When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 28

Both thoughts ◇ Hillia

 I have confessed.

 It has come to fruition.

 Is this a boyfriend? You’re a boyfriend. If it’s a boyfriend, maybe I can get more contacts, promises, and more. Dreams spread.

 I called my junior high school friend in haste.

 I’m talking about the progress and reporting to Junryun.

“Wow! Congratulations!”

“Thank you thank you!”

 I shook my hand around the room, even though I couldn’t see it, and thanked him.

“You’re a monster extermination person, right?”

“That’s right!”

“Well, what kind of person was it after all? Face?”



 He was screaming over the phone, saying he didn’t meet.

“Sa-chu-n! It’s not! It’s a pear pear!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“It’s strange to confess before you see each other, but why didn’t you talk about meeting each other after confessing each other? On the contrary, it’s strange.”

“That’s because I was scared to meet.”

 At least I am.

 I was completely used to the current situation and never thought of it.

“Hick! Both Saichun and that person have too low communicative competence! If you go on like this, you will get married face-to-face and you will have a masked marriage.”

“Well, did you have that hand!”

 The cold air that seemed to be amazed over the phone came to me.

“Hey, are you okay? Is that person really a student in the first place?”

“What should I be a student?”

“I don’t know … uncle”


“Is that person really alive in the first place?”

“Eh, that? Is it a stone tape?”

“Uncle I don’t know … ghost …”


“Is that person a human in the first place?”

“What do you have to be human?”

“Kangaroo …”


 For the time being, the uncle theory that I didn’t know was the scariest story.

 However, unfortunately, it was also a fact that an uncle who did not know was the closest to the existence at present.

 Maybe I made an uncle I didn’t know my boyfriend. When I think so, I feel a little unusual.

“Let’s meet! It’s okay! Because it’s cute! I’m sure I’m overjoyed!”

“I wonder … it’s a face that everyone uses honorifics.”

 If I show my face and even Nekura can use honorifics, I can’t seem to recover.

“Sachun is okay! But … the other side may be a person with a face like pork cutlet rice.”

“I like pork cutlet rice, so there is no problem. I like it better than a face like minestrone.”

“Well, I’m minestrone all the time.”

“But I … I’m not good at people with faces like Gorgonzola …”

“Maybe Gorgonzola!”

“What should I do……”

 What if you’re an unfamiliar uncle like Gorgonzola?

“By the way, did you say that there is a cool person in Sachin’s school? What kind of face is that person?”

“Sakura-kun … well … that person …”

 Even if you make a mistake, it’s not pork cutlet rice. However, it is neither minestrone nor Gorgonzola.

 I’ve floated a lot, but it doesn’t look right. Not Western style. But I feel that Japanese style has a slightly exotic atmosphere … Neither China nor Asia. For some reason, the mackerel miso set meal I ate at his house rushed into my head and I was confused.

 It’s cool and innocent, but for some reason it has sex appeal. That face is …


“Well, I like Sachun Warabimochi … I mean, it’s a surprisingly common face.”

“No, I feel like something is wrong … the food that comes nicely …”

 I was worried about the expression of Sakura’s face for about a minute.

 The groaning Toryunryun stopped thinking when he said, “It’s okay, it’s okay with warabi mochi.”

“Aside from the good-looking guys from Warabimochi, do you meet with an uncle you don’t know and share your name?”

“Stop saying uncle!”

 But surely, it may be time to meet each other. At this rate, you could become an uncle you don’t know in your brain.

 After I hung up, I emailed Nekura.

“Nekura-kun, I like you”

 About fifteen minutes after I sent it, I got an impatient e-mail proclaiming a woman, “I’m also good.” Nekura-kun, I’m a shy person, so I may have replied with momentum without looking at it.

 If you’re Nekura, you might be an uncle you don’t know … If anything, even Gorgonzola may love it.

 Even though I was told that much, I put an important issue in my mind again ahead of time in the folder.



 An older sister came in after a rough knock.

 My sister calls me “Ria-chan”.

 She always has beautiful nails and hair, and she wears fashionable clothes even on her days off. Short Bob’s hair has a mysterious asymmetrical shape, but for some reason it looks sexy and fashionable.

“Wow, the room is still terrible. That kotatsu … Kotatsu isn’t finished anymore and is aiming for the next winter.”

 There is a kotatsu in my room. It’s been a few months since I wasn’t tidying up. In the name of privacy, the private room is inviolable for cleaning and cleaning before being placed as you like.

“… Where did you buy this raccoon figurine?”

“What did you come to?”

 He takes back the raccoon dog figurine that his sister picked up and hugs him. My sister is not good at it.

“Oh yeah. Ria-chan, get your clothes.”

 I was told to stand up and move to my sister’s room.

 My sister’s room is covered with very fashionable foreign brand furniture and interiors.

 However, the room itself is not fashionable at all. That is not the case.

 The problem is that amount. There are many things in my sister’s room. clothes. Interior miscellaneous goods. Beauty machine. bag. shoes. Fashionable furniture. clothes. Clothes Clothes. This person is a demon of greed.

 Whether it’s an overseas brand or the latest beauty equipment, it’s the same. If you look at it as a single item, it looks like a storeroom if it is scattered in a thrift shop. Especially because some of them are not out of the box.

 Everything has an appropriate degree, and if it exceeds that limit, it loses its attributes. It was a room that made me understand it well.

“By the way, my sister, I saw a magazine that my sister published the other day.”

 Since I was on the cover, I flipped over and there was a brief interview.

 “I only put what I really need in the room. It’s also important for me to carefully identify what I like.”

 Somehow it was written.

 There was also a photo of an older sister in fashionable clothes posing with a face that she had never vomited in her life, such as vomit.

 This room is a waste of authority.

 The genre of things that I put in my room is completely different, but it’s terrible enough to make me forget such things.

 My sister, who was sorting out the clothes I could wear from a pile of cloth, glanced at me.

“Ria-chan, I’m selling images.”

 My sister threw a piece of cloth at me. I came straight in front of me, but my reflexes couldn’t catch up and I fell off. I am surprised at the amount of the price tag left on.

“I’m not a private acting sect, and there are many more beautiful people.”

 The older sister sorts clothes while talking.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re really beautiful or not. It’s the same with acting. Most people can’t tell whether they’re good or bad. All you need is that image. The image is important.”

 Seeing my sister say with her nostrils inflated, she faltered and I stopped saying anything more.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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