When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 3

[Second Library] Encounter ◆ Nekura

I opened the door of the second library.

 This second library is just what everyone calls it, not actually a library.

 The collection of books is increasing year by year and can no longer be stored in the library. It was like a temporary storage until I decided where to go. Compared to the library that is used properly, it is small and almost no one comes.

 The key had been broken here for a few months, but no one cares about it, so it was left unattended. Or it may not be noticed that it was broken. That much remote area. To put it simply, it was a little-known spot.

 The slightly musty smell of the old books placed healed my heart. Go to the back and crouch down.

 Even if I’m in class, I’m just sick.

 I wonder why I’m so popular but not popular. If it’s so popular, it should be possible for the mind to be in line with it, but the reality is only getting worse. Why is it that only the heart is not so popular no matter how long it passes?

 After all, I think I’m overly self-conscious.

 I don’t have the courage to destroy the idols that I imagine from my appearance. There is no dexterity to play a human being as it seems to be casual.

 For example, if you make friends with a girl where you can’t see your face, can you truly tell yourself?

 However, if you think calmly, you are not a man who will like you because of the contents.

 If you know the contents, you will never like it. Because it’s boring.

 However, I can’t even talk while I’m lying about the contents.

 After all there is no choice but to become a man who is popular from the inside.

 Change your consciousness.

 If my consciousness becomes popular, I will be popular from the beginning, so I can be a completely popular person.

 But what kind of inside is popular? do not know.

 Whenever I think about it, I always have a fictional girl in my head. The girl’s name is made of strawStraw childStrawChan. The character “woman” is written on the eyes. A lump of “girl statues” in my head, she always tells me what a girl is.

 The girl doll in me, Yabuko-chan, says in a frivolous voice.

“Girls like gentle people”

 That’s it.

 no doubt.

 Kindness. One good per day. It can’t be bad.

 Straw child is correct.

 Let’s start here. Mote life.

 When I was thinking about that, I heard a rattling noise from the door and my heart bounced.

 The sound of this breath, the rhythm of the footsteps. And a faint scent.

 no doubt! It’s a girl student! Unpalatable. I don’t know why it’s bad, but it’s bad if I can see this.

 The second library is very small. After all, there is only one row of bookshelves. There is only one large wooden bookshelf and a cheap pipe in the back. From the entrance, I can’t see my figure because the bookshelf is a wall.

 The schoolgirl didn’t seem to notice that I was next to her on the bookshelf, so she stretched out with a cute voice. On the contrary, I shrank and held my breath.

 Then I heard a sigh and spill.

“Ah, I want to eat natto”


 The girl student’s voice did say so.

 It’s a species that I don’t often hear.

 Don’t all girls like chocolate, cakes and ice cream? !! Yabuko-chan said so. I’m not saying that I don’t eat natto, but I don’t think that natto is something that girls can get by themselves. Eh, or am I overlooking natto? I think “natto” and “tofu” are the opposite of the kanji. Dangerous. It doesn’t really matter. I have to get my thoughts back.

 The soliloquy flew to revenge my confused thoughts.

“Wow, I want to eat beef bowl!”


 When she opened her eyes and was astonished, the girl student said in a small voice, “I want to eat, I want to eat.”

 Get confusing. Violently confused.

 What is the situation? What happens when girls want to eat beef bowl … Girls should only say that they want to eat parfait or love pink by themselves. What is the situation when girls want to eat beef bowl?

 Really. I understand.

“Are you hungry ?!”

 I was so confused that I screamed.

 At that moment, I felt the sign of the other side breathtaking, and I felt bloody. Slowly sweat unpleasantly.

 Why did I speak out? However, as long as I talk to him, I can’t go back anymore.

 I was impatient and managed to avoid becoming a suspicious person, so I twisted the gentle lines as quickly as a chase.

“Hey, pa, do you eat bread?”

“Eh, eh?”

 I heard a rather confused voice from the other side, but I was as confused as or even more confused by what I said. I should have aimed for kindness, but I felt a lot crazy.

 I stared at the yakisoba bread in my hand that I was thinking of eating, and threw it toward the other side of the bookshelf with a slight discoloration. The bookshelf was high, packed with books and close to the ceiling, but there was enough space for bread to pass through.

 There was a light noise of bread falling to the floor.

 What the hell am I doing?

 Is this kindness …?

 Answer me! Straw child.

 Yabuko-chan told me, “So-kun, it’s the best.”

 As expected, Straw child! right! Even though I can’t see my face, I suddenly eat bread! Far from being kind, an incident has occurred! You’re crazy! I sweated a lot after omitting my remarks.

 It’s about.

“Are you hungry?”

“Do you eat bread?”

 This is Ningen’s line when he encounters a strange creature completely undiscovered in the jungle. I was disappointed.

 I heard a popping voice from the other side.

“Yakisoba bread……”

 Because it’s a commercially available one! It doesn’t have pubic hair! Shout in my heart.

 There was a sound of a faceless person opening a bag of bread. The smell of the sauce was so fluffy.

“Thank you. Tabel”

 Do you eat? I was a little relieved.

 The other person on the other side of the bookshelf gave an undeveloped monster-like reply and giggled again.

 And the schoolgirl continued to respond surprisingly.

“Omae … good guy … Ode, you eat wanai”

 I understood it when I was told with a low-pitched, snarling voice.

 ”Pretend to be a monster in the undeveloped land” has begun.

 Regardless of whether there was such a play, it was such a playful reply.

 I was moved and trembled. You are a good guy. Even though she is a girl who shouldn’t make her bowel movements brittle, she’ll be able to play my undeveloped monster.

 I’m definitely not playing an undeveloped monster. However, it was a miracle that he died in nine deaths that did not become a dangerous one.

 I couldn’t become a gentle and popular person, but I was spared from becoming a suspicious person as a humorous person with yakisoba bread.

 It shook with indescribable agitation and made a rattling noise. I feel like I shouldn’t make a noise and it hardens again.

 I didn’t make a slight movement as it was, and while making as little noise as possible, I listened to the tiny sound of the schoolgirl chewing bread and swallowing it. High degree of metamorphosis to say the least. I wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, but I couldn’t get out of the door without passing in front of the female students. I couldn’t move.

 Eventually, I heard the sound of folding empty vinyl. It seems that he has finished eating. A girl student sighs a little and says “huh”.

“Gochisou-sama, Umakatta. Next, I will eat you.”


 I sank violently. A girl student said “Daijyoubukaningen” and said in a hurry as she seemed to stand up.

“Wait, don’t approach! I’m not delicious!”

 I spilled the worst line at once, and I heard a girl student sighing and snorting. I feel like I’m giggling again.

“Ningen, Omae … Name, what’s that … Bufu”

 I’m laughing a little while saying.

 Somehow, this girl student was Norinori. Aside from the details, it helps.

“Ningen, Namae …

“Well, name? Um, Saku ……… Saku? No, I have no name, Nekura! Let’s do Nekura! … Oh, don’t come!”

 The schoolgirl seemed to stand up without shouting not to come, but she didn’t seem to come towards us. Make a bright voice over the bookshelf as it is.

“Nekura …? Then I … in a wandering non-rear”


“Hmm, oh, Hilia! Call me Hilia!”

“Hi, Hiria? -Chan”

 When I called the girl’s name, even though it wasn’t her real name, her voice turned inside out.

 The girl student, Hilia, didn’t care about turning inside out and said happily, “Yeah! You look like a nickname! You’re Nekura!” And giggled happily again.

 Hiria-chan, a mysterious girl with me, talked a little with a mysterious handle name on the spot.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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