When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 39

[Sunday] Dinner ◆ Nekura

When she said, “I want to go to Sakura-kun’s house,” I wondered what happened and my heart bounced. Did you clean the room or check for strange trash? I played it in my brain and checked it.

“It’s dinner, but … Sakura-kun is good.”

“Oh, is the house a store?”

 It’s not home. It might be similar to her, but it’s quite different.

“Yeah! It’s delicious!”

“Even if you ask me … I’m my own.”

“I thought I liked beef bowl the most, and it’s really delicious, but … I can’t forget the rice at Sakura-kun’s house … I’m a fan.

“It’s okay. My dad is happy. But do I have to eat at home?”

“I’m told it’s going to be late.”

 She nodded with a smile.

 I nodded lightly, but when I think about it, the situation is a little different.

 Saionji-san was a classmate, but now he’s not just a classmate.

“Welcome! Yuria-chan! General, did you put your face in the bucket?”

 After saying that, the mother glanced at Saionji-san’s head to make sure it wasn’t wet at all and nodded. I want you to stop imagining strange things. stop.

“Sakura-kun, why don’t you change your clothes?”

“I wonder if I can do that …”

 It’s enough to skip the bicycle parked at the back of the store.

 I left the store by myself and started riding my bicycle. I felt like I was going to dry while I wasted the wind on my face by stepping on the pedals.

 I’ve been hearing Yabuko-chan’s small voice for an hour.

I completely shut out the voices that I called “So-kun So-kun” and kept making noises like “Chu”, “Chu”, and “Chu-chu-chu-chu”. When I remember it, it’s about to explode.

 It’s not a simple joy. I have no regrets. But that was the best feeling of guilt.

 Does it feel like a betrayal because it doesn’t match Hiria-chan yet? Is it because someone like me did such a thing to Saionji-san? Or maybe the simpler, inferiority towards her was ugly and made me want to look away. There was nothing embarrassing or concrete, and I had only a feeling of being embarrassed. What are you doing. In my habit. You shouldn’t do it just because you warned me about it!

 When I returned to the room, changed my clothes, and washed my face, I felt a little calm. I adjusted my breathing and left home.

“Oh, welcome back”

 When I returned, Saionji-san was helping the store for some reason.

 He tied his long hair behind him, wore a dark blue apron with “Sakura” written on his chest, and served a set meal.

“Well, that’s …”

 When she stares at her mother with her pallor and hollow eyes, she flutters her hands and makes an unexpected expression. It seems that he didn’t let him do it. Then, is he the culprit?

“Saionji-san! What are you letting Saionji-san do!”

 Saionji-san was neat, but he laughed with a spatula saying, “I can’t get a bill … the shop is fun.”

“And I want to eat rice together after Sakura returns …”

“No, but …”

 A customer came in and she said “Welcome” when she was nervous.

 The customers were very happy to see the beautiful girl carrying water and serving meals with a little sloppy movement. I was even more smiling because there were many uncle’s manual workers.

“So-chan’s girlfriend?”

 A familiar guest’s old man grins and listens, while she smiles vaguely. Rather than not wanting to answer, I feel distracted by the serving.

 After a while, the waves of customers caught up and I decided to have a meal together at the end seat at a time when I didn’t want to help.

“What do you want Saionji-san to do?”

“What should I do? What about Sakura?”

“I wonder if it’s a surplus …”

“Then I like that too!”

“… Wait a minute”

 I was told that it was good, not that it was good, so I decided to do so.

 Let’s go to the back of the counter and have two meals. Miso soup too. Then, put potato salad, simmered hijiki seaweed, new incense, plum cucumber, kinpira gobo, simmered eggplant, chilled tofu, and fine garnish on a plate and arrange them on the table.

 I didn’t miss her saying “Uhyo” in a small voice.

“I don’t have the main … but do you want to bake eggs?”

“Okay, it’s enough …. Hey, can I eat it now? Let’s eat it.”

 I put my hands together and held chopsticks as Saionji worshiped.

“I was longing for this kind of thing. What’s the secret rice?”

“Ninety-nine Gohan?”

“The one that is not on the menu that working people eat”

“Do you mean meals?”

“That’s it!”

 Say with a smile and carry out the chopsticks. When I was wondering what to eat, it was Kinpira burdock.

“… It’s so delicious …”

“Oh, yeah …? It’s not such a gourmet restaurant …”

“It’s exactly the same as my hobby of food … I want to marry Sakura already.”


 I almost spilled miso soup.

 When she looked at her face, she seemed to notice her remark and made a face saying “Oh.”

“Well, Saionji-san … I’m in trouble if my parents are serious …”


 I glanced at my mother, hoping I couldn’t hear it, and as if I had heard it, I looked at her and nodded deeply. Something abominable …

 Saionji-san is in a good mood in front of him. Eat really happily.

 When I was eating lunch alone in the classroom, I even thought that I didn’t like to eat it.

“Of which, I don’t have much Japanese food.”

“Why don’t you make it?”

“Yeah, I’ve asked, but I don’t think I’m very good at it … that … not much … and everyone except me seems to like Western food.”

 It seems to be a family that doesn’t have much connection with Japanese food.

 After finishing the meal and drinking tea, my mother came here because I was worried about the time.

“General, it’s not good to be late, so send Yuria-chan.”

 They stood up and left the store.

 It was an early supper, but it’s already dim. The hustle and bustle of the city in the evening was scattered around.

 A cat wandering around the neighborhood screamed and rubbed against my paw.

“Curry rice, it’s been a long time”

 When I crouched down and stroked under my chin, I squinted comfortably.

“Ah, is this child curry rice? It’s really curry rice pattern.”

 Saionji says and crouches down to look at the cat. Cats have brown backs and white limbs and bellies.

 Curry rice glanced at a stranger, Saionji, but he scratched his ears with his hind legs without worrying about it.

 Saionji says while stroking curry rice.

“… Sakura-kun, can you send me closer to my house?”

“Well, is that okay? I’m okay.”

 I thought it was to the station.

“Okay? I did it,” she laughs.

 I got on the train. It wasn’t so crowded, but the seats were all occupied, so we stood near the door.

 Saionji-san looks at Girojiro.

 I thought it was because of my mind, but I didn’t even try to hide it, and I stared at it as the holes opened. I want you to stop because it is about to disappear.


 I heard a small growl, and when I saw it, I put my hand under my chin like a detective and stared as if I was thinking. It was so cute that it could be used as a poster.

 Her house was close to the station, but she was pulled out and left the ticket gate.

 When I left the station, it was already pitch black outside. There are a few stars.

“Mr. Sakura, can I take a detour?”


 While walking next to me, I sometimes glance at this. I’m restless.

 On a green road, she beckons on a curb.


When I reply “Yeah”, I look into it again. I want to escape to space by tilting my neck and staring at me with big eyes.

 Her white palm gently moved through the darkness and hit both of my ears. Exposed to the autumn breeze, it was just a little cool and gave a horrifying feel to the sardines.

 Then, while holding my face firmly, I was groaning and observing again. What is it? What the hell is this kid thinking?

 At the moment when I was disappointed, Saionji suddenly said “Welcome back” and brought my face closer, and soft things overlapped my lips softly.

 I saw a moth stop on the streetlight.

 Where is it here?

 Oh, the earth.

 Saionji-san, who left me after stopping thinking in an instant, said, “… Wow, I’m shy,” and covered my face with my palm.

 Then just look into your eyes and laugh.

 That smile clearly overlapped with the voice I heard in the second library.

 Hiria was in front of me.

 Even though I was there all the time, it was a strange feeling that suddenly appeared.

“Thank you for today. It was fun.”

 She starts walking quickly, leaving me standing like a squirrel.

 After a while, I turned around and waved a big hand, saying “Goodbye”.

 By the time I noticed, she was completely invisible, feeling the breeze swaying the nearby leaves as a hot rooster and listening to the sounds of autumn insects.

 I fell completely again this day.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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