsequent series of events were never expected by the leaders. They were shocked and unbelievable. On the same day, they stopped the news time of all centralized fertility centers and comprehensively improved the treatment of the fertility centers. , the mattresses and meals have been newly upgraded, and the guards have also been replaced, and they are no longer rude to them. In addition, playgrounds and other outdoor activities have been added, and you can watch some variety shows or movies every day.

But everyone knows it well, this is just self-deception and falsehoods.

Due to the situation, the fertility center in District 7 has not been rebuilt, and other fertility centers have not yet enforced the abandoned omega, but they have not released people.

Suicides in alpha surged, protests in beta and omega continued, with student strikes, worker strikes, and several organized group break-ins into centralized birthhouses that were eventually forcibly suppressed.

2 months later, a documentary swept everyone’s homepage, 12 omegas from various districts who had suffered abuse and violence, and 5 omegas who had gone through the hell of a birthing center broke down and told their experiences, which is also everyone’s experience. For the first time, when I learned about the real situation of the birth center, I saw people being angry, sad and tearful.

Three months later, for the first time, the government of District 7 appeared on the bright side with the voice of “protecting omega”.

Four months later, the 13th district issued the first anti-domestic violence local regulations of the second star.

In the same month, an authoritative media published an article – “Should a centralized fertility center really exist?” 》

The organization in District 2, where Jiang Yunshu and others belong, increased from 45 to 227 in just 4 months, and the number of people assisted by the Omega Relief Foundation also increased from 8 to 49.

They opened a door, more and more people were awakened little by little, and more and more like-minded people.

Although the road is difficult and confusing, they believe that all their efforts will not be in vain, and one day, the sun will shine on every corner.

“Above!” Shi Muqing was full of anger and loudly, “The meeting is over!” Bai Tang

stood in the audience and applauded with all the students.

“Bai Tang,” Teacher Wang called to stop him, “Are you free tonight? Stay here and let me see

the ppt for you?” “Ah, I thought! But…” Bai Tang was embarrassed, “I’m sorry, teacher, it’s me today. alpha birthday, so I have to go back early…sorry sorry.”

Yes, today is Jiang Yunshu’s 33rd birthday.

Bai Tang was wearing a goose-yellow down jacket standing at the Fengqi school gate, his neck shrunk from the cold, and after waiting for a while, he glanced at the car that was turning at the intersection.

He immediately stretched out his hand from his warm pocket and waved frantically. After the car stopped, he opened the co-pilot’s door and sat up, leaned over and hugged the alpha.

Jiang Yunshu hugged him, tightened his arms, and laughed, “Why are you still so clingy every day?” The

omega buried itself in the alpha’s chest and rubbed his hair in a mess, his hair was up, probably trying to rub against him to generate heat. , he asked back: “Don’t you like it?”

Jiang Yunshu kissed Bai Tang’s forehead, “I like it.” There were

footsteps outside the door.

Brown Sugar ran over and waited at the door. The moment the door opened, he rushed up excitedly, stood up and threw himself on the master!

The person who came was motionless.

Brown sugar tilted his head: ?

Jiang Yunwen held the black sugar’s forelimb expressionlessly and walked in with it, “I haven’t changed it yet.”

Brown sugar was forced to move its two hind legs at a loss. It turned its head pitifully and pinned its last hope. As for its other owner, no accident, it only saw another ruthless owner holding up his mobile phone to shoot it and laughing out loud.

Regarding the episode of going home and opening the door to educate Brown Sugar, there are so many videos on White Sugar’s phone that I can make a collection.

Bai Tang started to make the chocolate mousse cake that he was optimistic about yesterday, and after a while, Jiang Yan’s father Yun Shu walked into the kitchen, washed his hands carefully and started cooking.

“Tomorrow Saturday,” Jiang Yunshu said, “I have a day off, do you want to go somewhere to play?”

“Okay!” Bai Tang said, “I want to go skiing! Just two weeks ago, a new square opened in the north of the city. , there is a Snow World Paradise.”

Jiang Yunshu cut carrots, “Skiing?” Bai

Tang turned his head and looked at Jiang Yunshu with bright eyes, “Doctor Jiang, you are so good! Surely you will!”

In the eyes of omega, his own alpha is omnipotent.

“…I haven’t skied.” Jiang Yunshu’s premonition was not very good. After all, his sense of balance is a bit ordinary, so he shouldn’t… body is funny.

Baitang is very cheerful, as long as he is with Jiang Yunshu, even if he falls into a ball, he will be very happy, “It’s okay, let’s try it together!” It’s

just that Baitang can’t guess, only Alpha is the only one who has been wrestling, and he is lying on the alpha. There was a lot of wind and water on the side.

After they finished eating, they took a shower together. The bathroom was in a mess. The shower was left unattended on the ground, the bottle was slanted, and the white sugar was desperately supporting the wall so that it didn’t kneel on the ground.

Omega’s legs were a little weak, but his interest was still high. He took out the birthday crown that he had prepared early in the morning, and despite the alpha’s refusal, semi-toughly put it on Jiang Yunshu’s head.

At the age of 33, 3 blue candles and 3 pink candles were inserted into the white sugar. Accompanied by the barking of the brown sugar, the two clapped their hands and sang the birthday song.

There are more and more photos on the back wall. If you look carefully, you will find that there are already 6 similar pictures on the left side of the center: at this moment, the same sofa, the same photo wall background, the same Jiang Yunshu and white sugar Sitting on the sofa, one person holding a cake in one hand, the two looked at the camera in the first year, smiled at each other, and smiled and kissed at the end. The afterimage of brown sugar appeared anywhere in the photo.

The date is written on the back of the photo. Jiang Yunshu is 30, 31, and 32 years old, and Bai Tang is 22, 23, and 24 years old. No accident. After tonight, the seventh photo will appear on the photo wall.

“Doctor Jiang!” Bai Tang fixed the phone on the shelf in front of him, “Left, sit a little to the left!” The

10-second countdown began, and omega ran to his place, pretending to look ahead with alpha, but in the last 2 In seconds, Bai Tang suddenly turned his head to the side, wanting to kiss Jiang Yunshu’s face.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yunshu thought so too, so the two bumped into each other.


They looked at each other wordlessly for a few seconds and laughed at the same time.

“What…” This inexplicably hit Bai Tang’s laughter. He hunched over, tears came out, and he was about to finish his sentence, “Next time, next time I’ll kiss you on the face!”

“Okay, Jiang Yunshu was very good at negotiating, “Next time I will kiss.” The

cake was very small, the two of them ate just right, and the white sugar took a bite, “What did Dr. Jiang wish for?

” He smiled and said, “It won’t work if you say it.”

But both of them knew it well, because their wishes must be the same.

Sugar and Alpha exchanged a chocolate kiss and he said, “Then who will grant our birthday wishes? God?”

Jiang Yunshu jokingly said, “The Wishing Elf.”

Baitang pouted and laughed for a long while. He calmed down, took a deep breath, stood up slowly, and said, “The White Sugar Wishing Elf has come to fulfill your wish.”

Omega’s face was a little red, he took two steps back, and under the faint candlelight, under the surprised gaze of alpha, slowly knelt down on one knee, took out a small red velvet box from his pocket, and opened it with shame.

A pair of rings.

I bought the sugar with my own savings. It wasn’t very expensive, but it didn’t use a shred of Jiang Yunsu’s money.

“Jiang Yunshu,” the omega was very nervous, his throat was constricted, and he was a little afraid to look into the alpha’s eyes, but his eyes were red and he did not look away, but said solemnly and earnestly, “I will prepare a glass of water every night at The head of the bed will protect you and hold you to sleep every day, will accompany you through every susceptible period, will love you and treat you well for the rest of your life. I also want to take another 76 photos of holding the cake, thinking about every future A picture has you…”

Bai Tang choked a little, he paused, and continued: “I want you to be with me for a lifetime, okay?”

Jiang Yunshu’s eyes were hot again, he stretched out his hand without hesitation and agreed. : “Okay.”

Then, item 5 appeared on the bear’s notebook: two-way honesty, mutual support, and shared responsibility.

That night, the two of them were like crazy, excited to the extreme, and again and again without restraint, there were countless tooth marks on the alpha’s shoulders, the omega’s glands were bitten hot, the deepest part was sore and soft, and the tears flowed, but despite the fact that In this way, Bai Tang still did not let go of Jiang Yunshu’s clasped hands.

The faint

sunlight shone in through the occasionally blown curtains, and sprinkled a golden hue on the bed. The two of them cuddled tightly, the rings on their overlapping hands reflecting the light.

Jiang Yunshu slept until he woke up naturally, stretched his body comfortably, subconsciously embraced the warm person beside him, and slowly opened his eyes.

The omega was lying on the snow-white pillow, revealing his smooth shoulders slightly. Seeing that Alpha woke up, his eyes suddenly curled up. He smiled and gave Jiang Yunshu a forehead kiss and said, “Good morning, Doctor Jiang.”


Why Is It Possible For This Type Of A To Also Have An O?

Why Is It Possible For This Type Of A To Also Have An O?

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
After 18 hours of operation, a certain handsome doctor died on the operating table, only to wake up and discover that he had transmigrated into an alpha’s body. A pitiful omega sat next to his bed. When the omega noticed him waking up, his small face immediately turned pale! Jiang Yunshu: I used to treat you badly? Bai Tang trembled and didn’t dare to talk. Jiang Yunshu: …. Jiang Yunshu: It won’t happen again. Jiang Yunshu found that Bai Tang’s body was covered with wounds, and his left arm was fractured. Jiang Yunshu: I used to hit you? Bai Tang turned pale and whimpered: No… Jiang Yunshu: …. Jiang Yunshu: It won’t happen again. Jiang Yunshu found that Bai Tang didn’t even attempt to dine at the table at home since the original owner would not allow it. The original owner forbade him to eat meat because it was tasty. He couldn’t sleep in bed because the original owner didn’t like him. Jiang Yunshu also found out that something was amiss with Bai Tang. His gland was utterly f*cked up. Jiang Yunshu, who hardly cursed: f*ck. Later, Jiang Yunshu also learned that every time the original owner domestically abused Bai Tang, he would say the same sentence, “It won’t happen again”, but the next time he’d only hit harder. Jiang Yunshu: Bastard!!! But luckily, Jiang Yunshu is a patient man, and as a doctor, he’d be able to gradually nurse this beautiful but broken omega back. He even went so far as to spend his entire life proving to Bai Tang what he meant when he said, “It won’t happen again.”


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