When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 17

Unlucky summer vacation ◆ Nekura

After Saionji-san took a high ace with a big print of “Meal Sakura” and headed to my house a little away, I helped the store for a while, but after noon, the number of customers decreased considerably.

 When I saw Saionji-san returning to the store with his mother, I suddenly took my eyes off. It was because I was wearing the jersey I wore when I was in junior high school. The chest is embroidered with Sakura, which is tattered and faded in color. It is fluffy here and there.

“Or mom !!”

“What? Oh, this? You won’t be able to wear it anymore. Yuria’s clothes are torn from her shoulder, so I decided to wear this today.”

 It got dark in front of me.

“I’m dressing Saionji-san with everything …”

 This person is probably an executive of a famous fashion brand company whose father is famous. That is … wearing a piece of cloth like this trash … It’s safe to be cursed by the god of fashion.

“Well, you can’t wear it anymore.”

“It’s not such a problem!”

“I’m sorry Sakura. I’ll clean it properly and return it.”

 Saionji-san apologized for some reason, so I stopped pursuing further.

“How about your feet?”

 Her calf had a large bandage and her ankle had a bandage.

 The mother answers the question asked by Mr. Saionji.

“I think it’s a little scratched, but it’s a lot of swelling. Yuria-chan, I just put a compress on it, so I’ll go to the hospital later.”

 As my mother came back, I left the place and collected the rear car that was connected to the sign and went to the part-time job. Fortunately, all the tofu I put in the morning was sold. I briefly talked about the situation, let me go up that day, and went back to the store again.

 When I returned to the store, Saionji was eating a mackerel miso set meal. Ah, mackerel miso, I am vaguely thinking and amazed again.

 Hmm? !! Saionji-san is mackerel miso? !!

 Why didn’t you give out tiramisu! Involuntarily go to complain to my mother.

“Why did you let Saionji eat mackerel miso?”

“Oh, Yuria-chan chose it.”

 Saionji nods and laughs with a very cute face, saying, “It’s very delicious.” Of course not to me, but to the mother who took care of the father who made it.

 Saionji-san was late to eat, but he eats it very deliciously. I feel like I’m eating squid and cucumber vinegar with garnish. This is a customer who is very happy to make it. There were no other customers, so my dad was happy to see the cheeks at the back of the counter.

 Saionji-san said, “Don’t eat this too,” and added pumpkin salad and so on.

 Wow, girls don’t eat that much. Like a diet. Calorie control … or pumpkin salad from such an on-boro shop … When I pull it lightly, she says “I’ll have it” with a small but clear voice and eats it too.

 The face looked happy no matter how I looked at it, and I found out that the image of the girl in me and the image of Mr. Saionji were a little different from reality.

 Saionji-san said that he should eat everything that was served very cleanly, drank all the tea, and said, “It was a feast.”

“Yuria-chan, I’ll send you.”

 When my mother picked up the car key on the wall, a customer came in with a slapstick.

“Can everyone sit down?”

“Oh, I’m moving the chair now.”

“I will do it”

 I managed to adjust the space for the number of people in the small store, and when I saw Mr. Saionji, I stood up and bowed in front of my mother.

“It’s a feast. I’m fine with my legs, so it’s okay! Thank you.”

 She glances at the customers and says, so I guess she somehow guessed that the store was run by her parents alone.

“Oh, then at least send it to me.”

“Eh, but Sakura is also busy …”

 When I was about to refuse, my mother said, “Don’t hesitate! You can’t go home alone today!” And they left the store.

“Thank you. I really didn’t want to go home alone.”

“I’ll send you home”

“Thank you, but my house is right next to the station. It’s okay to get to this station.”

 I was worried, but when I was told that, I had to say “I understand” because it was like a pervert who wanted to keep up with the girl’s house.

 For the time being, I just put a compress on it, but perhaps because of the treatment, Saionji-san seemed to be able to walk slowly with the opposite foot as the axis.

 The sunlight in the summer afternoon is strong, and I choose to walk under the sparsely shaded green. The voice of the cicada was annoying.

 After a while, Saionji looked back and looked at me.

“That … I told the people of the” Sakura Watching Party “…”


 I was surprised.

 What is that? The strangely ugly name group. I wanted to hear a lot, but while I was making my eyes black and white, I could continue as I knew why.

“There are various misunderstandings … For some reason, I have a lot of boyfriends, I meet Sakura secretly, and so on …”

“Oh, was it a rumor? It bothered me even though I didn’t know it.”

 It’s too pity that someone like Saionji would be rumored to be me, and I can say that Saionji hates me so much that I can’t see him.

“I don’t hate Sakura …”

 Saionji-san says it’s boring.

 My heart bounced.

 I know that I don’t like it, so I could only say “yes” for the time being.

“Oh, a while ago … Isn’t it true that there are fifty boyfriends?”

“There is no one”

“Eh, eh!”

 To my surprise, Saionji was embarrassed.

 He seems to be ashamed of not having a boyfriend, and says in a hurriedly excused tone.

“But there are people who are interested recently … Yeah, there are people who like it. I have a crush.”

 There was no sense of mystery, and I was confused about my love affair with Perori, and I missed the beat.

“What kind of guy is Saionji-san’s favorite?”

 Saionji-san was surprisingly normal, and it was kind of strangely easy to talk to, so I just listened to it.

 She asked if she had a face on her face, and said “Eh” and dyed her with her hands on the sword.

 Wow … I like it.

 I think the person who makes her look like this is happy.

“Interesting and kind … and more”

 Saionji-san is grinning and folding his fingers. Super rare.

 Probably an adult elite who can work.

 He is the president of an IT company and travels between Japan and overseas. It’s a good-looking guy who can fall down and appears in Hollywood movies. It’s smart enough that I’ve never scored anything other than 100 points in the test. When the story is good and listening, everyone can’t stop laughing and people gather. Gentle and rich. A flood of suitors from each country. It’s a story about a hyper handsome guy in a world I don’t know. I wanted to ask a lot, but I felt rude and stopped.

 Instead, I somehow wanted to remember myself and say something.

“I also … I have a crush on myself.”

“Eh, unrequited love?”

 A surprising voice is made with a terribly neat face.

“If you’re Sakura, you can just say it … you won’t be refused.”

“That’s not the case. There are so many delicate relationships that I don’t want to break …”

“It’s amazing. It’s difficult. Is it a princess of different status?”


 I felt that it was imagined in a rather misguided direction.

 However, I didn’t think that my first love story, which I had only told about Yabusaka, would be made into this person. I can have a good conversation.

 I talked a lot with Hiria-chan, so maybe I’m getting used to the girls a little. If I can behave like a normal human being to other girls in this condition, I think I will be able to live a little easier.

 Besides, if you find out that you and the other person like you, you will not be disliked by strange misunderstandings, so the strange alertness unique to men and women will be eased. That made it easier to talk.

“Does Sakura not confess?”

“Well, it’s still impossible. What about Saionji-san?”

“Recently, I feel like saying …”

“Oh, I’m sure it will work. Good luck.”

 Saionji-san doesn’t seem to break, and he pushed his back irresponsibly.

 I just noticed that the voices are a little similar to Saionji-san and Hiria-chan. Hiria-chan is a little higher and brighter, but I think she has a similar voice quality.

 I had never talked to Saionji-san with Matomo, and I didn’t notice it because I didn’t hear the voice properly. Great discovery. So maybe it’s easy to talk to.

“Sakura-kun too …”


“Sakura, do your best too”

“Yes, thank you”

 Unexpectedly, I became friends with Saionji-san.

 The situation is a little similar to her, and it’s easier to talk to than I expected. Besides, it was a little fresh and fun to be able to talk about “a favorite person” that I couldn’t talk to Hiria-chan.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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