Who Said I Like You Chapter 7

       In fact, at the beginning, the police asked Bo Yaofan to help find the chip, because Kent and Bulu were very cunning, and they played the police several times, so Kevin had to ask Bo Yaofan for help. It was Bai Yaofan who discovered that the tears of the mermaid was a fake. He thought that the chip was hidden in the tears of the mermaid, so he caught the handle of Kent and Blue. Who knew that they were run away by Kent and Blue at the last minute. He also learned that he was the one who helped the police. Of course, he was hated.

  That’s why there are more bodyguards around him recently, and he deliberately annoys Miller, so that there is a reason not to appear in front of her. Then he sent two bodyguards to protect her secretly, fearing that Kent and Bru would find Millerle.

  After listening to Bai Yaofan’s words, Mi Lele asked calmly, “When did you start helping Uncle Kevin solve the case?”

  Mi Lele’s calmness made Bai Yaofan tremble. Normally, according to the meter Lele temper, and now she should have been angry fishes, but it happens so calm …… Bo Yao sail carefully observe the meter Lele table

  situation, replied: “Two years ago,”

  in fact, a It was a coincidence at the beginning. At that time, Uncle Kevin was having a headache because of a murder case. He was discussing with Mi Mu, who was also a policeman. He happened to pass by at that time. He was bored and listened for a while. Just as two adults were thinking about how to solve this case. At that time, he caught the blind spot of the case in one sentence, which surprised the two adults, and Uncle Kevin also solved the case because of his prompt. There was the first time, and over time, Uncle Kevin got used to asking him for help. He also finds it very interesting. From the case, he can examine the criminal’s psychology, find hidden clues, and finally solve the case. The process in the middle makes him feel very challenging. It is also because of this relationship that he will create a detective agency in school. Use your brain to find the feeling of the mystery. “Two years ago…” Miller repeated. This bastard helped Uncle Kevin investigate the case for two years, but she didn’t know that this feeling of being concealed was really…  She quickly raised her fist and struck Bo Yaofan’s left eye! “Bo Yaofan, you bastard!”

  ”Deserve it!” Kevin smiled and looked at the panda eyes on Bo Yaofan’s face. The beautiful boy was really happy with two dark circles under his eyes. “It’s really time to let your admirers see what you look like now.” The illusion will definitely be shattered.

  Bai Yaofan took the boiled egg and rubbed the corners of his eyes with bruises, and gave Bai Kaiwen an angry look. “Who killed me like this?” If the police didn’t keep the good news and let Kent and Blue know that he helped the police, how could he be targeted…

  ”I told you earlier, I must tell Lele earlier It’s fine for you to hide it before, but now you are being targeted by Kent, and even the people around you are in danger, but you don’t tell Lele, you just send someone to protect her privately, and deserve to be beaten.” Kevin can be beaten at all. No sympathy, let this masculine kid know that women are not weak, and Lele is not a girl who can only be protected.

  Of course Bo Yaofan understood what Kevin meant. He knows better than anyone how tough and stubborn Mi Lele is. Even if he says he hates him, if he is in danger, the woman will definitely stand in front of him, just like the kidnapping incident that year.

  Bo Yaofan will always remember the slender figure that protects him, so strong and brave, without a trace of fear. At that time, he stared at Mi Lele’s back, and suddenly a spurn rose in his heart. He spurned his own uselessness. It was obvious that he was a man and he should protect her.

  But he didn’t. No matter how precocious he was at the age of ten, he was still afraid of the kidnappers. He obviously should stand in front of Miller, but his legs were trembling, and he could only be protected.

  Miller was only two years older than him, but he was braver. Obviously he wanted to protect her, but he was protected by her, which made him feel that he had lost, who had always thought that he was better than Miller.

  At that time, he thought that Miller was a childish little girl who could only move his fists, and was eaten to death by him. In front of Miller, he has always been a winner.

  But that time, he felt that he had completely lost. It turned out that he wasn’t as strong as he thought, it turned out that he was so weak, but Mi Lele, an idiot who was always bullied by him, was so strong.

  This can be said to be a heavy blow to his self-esteem, and it also made him swear to become stronger, at least when he is in danger, he should protect Mi Lele instead of being protected by her.

  That’s why he concealed that Millerle himself helped Kevin investigate the case. He just didn’t want Millerle to intervene, and would not let Millerle know about Kent, and he didn’t want her to worry about it.

  But after the explosion, he knew that he couldn’t keep it. It’s just that he didn’t expect Mi Lele’s reaction to be so

  big, at least she wouldn’t hit him in the face before, because she was afraid that Mi mother would scold her, but this time she gave him two panda eyes sturdily.

  Bai Yaofan picked up the mirror on the table and took a look. The mirror honestly showed the two circles of bruises on his eyes.

  Damn, that woman was really ruthless when she started. No surprise, this panda eye can’t be eliminated in a month.

  ”Tsk, I don’t want to think that I’m doing her good.” It’s none of her business, so angry. “Women should be protected obediently…”

  ”What did you say?” With a bang, a plate of freshly fried beef with green peppers was placed on the table, Mi Mu smiled and looked at Bo Yaofan. “Xiaofan, what did you say, godmother didn’t hear clearly, say it again.”

  Mi Mu is forty-five years old, but she looks like she is in her early thirties. She is very petite and gentle, and she is a famous beauty in this street.

  But everyone who is familiar with Mi Mu knows how tough this woman is. When he was a police officer, Mi Mu was the head of the criminal team, and Kevin, who is currently the criminal team leader, was still Mi Mu’s subordinate. However, after being pregnant with Mi Lele, Mi Mu left the police circle and opened Mijia Taoist Hall instead.

  What the tough Mi Mu hates most is men who look down on women.

  Of course Bo Yaofan understood Mi Mu’s taboo and immediately pleased him with a smile. “I mean godmother is getting younger and more beautiful.”

  ”Hunter boy! Don’t come to this set.” Mimu stretched out her index finger to focus on Bo Yaofan’s forehead, and gave a roll of eyes, but she was still caught by Bo Yao. Fan’s pleasing smile made him laugh.

  Women, no matter how fierce they are, they still like people to exaggerate their appearance, especially Bo Yaofan has a good-looking and sweet mouth, which is most loved by mother-in-law.

  The female creatures on this street…except for Mi Lele…all of them were coaxed to persuade by Bai Yaofan.

  ”But don’t think that godmother will be on your side this time, Xiaole played right this time, you should be beaten.” Mi Mu squeezed Bo Yaofan’s face severely.

  ”Oh!” Bai Yaofan wailed, pretending to be pitiful, “Godmother, it hurts!”

  ”It’s best to hurt you asshole boy,” Kevin laughed on the side. This kid will pretend to be obedient in front of Mi Qiao, he has been displeased for a long time.

  ”You still have a face to say!” Mi Mu glared over. “Xiaofan is still a child. You asked a child to help you investigate the case. Is your criminal team’s brains for display? Now Xiaofan is still dangerous, and the car exploded! Fortunately, Xiaofan is fine, otherwise I see how you explain

  it to the Tang family!” This is really a fault for Kevin, so he has to touch his nose and let Mi’s scold him. Before, they had hidden Bo Yaofan very well, but this time they had revealed their stuff, and Kent and Bru ran away, leaving Bo Yaofan in crisis. “Also, Xiaofan,” Mi Mu looked at her godson, her gentle face with seriousness. “After all, you and Xiaole grew up together. You should know Xiaole’s personality. Even if she says she hates you, she really doesn’t care about it. Do you really think Xiaole is the kind of person who knows you are in danger and ignores you? Human?” Of course she is not. He just knew that she was not such a person, so he would lie to her. He just…want to protect her, just as she protected him back then.

   ”I know you want to protect Xiaole’s heart, but protecting someone is not a lie.” Mi Mu reached out and flicked Bo Yaofan’s forehead. “Go, tell Xiao Le to come down and eat.” The girl told her about Bo Yaofan when she got home, and she was not surprised at all, she knew that the whole thing was only ignorant of her, and she had a temper. Shut yourself in the room. “Why do you want me to go? She is getting angry, am I going to find and be beaten?” Bai Yaofan muttered, but still got up and walked towards the stairs.  The two in the kitchen looked at Bai Yaofan’s mouth, although they said they didn’t want to, they walked upstairs honestly and couldn’t help laughing.

  ”Joe, do you think these two little guys will be a couple?” Kevin couldn’t help asking. The two have been noisy since they were young. Bai Yaofan loves to provoke Mi Lele, and Mi Lele looks at Bai Yaofan so displeased, they look like a pair of small enemies.

  ”Who knows.” Mi Mu smiled and fixed her eyes on the picture frame on the cabinet.

  In the photo are two children. The girl is holding her arms uncomfortably and staring at the boy sideways, while the boy is grinning next to the girl, angrily, but unexpectedly harmonious.

  Miller is really angry this time!

  That bastard Bo Yaofan and Uncle Kevin just kept it from her, I didn’t expect even my mother to know! She originally thought that she had told her mother about what Bo Yaofan had done, and that her mother would get angry and teach the bastard, but she didn’t expect that her mother would tell her that she had known it a long time ago.

  Everyone knows it, but she doesn’t!

  How is it! Is this treating her as an outsider? Even her mother lied to her, this is really too much!

  Miller was lying on the bed, feeling angry and depressed. She didn’t even know that Bo Yaofan was helping Uncle Kevin investigate the case! For two years and more than 700 days, the bastard didn’t tell her at all!

  Yes, Bo Yaofan has no obligation to report to her. After all, the relationship between the two of them is not good, but she is angry!

  A kid is making fun with the police, does he think he’s good? Look, it’s not going to happen now,

  and it also hurts the people around… Yes, she’s just angry at this! He is not the only one who is in danger now, but everyone around him is in danger!

  It’s too much to drag someone else to bury it even if something happens to you!

  And also self-righteous! Who wants him to send someone to secretly protect? She is not rare! Besides, she didn’t have much to do with him, and the bastard didn’t let her know, so who wanted him to protect him!

  ”Bo Yaofan, you go…” The last “death” word was bitten by Miller anxiously. Biting her lip, she thumped the pillow with anger. “Damn it!”

  ”I’m so old and I still wear bear underwear.” Bo Yaofan stood at the door, raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman wearing bear underwear on the bed frantically, and couldn’t help shaking his head in his heart.

  It’s really not feminine at all.

  Miller was stunned, jumped up quickly, grabbed the pillow and threw it to the door without looking. “It’s your shit!” When she threw out the pillow, she hurriedly pulled up the long T-shirt.

  As soon as she entered the room, she ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower to reduce her anger, and now she only wore a large T-shirt and underwear.

  Bai Yaofan grabbed the pillow and faced Mi Lele’s anger with a smirk. Such a tantrum is much better than her when she is calm, so calm appearance is not suitable for her!

  Miller glared at the bastard Bo, and then thought… “Hey! Who allowed you to enter my room?!”

  Bo Yaofan shrugged, “You didn’t lock the door.”

  What kind of nonsense. “Don’t you know that you are going to knock on the door?”

  Bai Yaofan asked her, “Will you open the door if I knock?”

  ”Of course not!” Mi Lele returned without thinking . She was so angry when she saw him now, how could she open the door.

  ”Then why should I knock?” Bai Yaofan’s expression of “then you still ask this kind of idiot question” made Mi Lele even more excited.

  ”Bo Yaofan, you…”

  ”Asshole. I know.” After being scolded for more than ten years, he knew what she was going to scold.

  ”You!” Miller glared at him anxiously, jumped out of bed, and snatched back his pillow. “Get out!” She kicked him up. I hate seeing him!

  ”No.” Bai Yaofan pushed her away, walked to her bed and sat down, and scanned her room. “Even the underwear is not feminine, even the rooms are so poor.”   Single bed, sheets or blue, laptop and desk stood a hodgepodge of things, hanging on the wall   with Dwayne Johnson poster …… he really I don’t understand, what’s so good about this muscular man?

   The most spectacular is the bookshelf, full of trophies, all of which were returned by Miller from participating in the martial arts competition. The ten-square-foot room is simple and clear at a glance. There is no pink wind that a girl should have. At first glance, it seems to be a boy’s room.

Who Said I Like You

Who Said I Like You

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
If life could start over, she would never do such a s*upid thing as “justify bravely” again. Since saving this dead little demon on the road at the age of seven, her life has fallen into a miserable situation. From her mother, down to the soft-footed junior brothers in the martial arts hall are all coaxed to be submissive by this dead little demon who looks like a beautiful flower boy. As everyone knows, he’s just using his appearance to win love and sympathy. In fact, he is an ungrateful highest-ranking bastard who will frame her! Since she was a child, she didn’t know how many suffocating losses she had suffered from him. Since she can’t afford to provoke him then she can always avoid him, right? However, he just won’t go away, wandering around her with his old love and still wickedly ruined her love affair repeatedly! This bastard! She hates him the most! He can just go to hell── [INS: :INS] Horses! Why did he become a victim of a car explosion?   Although she told him to go to hell before, if he really dares to die, she… she will definitely… definitely break down…


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