When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 27

[Second Library] Confession ◆ Nekura

 After school, after seeing the contact that Hiria-chan received earlier, she heads to the second library.

 Hiria-chan, who I met after a long time, brightly says, “I made friends!” good for you. When Hiria is happy, I am healed too. Was good.

“I’m a child of another class, but I’m really good at it.”

“It’s strange that Hiria-chan wasn’t there until now. It was really good.”

“Oh, that’s fine! I couldn’t get in touch with you lately, why?”

“I saw Hiria-chan’s email and blew it, and with that momentum I submerged my smartphone in the bath.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t buy a new one. I left a note here for the time being.”


 There was a sign that Hiria-chan would stand up on the other side.

“It’s sandwiched between the books on that bookshelf, where you can see when you stand.”

 She seemed to be looking for “Hmm” for a while, but eventually she found what she was looking for.

“Oh! That’s true! There was! It’s popping out like a bent bookmark.”

“Did you not notice after all …”

“Because, Nekura-kun, from my point of view, I can’t see the upper part of the book in this row. The back cover, or the author’s name, is in front of me.”

“Ah … I’m sorry”

 It was a mistake to make it the easiest place for me to see.

“Than I thought … Nekura is taller …”

“No, it’s less than 2 meters, and I think it’s a fairly common size.”

 For some reason, he declares that he is not 2 meters long, even though he is not expected to do so. Should I also say that it is not muscular, but I can think of it before that.

“Yes. Thank you for the cookies.”

“Oh, oh! That’s right!”



“I just stepped on Z without noticing it, but I ate it properly. It was very delicious.”

“Well … hey … hey … zu?”

 The reaction is not good for some reason. There was a little silence. I wondered if I had said something extra, and when I was wondering, there was a rumbling sound of Hiria-chan on the other side.

 After a while, two small vinyls were thrown from the top of the bookshelf with a voice saying “Oh, there was.”

 When I caught it with both hands, one by one, and looked at it, it was a cookie with the letters “K” and “I”.

“I don’t think I can eat it anymore, but … it’s really complete.”

“Well, where does this come from soybeans?”

“Not Z, not S soybeans,” Daisu “and” Ki “”


“I love You”

“What about soybeans?”



“I like Nekura”

 After thinking about the meaning of the words for a while, I got a hiccup like “Higu ?!”.

“I found out when I couldn’t meet. I should say it.”



 Consciousness is stunned. Straw child appeared in the place where the eyes were white. I banged my head with a span.

“disgusting! It’s too disgusting! I’m just telling my friends, but what’s so exciting! Straw that doesn’t usually vomit seems to vomit straw in the body! It’s a report case! 』\

 I know. Even though I don’t know his face or name, it’s better to think that he likes romance.


“Yes! I’m alive.”

“I don’t know my face or name, but it’s strange …”

“You can be friends without a face or name.”

“… What about your lover?”


 Hey! Straw child! Straw child? !!

 The story is different, but what should I do …

 When it becomes inconvenient, Strawko returns to just a straw doll and silences.

 In the meantime, Hiria-chan apologized, “I’m sorry!”, So I apologized, “Wow, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Oh, I’m sorry I don’t mean that! I’m sorry to be silent! I’m sorry I couldn’t rotate my brain quickly! I’m sorry I was born! I’m sorry!”

“Wow, I understand …”

“Oh, I too … Hiria-chan …”

 I said that much, but I couldn’t speak well from there.

 However, when I thought that it would be transmitted to “I too”, this time I received a request saying “I want to continue and listen”.

 I tried to shape my mouth several times, but when I tried to make a sound, my cheek muscles became stiff.

 I made several movements like a puppet doll on the spot and exhaled.

“Hiria-chan, I’m embarrassed, but to be honest, I’ve never told a girl that I like it.”

“Yeah. I’m not a boy either.”

“… I can’t do this without prior practice. It’s too embarrassing. Oh, I think … but I’m too nervous to speak.”

 The face is hot to the ears. Could you please forgive me for this today? When I thought so, there was a voice thinking that Hiria-chan was “Hmm”.

“Then, let’s practice”

“Eh, practice?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you, give it back in the same way.”


 When she wonders what it means, she says slowly and clearly with a cute voice.

“Nekura-kun, I like you”


“I love Nekura!”

 should not. It had turned white again, but I wonder if it should be returned in the same way.

“… Shu”

 I couldn’t make a good voice. I can’t say enough to think that something is stuck in my throat.

“I like Nekura the best in the world!”


“I like Nekura! I love you!”

“………… Su!”

“Wow, Nekura-kun! I could say the character! It’s cool!”

 It is ridiculously spoiled.

It may be only a one-year-old child or me now that I can be praised by the vocalization of the letter “su”.

 Sweet torture continued from there.

“I also like how Nekura talks.”

“Hi, su”

“But I like Nekura’s personality the most.”

“Hiri … Cha …”

 When my brain is steadily swelling and I can’t even call the names I can usually call, I’m over-encouraged again by saying, “Wow, awesome, a little more! Nice!”.

 The bookshelves were lined with large wooden ones, but there was only one simple small pipe on the aisle side. There were also a lot of books, and there was enough height for a blindfold.

 Hiria suddenly said, “Oh, that’s right,” and gently pulled out two books at the bottom of the small bookshelf with only one pipe. And then pull out three small books with the spine facing me. Then it becomes hollow. At this position, you can’t see your face. It’s different if you look into it, but if you want to do that, you can go through the middle book.

 When I was wondering what to do, white, thin, beautiful hands came out of me.

 Small-sleeved hands. No, it’s not the case when you associate the name of a youkai.

“Yes handshake”

“Ah, Akushu?”

 I repeated it for the time being.

 Hiria flutters her hands as if she were rushing there.

“Oh, is that okay?”

“Is there anything wrong with this situation? I’m on all fours, so it’s tough, fast and fast.”

“Wait a minute”

 I shook my hands at the edge of my uniform.

 However, the sweat from my hands swelled afterwards, so I had to endlessly squeak.

 Hiria started banging her fluttering hands on the floor. dangerous. I’m impatient.

“Sorry, I’m sorry …”

“Apology is good! Do it promptly.”

“I’m sorry to repeat …”

 Gently, when I put my hands together, I was squeezed tightly.

 It’s easy … small….

 I tried to release it immediately, but I was squeezed tightly.

“Hi, Hiria-chan …?”

“There is substance … I really do …”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”


 I don’t remember the moment when my favorite girl held my hand and said “I like it”.

 Consciousness exploded.

 My consciousness soared high in the sky, drifted in outer space, fell onto the Florida waters, shook and shook and melted.

 The light was shining on the sea and it was shining very beautifully.


 so beautiful.

 Florida is the best.

 This is the memory of the day.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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