When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 29

Visitor ◆ Nekura

 She was able to do it.

 It’s strange, but it’s done. I don’t know her face and name. But I’m sure it’s not strange because I meet people online and get married.

 There was a rarer child than a horseshoe crab who liked my boring inner side.

 I was very floating.

 I even feel like I’m a little cooler.

 I’m glad to be alive.


 When I returned from my part-time job in the afternoon, Saionji-san was eating a fried chicken set meal at the restaurant.

“That … Saionji-san, what are you doing?”

 Saionji says shyly after swallowing the fried chicken in his mouth.

“I’m sorry. I thought I’d return the jersey … I thought I’d stay before Sakura returned.”

“Eat a lot. Yuria-chan, this too! And this too.”

 Somehow I grasped the flow. I’m glad you threw away that jersey. No, I wonder if Saionji’s trash can gets dirty.

“Oh, I’ll pay for it today.”

“No, I can’t get any money from Yuria-chan. See, eat the vermicelli salad.”

 Somehow I have a good relationship with my mother. And as usual, I’m eating deliciously.

 Saionji puts an appropriate amount of rice on chopsticks and carries it to his mouth. I bit the fried chicken with my teeth and licked my oily lips. After blowing the miso soup, I drank it from the bowl. Satisfactory sigh. The sound of eating small pickles. Slightly narrowing eyes. You can see that the sardines are slightly colored and engrossed.

 Somehow, I watched it all the time until I finished eating.

“Send me, general manager.”

“Yes. Saionji-san, can I send it?”

“Oh, that’s bad … Thank you.”

 This city is not so safe. It’s not terrible, but at least compared to the town where Saionji lives, there are many people who aren’t elegant. Besides, there is precedent in her case.

“It’s okay to get to the station.”

 When I leave the store, I’m told in a whisper.

 It may have been a little annoying just because I didn’t refuse before my mother. I nodded obediently.

“By the way, did you meet someone you like?”


 Somehow, I looked at my face and felt like that. Looks very happy.

“You’re a high school student, right?”

“Yeah … kind, cool, tall, athletic, good at cooking … a really nice person.”

 It looks like something.

 Even if I’m a high school student, I don’t think I’m a freelancer.

 I’m sure it’s a really nice handsome guy. A handsome guy who gets pregnant when his eyes meet. Height 2 meters. I have a gold medal. He has a talk show that can be held for 36 hours in a row, can cook various dishes from 16 countries like a professional, and is in Mensa. It’s kind enough to give Jizo his umbrella on a cold snowy day.

“… Imagine something strange?”

“Well, I don’t think I’m doing it.”

 Did it look like such a lascivious imagination? It’s embarrassing. Maybe it’s because I’m out of color right now.

 Saionji-san, who looks suspicious and glares lightly, generally has a very cute face, but my heart doesn’t move. For some reason, Hiria-chan, who has never seen her face, feels several times more cute.

 There is no need to compare it with Saionji-san, and it’s rude to Saionji-san. However, I had a strange feeling of guilt when I saw Saionji-san and thought he was cute.

 Hiria-chan is probably not as beautiful as Saionji-san, but she is a very cute girl who laughs a lot.

 Maybe he’s not so good, he’s shy, and he doesn’t have any friends. You can accept someone like me and help someone like me. He liked me.

 My girlfriend.

 During this time, Yabuko-chan shook my head many times, slamming my head with a spawn spawn spawn spawn, but I still couldn’t get back to my sanity at all.

 However, sometimes Yabuko says in a small voice.

“When do you say your name? 』\

“Don’t you show your face? 』\

 Yabuko-chan’s voice was so quiet that I pretended not to hear it.

 But ever since the day I was confessed, I’ve been hearing that little voice.


 When I was walking with Saionji-san, I heard a girl’s voice. Looking at it, there was a girl who was a classmate when she was in the second year of junior high school.

“Wow, it’s still popular! You’ll be popular in high school, right?”


“After all? The magnification is amazing!”

 She smiled brightly and noticed Saionji-san, who was a little behind, and stared with a surprised face. Then quiet a little.

“She? Amazing …!”


“It’s so cute and looks great!”

“It’s different …”

“Sakura-kun, it’s amazing! You can study, you can exercise, you’re tall and you have a good face … She’s an amazing girl!”

 She was flirting, chatting busy, looking at her watch and rushing away.

 After a while, I heard a thick man’s voice saying “Sou! Sou!”. It was one of the few bad friends I saw. I’m with him, and I know my view of women. I was on good terms, but I haven’t seen him so much since I entered high school. I missed the opportunity because I think I can meet at any time because it is a neighborhood.

“Mino? How about high school?”

“Okay. You? She … I don’t think I can …”

 After saying that, I noticed Mr. Saionji behind me and looked at the cancer with a surprised face. I was astonished for a while and my open mouth didn’t close. Then scream.

“Well, yeah yeah yeah yeah! Lie ~! Saw …?”

“… Well, you misunderstood something.”

“Yeah ~! That’s right ~! Humans have such a face ~ ?!

 Mino, who was so shocked that he became one, left as it was.

“… Is Sakura-kun a pretty bad guy?”

 Saionji-san, who was watching the whole story, twisted his neck and spilled it with little interest.

 A life that continues to be misunderstood in all directions.


 Exactly five minutes after the email, I leave the classroom.

 I’m in a hurry.

 As soon as I close the door of the second library, I hear a voice.



“I wanted to meet you! I like it!”

“Uh, yeah … …………”


“Su …………”

 There was silence as if I had been waiting for a while, but then I heard the sound of breath giving up.

“Yesterday, I cleaned the room because it was amazing.”

“What is Hiria’s room like?”

“There is a cute raccoon dog figurine.”

“Raccoon dog? … Is it a raccoon dog?”

 There is a small one in front of our shop.

“Yeah? Yeah, I bought a small one because it was cute to see outside, but I wanted a big one, so I cleaned it!”

“That’s right.”

 Gorilla, raccoon dog. The design is wild every time, but I wonder if I like animals. I also learned a new side.

“What is Nekura’s room? What is it like? Is there a figurine?”

“There is a carved bear in the front door, not in my room.”


“Souvenirs and other occasional fish-holding guys”

“Ah … maybe you’ve seen it”

“At a friend’s house?”

“Uh, yeah … well”

 For some reason, Hiria screams. Maybe I don’t like bears very much.

“What is your favorite animal?”


“Wow, it looks great! It looks great.”

 Hiria giggles.

 I’m tangled and laugh.

 These lonely conversations are fun, happy, and peaceful days.

 I never imagined that the relationship would break, and I never expected that the slash-and-burn field would suddenly turn into a slash-and-burn field.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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