Who Said I Like You Chapter 10

  She knows how cunning the bastard is, he must have guessed what she would say, so first deliberately provoke her, let her say that he suspects that he has a crush on her, and then let Qili appear on the stage, and then she will be self-righteous. Ashamed and angry, he can take the opportunity to disappear in front of her for a few days, and then there will be an explosion…

  ”Bo Yaofan!” That despicable bastard! Miller rushed to the library immediately.

  She was going to beat that guy to death, how dare he calculate her! Make her like a clown… girlfriend shit! He has no girlfriend at all!

  She hates being lied to her the most. The bastard Bo Yaofan not only lied to her, but also calculated her! He not only concealed her about Kent and Bru, but Ma’s girlfriend was fake!

  Bo Yaofan…If I don’t beat you to death, you won’t be called Mi Lele!

   Miller stepped into the library, Bai Yaofan said he was on the third floor, and she quickly walked to the third floor.

   The third floor is a study room with few people. As soon as Miller reached the stairs, he saw Bo Yaofan’s back.

   She walked towards him quickly, grim-faced, and was about to make a sound when she saw Bai Yaofan lying on the table asleep.   All the words were immediately stuck in the throat, and he couldn’t make a sound inexplicably.

   She stared blankly at Bo Yaofan’s sleeping face, which seemed to be the first time she saw Bo Yaofan sleeping. In fact, Bo Yaofan is very alert and never looks exhausted in front of people. Even if he falls asleep, he will wake up immediately when someone approaches.

   She once ridiculed Bai Yaofan for this, saying that he was so wary of doing too much wicked things for fear of retaliation.

   Now, he actually fell asleep in the library, and she did not wake up so close, he was… very tired?

   Mi Lele observed his face, and the bruise that she had beaten beside her eyes had almost disappeared, but there were faint   blue marks underneath him, indicating that the master’s lack of sleep.

  She always thought that Bai Yaofan was very leisurely, and that he was still not afraid of death when he was caught. On the contrary, Uncle Kevin was so busy that he had no time to shave his beard. But it doesn’t seem to be the case now, and Bo Yaofan doesn’t seem to be asleep either.

  Really, just love to be strong.

  Miller’s lips curled up. But the look of this guy sleeping is much more pleasing to the eye, with gentle brows, a tall nose, and wide lips… She inexplicably thought of the kiss in her dream… Ah! What do you think! Stop it! Miller tried desperately to throw away the terrible picture. That is a nightmare! It’s a nightmare!

  But Mi Lele remembered the kiss in the room that was not a kiss at all. She remembered that Bai Yaofan’s lips were a bit cold against her, but it was very soft…

  soft ass! Miller, what are you thinking about? Forgot you brushed your teeth several times that night?

  hateful! The culprit is this bastard!

  Miller reached out to wake up the stinky bastard Bo Yaofan, but saw Bo Yaofan’s bag on the chair, and then suddenly what Chuck had just said flashed in his mind: Ryan carried your picture with him.

  The hand that wanted to awaken Bo Yaofan turned to the bag on the chair, thought for a moment, took out Bo Yaofan’s wallet, glanced at Bo Yaofan, and Miller slowly opened the wallet.

  When it was opened, her heartbeat speeded up inexplicably, and even a little nervous.

  Then… Miller’s eyes were fixed on the small photo in the transparent protective layer of the wallet. She pulled out the photo, and an indescribable complex taste suddenly appeared in her heart.

  The person in the photo has a boyish face, short hair close to the ears, and a trophy in his hands, smiling happily.

  That is her. She was fifteen years old.

  She remembered that she won the first place in the juvenile martial arts competition that year…the first place is nothing to be happy about, and it’s not that she won the first place. But she would be so happy that time because she defeated Bai Yaofan.

  At that time she was still holding the trophy to show off in front of Bo Yaofan… Now the trophy was placed on the desk in her room, and it was polished brightly by her. That is the proof that she won Bo Yaofan.

  Bo Yaofan actually had a picture of her on her body, and it seemed that she had kept it for a long time, because the photos were all yellow.

  Miller looked at the photo dumbly, her heart beating fast and fast.

  She suddenly thought of what she had said about Bo Yaofan that day…

  Bo Yaofan, in fact, do you have a crush on me?

  Knowing that Bai Yaofan has a crush on her, it is normal for Mi Lele to laugh at it, and just take advantage of this to avenge her years of revenge!

  Humph, Bo Yaofan, don’t you often say that I am not feminine and say that I am a man-in-law? What are you doing with a picture of a man-in-law in your wallet? And it’s still a photo of me when I was fifteen. Tsk, don’t you have a crush on me when I was fifteen? Hahaha…

  Yes, normally, she should triumphantly take out the photo in his wallet and shake it in front of Bai Yaofan, and then hurriedly threw this paragraph to him.

  Oh, I have to add one more sentence: Tsk tsk, even the girlfriend is fake, don’t you want to use this trick to make me jealous, right? Mhaha!

  Yes, just to laugh at that bastard so hard! Give him back her anger towards him and all the calculated hatred!

  She still remembered whether she had a crush on Bai Yaofan, but Qili appeared and gave her a hard blow… She was ashamed of this for several days and felt that her face was ashamed.

  Unexpectedly, his girlfriend turned out to be a fake, and Bai Yaofan still carried her photos with him! Therefore, it is true that Bo Yaofan has a crush on her!

  by! She absolutely must take this matter to take revenge on the surnamed Bai…Yes, she must do it!

  But…she put the photo back in her wallet vulgarly, didn’t even dare to mention it, pretending that nothing happened, but when she saw Bo Yaofan, she felt embarrassed and guilty and didn’t dare to look at him at all.

  No way, when she saw Bai Yaofan, she would think that he might have a crush on her, and then she didn’t know how to face him. I want to pretend that there is no such thing, but she just gets awkward when she sees Bai Yaofan!

  It feels like I have discovered Bai Yaofan’s secret, which makes her feel guilty of doing bad things-this

  What does it feel like! Shouldn’t she laugh at him arrogantly? Why do you feel like a guilty conscience? Moreover, he was inexplicably nervous when facing Bo Yaofan.

   Miller really spit on herself, she was nervous, what the hell!

   The most frightening thing is that she dreamed that Bo Yaofan confessed to her last night!

   In the dream, Bai Yaofan pushed her down on the bed, clasped her hands with her hands, and her whole body was close to her, while she opened her eyes and watched Bo Yaofan bend down arrogantly, beautifully. The handsome face slowly approached. She closed her eyes nervously, but heard Bai Yaofan blowing in her ears and whispering: “Milele, I like you.” Her heart beat fiercely because of this sentence. Then, her lips were kissed fiercely, and then, her clothes were torn, and then… she was frightened awake!

   This time she was shocked and awakened, not only was she sweating all over, but her heart jumped out appreciatively.

   Oh, this is too terrible! Even if you dream of the defendant confession, why do you even dream of rolling the bed? Is she so desperate and dissatisfied? Even if you want to be dissatisfied, you should dream of being with a fierce man instead of with Bo Yaofan, the idiot ah ah ah ah!

   ”Did the oranges in your hand provoke you?” Bai Yaofan, who was playing mahjong games with his laptop, looked up and saw Mi Lele staring at the TV. The oranges in her hand were almost bursting with excitement.

   Bo Yaofan glanced at the TV and was broadcasting an advertisement. So what was she excited about?

   ”Huh?” Miller was stunned, and saw the orange that was about to be squeezed by her. “Oh, no, no.” She peeled the orange calmly and put it in her mouth, her eyes still staring at the TV earnestly, with a normal look.

   Bai Yaofan thinks Miller is weird. Normally, Mi Lele should give him a blank look, and then reply him with “It’s up to you.” Such choking Mi Lele is her normal.

   Moreover, in the past two days, Mi Lele almost didn’t look at him directly. Today, it’s even more serious, almost in despair.

  And when the two met in the morning, Miller’s face flushed quickly, and then immediately lowered his head and quickly walked downstairs to Weifang, still shouting that he was hungry… He seemed to run away from nothing.

  This kind of Mi Lele is really weird, she must be hiding something from him.

  Mi Lele could feel the gaze of Bai Yaofan’s scrutiny, which made her even more flustered… She didn’t know what she was upset about. It was Bai Yaofan who had a crush on her, how could she act like she was crushing him!

  Miller, what’s wrong with you?

  Mi Lele, who pretended to be calm, kept roaring in her heart, and finally couldn’t bear it, she got up quickly. “I’m going to bed.”

  She has lived in Tang’s house for a while, and the room is opposite Bo Yaofan. This morning, as soon as she left the room, she met Bo Yaofan, and then she thought of the absurd dream of being overwhelmed on the bed. Her face was bloodshot, and she didn’t dare to look at Bo Yaofan. She turned around and rushed downstairs with her mouth. Also pretend to be hungry…Mi Lele, what are you doing!

  It looks like she has a ghost in her heart no matter how she looks!

  As a result, Bai Yaofan almost looked at her with scrutiny all day, seeing the deer bumping into her heart… It definitely has nothing to do with shyness, but she is just flustered!

  She would definitely go crazy if she stayed in the same space with Bo Yaofan, so she decided to hide in the room.

  ”It’s only nine o’clock.” Bo Yaofan raised an eyebrow to look at her. When did this woman go to bed so early?

  ”Well, I’m sleepy.” Miller yawned falsely and walked towards the stairs without squinting.

  Bo Yaofan didn’t intend to let her go. When Miller passed by him, he took her hand. “Lele, what’s the matter with you? I think you have been weird these past two days.”

  ” What’s wrong with me , let go!” Miller shook his hand away, still not looking at him.

  Bai Yaofan would believe that such a Mi Lele is all right to have a ghost. He once again grabbed Mi Lele’s hand, and this time he forced her to pull her in his direction.

  Mi Lele didn’t expect Bo Yaofan’s movements, and almost fell into Bo Yaofan’s arms. She was able to stop her body, although she didn’t rush into Bo Yaofan’s arms, but when she raised her head, Bo Yaofan’s face was above her, the two of them met each other, their noses were almost close to each other, and their lips were only one millimeter apart , Breathing so close that she almost disturbed her heart. She remembered the kiss the two had had, and her face immediately blushed. …

  Unexpectedly, Mi Lele would react like this, and Bai Yaofan was stunned. He thought that Miller would punch him quickly and he was ready to defend, but she was blushing.

  The blushing Mi Lele…Bai Yaofan’s eyes flickered, “Hey, your reaction makes me think…you don’t like me anymore?”

  What, what? Miller opened her eyes and quickly pushed him away, “Who likes you!”

  Her face turned red with excitement. “Obviously you are dark…”

  Uh, she swallowed the rest of the words hard. “Anyway, I didn’t like you!” Abandoning this sentence, without looking at Bai Yaofan, she quickly rushed upstairs.

  Bai Yaofan looked at Mi Lele’s leaving back, thinking about her unfinished words: It was obviously you secretly…

  was thinking, but the phone he placed on the table rang.

  Bai Yaofan looked at the caller ID, “Chuck, what’s the matter?”

  ”Ryan, you are so good! You asked Qili to pretend to be your girlfriend. Hey, at least say hello to my boyfriend!” Chuck joked.

  Bo Yaofan didn’t have Richard, he was still thinking about what Miller had just stopped.

  ”But Ryan, I saw your baby, he looks so cute!” In the eyes of foreigners, oriental girls are always cute. “It just looks a little smaller on the outside.” It looks like a minor in every way.

  Bo Yaofan’s thoughts were immediately drawn away by Chuck’s words. “Have you seen Lele? When?”

  ”Just the day before yesterday, Qili and I met her at school. I saw her angry, looking to find someone to settle accounts. The look in my eyes was so contemptuous, it made me totally inexplicable, and then I found out. It turns out that you asked Qili to pretend to be your girlfriend. Haha, your little baby must have thought Qili cheated and wanted to help you out.” It’s so cute!

  ”Oh, I also told your little baby about you taking pictures of her with you.” Really, if a man has a crush, if he likes it, he just rushes to confess it! “What, have you blossomed?”

  Bo Yaofan said without Richard, “I have something to do, it’s hanging up.”

Who Said I Like You

Who Said I Like You

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
If life could start over, she would never do such a s*upid thing as “justify bravely” again. Since saving this dead little demon on the road at the age of seven, her life has fallen into a miserable situation. From her mother, down to the soft-footed junior brothers in the martial arts hall are all coaxed to be submissive by this dead little demon who looks like a beautiful flower boy. As everyone knows, he’s just using his appearance to win love and sympathy. In fact, he is an ungrateful highest-ranking bastard who will frame her! Since she was a child, she didn’t know how many suffocating losses she had suffered from him. Since she can’t afford to provoke him then she can always avoid him, right? However, he just won’t go away, wandering around her with his old love and still wickedly ruined her love affair repeatedly! This bastard! She hates him the most! He can just go to hell── [INS: :INS] Horses! Why did he become a victim of a car explosion?   Although she told him to go to hell before, if he really dares to die, she… she will definitely… definitely break down…


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