Who Said I Like You Chapter 6

       Bo Yaofan, you go to die!

  I’m afraid you will be sad when I die.

  Miller thought of the conversation between the two at that time. That bastard of horse must have known it a long time ago, he did it on purpose!

  And Uncle Kevin’s hesitation stopped. What happened?

  Miller stopped, thinking that if Bo Yaofan had done it on purpose, it would mean that there was danger around him, so he would run away from her. Then with that guy’s personality…

  Miller squinted and suddenly shouted, “Come out.” !” After a   while, the two men hiding in the dark walked out and bowed respectfully towards Mi Lele, “Miss Mi.”   Sure enough! Miller made a fist, and the voice burst from between his teeth. “Take me to Bai Yaofan.”   That bastard! She was telling him to die, but if he really dares to die… She will never let him go!   I have to say, no matter how unpleasant it is, the childhood sweetheart is not a fake after all, and Mi Lele really guessed it. Bo Yaofan deliberately angered her, so that after a few days of his disappearance, Mi Lele will have no time to think about it. , Wondering why he didn’t show up.   After all, even if the two were noisy for many years, Bai Yaofan still appeared in front of Miller every day.   It was like a habit. If he didn’t fight with Miller, Bai Yaofan felt that everything was wrong.   Miller has already become accustomed to this mode unknowingly. She and Bo Yaofan always quarrel, but they also know each other very well. If Bo Yaofan is not so angry, she will definitely find it strange.   Bo Yaofan disappeared frequently during this period, and Uncle Kevin’s hesitation stopped…What did these two people hide from her? 

  Miller’s face was sullen, followed behind the two bodyguards, and came to the private hospital set up by the Tang family.

   The entrance of the hospital has been surrounded by media reporters. After all, the young master of the Tang family is currently unclear because of the bombing. There must be insider information.

  Miller was led by bodyguards to enter from the secret door behind the hospital to the VIP ward on the top floor. The equipment and services of the ward on this floor are like a five-star hotel, with famous paintings hung on the walls of the corridor, and the wards are all exquisitely and elegantly decorated. The cost of a day’s stay is comparable to a hotel’s presidential suite.

  The bodyguard took Millale to the ward where Bo Yaofan was staying. The soundproofing effect of the ward is very good, but Bai Yaofan’s ward door is not closed properly, so Mi Lele, who came to the door, heard the sound coming from the ward.

  ”Boss, what are you doing lately? You got the car to explode! Fortunately, Ted moves fast, otherwise you two will die in the car!”

  Ted is the driver of the Tang family and a special soldier retired, so The skill is not simple, but also very alert,

  jumped out of the car before the explosion . And Bo Yaofan has received martial arts training since he was a child. In addition to practicing at the Mijia Taoist Hall, for the safety of his grandchildren, Grandpa Tang also asked professional martial artists to teach self-defense to the four grandsons. When there was a bomb, Bo Yaofan moved very quickly.

  The car exploded after the two jumped out of the car, so fortunately there were no serious casualties this time, but Bo Yaofan was still scratched by the debris a few times and his left cheek was scratched.

  Standing outside the door, Mi Lele heard that it was the voice of the Tang family.

  She didn’t say anything, nor did she let the two bodyguards make a sound, and stood outside the door to eavesdrop. The two bodyguards looked at each other, thinking it seemed bad to eavesdrop on the boss’s speech in this way, but the young master had ordered them to obey Miss Mi’s words, and reluctantly, the two had to watch from the sidelines.

  ”Grandpa, this was an accident.” Bo Yaofan’s tone was still scornful and unsound, as if he didn’t care about the bombing.

  This attitude made Old Tang even more angry, so angry that he raised his crutches and drew his grandson’s arm. “You dare to tell me it was an accident! Don’t think you can call me when I am old, I know what you are doing with the policeman named Kevin!”

  Mi Luyao frowned outside the door, the explosion. What does it have to do with Uncle Kevin?

  Knowing that his grandfather was angry, Bo Yaofan obediently let his grandfather beat him, and then yelled twice, “Grandpa, it hurts! You have to work harder…”

  ”You still know the pain! Do you know that your grandmother was so scared to pass out when she heard the explosion!” Grandpa Tang glared at his grandson. As for his daughter and son-in-law, the irresponsible parents do not know which country they went to to have fun, and there has been no news for a year.

  Thinking of this old man Tang is angry. This little grandson can be so uncomfortable, it must be due to his bad genes on Lao Tzu’s side.

  Bo Yaofan touched his nose, knowing that the explosion frightened the two elderly people. “Grandpa, I know I was wrong. Don’t worry, this won’t happen again, I swear.” He raised his right hand.

  But Father Tang doesn’t eat this set. “No need to swear, I only want you to stay away from that Kevin, and also, turn off any detective agency you created in Scwell!” The

  detective agency? Miller was stunned. She had no idea that Bo Yaofan had created a detective agency at school, and Bo Yaofan had never mentioned it to her. What does this bombing have to do with the detective agency? Also, what did Bo Yaofan and Uncle Kevin do secretly?

  Mi Lele suddenly found out that Bai Yaofan was hiding a lot of things from her, and obviously Uncle Kevin knew about Bai Yaofan, but she didn’t know…Somehow, this fact made Mi Lele very upset.

  ”It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it, I will directly inform the chairman of Sigwell, asking him to abolish your dog detective agency!” The Tang family has donated a lot of money to Sgwell and is also the major shareholder of the school. First, how can the chairman of the board of directors refuse to follow the words of Mr. Tang.

  Knowing that his grandfather was serious this time, Bai Yaofan was helpless. When he was about to open his mouth to appease his grandfather, he saw that the door was hidden, and he saw someone standing outside from the crack of the door.

  ”Who is outside?” So bold and dare to eavesdrop!

  Bai Yaofan walked to the door, opened the concealed door, and saw Mi Lele, he was stunned.

  Miller looked at him blankly.

  ”Lele, what are you…” Before he finished speaking, Bai Yaofan saw the bodyguard he had ordered to protect Mi Lele quietly standing aside.   Look at Mi Lele’s cold face again… well, it seems that she has listened carefully to the conversation between him and grandpa.

  Bai Yaofan touched his nose and showed a stubborn smile. Just about to speak, Miller’s fist came over.

  He could pass, but he received the punch deliberately.

  He clutched his right eye and yelled, “Lele, how are you

  hitting someone!” “Good fight!” Father Tang not only didn’t feel distressed when he saw his grandson being beaten, he clapped his hands and applauded. This muddler should be beaten well. “Happy girl, fight harder! It’s best to beat this stinky boy in the hospital for a few months, so as not to cause trouble outside!”

  ”Grandpa, am I your grandson!” Did someone curse his grandson for being seriously injured? ?

  Only after Bai Yaofan’s mourning, Mi Lele’s fist came again, Bai Yaofan flashed his fist, but didn’t get away from Mi Lele’s kicked foot.

  ”Oh!” Bo Yaofan yelled while holding his right calf bone. He didn’t pretend, it hurts, but this woman can kick through ten boards with one foot!

  Miller will not be fooled by this bastard, she knows Bai Yaofan’s skills very well.

  Although not reconciled, she may not be able to win the fight if the two really fight each other.

  Therefore, Mi Lele stared at Bo Yaofan’s pretense. Don’t think she didn’t know that he was kicked by her on purpose.

  ”Pretend less! Say, what did you do with Uncle Kevin?” Uncle Kevin is a policeman. What can Bai Yaofan, a young master, high school student, and a policeman have? And the detective club, and the car exploded… Could this bastard be involved in some social case, right?

  ”Why, don’t you know Le girl?” Old man Tang pretended to be surprised, and ruthlessly

  lifted all the old things of his grandson. “This gangster and your uncle Kevin have worked together to solve several big cases.

  Like the gem theft case a while ago, I was able to catch those thieves. This gangster deserves a lot of credit.”

  Old man Tang snorted coldly. Of the four grandchildren, this little grandson is the smartest, with a very high IQ. If he is willing, he doesn’t know how many PhDs he has now. However, this slut boy didn’t think about making progress. He kept working step by step from childhood to adulthood, not to mention skipping grades, and even his grades remained at an unbeatable score.

  According to the little grandson: He looks so jealous, if he behaves well in other ways, how to teach other men how to live?

  These words made him wish he could not raise his crutches to kill him!

  In terms of schoolwork, Grandpa Tang could comfort his grandson even though he didn’t want to make progress, at least it was quite satisfactory. As for the children, whether they are allowed to develop freely, he thinks he is very enlightened. But who knows that this dead boy went to the policeman named Kevin privately to handle the case. Although it is very low-key, don’t think that you can hide from him

  . He would not admit that his grandson’s cleverness made him very proud. After all, the cases that the police couldn’t solve were solved by his grandson’s ingenuity.

  However, if the safety of grandson is endangered, that is another matter. Nothing happened before, he can treat him as ignorant, and now there are car bombings, he can’t be silent anymore.

  Based on his understanding of his grandson, and looking at Miller’s reaction, he knew that Miller had no idea what his grandson was doing. This is just right, let Le girl teach this pissed boy!

  In this world, only Mi Lele can control Bai Yaofan.

  Facing the betrayal of his grandfather, Bo Yaofan was not surprised at all. In fact, he didn’t deliberately conceal Mi Lele, he just didn’t think there was much to mention. Besides, if Mi Lele is allowed to know, this woman will definitely take care of everything. Although Mi Lele always doesn’t look good to him, but he knows Mi Lele’s personality too well, this woman is hard-mouthed and soft-hearted… Otherwise, how could he be entangled with her! The most important thing is that he is afraid that Miller will find it fun to join him. This is the least he likes to see.

  ”Gem theft?” Miller raised an eyebrow. This theft has been famous a while ago. The priceless tears of the mermaid were stolen during the exhibition, and the news was full of vigor.

  In the 16th century, the tears of the mermaid were hailed as the most perfect sapphire in the world, the size of a pigeon egg, and the cut proportions are flawless, just like the legendary tears of the mermaid, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

  There are many rumors about the tears of the mermaid. Some people say that the person who has the tears of the mermaid will be cursed. This is a gem that the world should not own. It has disappeared for many years and only recently appeared, and it was secretly collected by a well-known rich man named Kent and Blue, dedicated to charity, very famous in the business world, during the mermaid tears exhibition, the venue has multiple protections , But it was finally stolen.

  At that time, people could be heard discussing the theft of Mermaid Tears everywhere.

  Everyone thought that the tears of the mermaid could not be recovered, but they did not expect to solve the case in just one month. The thief was actually the son of Kent and Blue. He owes a lot of debts because of his gambling, so he wants to borrow this person. Tear of Fish pays off gambling debts.

  ”It’s not just a gem theft!” Old Tang interjected.

  ”Grandpa!” Bo Yaofan frowned and looked at her grandfather unhappy.

  Father Tang is not afraid of him, and he said the matter himself, “The tears of the mermaid are fake! The one named Kent is actually an arms dealer and is developing the latest nuclear weapons. The police have been staring at him long ago, in order to transfer the police. Attention, he made a personal fish tear. In fact, he hid a small chip in the mermaid tears. Inside the chip is the manufacturing data of nuclear weapons.” All

  these things were concealed by the police, and all the people knew were Theft of gems on the surface. As for why Elder Tang knows… the chief of police is his old friend, and it’s his grandson’s life. He doesn’t ask how he can come out! It was because he knew the truth that Old Tang was so angry.

  It’s fine for my grandson to help the police to solve an ordinary case. Now that arms are involved, this is fatal!   Mi Lele didn’t expect that there was a hidden   story behind the theft, so she immediately thought, “Is this bombing case related to the gem theft case?” She glared at Bo Yaofan and said, “If you dare to lie, try it. “‘S expression.

  Now that the bottom was pinched, Bai Yaofan had to admit it. “It’s a little bit. That Kent… well, ran away.”

Who Said I Like You

Who Said I Like You

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
If life could start over, she would never do such a s*upid thing as “justify bravely” again. Since saving this dead little demon on the road at the age of seven, her life has fallen into a miserable situation. From her mother, down to the soft-footed junior brothers in the martial arts hall are all coaxed to be submissive by this dead little demon who looks like a beautiful flower boy. As everyone knows, he’s just using his appearance to win love and sympathy. In fact, he is an ungrateful highest-ranking bastard who will frame her! Since she was a child, she didn’t know how many suffocating losses she had suffered from him. Since she can’t afford to provoke him then she can always avoid him, right? However, he just won’t go away, wandering around her with his old love and still wickedly ruined her love affair repeatedly! This bastard! She hates him the most! He can just go to hell── [INS: :INS] Horses! Why did he become a victim of a car explosion?   Although she told him to go to hell before, if he really dares to die, she… she will definitely… definitely break down…


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