When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 2

[Prologue] ◇ Yuria Saizonoji

 I made a mistake in the house I was born in.

 I couldn’t get used to the style of my house so much that I thought so.

 Name isSaizonojiSaionjiYuria. My last name is bad, to meMiyabiMiyabiToo much. It doesn’t look good at all. The name and the inside do not match. I think that such a playful name such as “Omurice mountain kettle” suits me.

 My father is a great person in a clothing company. I don’t know how great it is or what it is doing. It seems to be a very famous company, but I’m not interested in it so I don’t know it well.

 My mother is a former violinist. He seems to have a tremendous amount of violin, but he has never seen or touched it.

 My sister used to be a model for fashion magazines, but recently appeared in dramas and movies. I only watch comedy movies at home, so it’s boring to have an older sister, so I don’t watch it.

 Everyone is beautiful. Moderately wealthy. It is often seen by people as rich people, but my mother’s parents’ home is just a wealthy man, and my home itself is not that much. It’s decent. There are no private jets and no chefs.

 Even though I grew up in such a family, I wasn’t interested in fashion, music, or performing arts, and the mysterious party that I was sometimes taken to was only a pain. All my family members are often invited to parties in different fields, and sometimes they try to take me in a hurry.

 To avoid it, I studied.

 There aren’t many people who get in the way of studying. I was studying hard to avoid various troublesome events. If I did that, my human rights in my home would have been guaranteed.

 I wasn’t in the first grade when I did it, but I’m satisfied with it. Since the satisfaction value is low, it is easily satisfied and there is not much aspiration.

 In a brilliant and cultural family, I was the only dull girl with no courage. While the macaroons are lined up in a row, it feels so strange that only one fluffy meat bun is pretending to be a macaron. But I prefer meat buns to macaroons.

 Nonetheless, no one knows my embarrassing inner side because it looks so much like my family.

 It’s not fashionable, but my sister, who looks at me as a sloppy person, has her hair trimmed by a hairdresser who I know. I felt that the month was very frequent, but my sister goes there once a week. He seems to be very busy as he goes to beauty salons and nail salons. I want to watch a stupid comedy movie at home if I go to such a place.


 March when winter ends.

 I was in high school and was about to finish another year, but I was isolated.

 It’s not like being bullied. I don’t think I’m hated.

 It’s just somehow made a long way.

 It’s often seen staring at me, but I can’t get along with them.

 For example, when a girl student hits her shoulder. Normally, I would laugh at something like “I’m sorry”, but I’m apologized for saying “Hiei Saionji-san! I’m sorry!”.

 It was the same during this time. A nearby boy talked to me with a very nervous look.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Saionji-san … I dropped the eraser …”

 When a boy says so, a nearby girl notices it and says it.

“Stupid! Saionji-san doesn’t use such a small eraser with rounded corners!”

“Ah! Ah! That’s right! I’m sorry Saionji-san! Excuse me! I’ll eat this dirty tinke eraser!”

 The distance between me and my classmates is about a million light-years.

 By the way, I use the eraser to the limit, so the dirty tinkering eraser that was munched by the boys is mine.

 All my classmates still call me only with “san”, and when I talk, I get honorific for some reason. sad. I really want to be called by such a frank nickname, such as Yuririn or Kasachun.

 However, he didn’t have the skills to cheerfully enter the circle and make him laugh and laugh.

 I was a pretty playful type of friend who was close to me, but when I took that attitude, I couldn’t play with it.

“I just saw Sakura!”

 I hear a popping voice from the edge of the classroom and look at it.

“Huh, did you see it?”

“Hihe. I cultivated my spirit with good-looking guys from the morning.”

“Wow, I envy you! Why? Why isn’t Sakura in our class?”

“I don’t make that loud voice. I can hear you. See.”

 When I was hung up, Mr. Sakura himself was walking straight in the corridor.

 Just walking will attract people’s attention. The person, who had the ability to get tired just thinking about it, walked straight without worrying about his eyes, but eventually he was surrounded by girls and blocked his path.

 Even if you are surrounded, you can see your face because you are one head taller than a girl.

 It is true that his glimpse of his work is dignified, but his face, which has a delicacy with a dangerous sensuality, is probably the empowerment of a girl. It’s not a fashionable face, but a traditional beauty from ancient times. With the addition of a boyish sex appeal, there is only a micron gap.

 In addition, he excels in studying and exercising. It can’t be left alone.

 However, Mr. Sakura of Kudan didn’t have a nickname despite the noise, and he didn’t seem to deal with anyone equally.

 He doesn’t seem to be interested in women, and even if he talks to him, he doesn’t talk much, or he has a strong guard.

 It became some kind of integrity and he became an idol. After some brave people have been shaken, there is no one to challenge, and recently it has become a common property of everyone.

 Under a mysterious tacit agreement with him, I’m not afraid of anyone around me if I don’t touch him. For me, I don’t have to talk for the rest of my life because I don’t make female enemies.

“Ah, I don’t want it, it’s a great type!”

“Everyone thinks, not just you.”

 I wonder. I’m not a type.

 I reply in my brain even though I haven’t been asked.

 If I’m the type of the opposite sex, my face is interesting enough not to be tense, my personality is gentle, and I have a talkativeness that allows me to continue talking just by taking care of “hoi” or “soya”, and it is not eye-catching. I would like someone who eats beef bowl deliciously together.

 But before that, I want a girl friend.

 I was always jealous of the playful children in the classroom. It’s like playing around with the teacher, saying, “You’re always like that!” And “I’m sorry.” Everyone doesn’t do that to me. I want to play around with it. I want to have a natto slurping party.

 I want to eat natto. I’m sorry to say that I will do it. Eat every single grain carefully.

 Let’s buy it on the way home. I buy natto as a snack and eat it secretly.

 At my dining table, there are extremely few Japanese foods due to the hobbies of everyone except me.

 Only dishes with katakana names are lined up on the table. Soup, not miso soup. What a Meuniere, what a glasse, Nant Capazza and Uncharariet … I don’t hate it, but the ones that don’t appear on the regular menu were a treat for me. If it’s the same beef, I want to eat beef bowl rather than roast beef or beef stroganoff.

 Gugyururu, my belly bug agreed.

 I want to eat beef bowl.

 However, my favorite chain of gyudon restaurants is not nearby. Of course, I didn’t have the courage to enter unless I was with a few junior high school friends who broke up after going on to higher education. The convenience store is a little different, and I want to eat that one.

 I want to eat I want to eat

 How long have you not eaten beef bowl?

 How much playful play wouldn’t it be?

 I had friends at an escalator-style girls’ school that went to junior high school. When my parents built a new house and moved, I went to this high school, which has the highest academic ability around the new house. If this was the case, I should have continued to attend the previous school even if it was far away.

 Oh, I want to play around.

 I want to laugh with a funny face with my friends.

 Girls are unfriendly, and of course I don’t have any male friends. Occasionally, a boy with a strong character just makes a strange pick-up, and a matomo boy does not talk to me. It’s boring. In reality, it’s boring.

 There is a place to go when your thoughts settle down. I went there.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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