When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 22

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An incident happened.

 Shortly before the end of summer vacation, I suddenly lost contact with Nekura.

 The emails I’ve returned so far suddenly stopped coming back at all.

 The last exchange was about the natto alien.

 On that day, I played with my junior high school friends and bought some expensive natto on my way home. It was so delicious to eat that I emailed him at night and it was a short round trip, probably because he was just in his spare time.

 I wrote “Natto!” Nutto! He suggested that the bark be “sticky”, and I sent it “sticky shit bubba”. That was the last.

 At first I thought I had fallen asleep, so I went to bed. It’s not an email that needs a reply to that extent.

 However, when the opening ceremony approached and I sent the meeting contact for the second library again, there was no reply.

“Sticky Humbaba”

 Stare at the last email you sent. Looking at it this way, it’s too silly, and it’s clearly too floating. What’s so much fun makes me want to hit it. Did you have trouble answering? However, the more ridiculous it is, the sadder it is to be ignored.

 However, I don’t want to think that I was disliked by this, and I felt that I was not such a person.

 I wonder if something happened. At times like this, if you don’t know what you are, you’re only worried.

 I panicked alone at home and went to school, so I couldn’t make the opening ceremony roll call and the decent job of the few class representatives fragile.

 When I was vague, Sakura had done everything, so I became a great person who didn’t work again.

 After the ceremony, I was stunned at my desk for a while, but I went to the second library.

 Nobody is here. I knew there was no sign of people, but I called him “Nekura-kun”. I was sad when I called him.

 At times like this, I don’t have any friends at school to talk to.

 Exit the door. I was in vain because I was so impatient.

 For the time being, I want to erase the line that had something unfortunate. With that in mind, I went to the staff room and asked Professor Masuda if he was in the second or third grade and was on vacation. It was that everyone wasn’t particularly healthy.

 That means he is still in school.

 It’s not that I couldn’t get in touch because of unavoidable circumstances, accidents, illnesses, and so on. That reassured me and at the same time raised the question of why.

 Ruminant the last exchange many times.

 No matter how many times I think back, it was a pity that I was stupid and ruminant about this kind of thing.

 When I returned to the classroom, Sakura had just greeted the girls and came out alone with a bag.

 I suddenly remembered the summer vacation. That’s it. I was telling him that I had a crush.

 At the moment I was about to pass, I grabbed my sleeve and pulled it by the window.


“Wow, Saionji-san, what’s wrong?”

 Sakura replied, but his expression and voice were harder than when he encountered him outside.

 Somehow, I feel a sense of distance that I don’t feel close to the other side than I thought, but before I talk to him, I speak quietly.

“I can’t get in touch with my favorite person.”

“Um … what do you mean?”

“I can’t tell you the details … I don’t get a call back, maybe I can’t get through the phone.”

 Sakura thinks a little and says as he came up with.

“I think I’m going abroad? I missed contacting you …”

“Or overseas ?!”

“Yeah, I suddenly got a job …”

“Are you a high school student ?!”

“What? High school student … that high school student?”

 Apparently, my favorite person in Sakura’s head is an adult setting. Or rather, I feel like I can contact you overseas.

 Sakura twists his head and says that he feels inconsistent with the crap and looks distant and amazed.

“It’s okay. If you take some time, it may connect unexpectedly.”

 If you are an ordinary acquaintance, there are various ways to contact you, such as school, class, phone number, home, messaging app, SNS, etc. I only exchange email addresses with Nekura. He seemed to express how fragile his relationship with me was, and I didn’t feel like explaining it.

 For me, it can’t be helped, I think I’m not so close.

“If this is the case …”

 Tears came up and I couldn’t speak.

 It may look like Sakura cried. On the contrary, I became calm because I thought I had to stop crying.

Say “I’m sorry, it’s okay.” Sakura didn’t say anything and didn’t move with a slightly embarrassed face.

 I took a deep breath, thanked him, rubbed my eyes, and returned to the classroom.

 What I just thought about.

 If this is the case, I should have expressed my feelings.

 That’s it. Not late yet.

 Let’s leave a message.

 No one seems to be coming to the second library as usual. It was ostensibly used by the library committee once in a while, but the reality is that it doesn’t come at all, and because there are many things and it’s moldy, it’s not used for couples’ secret meetings. Even if something is left, no one except Nekura will see it.

 The memo is too small to be noticed, so I decided to make a bigger message.

 When I thought so, I was inspired. I hurried home to carry out that idea.

 I decided to bake cookies. I had Yakisoba bread and rice balls from Nekura, but I didn’t return anything.

 Fortunately there is an alphabet type.

Remove the mold from “DAISUKI” and bake.

 It became a little popular among my friends when I was in junior high school.

 It was a play to make each nickname into letters and to spell playful letters such as “NINJIN”, “OKOME” and “TO BE CONTINUED”.

 It’s been a long time, so I was worried if I could do it well, but when I tried it, I was surprised to remember the point and made it properly.

 I put the baked ones in a transparent pouch one by one and took them to school. Before going to the classroom, go to the second library and enter the area behind the bookshelf.

 I was reluctant to put it directly on the floor, so I laid out colored drawing paper and placed a cookie bag.

 When I put them side by side, they were unexpectedly small, and I was worried if they would notice them.

 When I came up with it, I thought it would be a cute confession, but I think I should have just written it on drawing paper with a felt-tip pen.

 No, I’ve baked it so much, so let’s go with this.

 After reviewing it several times, I left the room.

 After school, I overheard that Mr. Masuda was looking for a class representative, so I went to the second library to hurry and escape. Make Sakura a good boy. sorry.

 Thus, the messages lined up there were gone.

 Someone came. I’m sure Nekura came during the break.

 When I thought so, my face got hot.

 Did you notice my confession?

 I told you what to do.

 What did you think

 Various thoughts ran through my chest and I was thrilled.

 It was strangely floating for a while, but eventually it became calm as the days went by.

 There was still no response from Nekura.

 Mr. Masuda was still a rough man, and the class representative was a perfect ikenie. After seeing Sakura being caught several times, I felt a sense of crisis and ran away, and managed to go to the second library, but it wasn’t there either. It is bad for Sakura to run away too much every time.

 Over time, I was sad to go to the second library just to make sure there was no response, and the number of times decreased.

 I couldn’t meet Nekura.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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