When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 8

I can't meet ◇ Hillia

I want to see Nekura again.

 I used to go to the second library once in a while when I had free time, but he wasn’t there. I can’t go every hour because of my teacher’s errands and preparations for the next lesson. During this time, I couldn’t enter because Mr. Sakura was wandering in the nearby corridor. regretful. I was spending every break thinking that I might be there now.

 While looking into the door of the passing classroom, I look at the boy sitting alone and imagine that he might be that boy. But soon I realize that my friends are talking to me. Is it another grade? It shouldn’t be a year because I was there last year. Is it possible that they are in the same grade or in the third grade?

 I wonder if all of my classmates’ faces and names are properly remembered. It’s hard to remember because I have nothing to do with it. I didn’t feel like I could find it.

 I feel a little sly to want to check this without seeing it. But after all, it’s scary to see it. I’m worried about the other side.

 When I returned from the second library, Sakura was surrounded by a corridor near the classroom. It may still happen, but today the circle is even bigger.

 You can’t return to class until you pass here.

 Sakura responds calmly even if she is surrounded by girls as usual. Moreover, when I look at it, I only get a bland reply such as “Yeah” or “That’s right”. Even if something is asked, most of them are bounced off with calm eyes.

 Well, I don’t feel like I should be surrounded by a group when I want people to open my heart, so it may not be just Sakura-kun’s sin.

 Even so, it seems that he is answering more normally than when he was dealing with me, so I guess he hates me. When cleaning the principal’s room during this time, I felt that it was being avoided very much. I haven’t done anything … I wonder if my face feels so bad.

 Even though she was so popular with girls, she seemed to have good friends with men. He who has various things becomes somewhat hateful.

 The seats are closer when you enter through the front door. As I was about to pass in front of me, something like a ball flew straight toward my face through the door behind the classroom.

 Suddenly, my reflexes couldn’t catch up and I closed my eyes tightly.

 The ball never came to my face.

 When I opened my hard-crushed eyes, I saw Sakura-kun’s breathtakingly neat face in front of me. When I look away, I have a hand there and catch a small rubber ball.

 While talking, he screamed with excitement and screams at him who protected me from the flying ball.

 A boy came out of the classroom in a hurry.

 Mr. Yamazaki, one of the girls around Mr. Sakura, says to that person.

“Takayama! Don’t play the ball in the classroom! It was the one that hit Saionji-san’s face!”

“Well, on Saionji-san’s face !? Hieeeeee! Is that okay ?!”

 Takayama, who turned deep blue, apologized exaggeratedly.

“Well, Sakura took it!”

 All the girl students started making noise again, saying “Hey” and “It was cool”. Takayama received the ball from Sakura and patted his chest openly.

 I couldn’t keep up with the air and returned to my seat in the classroom.

 Sit in your seat and notice. When I thought about it, I didn’t thank him for his help. But I didn’t have the courage to return to that group. I don’t want to be misunderstood that I want to get closer to Sakura. But what about that? If Sakura didn’t take it, it would have been a direct hit on the face. Think of it as moyamoya.

 I wonder if Takayama and boys will hate Sakura, who is surrounded by girls. The difference in that treatment.

 On the way back to the classroom after confirming that no one was there during the lunch break that day, Mr. Yamazaki and Mr. Takayama approached each other and chatted and laughed.

 Mr. Yamazaki’s facial expression is completely different from usual. It looks fun and very cute. It looked very intimate.

 Really. Is that so?

 As for Mr. Yamazaki, I don’t really have a strong interest in Sakura or like him as a real romance partner.

 Mr. Sakura has a mysterious way of being popular because of his inaccessibility.


 After school, I hurried to the second library and was vague for a while. Nekura didn’t come after all. I wonder if he’s busy.

 It seems that it will not come today. I waited for about five minutes and left the door. go home.

 On the way back to the classroom, Mr. Sakura, who was in a hurry, came from the front.

 I’m wondering if I should remember the break time and call out. I didn’t thank you after all.

 It seems that I’m in a hurry, so I wonder if I should do it this time. No, as the days go by, I don’t know what the story is.

 While doing so, I almost pass each other. I couldn’t decide yet and grabbed my arm.

“… what?”

 Sakura still has a beautiful but unfriendly face, and although I can see my eyes, she stopped and replied.


 You’re probably in a hurry, so let’s get started. Even if it’s not that, I’m sure this person isn’t good at me. It’s hard to take time.

 I think so, but I can’t quite speak.

 It turns down and becomes unnecessarily moody.

 When I raised my face, I met Sakura, who was looking at me vaguely, for the first time.

 When I was surprised and took a breath and flew a little, I opened my eyes a little and avoided it as small as I was behind.

 Exhale. Somehow the corridor is hot.

“Thank you for today”

 It was just a small voice, but I managed to say it.

 As it is, hurry to the entrance.

 Was nervous. After all that person is not good at it.

 But I said! I walked lightly out of the school building.

 I wanted to meet Nekura.

 After all, I couldn’t meet today either.

 Even though I couldn’t meet, it was only about two days, but even though I made friends, this situation is still too inconvenient. I have to do something about it.

 I have to think of a way to meet more.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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