When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 30

[Second Library] When Nekura and Hillia meet ◇ Hillia

 I didn’t know what Nekura was, but I lost more and more opportunities to pursue it.

 I felt like I was trying to procrastinate because I was afraid of meeting each other because I had both feelings without looking at my face.

 I was still talking, and when I was talking about family structure, I found myself trying to hide by saying that I had an older sister, or trying to hide without sexual discipline.

 You don’t have to hide it. I should stop hiding it now, but now that I’m comfortable, I’m completely timid.

 Nekura’s image is getting bigger and bigger with only the information on the contents. However, there is no concrete image, and it remains scattered.

 Isn’t Nekura disappointed when you see me? Not only that, but if I was disappointed when I saw Nekura … I’m scared. Anyway, this relationship breaks down.

 Nekra and I had been waiting for a meeting because we were asking some fleeing questions, and we were meeting very carefully so that we wouldn’t meet inadvertently.

 For that reason, questions that seem to not touch the core, such as blood type, are sometimes mixed with each other. It’s like expecting it to come out a little more naturally, but still desperately trying not to understand it. Contradictory offense and defense.

 I recently learned that Nekura is in the second grade. There is no need to look for a third grader.

 The more you can understand, the more scary you will be to meet in person. Especially because neither of them has communicative competence. If you have a lot of friends, I think you’ll meet quickly.

 Even so, the impatience that I had to do it quickly was gradually solicited, and the desire to stay as it was stopped it.

 However, one day the answer suddenly comes out.

 Before I was ready for my heart.


 It was a pleasant afternoon after school.

 A little cold air in the autumn sky. And the clouds are moving little by little.

 Nekura came in first that day, and I came in later.

“What do you want to play?”

 Playing in this formation is limited.

 I’ve already done Shiritori, and I have a lot of lonely stories. Even though I didn’t know the name or class, he became familiar with the fact that he was on good terms with a cat with a pattern like curry rice in the neighborhood, and that he knew a delicious Takuan restaurant.

 Randomly come up with ideas to see if there is a game that can be played at this distance and situation.

 Nekura says it’s poro.

“Hmm, Pocky Game”

“What’s that, it looks fun!”

“… Nothing. It just came to my mind when I said it properly! Maybe it’s impossible! Forget it!”

“Well, but it’s a game with a cute name.”

“Forget! I’m really sorry!”

 It’s cute to be in a hurry and laughs again.

 Suddenly, I heard something that I had been interested in for a long time.

“What is 0923 at Nekura’s address?”

“Well …”

 Nekura seemed a little lost, but he told me in the end.

“My birthday”

“Some people I know … have the same day …. It’s a great coincidence. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. It seems that there are many people on their birthdays.”

“Huh? Why”

“… Gi, if you calculate backwards … on New Year’s Day …”

“Yeah? Ah, I remembered!”


 That’s it! By the way, the principal may have been on that day. Really. There are so many. I remember and agree. I tried not to see the smoky feeling that sprang up in my chest and let the topic flow.

 Tell a lot of silly stories, settle down, rest a little tired of laughing, and exhale.

“Nekura-kun, can’t we see you a little longer?”

 Most of the time I email, and I’m the overwhelming majority of people who contact me for meetings. It seems that I just want to see you, and I feel like she’s like that, so I can ask for improvement.

“I’m sorry. I often can’t get out during breaks, and I also help my house after school.”

“Help the house?”

 I will deeply regret the question that I casually asked back.

“We are a set meal shop.”


 When I heard it, my heart bounced and I was afraid.

 When I heard about my birthday, the suspicion that I had thrown it away for a moment without looking at it raised my head again.

 It could not be.

 The heart beats faster and faster.

 That possibility was rejected in my head quite early on and was never discussed at all. Because it’s absolutely impossible.

 With that in mind, I scrutinize some of the things that were stuck in my head.

 I think there are some people who work part-time on holidays.

 Some people may live in that station, which is a little far away but can go to school.

 Your birthday is a coincidence, isn’t it? He said he was born a lot that day.

 But is there a person whose house is a set meal shop?

 As expected, they overlap too much.

 What I saw at the entrance of his house, which was taken by Sakura’s mother during the summer vacation, was a figurine of a bear.

 But that shouldn’t be the case.

 Although there are overlaps, there are also parts where the Tsuji 褄 does not match.

 Nekura must be a girl who is not popular with girls, has no male friends, and is not confident in herself. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible.

 It reminds me of everything I’ve done so far.

 I want to think differently. I want you to be different. which is it. I want to know.

 But I don’t want to go home in this state.

 I put my hand on the wall and stood up silently.

 I couldn’t help but confirm it right now. The heart is making a loud noise so that I can hear it clearly.

 Beyond the bookshelf, Nekra keeps talking.

“That’s why I can’t do club activities so much, but … I didn’t have a special desire to join …”

 I hear fragments of such words, but they just don’t make sense. Breathing is disturbed.

“The rice ball I made before … the shop … so maybe …”

 Nothing comes to my mind.

 I stepped forward and reached the edge of the bookshelf, which was the threshold for him. From here, if you look over there, you can see his face.

 I was frightened by the defenselessness that it would be easier than I expected if I did it.

 Hah, huh.

 Even though it wasn’t after I ran, I was out of breath for no reason. The sense of reality is thin.

 I imagine myself looking over there many times, but I couldn’t take action as if I was trying to wake up in my sleep. This may be a dream.

 Unlike the dim entrance I was in, the other side of the bookshelf was shining brightly with the light from the window.

 Nekura in my head. A boy student who is blunt, has no friends, is not popular, and is not confident in himself. Looking for such a thing. One step to the area on the other side of the bookshelf.

 The squeaking noise of a tiny floor. My footsteps sounded strangely loud.


 Call out aloud. The voice was trembling and swaying.

 The face of the flat boy student I had imagined when I saw the person there was drowned out in an instant.

 It will be overwritten in a blink of an eye and you will not be able to return.

 There was a correct answer that I didn’t want to see.


 General Sakura threw his long legs there and sat there.

 While glancing at this with open eyes.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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