When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 16

Unlucky summer vacation ◇ Hilia

The cicadas are ringing. It’s already morning.

 It was the morning of summer vacation.

 Even though it’s summer vacation, I have nothing to do. I’ve been watching stupid comedy movies every day on a video-on-demand service.

 It was a day when everything went wrong from the morning and the worst chain was going on.

 First of all, my dad said that he would come to the party with the whole family for work. I don’t want to go to a party. It’s a party that isn’t even one of the beef bowls. I’m tired.

“I won’t go! You can do without me!”

 He lied and ran out of the house when he promised to play with his friends halfway. Even though it’s painful even on a day trip, I’m horrified to stay overnight.

 I came out of the house wearing a dress that was my sister’s baggage, or perhaps even never worn. All my clothes look like this. It’s a lot shorter than my sister, so it’s a little longer, but strangely, the waist is perfect.

 Thinking about where to kill time, I decided to explore the station I got off once before and play alone. Switching is important for this kind of thing. Alright, let’s play.

 Look around the shopping street about the station.

 The blue sky over the cumulonimbus. Cicada’s voice is annoying.

 A painfully dazzling summer vacation morning.

 I bought and ate fried buns on the street and went to a general store for no reason, which was a lot of fun. When I came last time, a tofu shop sold it in a rear car, but I couldn’t find it today. Well, I would definitely buy it at a natto shop.

 It began to rain after a short walk through the shopping street. It’s heavy rain. My day when I should have switched from this area has become quite suspicious.

 I didn’t think about rain at all, so I didn’t have an umbrella and I got soaked in no time.

 Wow, the clothes are a little transparent. I have to buy an umbrella at a convenience store as soon as possible. When I found those signs in the opposite direction of the way I came and hurriedly went, they were crushed.

 The rain had stopped when I finally entered the convenience store that I couldn’t find only when I was looking for it. Only I, who was soaked, remained at a place far away from the station.

 I have no choice but to go home. As I was walking with that in mind, a lump of raindrops that fell from the streetlight hit my forehead. I really have no reflexes.

 When I was walking around while rubbing my eyes because I couldn’t see the front, the fence of a nearby building was broken, and I caught my shoulder on it, and the dress broke a little with a squeaky noise.


 Somehow, it’s not really attached. Even though it came out with much effort. Disasters are chained as much as Tale. However, I was still laughing at this time.

 The weak smile froze when I noticed a strange uncle following me. The person in that hat has been traveling a good distance, but he’s been there all the time. Maybe yes. I can’t laugh at this.

 Maybe it’s a coincidence, and I feel uncomfortable, so I’ll sprinkle it quickly. Thinking so, when I got fast, I twisted my leg on the step and fell. Rub the calf on the ground and bleed lightly.

 My heart was exposed. Oh, this may be the one that swells later.

 I managed to avoid the pain and move around. Then, a suspicious uncle will follow you later. I feel really uncomfortable.

 I want you to give up soon. Considering the narrow, low-traffic road leading up to the station, I want to sprinkle it sooner.

 When I entered the coffee shop I saw, my uncle was staring at me outside the window, but soon he came into the shop and sat in the nearest vacant seat.

 What should I do. This is a very dangerous person.

 When I call home, no one is there because my family is going to a distant party.

 Maybe there were many ways to do it, but I was impatient, so I felt calm and not moving my head.

 I want to rely on someone. But no one can rely on it. When I thought so, the person in my head came to my mind.

 When I told Nekra only once about the city, I remembered what he said for a moment.

He said, “There, my house.”

 In the first place, I thought he lived in this city, so I came here today.

 I want to meet Nekura. I want you to help me.

 You don’t have to do anything, just stay with me now. I’m scared and lonely. Will he come if I contact him? Thinking so, I take out my smartphone.

 I don’t even know my face, but it’s impossible.

 There is a possibility that the friendships that have been made up to now will be lost.

 Still, I only have friends with Nekura.

 Make a sentence and try to put your finger on the send button.

 The uncle was still staring at me, but suddenly he held his smartphone. Maybe I’m taking a picture. When I thought so, I got goose bumps. I left my seat with disgust and hurried out of the store.

 Why are you following me again? It’s really unpleasant.

 Blood spilled on my head, and I walked messed up trying to sprinkle it instead of rushing to anywhere. I was looking for a police box, but I couldn’t find it because I was impatient, and I went out on a slightly lesser road.

 The footsteps behind me suddenly increased in pace.

 When I turned around, my uncle hurriedly approached me. I also wanted to run, but I was exhausted and my twisted leg hurt. I could only move forward.

 You can catch up at this rate.

 When my head turned white, a rearcar slipped between me and my uncle, hitting my uncle’s belly and legs, and he stopped by saying “gefu”.

 After that, a warm tofu shop came and stood between me and the pervert.

“Don’t get any closer. I’ll call the police!”

 The tofu shop said so and blew a trumpet intimidatingly.

 The pervert stared at the tofu shop.

 The tofu shop pulled out the nobori that had been inserted in the rear car and set it up. Regardless of what it was like as a weapon, the uncle struck his tongue and went somewhere. I and the tofu shop kept watching until the pervert disappeared.

 The wind blew and the tofu shop’s nobori shook.

 It collapses from the knee on the spot.

 The tofu shop exhaled “haa” and put the nobori back in place. And he calls out to me.

“Saionji-san, are you okay?”


 The person who took off the warmth was Mr. Sakura.

“Oh, thank you …! Thank you!”

“That … is it okay? What did you do?”

 Sakura looks at me, whose clothes are torn and blood is bleeding from her calf. You might be imagining something more than it happened.

“Oh, I was chased all the time, nothing in particular was done.”

“Was good……”

“I’m sorry. Can you help me?”

 I couldn’t stand up because I was loose. When I reached out, Sakura wiped my hand with an apron and then raised it.

 My legs are throbbing.

“Sakura-kun … what are you looking like?”

“Byte. Go to the police?”

“… I want to go home …”

 I thought I should go if possible, but I was so sick that I didn’t want to be detained anymore today. After all, there was no damage, so I don’t think I can do anything about it.

 I glance at Sakura.

 A rather terrible classmate who doesn’t get along very well. Grade idol. Moreover, I’m working part-time. I can’t rely on such a person anymore. It’s just a letter to get rid of the pervert.

“Then, thank you very much,” bowed and started walking.

 My legs are throbbing. When I calmed down, it became more and more painful. Stagger a little.

 After a while, I heard rattling from behind, and when I turned around, Sakura was chasing me.

“Well, Saionji-san, don’t you call someone at home? Don’t call me. I’ll be waiting with you until you come.”

 I shook my head silently. I was almost crying when I talked about something. Bite your lips. I bowed and started walking toward the station again.

“Wait. I’m bleeding. I don’t know what happened to my clothes … but I can’t really leave them alone.”

“But …”

 As Sakura took the plunge, I grabbed my hand. Then, I released it in an instant. He looks straight into my eyes and says.

“Saionji-san, you may hate me, but let me help you for now …”


 Various thoughts overflowed in my heart, but I couldn’t think properly, but only tears came out.

 Sakura says “this” and pulls the rear car toward the station. Still, when I was stuck, I left the rearcar and came back.

“I’m sorry, I’ll touch it.”

 His wrist is pulled by him and he starts walking.

“I want to have legs …”

 When I moan involuntarily, my hand is released. Then he took his smartphone out of his pocket and hung it somewhere. I’m saying that I’m a messenger, so it may be a part-time job.

 Also, the wind was blowing, and I was stunned without picking up the voice from the middle.

 Sakura who hung up looks at me again.

“Well, Saionji-san, you don’t like it, but it’s faster to piggyback on it …”

“Uh … it’s heavy, it’s damp, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

 I snorted and hugged Sakura, who was in a piggyback position, and was struck.

“Because it’s soon. Be patient.”

 That being said, I arrived at my destination in less than five minutes. I thought I was going to the station, but I was dropped off a little before.

 When I looked up, there was an old shop in front of me.

It says “Shokudo Sakura”.

 When Sakura opened the door rattlingly and went inside, he was greeted by a bright “Welcome” voice.

“Oh, general manager. What happened to your part-time job?”

“Mom, I’m going to change the store, so can you take this child bath? I’m injured in my leg.”

“Oh, oh, it’s not hard to tear your clothes. General, you really …”

“It’s not me !! I haven’t heard about it, but I’m a classmate!”

 Sakura said, I drove to his house, which seems to be a short distance from the store.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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