Who Said I Like You Chapter 17

Final chapter

        Mi Lele panicked, the distance of the explosion was so close, Bai Yaofan was protecting her then, then he…

  ”Xiao Le, calm down!” Mi Mu hurriedly held her daughter’s hand to comfort her. “Don’t worry, Xiaofan is okay.”

  Miller did not believe her mother’s words, she could see the reluctance on her mother’s face. “Mom, don’t lie to me, how is Bo Yaofan?”

  Mi Mu sighed, knowing that she couldn’t hide it, so she had to say honestly, “Xiaofan was in the intensive care unit. When the explosion, he used his

  body to protect you. I was burned and my leg was broken.

  I am currently in a coma.” I am in a coma… Mi Lele looked at her mother and asked tremblingly, “What did the doctor say?”

   ”The doctor said these three days are a dangerous period. , It will be judged to be brain dead.” Mi Mu also reddened her eyes. After Bo Yaofan’s accident, they immediately notified Bo Yaofan’s family that they were rushing back by plane and will arrive today.

   ”Brain death…” Isn’t that a vegetable? Miller’s eyes quickly reddened. “That bastard…who wants him to protect…that bastard…”   Mi Lele shook her body to get out of bed, throwing away her mother’s hand. “I’m going to scold him! That bastard! I won’t let him go, I won’t!” Every time I said a tear, my eyes fell.

   ”Xiao Le!” Mi Mu hurriedly supported her daughter. “You can’t get out of bed.” Two “Who said that, I’m fine!” Miller pushed her mother away, but as soon as her foot stepped on the floor, she immediately softened. She fell to the ground, but struggled to get up.

   ”Xiao Le!” Mi Mu was anxious and angry. “Have you enough trouble? Er Mi Lele stopped her movements, hung her head, and her tears fell to the ground.

   This kind of daughter makes Mi’s mother very distressed. Thinking of Bai Yaofan in the intensive care unit, Mi’s heart is even greater. It hurts. She touched her daughter’s head painfully. “Don’t worry, Mom will take you to see Xiaofan, eh?”   Miller was in a wheelchair and was pushed to the intensive care unit by Mi’s mother. Kevin was guarding the outside of the ward and saw   Mimu push Mi Lele over and walked towards them in surprise.

   ”Lele, you are awake. How are you?” Kevin asked softly.

  Miller did not reply. She looked at Bo Yaofan lying inside through the transparent glass window of the intensive care unit. His body was covered with tubes, his forehead was wrapped in gauze, and his broken leg was wrapped in plaster. The whole person was almost Lying on the bed breathlessly, if it were not for the steady ups and downs of the physiological monitor, she almost thought that Bai Yaofan was out of breath.

  This was the first time she saw such a fragile Bo Yaofan. That mean and hateful bastard was not like that… Miller pinched the wheelchair arm tightly and stared at Bo Yaofan in the intensive care unit. She hates him like this!

  Seeing Miller’s eyes, Kevin sighed.

  ”I want to go in and see him.” Miller said tremblingly.

  Kevin looked at Mi Mu, and when Mi Mu nodded, he ran to inform the doctor. The nurse put Mi Lele on sterile gowns and pushed Mi Lele into the ward.

  ”Miss Mi, you can only stay for ten minutes.” The nurse whispered and went out.

  Mi Lele stared at Bo Yaofan in a daze. He was wearing an oxygen mask on his face, his eyes were closed tightly, and he could barely hear his breath. “Bo Yaofan, you bastard, who wants you to protect? Look at you, a weak chicken, and protect me so that my whole body hurts now. About yourself, you are still lying in the intensive care unit, so you dare to say you want to protect me. !” An overpowering bastard, Nen Cheng dare to say to protect her like this!

  ”Besides, if it weren’t for you, how could something happen to me? It’s all you, you’re a broomstick! I haven’t had any good things after knowing you, you are a big trouble!” Miller raised his hand to beat him, but didn’t know it. Where to start, this bastard’s body is hurt…

  ”You bastard!” The tears that had been in my eyes finally fell, and Mi Lele carefully grasped Bo Yaofan’s dripping hand, afraid of getting it. Pained him, and didn’t dare to use force.

  ”Asshole, you sleepy fart! Wake me up! Who allowed you to sleep? Wake up! Wake up…” She whimpered, thinking that the doctor said that if you don’t wake up for three days, you will be sentenced to brain death. Today is the second day. …

  ”I will ignore you if I don’t wake up again, I will dump you, go find a hunk as a boyfriend, and never again” dump you, a weak chicken! “

  Miller was crying and threatening, but the person in the bed did not respond. The hand she was holding was soft, even cold. Miller couldn’t help holding Bo Yaofan’s hand tighter, thinking Pass his own temperature to him.

  Pressing his wet cheeks against his hands, Miller’s voice softened. “Hey, did I say that I like you?”

  ”No… Yes …” A hoarse voice came faintly.

  ”Then I now…” Miller stopped her voice, raised her eyes in tears, and then saw that nasty

  bastard looking at her with his eyes open. “You…”

  Bai Yaofan smiled slightly. In fact, he woke up when she scolded him bitterly. He just didn’t have the energy and wanted to hear what she said, so he continued to pretend to sleep, but she heard her say that she liked him.

  ”You said…like me.” He heard it.

  ”Who, who said it!” Miller shook her voice, blushed, and stared at him angrily, “Who likes you! You bastard, I hate you the

  most !” The most, most annoying!

  After that, he couldn’t help but got up and hugged him, and then burst into tears.

  This stinky bastard! The most annoying!

  Miller Lemu smiled, and silently put the textbook into the backpack.

   As usual, a group of female classmates surrounded the classroom window.

   ”Oh, Lele, Your Highness will pick you up!” Lucy held her cheeks, with love in her eyes, and stared straight at His Royal Highness at the school gate.

   Although His Royal Highness was sitting in a wheelchair, he did not detract from the noble and handsome temperament. On the contrary, the appearance of the weak and noble son aroused the turbulent maternal love of a group of women.

   ”Ah! Even though your Highness is injured, he still comes to pick you up from get out of class every day, so envious!” I almost bit the handkerchief jealously!

   ”Yes! Why don’t we have such childhood sweethearts?” Hate!

  ”Mi Lele, you are really lucky!” Only then can there be such a perfect childhood sweetheart as your Highness!

  Miller threw the bag on her shoulders, and slowly swept her eyes across the women, “Don’t be envious, that’s my man, don’t think about it in your life!” Throwing aside the words to declare sovereignty, Miller Le handsome walked out of the classroom.

  The female classmates in the classroom burst into unbelievable screams after being silent for a while.

  How could it be possible, how could Your Highness be with a rude woman like Miller? Isn’t it just a childhood sweetheart? When did your Highness fall into the Demon Hand?

  Ignoring the commotion erupting from the classroom, Miller walked slowly towards the school gate.

  Cherry blossoms were planted in front of the school. It happened to be the season of cherry blossoms. Bai Yaofan was under the cherry blossom trees, and the pink petals of cherry blossoms fell on him, making everyone around him bewildered.

  Miller just thinks… this bastard is showing off again!

  The injury on Bo Yaofan’s body is almost healed, and only the broken leg is still recovering. This bastard doesn’t get well rehabilitated, and comes to her school to pick her up from time to time, and makes a group of nymphos scream.

  Seeing that Bai Yaofan was injured, the women in the school were as sad as their parents. They were all holding their hearts and heartaches to their deaths. It was inevitable to warmly sympathize with Mi Lele.

  Especially Bo Yaofan, the bastard, faces a woman with a mean smile, making her want to slap him in the face.

  ”Lele.” Seeing Mi Lele, Bo Yaofan immediately burst into a handsome smile, and the enchanted female screamed softly, shouting that she was fainted.

  Miller’s face was cold, ignoring Bo Yaofan, and walked directly behind him, holding the chair handle and pushing Bo Yaofan to Rolls Royce parked outside, the driver immediately opened the rear door.

  Standing in front of the car door, Mi Lele turned her head and looked around. Under the full view of everyone, she stretched out her finger to hook up Bai Yaofan’s chin, kissed her rewardingly on Bai Yaofan’s mouth, and then arrogantly scanned the dumbfounded people. , Finally aim at the driver.

  The driver consciously helped his young master into the car, folded the wheelchair and put it into the rear compartment, and Mi Lele also got into the car.

  Rolls-Royce drove away from the school gate immediately, and then the people around the gate screamed!

  Bo Yaofan smiled and looked at Miller who was sitting next to the car door with his cheeks supported. There is a lot of space in the back seat, and there is a large distance between the two people. The driver in the front seat has long pressed the soundproof windows of the front and rear seats.

  Miller was staring at the car window, but she could still feel the gaze of Bai Yaofan. Ten minutes after being watched, she couldn’t stand it anymore and turned her head angrily.

  ”Um…” Bai Yaofan suddenly leaned forward and approached her. After she turned around, he just kissed her mouth.

  ”I like the way you declare your sovereignty.” It was so cute that he wanted to throw her down.

  It’s a pity…Bo Yaofan looked at his leg regretfully.

  Miller pushed him away. “Fuck me!” he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

  Bo Yaofan didn’t care, and looked at her with a smile.

  Look fart! Miller gave him a blank look, then turned to look out the window.

  Bai Yaofan held her hand quietly. “Lele.”

  He scratched the palm of her hand and said softly, “I like you.” Then he saw her red ears.

  He couldn’t help but bend his eyes. No matter how many times I like to say to her, her reaction is the same, the ears must be red.

  ”How about you? Do you like me?”

   Miller still didn’t look at him, but didn’t let go of his hand. She just replied coldly, “I don’t like it!” She hates him most!   However, the corners of his mouth were curled up quietly.

   This bastard! She wouldn’t tell him, she liked him too…he would never even want to hear it in this life. Humph!

Who Said I Like You

Who Said I Like You

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
If life could start over, she would never do such a s*upid thing as “justify bravely” again. Since saving this dead little demon on the road at the age of seven, her life has fallen into a miserable situation. From her mother, down to the soft-footed junior brothers in the martial arts hall are all coaxed to be submissive by this dead little demon who looks like a beautiful flower boy. As everyone knows, he’s just using his appearance to win love and sympathy. In fact, he is an ungrateful highest-ranking bastard who will frame her! Since she was a child, she didn’t know how many suffocating losses she had suffered from him. Since she can’t afford to provoke him then she can always avoid him, right? However, he just won’t go away, wandering around her with his old love and still wickedly ruined her love affair repeatedly! This bastard! She hates him the most! He can just go to hell── [INS: :INS] Horses! Why did he become a victim of a car explosion?   Although she told him to go to hell before, if he really dares to die, she… she will definitely… definitely break down…


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