When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 4

Spring break ◇ Hillia

“Sachun! Here and here!”

 Entering spring break, I enjoyed a brief break. I love my holidays. Today I visited my friend and came to the city where I used to live.

“Maho, Ryunryun! Goliath! Everyone, it’s been a long time! What about Pochomukin?”

“I can’t come today. I wanted to meet Sachin.”

“Oh, sorry. Say hello.”

“Sachun is as cute as ever!”

“Really? Is this still?”

 Everyone laughs when they make a violently funny face. Oh, rest.

“The contents are still the same. I said I couldn’t make friends before, but did you do it after that?”

“could not!”

“Immediate answer!”

“Why isn’t it, Sachin is such an interesting child?”

Everyone nods, “Ah ~” when they say “something is used in honorifics”.

“Maybe you know. Sachu has grown up especially lately, and it might be difficult for me to talk to him if I hadn’t been with him since I was a kid.”


“Noble feeling!”

“Is this still?”

 When I added strange movements to my funny face, I couldn’t laugh and was told, “Stop it because it’s outside.” I used to play around with them, but everyone is a little grown up.

“Because I’m a good boy, I can do it soon.”

“Thank you. Oh, but the other day, I played with a strange boy playing a rare beast.”

“What? Rare beast pretend? What is it?”

 Since everyone is sick, I enter the rare beast mode and make a low voice.

“Ningens, energetic Soudana … I, Ohana, Tabenai”

“Oh, oh … Saichun … Omae … Ohana, Tabenai … Tabernoningen”

 As expected, my friends. I immediately understood and returned it as a rare beast. However, since everyone became a monster in the undeveloped land, there was no human being to discover it.

 Go to Goliath’s house, which is the closest to the station, open the sweets you bought, and resume talking.

“Sachun, couldn’t you make friends with that monster hunter? I don’t think you can play like that unless you get along well …”

“I don’t know that face or name.”

“Did you sprinkle a monster play on someone you don’t know your face or name?

“It’s the other side that came over”

 While answering that, I thought for a moment. I was wondering if I was asked to speak to myself and swung a gag in an embarrassing place, but when I calmly recalled, I could interpret that I wasn’t even struck by a monster.

 In the first place, I was stressed at that time and had no choice but to play around. So maybe I just thought so. But after that, he got on and returned. He’s a good person, if not.

“Why don’t you know your face, regardless of your name?”

 He is told by a well-established Maho and talks about the process up to that point. Everyone listened with a laugh.

“I see, that’s what it is.”

“I wonder why he didn’t come to Sachin, even though he talked to him.”

“I don’t know, but I didn’t want to be seen, so it was just right.”


“There are many people who don’t talk normally when they see their faces …”

 At least I’m aware that it’s not a face that can be played as a monster. That’s why, on that day, I greeted him and left the second book first without having to meet him.

“Hmm, that’s right. Sachun is already such a character in high school …”


“Did you look after that person?”

“There are many classes in our school, and we met in the second library, so there is a possibility of another grade … too many. I can only understand the voice, but I can’t.”

 What’s more, I’m the type who watches the anime voice actors without even noticing them, so it seems impossible to squeeze them by voice. Everyone sounds the same if they make similar voices.

“I see……”

“Ah, hey, what about co-education? Did you confess?”

“It was done. A strange person.”

“Oh, well, there isn’t a good guy who comes crazy just by looking at the cuteness of the girl’s face.

 Ryun Ryun nods and spills in an aged tone.

“Are there any cool people?”

 Everyone except me hasn’t changed so much in the same school. Since it is a girls’ school that is consistent from kindergarten, everyone wants to hear this story.

 When asked who was popular, General Sakura popped up.

“Hey, there’s someone in the same grade who looks like a great nobleman.”

“What kind of thing is it?”

“I’m so popular, I’m always surrounded by girls, but I don’t have a chance to go out with anyone or get along with anyone. It’s amazing.

 Everyone said it and ate.

“What kind of face? Who is the entertainer?”

“Hmm … I don’t know the entertainer … but everyone said they look like Amakusa Shiro.”

“Have you ever seen Amakusa Shiro’s face!”

“I don’t think it is … but … an image?”

“Are you also a fan of Sachin?”

“At all, because those people enjoy watching and making noise with their friends. I don’t have any friends … I can’t be a fan.”

“Can I tell the boys that I don’t have friends … mercy?”

“No, isn’t that the problem? It’s human, isn’t it? Talking normally …”

“Ningen … Tabetari”

 Ryun Ryun remembered and muttered and laughed, so everyone turned into a monster again and chatted for a while.

 Looking at the clock on the wall, Junryun looks at my face and says.

“Oh, it’s lunch time. Is it about to go? Gyudon”

“Gyudon! Is that okay?”

“That’s right, everyone is going to do that!”

“I can’t forget the crying of Sachin when I first went.”

“I was crying because it was delicious.”

“I haven’t forgotten the excitement at that time!”

  It is forbidden at school for students to enter the restaurant alone. So when I said I wanted to go there at the time, everyone made a fuss that I was bad. Now I’m accompanied by the driver of Goliath’s house, but now I’m happy to go out with him.

 The driver is so quiet that he has never heard a chatter, so it doesn’t matter.

 Everyone stood up and left the front door. Ride into the expensive car of Goliath’s house.

“I haven’t made a reservation, but I wonder if I can enter …”

“Goliath, maybe, but I can’t make a reservation at the Gyudon restaurant …”

 Enter the store and everyone sits at the table and orders. In less than five minutes, another beef bowl was settled in front of me. This is this. Put a little red pickled ginger on top. I also added pork soup on the side menu. Besides, it is steaming. The tension is max at this moment.


 Lift the rice with the meat on it with chopsticks and blow it softly. It’s not that hot, but I do the first bite every time. small profit.

 The taste of sweet and sour meat. It mixes with rice and jumps in.

 Chew the taste of thin meat, taste the rice, and pour hot pork soup into your mouth to chase after it. delicious. I knew it. It ’s really delicious. do not stop. I wish I could continue forever. The rice soaked in the sauce and the sweet onions entwined with the taste of the meat dye my brain happily.

 Gyudon Wonderland is open in your mouth. Inside, a balloon with the word “meat” flew away, and the mascot character Donburi was waving.

 I was impressed and grabbed the beef bowl.

 Of course, I don’t eat this at home. Then, from the whole family, it’s a big deal. But this is surely the correct way to eat beef bowl.

“Sachun, you eat really deliciously, don’t you?”

 I nodded after smiling and screaming. Drink more warm tea.

“Because it’s delicious!”

“No, it’s delicious …”

“I’m happy when I see Sachin eating beef bowl.”

“The picture doesn’t look good, though.”

“Sachun, rice grains are attached to the mouth.”

 Everyone laughed and I laughed too.


 On the way home from a fun day, I got on the train as I went. I declined to send it by car from Goliath’s house, so I left early because it was far away. I like trains a lot.

 There was one transfer on the way. Exit the ticket gate, get off at a station that you normally don’t get off, and look around the various shops in front of the station.

 One of my hobbies is exploring a city I don’t know.

 There is a drug store. There is also a dumpling shop. Oh, there is also a shopping street.

 I wanted to take a leisurely walk, but it’s too late today. now. I will definitely come again next time.

 I heard a voice in the passage to the station while glancing at it.

“Tofu-freshly made tofu-“

 Papu. There was also a trumpet sound.

 When I saw it, there was a person who pulled a rear car and sold tofu. I don’t see much like this in my neighborhood. I stare at Girojiro with something unusual.


 It’s kind of like a warm tofu, but that tofu seller is familiar with it.

 Isn’t that the school idol, Soushi Sakura?

 I thought it was a mistake and stared at it several times, but it looked like Mr. Sakura. It can only be seen by General Sakura.

“Tofu-delicious tofu-“


 However, I couldn’t think of it at all, so I decided to treat it as a similar person. Absent. Mr. Sakura has no tofu. That person probably only sells caviar.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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