When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 7

Cleaning the principal's room ◆ Nekura

Hiria-chan, a very nice girl.

 It is healed when talking. A poor child who makes such a boring man a friend because he has no friends. Even though he is such a good girl.

 I feel like I don’t want to show up, not just me. The reason why he doesn’t show up may be because there is a complex in his appearance. I want to hug you and say that you’re cute, no matter what kind of monster you are. It’s unlikely that any human can really do that as long as the gender is female.

 I felt a faint throbbing in my chest and hurriedly canceled it. Even if you have made friends with us, you will be disliked if you bring in extra emotions.

 Professor Masuda says at the end of the morning homeroom.

“Is there a guy who can help clean the principal’s room after school?”

 No one raised his hand.

 Mr. Masuda was, to put it simply, a friendly teacher, but among the teachers, he was sloppy, hairy, and rough. They ask me to clean the pot in the staff room, clean up around my desk, and so on. Some boys say that they were just rubbed when they were called. If you ask a girl for such a case, it can be sexual harassment, so it’s all over the place.

 He’s been in this school for a long time, so he’s free to do whatever he wants. There are various rumors about why such a person is left unchecked, that he has a close relationship with the principal, and that he is a relative of the president, but all of his subjects are unusually well-developed and his achievements as a teacher are It seems to be quite famous, so it may be a relatively simple reason. Also, for some reason, he is a kind-hearted old man who can’t hate him.

 However, when it comes to helping, the teacher often does nothing. Or rather, that’s all there is to it. Nowadays, everyone knows, so I turned my cold eyes all at once. However, I’m not a teacher because of that. It’s so hairy that it’s not strange that it grows on my heart.

“Then it’s seven days today … Fuhihi, Kondo … has club activities … Sakura! Saizonoji! You’re just a class representative! Ask them.”

 Why did it happen?

 I was surprised to see Saionji-san looking at me for a moment and seeing a slight brow. I don’t like it because of my mind. No, I don’t like cleaning.


 The principal is a petite and gentle grandpa. It’s a little fluffy. Look at me and Saionji-san and say while smiling.

“Wow, no. No, when I see the dust on the edge of this forehead, I suddenly feel terrible! And that, on the shelf! It’s covered with dust. When it’s over, sweets I’ll give it to you! “

 Apparently, I suddenly became interested in small details that I wouldn’t touch in normal cleaning. I should ask a cleaning duty or a contractor who usually comes, but when I try to talk to Mr. Masuda appropriately, I wonder if there is a shallow edge.

 Mr. Masuda leaves a set of cleaning tools and tries to leave.

“Teacher, where”

“I’m taking a nap … I really have to make an exam question. Let me know when you’re done.”


 Looking back, Saionji-san had a duster. I put dusters and dusters on something like a mysterious shield or trophy, but the dust just scatters and it doesn’t fall much.


 When I call out, I get sullenly glared.

 What did I do?

“Oh, I think it’s faster to remove everything above and wipe it … wipe the shelves back.”

 Saionji fluttered his eyes and looked at the shelves and me.

 Then I silently started to put things on the shelves on the floor. No reply. I feel like I’m hated.

 At first, the principal sat in the principal’s chair and looked at him with a smile, but when the dust scattered, he said “Window, Akerune” and opened a large window to evacuate to somewhere.

 After cleaning silently for a while, a person came in through the door that had been left open with a loud noise.

“Hi! Soushi-kun!”

“Is it Yabusaka? What are you coming to?”

 Didn’t he tell me not to come see me for a while?

“Look at the cleaning!”

 Saionji-san laughs and laughs with an evil voice that seems to have a heart symbol at the end of the word.

“Please help me if you come”

“To see the cleaning”

 This time, strongly say to emphasize “to see”.

“Something is wrong. Go home.”

“What is it, Mr. Soushi, aren’t you friends!”

 Saionji glanced at me.

“Ah, ah, I’m seeing through Sakura’s friend Yabusaka.”

 Saionji replied “Hah” to Yabusaka’s enthusiastic greeting without intonation. Pull back Yabusaka.

“Hey, stop Yabusaka”


 I don’t like Saionji-san, but I want her to get along with someone who suits her a little more. There is something that is not balanced in Yabusaka. Even if I make a mistake, I don’t want Yabusaka to go out with even the 134238th boyfriend. It’s a selfish illusion.

 But without worry, Yabusaka didn’t talk to her anymore. It can be said that it could not be done. It was worse than I expected. Even though she had a difficult atmosphere to talk to, she was in a bad mood today and had a cautious look on her face. It seems that you can’t cut in here unless it’s very illusory.

 I’m sure her forty-nine boyfriends are all fierce.

 Yabusaka had been wandering around for a while, but eventually he said “I’m sorry” and went home. It was a splendid sinking.

 I managed to finish the cleaning and sank into the sofa of the reception desk.

 Saionji saw it and silently sat down on the opposite end. Trying to get the maximum distance. I don’t like it … I am.

“Call a teacher”

 Say and stand up. She was looking at the other side and completely ignoring it. This is no longer a cause of concern. I’m hated. What the hell did you do, me.

 I went to the staff room and woke up Mr. Masuda who was lying in the chaise lounge in the back and told him that the cleaning was completed.

 Saionji-san was sitting in the principal’s office just like when he left. When I carefully sat down on the opposite end, I was glared for a moment. Oh … I can’t sit any further.

“Ochukar Ochukar”

 The principal came back and checked the picture frame and the shelves like a little sister and nodded with a smile, “Yeah!”.

 A little later, Dr. Masuda returned with a paper cup and a bottle of tea as “Otsukare-san”.

 Since there were two teachers, Saionji-san moved next to me after a little hesitant gesture. Leave a lot of space. I thought I was reluctant, so I was more careful and approached the edge.

 The principal took out a box of tea and sweets as promised, so I opened it.

 The sweets were buns. Sweetness permeates the tired body. Swallow the sweetness with green tea. I was hungry so it was more delicious.

 Saionji-san can say that he usually only eats cakes, but when I was wondering if he would eat such unsophisticated Japanese sweets, I saw sweets in his small mouth.


 Saionji mutters. I feel a slight sense of déjà vu in that voice. It’s a feeling of déjà vu, but I’m familiar with it. The voice, which makes me feel warm, was naturally cute, so it may be similar to any of the entertainers.

 At a glance, there was a piece of bun paste on the edge of Saionji’s mouth.

 I’d like to teach you how to decorate something that doesn’t look like a fierce thing, but I don’t have the courage.

“Yuria-chan, your mouth, you’re chubby.”

 It was the principal who familiarly called the name below and pointed it out.

 She laughed a little as if she was shy and wiped her mouth with her fingertips. His face is terrifyingly innocent, too cute, and he opens his eyes and stares.

 One of the reasons Saionji is called the “Ice Princess” is the legend that she doesn’t laugh. Somehow no one saw him laughing. Does this person laugh at this level? The principal is amazing. Perhaps he is a very popular person.

 When she noticed that she was fascinated with astonishment, she glared as if she was angry, and I skipped her eyes and consciousness again.

 I kept thinking about the crabs I saw in the ocean when I was little.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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