Who Said I Like You Chapter 16

       These bodyguards are all professionally trained. Only one or two Mi Lele can still play, but they can be surrounded by five or six, which is difficult.

  But these bodyguards would not dare to hurt Mi Lele, maybe they would get rid of one of her hair, and the young master would ask them to settle accounts afterwards, so they didn’t dare to be ruthless at all.

  Miller was angry, but couldn’t control so much. Every attack was fast and accurate. How could it come?

  ”Oh!” a bodyguard yelled, clutching his lower body in embarrassment.

  Miller took the opportunity to break through the encirclement and ran to the Tang’s garage.

  As soon as he entered the garage, sure enough, Bo Yaofan’s usual sports car was not there.

   ”Bo Yaofan, you bastard!” That bastard definitely did not hide from her! He told her not to go out, but he ran out alone, without even a bodyguard. Isn’t this an express delivery to the tiger’s mouth?

   ”Miss Mi!” The bodyguard chased after him.

   Miller reached out to them, “Give me the tracker.” She knew that Bai Yaofan must have a tracker on him.

   ”This…” The bodyguard hesitated. They also knew that the young master was doing dangerous things, and they felt that it was inappropriate, but they couldn’t stop the young master, and before the young master left, they ordered them never to let Miss Mi go out.

   ”Give it to me! Or do you want to help Bo Yaofan harvest the body?” Miller roared. She was already shaking with anxiety, and these bodyguards were still daunting!

   Hearing Mi Lele’s words, the bodyguard gritted his teeth and handed her the tracker. “Miss Mi, let’s be with you…”

   Before the words were finished, Mi Lele had stepped onto the Harley heavy machine in the garage. The key of the locomotive was already inserted in it. She twisted the key, turned the accelerator, and quickly blasted. Out of the garage.

   The bodyguard who was left hurriedly drove to catch up.   Miller followed the red dots on the tracker and drove fast on the lane. At the place where the red dots were about to be marked, she had already seen Bo Yaofan’s yellow Chevrolet sports car from a distance.

  Miller rushed to the highest speed, stopped next to the sports car with a chuckle, quickly jumped off the locomotive, and opened the door… only to see Bo Yaofan’s watch on the driver’s seat.

  Her heart instantly chilled. The tracker was left in the car…

  ”Miss Mi!” The bodyguard who followed hurriedly got out of the car.

  Miller reached out to them. “Give me the phone.”

  ”Yes.” The bodyguard immediately handed her the phone.

  Miller shook her hands and quickly dialed out a series of numbers. As soon as the call was connected, she immediately yelled: “Kevin, Ensi! Where is Bo Yaofan?”

  Kevin was startled by Miller’s roar. She called him by name and last name for the first time. “Uh, Lele, why are you?”

  ”Stop talking nonsense! You must know the whereabouts of that bastard Bo Yaofan, right?” She didn’t believe that Uncle Kevin was not involved. “Tell me!” Her eyes were red.

  She did not cry. She won’t cry!

  She only felt angry, almost mad!

  Bo Yaofan… If you dare to have an accident, you bastard, I will never let you go!

  When surrounded by the people of Kent and Bulu, Bai Yaofan did not resist. Looking at the car in front of him, and the people who got off and held a gun at him, he obediently got out of the car.

  When he got out of the car, his head was held up by the muzzle. Another person slapped his body and pulled out the watch with the tracker hidden on his wrist. After confirming that there was nothing suspicious on his body, he escorted him into the car.

  Bo Yaofan was taken to an abandoned factory near the port. Kent and Bulu’s people held guns behind him, did not tie him, and let him go ahead, obviously not afraid of him running away.

  As soon as he entered the abandoned factory, Bai Yaofan saw Kent and Bru standing in the middle with crutches.

  After more than a month of fleeing, Kent…Brook is a lot older, but he is still wearing a formal suit, his face is neatly arranged, and he looks like an ordinary old man, but the shame in his eyes and the long time The aura of the superior has been covering Kent and Bru for years, and even after this period of embarrassment, it has not diminished.

  Of course, Bo Yaofan didn’t miss Kent even more… the gloomy eyes burst into Bruce when he saw him.

  ”This seems to be the first time we have met, and I have never wanted to meet someone so eagerly.” Kent and Brue’s voices were barren as sandpaper, and the wrinkles deep in the skin slowly raised a smile. “It seems that you value your childhood sweetheart girlfriend very much, and one news has forced you out.”

  Bo Yaofan couldn’t hear the threats and coldness in Kent and Bulu’s words. He also smiled, ignoring his guns and laughing. He replied: “It can’t compare to the importance you attach to your son. It feels uncomfortable for a white-haired person to send a black-haired person? Please be sorry.”

  ”Fuck! Shut me up!” The man standing on the left side of Bo Yaofan Immediately smashed Bo Yaofan’s face with the butt of the rifle.

  ”Mike, stop.” Kent and Blue stopped their men, but the smile on their faces disappeared. He walked towards Bo Yaofan, looking at Bo Yaofan, he wanted to kill him.

  Bai Yaofan’s left cheek was already green, and the corners of his mouth were broken, but his dazzling color was still cold. He knew that Kent and Blue would not kill him, and the old guy would use him to get the chip back.

  Kent and Bulu walked to Bo Yaofan, their eyes were gloomy, but their expressions were kind.

  ”Don’t worry, I won’t kill you yet.” As for the reason, they knew each other well. “But just play around, think I will let your precious girlfriend go? When I catch her, I will delay her little by little, and let you watch it with your own eyes…”

  ”Old guy, you know How did your son die?” Bai Yaofan interrupted Kent and Bru, looking at Kent with cold eyes.

  ”Do you think he was shot to death? Wrong. He was shot, but he didn’t die. But in order to get out of your hiding place, they tortured your precious son and cut off his meat piece by piece. …At that time, you should be escaping embarrassedly under the guard?”

  Kent…Brook almost broke his eyes, “Bo Yaofan!” The crutch in his hand hit Bo Yaofan’s lower abdomen fiercely.

  Bo Yaofan snorted, but didn’t bend down, and smiled at Kent and Bulu. “Old guy, I never talk about it. The 100 million dollar reward makes you feel bad, right?”

  Bo Yaofan just finished speaking. The man named Mike couldn’t help it anymore. He kicked Bo Yaofan on the knee, and then took the gun to the back of Bo Yaofan’s head. Bo Yaofan finally couldn’t hold it. Kneeling on the ground, blood slowly dripped from the temple.

  This time Kent and Bulu didn’t stop him. He looked at Bo Yaofan condescendingly, his red eyes almost wanting to swallow Bo Yaofan. He thought of his son’s horror when he died, and it was the man in front of him that caused his son so miserable! If it weren’t for the chip, he would have liked to kill this kid now!

  Kent and Blue endured the hatred in their hearts, and said to Bo Yaofansen, “I won’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t entertain you well.” He pressed the mechanism on the crutch, and a piece of it jumped out from the bottom Sharp blade, he scratched Bo Yaofan’s face with the tip of the knife, “You said, which piece of meat should I cut from you?”

   Bo Yaofan didn’t say a word, he lowered his eyes, and counted the time silently in his heart.

   ”Just start with your mouth…”


   Before Kent and Bruce had finished speaking, a Harley locomotive suddenly broke through the window and rushed into the factory. Everyone was taken aback. Before they had time to react, the motorcyclist jumped off the car, but the locomotive was still racing horizontally at a rapid speed. Kent, Blue and others.

   ”Sir!” Mike hurriedly pushed Kent and Blue away, but he had no time to escape the flying locomotive and was hit on the head and died on the spot.

   Bo Yaofan’s movements were also fast, and a rolling Halley flashed past.

   With a bang, the locomotive hit the wall, and the million-dollar Harley locomotive was instantly destroyed.

   Bo Yaofan recognized this Harley as his favorite car in his garage at a glance.

   But the point is the motorcycle rider…

   he looked at the rider who jumped off the motorcycle in disbelief. “Lele!” Why did she come? !

   Miller took off the full-face helmet on his head as early as when he jumped off the locomotive, and quickly slammed the helmet on the head of the person who wanted to shoot her with a gun. When the person screamed, he would kick and attack directly. Pass the opponent’s gun.

  Bang Bang Bang… Miller shot quickly. She started touching guns at the age of thirteen, and was taken by Kevin to the shooting range of the police station to practice. Shooting is not a problem for her at all.

  Unexpectedly, Mi Lele shot so fast that the others had no time to fight back, the gun in his hand was knocked off, and the shoulder and foot were shot.

  Miller felt that it was not enough, kicked them stunned, and finally held a gun at Kent and Bru. “Don’t move, bullets don’t have eyes.” As for Bai Yaofan, she didn’t even want to care about that bastard!

  Bai Yaofan got up. “Lele, how could you…”

  ”Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you now!” Miller interrupted Bai Yaofan, still aiming at Kent and Bru. “Old guy, stop struggling, there are police officers outside, and you are already surrounded.” She was telling the truth, there were police officers outside, and Kent and Bru couldn’t escape at all.

  Mi Lele called Kevin to ask about Bo Yaofan’s whereabouts, and threatened Kevin that if she didn’t tell her honestly, she would definitely tell Mi Mu, based on Mi Mu’s love for Bai Yaofan, he just waited Get kicked out by Mi Mu!

  Kevin had no choice but to tell Miller a plan. The police had already penetrated the tracker into Bo Yaofan’s body, and Bo Yaofan was a bait that allowed them to successfully find Kent and Blue.

  Kevin would not allow Bo Yaofan to be such a dangerous thing. After all, Kent and Bru now hate Bo Yaofan. Who knows if he kills Bo Yaofan on an impulse.

  However, Bo Yaofan was furious because of the news released by Kent and Bru. It was impossible for him to make Miller in danger because of him, so he only notified Kevin and went out alone as bait.

  Kevin had no choice but to cooperate. Who knows that when they surrounded the factory and were about to act, Miller would ignore it and rush into the factory on a motorcycle.

  Of course Bo Yaofan knew that Mi Lele was getting angry, but he was also angry-she

  dared to come in such a dangerous place and rushed in with a motorcycle. Did she think she was performing a stunt?

  What the hell is Uncle Kevin doing? Let Lele go crazy!

  If it weren’t for the current situation, he would definitely find Uncle Kevin to settle accounts immediately. But it’s okay, he wrote it down!

  ”Ha ha ha…” Kent and Bru smiled strangely, staring at them frantically, and finally faced Bo Yaofan. “It’s just right, take you to give my son my life!”

  Miller frowned, thinking that the old man was driven crazy by the excitement.

  However, Bo Yaofan saw Kent and Blue with a sharp eye that there seemed to be a thread hidden under the suit. Could it be… he opened his eyes wide.

  ”Lele, run!” He pulled Miller and quickly rushed in the direction of the door.

  Miller was still inexplicable, but heard a loud noise from behind, and then a huge heat wave hit them, and then she was overwhelmed.

  Before she

  fell into a coma, she saw the abandoned factory turned into a sea of ​​fire… Miller felt that her whole body hurts, especially her throat, which was so dry…

  ”Thirsty! Water…”


  Millerle heard Mother’s voice, and then her chapped lips were wet with a soft cotton swab. She licked her lips hungrily, opened her eyes in a daze, and saw her mother’s red eyes.

  Uh, mom is crying?

  ”Mom…” Why are you crying? She wanted to raise her hand, but it hurts. “It hurts.”

  Not only her hands, but her whole body hurts like she had been hit by a train.

  ”Don’t move! You are hit by the explosion. Fortunately, it’s not a serious problem, but the skin is injured.” Mi mother held her daughter’s

  hand. The daughter was in a coma for two days, and she was dying of anxiety. Now seeing her daughter wake up, she finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then became angry.

   Mi Mu was so angry that she wanted to slap her daughter on the head, but she still felt distressed after all, she just patted her forehead lightly. “You damn girl, you ran to do such a dangerous thing! Do you think your life is too long?”

  ”Explosion…” Miller thought of the flames she saw before she fell into a coma. Unexpectedly, Kent and Brue planted bombs on themselves, intending to burn them all. “Where’s Bo and Bo Yaofan?” She thought that she was overwhelmed before she passed out. It must be Bo Yaofan who overwhelmed her. What about the others?

  She grabbed her mother’s hand and asked anxiously, “Mom, how is Bo Yaofan? What about others?” If Bo Yaofan was fine, she would be with her by the hospital bed, but she didn’t see him.

Who Said I Like You

Who Said I Like You

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
If life could start over, she would never do such a s*upid thing as “justify bravely” again. Since saving this dead little demon on the road at the age of seven, her life has fallen into a miserable situation. From her mother, down to the soft-footed junior brothers in the martial arts hall are all coaxed to be submissive by this dead little demon who looks like a beautiful flower boy. As everyone knows, he’s just using his appearance to win love and sympathy. In fact, he is an ungrateful highest-ranking bastard who will frame her! Since she was a child, she didn’t know how many suffocating losses she had suffered from him. Since she can’t afford to provoke him then she can always avoid him, right? However, he just won’t go away, wandering around her with his old love and still wickedly ruined her love affair repeatedly! This bastard! She hates him the most! He can just go to hell── [INS: :INS] Horses! Why did he become a victim of a car explosion?   Although she told him to go to hell before, if he really dares to die, she… she will definitely… definitely break down…


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