When Nekura and Hiria Meet Chapter 11

I received an email ◆ Nekura


“Good morning. What’s wrong?”

“What are you doing! You made me laugh!”

 When I received an email from Hiria-chan other than the meeting contact, I was ashamed to talk to Yabusaka about the situation and consulted. This guy is like this, so I once had a girlfriend in front of me. It was shaken in a week, but from my point of view, she was a love master for a week.

“Why. I just told you to put in emojis to the extent that it doesn’t make you feel bad.”

“I put it in … it feels like a blunder … it seems that I was laughing for about two hours.”

“Show me a little”

“Well, I don’t like it. Why do I have to show you the interaction with my favorite child?”

“I can’t put sentences in my brain, so show me. I can’t say anything if I don’t see it.”

 Yabusaka shouted, “Wow,” when he reluctantly displayed it.

“This is too much. To say the least, it’s a message from space.”

“Did you use it too much? I think it’s better to have more … lively.”

“My eyes are flickering … there are fewer letters. It’s hard to read. I think of a squid fishing boat.”

 I had a smartphone from high school in the first place, and even though I had bought it, I wasn’t using it.

 I’ve never exchanged contacts with girls, and I’ve only contacted Yabusaka with a few bad friends or family members in elementary school. Most of the contacts have been made by phone these days, and even if I contact them in text, it is the minimum necessary. It was simple.

 That’s why I saw for the first time the symbols, small face illustrations, and marks that Hiria-chan sent to me from time to time. I didn’t know how to put it out.

“Why did you put this trunks emoji? Does it make sense to have an ∞ next to it? Are the pants infinite?”

“Well, it’s a decoration, and I framed it with a Christmas decoration.”

“Don’t border with pants!”

“Okay … I don’t wear pants as much as possible.”

 Yabusaka saw more of my embarrassing email and blew it out again.

“Hey, general manager, did you enter this yourself?”

“Eh, which”

“This, ($ Lips €)”

“Yeah, it looks like a face … I made it. I wrote something similar over there … It looks like I’m closing one eye.”

“Grandpa trying hard to suit his grandchildren! General, this is … you don’t have to make such a bizarre thing.”

“Well, what’s ready?”

“Don’t say it like a side dish!”


“Other than that! Why is this kitchen knife emoji in here?”

“Why … it’s all decorated in the first place.”

“Emojis have meaning! You can’t put an old man’s emoji next to a kitchen knife!”

“Well, does that make sense?”

 what is that. Did the symbols and pictures that you thought were meaninglessly decorated between the letters make sense? Isn’t it a new language? Then I wouldn’t have been able to read the full text of the email until now. I was horrified.

 When I calmly reviewed it with the feelings of an archaeological researcher, it was relatively easy to understand the language.

 Next to Hiria-chan’s email “I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you” is a crying face. Perhaps this little illustration is a substitute for or an aid to the letters.

 I placed a lot of grinning grinning faces next to “I’m sorry” in a row. It’s safe to assume that this is a fool.

 The belief was scary, and I couldn’t see how easy it was because I first thought it was a cute decoration used by cute Hiria-chan.

“I wish I had just laughed at this without pulling it.”

 Yabusaka complains somewhere.

“Oh, I’m not that kind of child,” he quivered and screamed.

“You are only a face! Because there is no element to be popular! You should make her with a quiet face and be disillusioned! That’s what! You’re in love with a girl who doesn’t even know your face by email? Ryan is a royal warrior even if he comes! “

“You sometimes mix things that I don’t understand.”

 Yabusaka has been given a lot of games, movies and manga, and he doesn’t hesitate to mix in the material. Dunno.

 He slammed and crossed his legs.

“I’m a woman with a face like a monster.”

“I can love any look. Really … really cute.”

“Can you really say that when you see it?”

“I can say”

“… Let’s find it”

“Well, isn’t it a violation of manners?”

“You really care. Give me a hint.”

“There are almost no hints. I think I’m in the second grade because I said there was a class change.”

“Is there something … what’s your voice? What is it like?”

“It’s so cute”

“Send hints, not impressions!”

“That’s right … I feel like I know a very similar voice, so it’s possible that I’m like an actress or someone who is a voice actor.”

“Who? Who?”

“Hmm … I can’t remember now.”

 Yabusaka conveys his disappointment with an exaggerated gesture.

“Then other than voice! What about addresses?”

“No name is included”

 I didn’t feel like I could identify it at all when I was talking. Gender is a woman at the same school. It is impossible to find one person in the school just by that.

“Oh, I think I like beef bowl and natto.”

“Somehow a fat woman came to me.”

“There is a possibility …”

“If you’re a fat woman with no friends, there aren’t many. If you do your best, you’ll be able to find it … General, what’s your class?”

“I’m not in my class”

 In the first place, from the impression that I actually talked about, Hiria-chan Poiko is not in our class.

 Yabusaka, who was thinking silently, says with a bitter face.

“There is a very heavy woman in my class …”

“Well, is that so?”

“No … but I have no friends, and my voice is bad … I have a great personality.”

“Is that so … but maybe …”

“I had peanut butter on my face … and then my nose was stuffed with pistachios … is that really possible?”

“Anyway, what did you do?”

 Hiria doesn’t feel that martial arts. Probably not.

“Do you see it just in case?”

“Oh, oh”

 When I went to see Yabusaka’s class, a huge girl student was lifting a chair with a small boy student at the highest. The students around me gave a voice that impressed them with “Hoooo”.

“Don’t be different”


“Yeah. She’s not such a majestic entertainer, and she’s full of her child friends.”

“Then there is definitely one chubby child in the next class.”


 In the first place, the idea that beef bowl equals obesity is too easy, or the grounds are too weak.

“It’s good. I’m reluctant to hide and look for it.”

“Is that so? But you’re curious.”

“That’s right, but …”

 Then, the child of the candidate Hiria came out from the classroom with a friend.

 I thought it would be different, but I just stared at it.

 A former Hiria-chan candidate who passed in front of her staggered when she laughed violently and collided with the next child. It collided with my chest and shouted “Gya”.

 At first glance, the button on my uniform was entwined with the child’s hair and was caught.

 You might have been surprised over there, but I was in a hurry. It was because she struggled to forcefully rampage as she tried to leave.

“do not move”

 That said, the child stopped moving.

 I tried to untie my hair from the button, but I couldn’t get it because it was habitual hair. I was in trouble. What should I do.

 I was impatient and tore off the button on my uniform.

 A screaming voice rises from the surroundings.

 I wonder if I did something wrong.

“I can’t cut a girl’s hair”

 When I put it out like an excuse, she nodded in front of me.

“Oh, thank you … Sakura-kun”

 Listen carefully and seriously to confirm. After all it is different. This child is not Hiria-chan.

“Yabusaka, let’s go. I want to see the neighbor for the time being.”

 When I call out, Yabusaka, who was looking with a stunned face, returns.

“You’ve dropped the mammoth in a mess.”


“It’s the nickname of that guy … he has that kind of face …”

 After all, the child in the next class was also surrounded by friends, and it was clearly different.

 However, there is a lot of possibility that all the girls may be Hiria-chan. I love the world.

 When I was about to return to the classroom, I met Saionji-san, who seemed to have gone somewhere, at the door.

 They try to give up both for a moment, but after all they try to get inside at the same time and stick lightly.

 It sounds small and “it”.

 When I saw it, the tip of Saionji’s long hair was entwined with the button on my uniform. I got one, but another one. What do you like about this button?

 Saionji-san grabbed the tip of the hair just in front of my button and a little more, and quickly smashed it with a small shout, “Ei”.

 Then I said “I’m sorry” and went back to my seat.

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

When Nekura and Hiria Meet

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Sakura Souji is reputed to be the most handsome and brilliant student in the school. A mysterious beautiful girl named Saionji Yuria is known to be the reincarnation of an angel. The two are beautiful and popular, but inside they are actually unattractive idiots with terrible communication skills. One day, the two meet in a place where they can’t see each other, and without recognising each other, they grow closer in this gag comedy of misunderstandings.


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