Who Said I Like You Chapter 14

But if Bo Yaofan thought she would be like a shy little girl, that would be wrong. Miller reached out very domineeringly and hooked the back of Bo Yaofan’s head.
  ”Of course.” The arrogant voice was wrapped around the lips of the two of them, which was only a short distance away. After speaking, Mi Lele stood on her toes and kissed her hard.
  She doesn’t mind giving him a kiss.
  Miller simply wanted to reward a kiss, but she didn’t know that just a kiss would not satisfy someone.
  Bo Yaofan liked Mi Lele for as long as he waited for this day. Although this awkward woman didn’t say that she liked him, she acted like “this lady sympathizes with you so much, so she mercifully gives you a chance to associate with me”, but who is Bai Yaofan, she knows Mi Lele Hasn’t he understood her personality for so long?
  He knows how stubborn this woman is, how love of duplicity, and how much he loves to ignore the ambiguous window paper between the two… He keeps saying that he loves machos, but he has never seen any machos she has ever dated. Even if he deliberately destroys, if she really likes it, can he destroy it? She loves to run and hide. Even if he is two years older, she has an awkward temper like a little wild cat. He will let her go, and wait until she is willing to tear open the layer of paper and admit that she likes him.

   He thought he would have to wait a long time, but he was willing to wait. His patience was very good, and no one of him could take it away. Miller, this woman was regarded as possession by him as early as when he liked her. He waited for her to throw herself in her arms, and this day came earlier than he thought. He thought he would have to wait a few more times. Year.

   When she slammed into his lips-it was really a hit, and both of them knocked their teeth-Miller  groaned in pain and wanted to retreat, but Bo Yaofan reached out to hold her back of the head and pried his tongue. She opened her lips, licked between her teeth, slipped into her mouth, skillfully curling her small tongue.

   His kiss was overbearing and fierce, like getting the long-awaited treasure, greedily holding the treasure into his arms, holding Miller’s waist with his arms, and sucking his tongue, not giving her a chance to escape.
  ”Hmm…” Miller snorted softly, her tongue was numb, and her breath was full of Bo Yaofan’s breath, even in her mouth. The fierce kiss was full of passionate desire, and the saliva that was too late to swallow dripped between the entwined lips and tongue of the two, creating a sentimental atmosphere.
  Miller was leaned against the pool with her back against the wall. She was lifted up, her legs instinctively wrapped around Bo Yaofan’s waist, her arms hooked his neck, and her nose hummed sweetly. Unconsciously fascinated by the hot kiss.
  Bo Yaofan lifted her wet vest and pushed the vest over her breast milk. This woman is not sexy even in her underwear, she does not have any lace, she is pure white, but the breast milk covered is so proud and charming. Water drops slowly dripping from the neck and sliding into the gully in the middle, making him Dry mouth.
  He pulled off the bra rudely, and the breast milk that was free from the restraint popped out, and the white shaking made the tip of the top core even more beautiful and touching.
  ”You!” Miller opened her eyes and glared at him in disbelief.
  Bo Yaofan kissed her red and swollen lips, “The night is still long.” Then there was another wave of offensive.
  He is not satisfied yet.
  It was noon the next day when Mi Lele woke up, and she was alone in the bed, and the bastard who had tossed her all night was gone.
  Miller didn’t want to count how many times she was done last night. She only knew that when she was fainted and then woke up, the bastard was still buried in her body and the horse was a beast!
  Her body was aching all over, but the stickiness on her body was gone. Obviously Bo Yaofan helped her clean it up… I thought that when Bo Yaofan took her to the bathroom to clean her last night, he pressed her to do it again. Her swearing force was
  In fact, her throat was completely dry now, and seeing the water glass on the bedside, she reached out and took the glass and drank the water in one breath, licking her lips intently.
  She sat up slowly, the sheet on her body slid down, and when she lowered her head, she saw the speckled hickeys on her body. The most obvious was the hickeys that stretched from breast milk to the lower abdomen, and the bite marks on her leg sockets made her even more so. blush. What a reward for a kiss, she was swallowed even the bones!
  And not only did she not resist, she also took the initiative to hold Bo Yaofan’s desire to put it in…
  Throwing away the shameful picture, Mi Lele blushed, completely unwilling to think about it.
  Rubbing her waist, Miller got out of bed slowly. There were no clothes for her in the room, so she had to take up the sheet to cover her body, and then walked out of the room slowly.
  Bo Yaofan’s room is divided into inner and outer rooms. The inner room is the bedroom, his private area. Bo Yaofan pays great attention to privacy and is not allowed to enter the bedroom without his permission. The servants usually enter the bedroom to clean at a fixed time.
  The space in the outer room is open, with sofas, TVs, and a small bar. The most conspicuous one is the book wall on the left. There are all kinds of books on it, in any language, Bo Yaofan book It was very mixed, and there was a bookcase dedicated to comics.
  This is the first time Mi Lele has visited Bo Yaofan’s room. Every piece of furniture looks very high-end. The tiles on the floor are still painted with Ukiyo-e patterns, which are bright and gorgeous.
  Really a rich man of evil.
  Miller curled her lips in her heart, her eyes fell on the picture frame on the wooden cabinet. The faces of the teenagers and girls next to each other are so familiar, including the nasty smile of the teenager and the stinky face of the girl with her arms around her chest.
  This is the only photo of her and Bo Yaofan. At that time, under the force of her mother, she reluctantly took a photo with Bo Yaofan.
  Unexpectedly, Bai Yaofan also had this picture, but it was different from her quietly hiding, he put it on the cabinet openly.
  Miller lightly pokes the boy in the photo. “I hate you,” she muttered, but the corners of her mouth curled up with a smile.
  ”Well, I see.”
  Bo Yaofan’s voice came from the balcony. Miller looked to the balcony on the right front, the white window was lightly raised, revealing a tall and slender figure. She stopped and suddenly didn’t know how to face Bo Yaofan.
  After all, the two were arguing before, and it felt like they were still arguing yesterday, but it was only one night when they were dating and they were in bed. This seemed to be progressing too quickly.
  Miller struggled, thinking about whether to return to the room.
  ”Don’t worry, Lele and I will be careful. Don’t worry, I will protect Lele.”
  Huh? Miller raised her eyebrows when Bai Yaofan raised her.
  Bo Yaofan’s tone was triumphant, “I will protect my woman. Yes, don’t doubt, Lele is already my woman.”
  Who is your woman! Miller blushed. Damn, what is this guy talking nonsense? Also, who is he talking on the phone?

   ”I’m not like you, and I still can’t deal with godmother. Also, if you have this time to tease me, it is better to find Kent and Bru. Please let me see the ability of the people’s sitter? The criminal team leader ,

   Could it be that you would n’t be able to solve the case without me?”   Kevin on the other end of the phone was sour that he gritted his teeth. It’s great to be proud of love? How dare to hurt him, the uncle who has been single for a long time, is really an unpleasant stinky kid.

   ”Boy, you’re so proud! I have found Kent’s whereabouts. Recently, you and Le Le Shao ran around and stayed at home obediently for me.” After that, Kevin hung up.

   It’s really tender. Bo Yaofan smiled triumphantly at the corner of his mouth. He just likes Uncle Kevin, who made him Lele’s crush.

   He is very hateful, but he will never admit that he was jealous of Uncle Kevin to death! Bai Yaofan played with the phone, turned around to go back to the room, but saw Miller standing in front of the door surrounded by sheets. Her face was still red with a layer of hickey on her round shoulders, let alone that. Scattered scars on the neck and collarbone.

   Bai Yaofan’s eyes deepened, this kind of Mi Lele looked so delicious, which made his desires heat up again.

   Seeing the fire flashing in Bai Yaofan’s eyes, after passing last night, how could Miller not understand the meaning of his eyes, she immediately glared at him, but seeing the obvious scratches on his naked chest, she froze for an instant. Knowing how the scratch came, he immediately turned aside his eyes in embarrassment.

   Seeing her dodging gaze, Bai Yaofan looked down at his chest again, and immediately understood. He gave a smirk and deliberately turned sideways to show her his scarred back. “Now, see how fierce you are.”
  Miller took a glance and saw that there were several scratches on Bai Yaofan’s back.
  Bo Yaofan was still rubbing his chest, and sighed after being crippled: “If I weren’t young and strong, I really couldn’t bear it.” Then he threw a pitiful look at Mi Lele.
  Miller wanted to beat him whole. Is this bastard qualified to say such things? Who has been pestering her yesterday? But if she wants to tell her, she doesn’t have this face… Who taught her to be as thick as him!
  Miller can only glared at him, then turned around to go back to the room. Talk to him again, she just wants to vomit blood! But only turned sideways, she turned back to face him again, her eyes narrowed slightly.
  ”What did Uncle Kevin call you for?” He almost changed the subject, and she believed that the bastard was definitely on purpose.
  Failed. Bo Yaofan touched his nose. Unexpectedly, Mi Lele became difficult to scream.
  ”How about Kent and Bru?” Miller forced him. “Tell me honestly!” Dare to tell her and try it!
  Knowing that he could not hide her from her, Bai Yaofan had to confess, “Uncle Kevin found the body of Kent’s son. He died last night. He was tortured to death.” And the murderer must be one of the gangs who hunted down Kent.
  Miller frowned immediately. “I remember that Kent and Brue seem to have only one son.”
  She once read reports that Kent, Brue loves the only child very much.
  ”Yeah. Kent and Brue must be mad at the death of their only son now.” And this account will be counted on him.
  Bai Yaofan walked to Mi Lele, reached out to touch her cheek, and
  looked at her seriously, “LeLe, don’t run around recently, don’t leave me.” Looking at Bai Yaofan’s serious appearance, Mi Lele actually I think he is handsome like this… She must be sick!
  Efforts to restrain the beating heart, Mi Lele tugged and raised her eyebrows. “Do you want to protect me?”
  ”Of course. It is a man’s job to protect his own woman.”
  ”Who is your woman!” Mi Lele gave him a glance, but the appearance of being loved so fiercely made her not imposing at all, she only felt cute in Bai Yaofan’s eyes.
  Bo Yaofan put his forehead against her, wrapped his hands around her waist, folded his arms slightly, and whispered softly: “Lele, I like you.”
  Mi Lele found that she was always blushing by this look of Bo Yaofan. The heartbeat, especially when he said that he liked her, the eyes that looked at her were always so focused, so that she never dared to look at him directly.
  ”Oh.” She lowered her eyes awkwardly, and answered softly, her tone was flat, but her ears were quietly red.
  ”How about you? Do you like me?” Bai Yaofan couldn’t help teasing her.
  Hearing the smile in his tone and knowing that the bastard was teasing her again, Mi Lele immediately stared in shame.
  ”I don’t like it!” Then he pushed him away, turned and walked in the direction of the room.
  Bo Yaofan stretched out his hand to embrace her, hugged her from behind, and pressed her lips to her red ears. “Really don’t like it?” He put his arms around her and covered her soft chest. “But your heart beats so fast.”
  Nonsense, being hugged so intimately, how can it not beat fast! Damn it, as long as this bastard gets close to her, her heartbeat will speed up. What is the state of this shy little girl?
  Miller wants to cast aside herself!
  She was so angry that she bent her elbow and hit Bo Yaofan hard.
  ”Oh!” Unexpectedly, she would sneak attack, Bai Yaofan bent down in pain, and released his arm around her.
  ”Deserve it!” Miller snorted coldly, walked back to the room without distress at all, and then gave the screaming bastard before closing the door. “Pretend less!” Don’t think she didn’t know that he was hit by her on purpose.
  ”Also,” she lifted her chin, “I don’t need your protection. It’s you, my man, I will protect you!” After speaking, she closed the door quickly.
  But Bo Yaofan still saw her blushing face. He straightened his body, his lips curled slightly, and
  her words echoed in his mind : My man.   This is really the best thing he has ever heard in his life.

  The gloomy abandoned warehouse, rats squeaked past, the ground was full of tattered discarded things, and the warehouse exudes a rancid smell.
  ”Sir, the people behind us are safe for the time being.” A tall black man said to the short man standing in the middle, while the others stood by the warehouse door and stared outside, preventing anyone from showing up at any time.

Who Said I Like You

Who Said I Like You

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
If life could start over, she would never do such a s*upid thing as “justify bravely” again. Since saving this dead little demon on the road at the age of seven, her life has fallen into a miserable situation. From her mother, down to the soft-footed junior brothers in the martial arts hall are all coaxed to be submissive by this dead little demon who looks like a beautiful flower boy. As everyone knows, he’s just using his appearance to win love and sympathy. In fact, he is an ungrateful highest-ranking bastard who will frame her! Since she was a child, she didn’t know how many suffocating losses she had suffered from him. Since she can’t afford to provoke him then she can always avoid him, right? However, he just won’t go away, wandering around her with his old love and still wickedly ruined her love affair repeatedly! This bastard! She hates him the most! He can just go to hell── [INS: :INS] Horses! Why did he become a victim of a car explosion?   Although she told him to go to hell before, if he really dares to die, she… she will definitely… definitely break down…


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