When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 43

The city where she lives ◆ General Sakura

 Saionji-san, who I met on a holiday afternoon, had a complicated head with braids woven into a part of his long hair.

 I don’t know how to make it, but it was ridiculously cute. It was so cute that I wanted to thank the person who first thought of this unfamiliar hairstyle.

 That day, I was called to the station in the city where she lived and met at the ticket gate.

“I was wondering where to go today …”


“Actually, my mom has a boyfriend.”


“I didn’t even hide it …”

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”

“I was told to bring me once, so I’m going home.”

“Suddenly …”

“Yeah. I think you shouldn’t say it because you’re likely to notice it. Oh, it’s okay, my dad and sister are out.”

“I don’t know what’s okay”

“Yeah … because my sister and dad seem to be quicker and noisier.”

“Huh …”

“It’s okay for my mom to talk to her about her name, personality, grades, and even a well-behaved person.”

“Huh …”

 Her house, which was taken like a dog while drowning, was a mansion.

 This mansion is my standard, so it’s not like there is a heliport, the site is endless, there is a fountain in the garden, and animals live. However, a new Western-style building is built on land with high land prices. At least it makes me feel a wealthy life many times as much as my home.

 I heard that even if there are no servants or maids, it seems that cleaning people come from time to time, so it must be a different world. I’m nervous.

 Saionji-san, who stepped into the front door without any sense of urgency, said, “Oh, that?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Mom … I thought I was there … but it looks like I’ve gone somewhere.”


 I’ve heard that my sister and dad weren’t there originally. Then, you will be alone.

 Saionji-san looked at the ceiling for a few seconds and was thinking about something, but immediately he said “Well, I’m sorry” and smiled. not good. That’s not good at all.

“Why don’t you go to my room for the time being?”

 The choices are terribly wrong for the time being, but explaining it to this person from scratch can be daunting. I’m sure you won’t be convinced, and if you understand your intentions correctly, you’ll be beaten.

 Saionji opens a door across the wide corridor. At first glance I knew it was her room.

“Oh, I feel relieved”


 A cluttered room in a new Western-style mansion.

 Kotatsu was placed as if the world was different there. Red, probably wearing in the roomHantenHantenThere is also.

 There are a lot of miscellaneous goods in pop colors such as red, yellow-green, and light blue, and inside there are stuffed animals with realistic shapes that you can’t tell if they are cute. There were also raccoon dogs and wood carving bears, so it can be said that it is quite Galapagos.

 The room was a simple representation of a person named Yuria Saizonoji.

He said, “Soushi-kun, enter the kotatsu,” and sledding into a corner of the kotatsu. It’s just a kotatsu, but I feel like it smells good …

 She returned after a while and had tea and cookies on the tray.

 The teacup on top of the kotatsu has a slender handle, the spoon is also aristocratically decorated, and the cookie has a jewel-like dried fruit in the center.

 However, as long as it was on the kotatsu, it was a slightly silly picture.

 Saionji sits face-to-face with a kotatsu while smiling. I’m restless. I can’t keep up with the amount of information and the situation.

 To calm myself down, I tried to remember the crabs I saw at sea.

 However, as the crab spews bubbles and flies around the scissors, such as “Her room crab” and “Futari Kiri Crab”, he flies away the crab, so this time he was desperate to get rid of the crab from his brain.

“… I think, but Manamin is a roasted sweet potato group.”


 Oops. Saionji-san was talking about something, but I didn’t hear anything. I could only hear that Saotome-san was a roasted sweet potato.


“Oh, oh … yeah. That’s right.”

 Saionji opens his big eyes and stares at us.

 A few seconds later, he crawls on all fours, saying, “You didn’t hear it!”

 Unpalatable. I suddenly pushed out the small raccoon dog that I had at hand, trying to get away from it.

“Soushi … Pepuo!”

 Saionji, who was too strong, had a small collision with the raccoon dog’s face.

“What? Why did you kiss me with a raccoon dog?”

“I’m sorry. I think it’s a little closer …”

“What’s wrong with that!”

 Saionji-san, who became crazy, rushed to the stuffed baboon that he had at hand in front of me.


 Hamadryas baboon is a hobby of Saionji, so of course it is unusually real. It is not deformed at all. I kissed the photorealistic hamadryas baboon. It’s true.

 I would have had a really bitter face when my face was separated and my mouth was wiped.

 She laughed as if it was in Saionji’s acupoint.

“Soushi kissed Hamadryas baboon!”

 Saionji-san laughed and said, “Next is this!”, And this time I brought the teddy bear (real) that I had at hand close to my face. Then laugh again.

 She couldn’t stop laughing, and after she stood up and wandered around, she said, “Soushi-kun, yes! Next is this!”

 Very gloomy.

 It’s so real that you’ll want to ask where you got it, but with a giggle, it’s brought closer to my face.

“No, stop! Why are you getting closer to that! You can plant parasites!”

“Well, something like this …”

 I think it was fun.

 You can tell with a lively expression without saying it. However, I still can’t stop getting closer to Guigui.

“Soushi-kun! Please!”

 While laughing, he was desperately begged for a kiss with an alien, and he laughed unintentionally, but Saionji-san rushed to slip his knees as he struggled to refuse.

 The weight suddenly changed, so I fell back and down as if I was pushed down.

 A moment later, an alien was safely on my face, but my body was on a beautiful girl and I was in close contact with it, so I was in great trouble.

 The front of my eyes became brighter. The aliens on my face are removed, and a beautiful girl looks into my face.




 Saionji-san stares at me with a serious face and brings her face closer. Long hair touches my cheeks lightly. Unpalatable. Keep an eye on the terrifyingly cute face in front of you.

 What is this situation?


 The crab that floated in my brain exploded in an instant.

 I was urgently thinking about ways to get people away before there was an accident, but my thoughts didn’t progress.

 I felt a small wind at that time.

 There was a squeaking noise from the half-open door, and a fragile beauty like Yuki Onna stood there. I can easily guess who it is.

 Oh, it ’s me.

 The accident had already happened.

“Ah, where did your mom go?”

 Despite the horrifying situation where I could hold my breath, Saionji-san speaks to her beautiful mother.

“You said you’re going shopping but you’re going home soon, right?”

“Huh, did you say that?”

“I thought you didn’t listen at all …”

“Sahyonji-san …”


“Go, as soon as possible”

“Oh, sorry”

 Saionji-san finally came from above me while fixing the disorder in my hair.

“Mom, I opened the cookie I got on the shelf, is that okay?”

“… Yuria-chan, you said your boyfriend would come, but … you told me to go to the living room, right?”

“Huh, did you say that?”


 Yuki Onna, I’m afraid of smiling.

“Eh … I’m sorry.”

 My mother, Saizonoji, who is a legitimate adult, was still trying to say something, but somehow her unabashed reaction made me feel that my false charge was roughly cleared.

 A beautiful mother sighs as if she was amazed.

 Then he said “Welcome to Sakura-kun” and laughed as if he was in trouble. Correct your posture and say hello. However, it was all I could do to give my name.

 Still, Yuki Onna’s blizzard stopped and gave me a soft smile.

“There is nothing, but please take your time.”

“No, no, I’m about to go! I swear to God!”

 There is no excuse for the previous situation when the false charge is cleared. It’s embarrassing, I’m not crushed, and I have no choice but to leave here.

“Well, Soushi-kun, you just came?”

 Forcibly take a bag and head for the door in a hurry.

 When I was wearing shoes in front of the entrance, Saionji’s mother came and looked apologetic again.


 For some reason, the line I was trying to say came from Saionji’s mother.

“Hey, mom, can I go out and eat together somewhere before going home?”



 Saionji smiles and presents his palm to his mother.

 The mother finally turned into a disgusted face and sighed additionally. After that, I took out a bill from my wallet and handed it to her. I was struck by a high-value banknote.

“Yeah! Let’s go, Soushi-kun”

 Before I left the front door, I was once again apologized, “I’m sorry Sakura. Please come and visit me again.” I’m glad I was a kind person.

 Saionji-san, who came out of the door, walked silently for a while, but murmured.

“… I just couldn’t kiss”

“What do you say?!”

“He was a baboon, he was a baboon.”

“I was robbed by the baboon!”

 Saionji stared at me with his eyes and sighed as if he was amazed.

 Somehow, I want to give back all the sighs and eyes.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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