When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 24

Forfeited omelet rice ◇ Hillia

 When someone saw me catching Sakura, who I should have hated, and being comforted halfway, I suddenly became a villain.

 I don’t know the people around me, so I’m going to speculate on my own.

 In the first place, I said that I didn’t like it because it was a lie to play with Sakura, or I was fooling around when I was hiding and secretly dating with everyone, and it was crying and crying. Every scenario I heard was bad for me. This kind of rumors tend to happen because girls are the ones who create them.

 But I’m sure it’s not the only one.

 Sakura has a noble feeling before. I was said to have fifty boyfriends before.

 I’m sure everyone is bad at this physiognomy.

 Fifty boyfriends, playing with them, are all bad girls. By the way, my sister is said to be beautiful and mysteriously cute, but I think she has never been called an innocent school. My sister has no chance of being an idol.

“Saionji-san, I heard a rumor.”

 During lunch break, Mr. Kawai rarely calls out.

“We have nothing to do with the source.”

“Ah, huh”

 She said that much and went somewhere. A figure appeared at the entrance so that it could be replaced.

“Saizonoji! It’s a little crazy!”

 I heard a brave scream, and when I saw it, a big girl from another class stood alone with her arms folded. When I went near, my shoulders were tightly folded and I was taken to the emergency stairs. Even though she is a girl, she has a strong sense of humor.

 The weather was nice outside the door, but I was entwined with the Yotas.

 Face each other and look at your face and notice.

 I’ve seen this child. When I was looking for the image of Nekura and staring at other classes, he was always making everyone laugh in the center of the classroom. The body is big and it has an impact, so there is no mistake. But I don’t know what it is for.

“Saizonoji, I can’t tell you, so I came to say …”

 The girl student makes a terrifying appearance by snapping her finger while saying.

“Well … what are you doing?”

“It’s about Sakura. Don’t listen to disturbing rumors.”

 Ah? But my chin is sucked with a face that seems to say.

“No way, the faction you want to associate with, the love / federation radical?”

 When I think I’ve finally come, I’m glaring at him.

“I don’t think I can get along with Hana … I just pray for his happiness … That’s it! What does Kisama mean ?!”

“No matter what you say …”

 I think he’s the type of child who stands up a lot, but can explain and understand.

“This mammoth won’t forgive the one who hurt Sakura! Don’t be quiet!”

 I’m excited again. Looks bad for bones.

 However, even though I was nervous about when I would be beaten, I was disappointed because I was just afraid and couldn’t take any action.

 Even so, the mammoth … I’m sure the body is big.

“Did you give that nickname yourself?”

“What? I don’t care!”

 My junior high school friends also had a lot of weird nicknames such as Goliath and Pochomukin, but they all had fun deciding on the nickname, and he liked it and looked good on it. In the case of this child, it doesn’t look right.

“That … what’s your name?”

“What …?”

“Well, didn’t you ask? I’m not trying to tell you anything, but somehow.”

“Hmm, I don’t hide it.SaotomeSaotomeAimiManami…… “


 I personally came up with a nickname that I was addicted to, but I’m not nervous enough to say it in this situation.

“You thought it didn’t suit you right now!”

“Well, I don’t think. I’m more likely to not look good in my name.”

“Huh ?! It’s like you even if you look for it at all the schools that are not defeated by such a flashy name like that stupid?

 I replied at once, but it was just awkward and somehow became a follower. Something like the goodness of people is blurred and I can’t hide it. I almost laughed a little.

“No, I’m a omelet rice kettle …”

“Dasser! Dasadasa! It doesn’t look good at all, it’s Omurice mountain or I! Yes confiscation! Omurice mountain confiscation!”

 What is this person? Even in this situation, I feel the artistic popularity of trying to be an entertainer. I’m not good at attacking to hurt, but the way I put out words is rhythmic and it makes me feel strangely fun. I wonder what this feeling of this child is, somewhere.

 At that time, I suddenly noticed.

 This kid looks a bit like Pochomukin.

 My friends were mostly the same from kindergarten, but only Pochomukin was a transfer from junior high school. Coming from a co-education in a remote area, she was hurt by just a few boys, and when she met her, she looked like a beast in her possession, and above all, she was the most hostile to me.

 Pochomukin had a big body, and although he seemed to be strong at first glance, he was actually the most girlish child in the group. The room was full of pink, and her favorite manga and movies were all girly and romantic.

 The atmosphere is a bit similar, so it makes me feel strangely nostalgic.

“Saotome-san, a little like my favorite friend …”


“Yeah, hey, Pochomukin was my friend when I was in junior high school. He was bigger than Saotome-san, but he was kind.”

 Saotome looks at me with suspicious eyes.

“Because my body is big, some boys called me a man or a wrestler and I was crying all the time when I was in elementary school. But what I hated more was the girl who was laughing at it. …… “

 Saotome-san clearly turned her eyebrows and made an unpleasant face. It’s not the face that I made a little while biting my lower lip, but the face that I really hate.

“Pocho became friends and became really cute and laughed, and it became brighter, but if he went on to co-education with similar people, he might have become like Saotome-san.”

“What do you mean …”

 I’m suddenly saying something I don’t understand, but he’s listening properly. After all it is a good child. I mean, it’s not the atmosphere of a mean person in the first place, this person.

“Mr. Saotome always makes everyone laugh in the classroom, and she’s a popular person … she’s proudly giving her a nickname that she didn’t give herself …”

 If you go get a laugh yourself, there is less damage than being laughed at. Saotome-san always seemed to have fun, and I thought she was surrounded by friends, but when I actually talked to her, I couldn’t deny the feeling that she was making a character. The feeling of overdoing is too strong. I’m sure he’s playing the character he wants around him.

“But Pocho didn’t like that … he said he absolutely didn’t like the nickname given to him by the boy he hated … I really remember.”

“Don’t take me with such a weak guy!”

“Pocho is not weak! I was trying to be the girl I wanted to be even if I was laughed at. Much stronger than Saotome-san.”

 It was full of fragments, and I hit words that weren’t explained at will. I didn’t want to do anything, but I was very sad to see this child who looked like a friend. I’m sure there are many parts that are overwhelming.

 This child, who made me laugh at all the sad and painful things I heard from Pocho, looked terribly painful.

 Saotome-san is silent all the time, so she raises her face.

 She exhaled quietly and cried. When I was surprised and opened my eyes, I was stared at.

“Ah, what’s wrong with you! Like you! To the one who doesn’t have any troubles!”

“Well, I don’t know Saotome-san’s feelings, but I also have a lot of other worries, and Saotome-san doesn’t understand that.”

“Don’t worry! Don’t worry about someone like you! There shouldn’t be!”

“Yes! I was told that there was no such thing as fifty boyfriends, or my classmates used honorifics to make me distant, and I couldn’t make friends at all! No mon “

“Uh, uh …”

“Mr. Saotome is always surrounded by friends, so you don’t know, but eating alone isn’t very delicious.”


“Mr. Saotome wasn’t able to help me everywhere during the school cleaning time, and I wasn’t even warned by the teacher because she thought she was skipping. This is no different from being hubbed just because it’s not malicious. “

“Uh, uh …”

“Who did Saotome-san ask to play with Sakura? Did you hear from him? Everyone just says whatever he wants, right? I …”

“Stupid! This is like you, I don’t want to know that!”

 Saotome cried more and more.

 Did you say something that made you cry so much?

 I was wondering, but when I saw my face, I somehow understood.

 She must be much kinder and more delicate than I am. Somewhere, I felt like I was crying about me. To put it plainly, a crybaby.

 The chime rang while I was waiting to stop crying.

 Saotome-san couldn’t stop crying, so when she pulled her hand back to the corridor together, the students who seemed to be drinking a spit at a distance opened their eyes.

 It would be so.

 When I was called, when I came out, I was crying when I was breathing.

 This is likely to be misunderstood again.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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