When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 19

Summer Aise ◇ Hilia

It was a coincidence that I came up with it.

 A park that I happened to find at a small station that I got off as a holiday adventure. One of the playsets in it was in the shape of a large, very large ladybug.

 When approaching, some polka dots are hollowed out as circles. From there, put it in the hollow. And when I entered, the inside was partitioned at the center.

 This is perfect.

 It has the same structure as the second library. It can be said that it is an evolutionary system because there are entrances on both sides. You look amazing. I decided to use this as a meeting place with Nekura.

 It’s great to meet outside during the summer vacation. When I invited him by e-mail, I got approval with two replies.

 Excitingly, go earlier than the meeting time and sneak inside. I told them that the time was staggered by five minutes so that they wouldn’t have to meet each other.

“Because I entered from the side of the clock, please enter from the opposite side.”

 I emailed him and waited with excitement, and he immediately got a reply.

“I’m already inside”

“Well, when?”

 I screamed involuntarily. If you have arrived, please contact me. It would be difficult to enter from the same entrance. No, but not on the other side.

“Nekura-kun? Are you there?”

 From the other side, I got a voice saying, “Yeah, yeah. I’m here.” I was only worried if my voice would pass, but it was good. I think I can have a good conversation with this.

“long time no see”

“Yeah, how are you?”

“Yeah! Here, you see, I think we can talk to each other without showing their faces!”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Ahaha, my voice echoes.”

 The voice echoes on the low ceiling, and it feels strange. I mean, it’s extremely hot. Although the temperature was low today, the playset was still filled with sweltering heat.

“Hiria-chan is on summer vacation … Wow”

I can hear the child’s voice saying “Omaedareda”. Apparently another customer came in from the other end.

“Wow, stop, don’t pull”

“Who! Omae! Gyahaha!”

 I can’t even violate my child. However, I feel like I’m having some terrible eyes. Nekura-kun! Hang in there! somehow!

 Nekura had been used as a toy for children for five minutes.

 The laughter echoed loudly and I couldn’t hear it well, but I managed to get a kick and a rider’s special move.

 I could hear a funny voice all the time, but before long I heard a voice saying “Yuto-kun! It’s rice!” And I saw about three children running apart and running out of the park.

“Well … was it okay? I was pretty much defeated.”

“Uh, yeah … it’s okay. It wasn’t a big success.”

“I’m sorry, I thought it was a good place …”

“No, I think it’s a wonderful place! Hiria-chan is truly a genius!”

“Ehe … Thank you, but it’s hot.”


 I was talking about the heat in the summer playset for a while, but suddenly I got hungry.

 It’s lunchtime. I’m hungry. I’m so excited that I don’t eat in the morning. When I thought about it, I couldn’t go to eat with him, but I should have had something in my stomach. I was too flirty with the structure of the playset and was unplanned and sloppy about other things.

“I’m hungry …”

 When I spilled it, I heard the sound of the zipper popping open on the other side.

“I have it, but do you eat it?”



“Maybe yakisoba bread?”

 When I first met him, he somehow had yakisoba bread.

“……rice ball”

 Nekura said in a voice that seemed uncertain for some reason.

“Did you buy it at a convenience store?”

“… No, I tried to eat it later in the morning … I made it … but … I don’t like it !?”

“Eh, eh! Eat! I want to eat I want to eat!”

“Huh, really? Then wait a minute.”

 Shuta, Goingoin, Peso. I’m sorry. Jari.

 After some sounds, he says, “I put it on the top.”

 When I go out with excitement, I find myself sweating. The clothes that hit the outside air are soothing.

 When I looked at the top of the ladybugs, I saw a rice ball wrapped in plastic wrap.

 I caught my foot on the unevenness of the wall and went up about four times. The treasure is just around the corner. I was surprised to see the rice balls up close.

“Wow, Nekura-kun! Did you really make this? You can sell such a beautiful and well-shaped rice ball!”

 The rice is shiny, very well-shaped, and has a beautiful triangle. The seaweed is wrapped only in the lower part. I wonder if the ice pack was also added to make it a little cooler.

 It’s time to get down with the rice balls and return to the ladybugs.

 When I bite into what the contents are, the saltiness is exquisite. The rice is also plump and not too watery. I have never eaten such a delicious rice ball. No, when I think about it, I lived without eating the rice balls themselves, so maybe the rice balls were such a delicious food? Well, I have to buy rice balls at a convenience store on my way home.

 The ingredient was Meita Tuna Mayonnaise.

 The ratio of menta and tuna mayo and the balance with rice were also wonderful.

“Delicious … delicious”

 Every time I swallow it, I get a word.

 Somehow, it sticks like a traveler who came to a matomo rice for the first time in half a month.

“I’m using rice ball molds and plastic wrap … I haven’t touched it so much!”

 Nekura tells me that it has nothing to do with it for some reason. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hear the moment properly.

“Oh, it was delicious … I want to eat more …”

“Well, really? There’s one more.”

“I want to eat!”

 After saying what I wanted, I realized that it was Nekura-kun’s part, but when I realized it, the sound quickly echoed.

 Somehow, I was imagining a little more kid, but Nekura-kun seems to have a surprisingly motor nerve. At least I can’t climb with this rhythm.

I hear “OK” and go outside.

 Also, recovery items have been restored to item points. It was time to go to the top and take it down.

 What is this beautiful shape that will appeal to you just by looking at it. It’s too artistic. I feel that just being able to make something like this is quite popular.

 Just holding it in your hand will make you sick, but calm down and take a deep breath.

“Ah, this is Nekura-kun …”

“I’m not hungry! I’m not hungry!”

 Extremely suspicious words fly in a hurry.

 What should I do, rice balls, should I return them? I never thought I would have to worry about returning rice balls in my life.

 What should I do.

 But this is Nekura-kun’s soup stock … after all.

 …… After all it is delicious.

 I should have been in conflict, but when I realized it, my mouth was full of happiness, and I smiled and turned blue.


 It is bad that this rice ball is too delicious. But you can’t return what you put in your mouth. So you can eat it. It’s delicious.

“Thank you for the feast. It was really delicious.”

“Huh, have you eaten yet?”

“It was delicious … it was perfect.”

 Nekura is from the country of rice … Prince. I fall in love with you again.

“I didn’t think about lunch. I’m sorry, invite me.”

 What’s more, I couldn’t stand my desires and munching up to Nekura-kun. I’m doing the worst thing.

“Don’t worry at all!”

“I’m really sorry, it was delicious … it was delicious.”

“I’ll always make it if you like.”


 Let’s order hundreds. I’m looking forward to it too much.

“Did Nekura have a summer vacation?”

“I’m just a part-time job”

“… Is there a girl in the part-time job?”


 Wow, I heard something strange with jealousy. It’s embarrassing. It’s been a long time since I was writhing.

 When I thought I was sleeping over there, I got a simple reply.

“……Not in”

 I was kind of embarrassed and could only answer “yes”.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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