Villain Alpha is Pregnant – Chapter 89

“Travel with Dad” variety show scene.

This time it can be said that the audience of the entire Blue Boat Empire has been waiting for a long time, and the number of pre-subscriptions has broken the viewing record before the official launch.

Before the broadcast, there were several hot searches in succession, all discussing the joint participation of His Majesty the King and His Royal Highness in this variety show. This is the first appearance of His Majesty the King and His Highness!

Before His Majesty the King always wore a mask, the people of the entire Blue Boat Empire did not know what His Majesty looked like, but since His Majesty the King retrieved Major General Pei and His Highness, I heard that he no longer wears a mask. It is said that His Majesty the King looks shocked. It is good-looking for heaven and man, but it has not been exposed before the official media, and the mystery is so mysterious that the people of the empire want to see it more and more.

When I heard about this variety show, I can see the real face of His Majesty the King in a fair and open manner. The people of the Blue Boat Empire who worship His Majesty spread it wildly in their private circle of friends.

Relevant brand sponsors have made a lot of money, and the sales have exceeded dozens of times. In the future, there are many big brand merchants swaying Interstellar coins one after another, wanting to join the program group, so that His Majesty the King and the Little Highness can also use their products. .

The director and participating guests of this variety show are both excited and nervous. Who is His Majesty the King? The fierce man who directly overthrew the Federation and the Zerg. Even the army of the Empire could not resist His Majesty the King, and the three races were directly unified later. , established the Blue Boat Empire, can be described as the founding monarch!

The first page of the Blue Boat Empire history book records the great achievements of His Majesty the King. Now such a big man actually wants to participate in such a small variety show.

Although most of the shows are well-known figures from all walks of life, actor who has won the highest acting honor, national first-class pair figure skater, top male model in the industry, rock music genius, but these people heard the king’s majesty, they all prepared nervously For several days, several fathers even pulled a small group.

Actor Su, who brought his 5-year-old daughter, said in the group: “My God, I was not so nervous when I received the Oscar. His Majesty is coming soon, my legs are shaking and I can’t stand still, will you? It’s embarrassing.”

Lin Duan, a figure skater with a 4-year-old son: “If it wasn’t for athletes who couldn’t take medicine, I would have found a sedative to take. I heard that the director planned to use this famous planting planet – Green Grass Star. , what is the original ecological farmhouse game, the loser will be punished, His Majesty is so powerful, it is estimated that the punishment will be shared by several of us, I just want the punishment to be less.”

Also with a 6-year-old boy The boy’s top model Zheng Xing enthusiastically participated in the discussion in the group, guessing what game the director would arrange, and suddenly found that the loudest rock music genius Fu Ziyan stopped talking, and asked in the group: “@Rock Dad, what are you doing today? Quiet.”

After a while, he received a message from Fu Zizhuo’s son on his behalf.

“Father Fu is acting like a spoiled brat with Father Yan, and I’ll get back to the uncles’ information later.”

The fathers in the group made it clear. Speaking of which, Fu Zizhuo and Yan Han are dead enemies in the circle. love.

When Fu Zizhuo announced her pregnancy at the concert, the tour would be suspended for a while. Just as the audience at the concert was shocked to guess who the child in Fu Zizhuo’s womb belonged to, Yan Han, who came to hear the news, kissed in front of everyone. Fu Zizhuo also took Fu Zizhuo to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register, and it was announced on the official website that day.

The fathers in the group never thought that Fu Ziyan, a well-known hot-tempered rock music genius in the circle, was a coquettish Alpha in private, and was exposed by his son, tsk tsk tsk –

Si Huaixi came with a little soybean, two The top appearance of the father and daughter shocked the audience, one is handsome and majestic, the other is cute and delicate, just with this appearance, they can stand at the top of the entertainment industry.

The director was stunned, and the audience in front of the screen kept swiping.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly ]

[With such a god-level appearance, His Majesty the King, come to the entertainment circle! Crazy licking screen! 】

[Yan dog is going to faint, my God! How can there be such a perfect male god in the world! I have never seen someone more handsome than His Majesty the King, and even more powerful than His Majesty the King! I love Blue Boat Empire! Heart for His Majesty the King! ]

[Your Majesty and the King also look alike, like a miniature version of His Majesty, so cute! Wanting to hug it is like hugging His Majesty the King when I was a child (*/ω\*), I really envy Major General Pei! ]

[Envy +1]

[+10077 King Hotline]

His Majesty is coming, the variety show director, staff, and guests are all very nervous, for fear of offending His Majesty the King, Si Huaixi also saw it, and the restraint point was normal when we first met, He brought Xiao Huangdou this time, hoping to make her more friends.

Si Huaixi touched Xiao Huangdou’s head and asked her to share some toys and snacks for the children. Of course, the snacks in the palace were delicious. The children quickly got to know each other and made an appointment to play together.

Dads are relieved to see that, it seems that His Majesty the King and His Royal Highness are both easy-going people.

But soon, the fathers realized that His Majesty the King is not only an approachable monarch, but also a father who is very annoying to his daughter.

The filming location of “Traveling with Dad” is in Qingcaoxing, which is relatively primitive and has few technological products. Large tracts of crops and cattle and sheep grasslands have become the characteristics of this place.

The first day of filming.

The director arranged a game in which the father and the children form a team. The winner will live in a good house, and the loser will live in a dilapidated thatched hut at worst. I don’t know where the show team came from.

When the photo of the thatched cottage appeared in front of everyone, the youngest daughter of Su Yingdi’s family immediately hugged her father’s thigh and cried, and the other boys also made a fuss not to live in such a strange house.

The fathers grimaced helplessly, looked at His Majesty the King and His Little Highness who were standing very calmly in the center, silently gave up the chance to compete with the father and daughter for the first place, and only hoped not to be last.

The director introduced the rules: “Hello, kids and dads, today we are going to play a game to decide where to live next. The grass growing in Qingcao Xing is rich in nutrients, and many cattle and sheep are raised. The uncles of the farmers are too busy and need to Dad and the kids help! So please, dads need to lead the cows to a fixed location within the specified time, and let the kids feed the cows to eat grass. The grass is ready, and the team that eats the faster the cows wins.” The

fathers all Standing in the cow pen, the children were shouting and shouting at a distance of 100 meters from the grazing grass.

“Daddy, come on!” Su Tongtong, the daughter of Su Yingdi’s family, dressed in the princess’s house, shyly holding her little hand to cheer her father on.

“Dad – hurry up! You won’t be able to catch up!” Xiaoyu, the son of figure skater Lin Duan, shouted excitedly.

“Dad, come on, hurry up and pull the cow out of the circle!” 6-year-old Zheng Keke, his father is a top male model, and his legs are not good at a young age, standing out among the children.

Among them, there is a chubby dimple who stands out from the crowd, the fattest of the five children, which makes his father, a rock music genius, very worried. Fu Qianxing has a bulging belly at a young age.

When the father Fu Ziyan was sweating profusely from the fight with the stubborn cow who refused to go, Little Fatty took the snacks given by the little highness Si Zhou, and shouted perfunctorily: “Dad, come on, all the other uncles will come out. It’s over.” The

irritable Fu Ziyan saw that Xiao Pangdun was still eating snacks, and immediately roared: “Fu Qianxing! When you get home, the snacks will be confiscated for a month!

” Catch it quickly.

It was the first time that Si Zhou saw a child who was about her age and who could be so mellow. He couldn’t help blinking his big clear and curious shallow sea blue eyes, and his delicate and fair face was dazzling. He handed the snack to Little Fatty. He said kindly: “If your father cuts off your snacks, you can come to my house and I will distribute the snacks to you.”

The little fat dun Fu Qianxing looked at the beautiful little prince and took the initiative to talk to him, and even shared snacks with him. He was moved to tears, and his round face shyly said: “Thank you, little prince, in fact, Dad just said it. He was reluctant to cut off my snacks, it would be terrible if my father was there, I was ordered not to eat snacks for a month, and my physique, which is easy to gain weight and lose weight, dropped six or seven pounds in that month.”

Si Zhou blinked Blinking his eyes, he didn’t understand why Xiaopangdun wanted to thank her, and said, “Dad doesn’t give me pets, I always wanted to have a little pig. If you come to my house, I promise to follow the pig raising guide and raise you to be white and fat. Fat.”

Fu Qianxing’s heart was instantly pricked, the snacks in his hand were no longer fragrant, and his tears were rolling and he said aggrieved: “I’m not a pig, my name is Fu Qianxing.”

Seeing Fu Qianxing cry, Si Zhou frowned. Little brow, remembering his father’s cookbook, the pork chop should be made of tender and juicy tenderloin, and worried: “If the little pig is crying, will it lose water, then the fried pork chop will not taste good.

” Tears didn’t dare to fall, and while crying, he wanted to run to Fu Zizhuo and shout: “Dad! I don’t want to become a pork chop, I’m not a pig, woo woo woo-”

Si Zhou pulled Fu Qianxing and inherited With the two top genes of her father and father, she was only three years old, but she was too strong, and the little chubby dimple was easily pulled by Si Zhou, crying and walking on the spot. Si Zhou said, “The director’s uncle said that the children have to stay here and wait for the fathers

to bring the cow over. You can’t run out.”

Trembling, he stayed beside Si Zhou and waited for his father to come over, hoping that his father would come soon.

The other fathers all led the cows out, but the two fathers’ cows were particularly stubborn and unwilling to leave the cow pen.

Fu Ziyan saw that His Majesty the King was just as incapable of dealing with these cows as he was, and immediately felt that it was less ashamed to be behind the other fathers. To be honest, His Majesty the King unexpectedly looked like a little star he saw a few years ago, but now that little star seems to be Retired from the circle, and the related photos and videos on Xingwang are gone. It seems that he has retreated cleanly, and it is estimated that it cannot be that little star in the identity of His Majesty the King.

Just when Fu Zizhuo was going to discuss with His Majesty the King how to induce the cow to come out, the next scene made him speechless.

Si Huaixi became impatient, and directly lifted a whole cow out of the bullpen. The four cow feet were suspended in mid-air and swayed. The poor cow made a frightened moo sound.

That cow weighs a ton or two at random!

The photographer was so frightened that his hands trembled, and even the audience in front of the camera was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

【Fuck—! ! I read that right, this fucking whole cow was lifted up by His Majesty the King? ! ! ]

[I’m starting to believe the rumor that His Majesty the King can lift a mecha…Fuck! This arm is inhuman! His Majesty the King yyds! 】

The fathers were so shocked that they immediately opened a passage, and Fu Zizhuo, who was still standing there, was dumbfounded.

There is no doubt that His Majesty the King was the first to arrive with the ox in hand.

Si Huaixi put the cow on the ground, and the ground was suddenly dusty. With a calm and reliable attitude as a father, he said to the Si Zhou who was holding the grass beside him: “Xiao Huangdou, I’ll give you to feed the cow next. Si Zhou blushed, holding the

grass in his hand, and then looked at the cow that was foaming at the mouth, making a sad and weak moo on the ground, and gritted his teeth: “Okay, father!”

In the end, even Fu Zizhuo and his little Pangdun fed the cows well. The cows in charge of Si Zhou and Si Huaixi suffered from acute gastrointestinal disease due to excessive fright and were sent to a nearby veterinarian for treatment. The mission failed!


The wind was breezy and the water was cold, and the thatch on the top of the head was blowing a little cold.

Si Zhou raised his chin and glanced at the dilapidated thatched hut, which seemed to have been moved out of the ancient museum, in confusion, then glanced at the bed that his father had made beforehand, and put her favorite doll on her, making the whole gray The thatched cottage looks a little brighter.

Two pairs of similar navy blue eyes looked at each other, and in the end, Si Zhou obediently defeated, crawled into bed with tears in his heart, and said good night to his father.

But Ling Sizhou did not expect that she would burst into tears during the next few days of the show.

She felt that the program “Traveling with Dad” should be renamed “Let Dad play alone, Xiao Huangdou is going home!” (Dragon Roar.jpg)”.

The second day’s event was “The Early Bird Catches the Worm”. The other dads woke up early and found hidden food at the treasure location placed by the program team. There were a lot of mosquitoes. I couldn’t sleep because of the noise all night. I woke up late and missed the meal. Even the lunch at noon was delivered by other fathers.

On the third day, the farmer of the fish pond needed the help of the children and the fathers. The children were responsible for peeling the lotus seeds, while the fathers went to catch fish and caught the most victories. As a result, Si Huai’s small bucket of fish was taken inside by a small raccoon. The fish were stolen, no doubt failed.

On the fourth day, the harvested rice should be placed in the sun to dry. Si Zhou and Si Huaixi finally harvested the rice in the field. Si Huaixi chose an open space to be used for drying rice. The rain wet their rice, and the open space where other fathers and children basked in rice was still sunny, and the mission failed again… The

fifth day… It’s been

a whole week…

Si Zhou is used to his father’s various postures to lose In the game, the most popular topics on Xingwang are “What magical attitude did His Majesty the King lose the game?”

Today is a new week, a new beginning, the director said that we can change to a new house, but we still have to play games.

However, Si Zhou was already mentally prepared to continue living in that thatched hut.

However, the children warmly comforted Si Zhou and welcomed her to live at their house. Although the experience in the show was bumpy, Si Zhou gained the sincere friendship of the children, exchanged communication numbers, and continued to play together in the future, including the crying bun. .

Unexpectedly, my father actually won the first place! Got the best house!

Surprised and happy, Si Zhou reluctantly moved out of the thatched hut where he had lived for a week, only to see his father in the new house.

Si Zhou rushed up to stick to Pei Zhaozhou, and said in a slightly aggrieved tone: “Dad, I miss you so much! Why did you come to see me so late.”

Pei Zhaozhou is going on a business trip these days, but he has been paying attention to Si Zhou and He Si Huaixi’s father and daughter’s variety show, video calls with the two father and daughter every day, but it’s a bit lonely without seeing it in person.

In the variety show, the father and daughter of Si Huaixi and Si Zhou were in various situations. It was interesting and made him a little helpless. Others might not see it, but he knew that His Majesty the wise and powerful king was sabotaging his work. By the way, he was amusing the ignorant boy Daughter, both of them made him very worried, so he deliberately finished the work ahead of time and came to Qingcao Xing to accompany them.

Pei Zhaozhou touched Si Zhou’s little head and said with a smile, “Sorry, I miss you too.”

Si Zhou acted coquettishly in Pei Zhaozhou’s arms for a while, until Si Huaixi coughed and looked at Pei Zhaozhou with burning eyes , The ambiguous feelings seemed to be exchanged in the eyes of the two, and said dumbly: “Brother Pei.”

Pei Zhaozhou’s stern face showed a blush, dodging Si Huaixi’s too straightforward and anxious eyes, and changed the topic to let Si The boat goes to bed early.

The bed in the new room is big enough to sleep a family of three.

After coaxing Si Zhou to fall asleep, Pei Zhaozhou slept on the side of the bed on her right side, while Si Huaixi was on the side of the bed on the left, propped up half-length, and the dim light could still see the radiant sea blue in his eyes. With dark eyes, the seemingly silent sea undercurrent surging, quietly and intently looking at Pei Zhaozhou.

Si Huaixi’s eyes moved slightly, and he lowered his voice and said, “Brother Pei, I’m jealous. The first thing you do when you come here is not to come to me, but to look for that little one.”

Pei Zhaozhou was helpless and distressed, even eating the jealousy of his own children, but who made him not want to make him sad?

Looking down at Si Zhou who was asleep, his sleeping face looked particularly quiet and cute.

Pei Zhaozhou breathed a sigh of relief, propped up his body shyly, leaned against Si Huaixi on the other side of the bed and kissed him, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, like coaxing a troubled child, kissing him is easy to get angry Jealous face, kissed the corner of his tightly pursed mouth again.

Until Si Huaixi’s eyes were filled with a smug smile, when he kissed him back, the soft and quiet kiss was like a warm breeze in the night, and a silent warmth spread between his ears and temples.

The two of them interlocked their fingers, and their eyes were filled with warm feelings, protecting Si Zhou, who was sleeping in the center, and the family of three fell asleep together harmoniously and completely.

In the next week, Si Zhou saw what a rising father is! Winning several games in a row, she’s full of ingredients…and dog food for her dad and dad.

The game comes first every time, and gets the most reward ingredients. My father is very good at cooking and can make a large table of delicious food every day. The children and fathers all give thumbs up and praise, even the staff of the show team can’t resist Live the tempting aroma and come to eat.

But Si Zhou knew that his father did this to show himself in front of his father. Although he was able to eat delicious food cooked by his father a week ago, it was definitely not as rich as when his father came. There were novel dishes to eat every day. !

Although the father does not appear in the variety show, but where the camera ignores, the father and the father will hold hands, walk in the lush rice fields, pick the daisies by the creek and give them to the people around them, before Si Zhou gets up. , deliberately climbed the nearby hills to watch the sunrise together, and did all the ordinary and romantic things.

Si Zhou occasionally encounters his father and his father kissing, shyly covering his eyes with open hands, but he is still peeking. When he is discovered, his father is always more shy than Si Zhou, and shyly glared at his father, Then the disturbed father glared at Si Zhou again.

Si Zhou has long been used to his father’s temper. He is not really angry, but he is so possessive of his father that he even eats her daughter’s jealousy.

So…she also wanted to play pranks occasionally, so she took the initiative to ask her father for a kiss, looked at his jealous expression, and showed a mischievous smile to his father behind his back.

In the end, Si Zhou always gets the kisses of his father and father at the same time.

Father and father are in love with each other, and she is a child born out of love, so she is very happy.

The follow-up of the variety show was very successful. “Traveling with Dad” continued to break through the ratings and became the highest-rated show in history. Si Zhou made many interesting friends and kept in touch all the time. After the show, father and father went to the show immediately. On the honeymoon, a grand wedding was held in the palace after returning, and the children and fathers that Si Zhou met on the show were also invited.

Although the sequence of the honeymoon first and then the wedding is a bit strange, Si Zhou still wishes his father and father to be happy and happy together forever.

Twelve years later.

Si Huaixi and Pei Zhaozhou still go on their honeymoon every year, and their relationship is like a rock that has not changed for ten years. Instead, they cherish each other more and more deeply.


Si Huaixi has successfully left the king’s affairs to Si Zhou.

Si Zhou, who just turned 15 and turned into Alpha, is used to it. While studying in class, he shoulders a heavy burden for the king’s father who is escaping from work!

Just when Si Zhou thought that the days would be busy and full, but her king’s father, who had made her head hurt countless times, was in trouble again!

On her fifteenth birthday! In front of the entire public media of the Blue Boat Empire, it was announced that the king’s position would be passed on to her! Announcing that she will be the new queen of the Blue Boat Empire!

If it were that simple, Si Zhou wouldn’t have such a headache. After all, she is dealing with the king’s affairs now, even if she doesn’t have the title of queen, she has been doing it all the time. Even the people of the Blue Boat Empire who called the king’s hotline would call it the first time. It’s the little Highness, even though she’s not too young…

But! Yes!

After her king’s father announced her to be the queen, in front of the media of the entire Blue Boat Empire, he said that he would find her a queen! And announced that a suitable Omega would be elected as the queen of the Blue Boat Empire regardless of status and status!

We have eliminated various factors such as inappropriate age of Omega candidates, too low pheromone matching, and personality.

The palace is still flooded with thousands of Omega candidates!

Looking at the palace, which has never been so lively, many Omegas looked shyly at the new Alpha Queen.

Si Zhou gritted his teeth, but because the king’s father announced in front of the entire Blue Boat Empire that he would choose a queen for her, and now there are thousands of Omegas who have crowded into the palace, she can’t disbelieve the people of the Blue Boat Empire and put them drive away.


Si Zhou came up with an idea to set up difficult levels, nominally to select the most suitable queen, but some of the levels were so difficult that even Alpha couldn’t do it, so he could force these weak Omegas to take the initiative to go home.

She didn’t have to break the king’s promise, and she didn’t have to marry a strange queen.

The layers of levels did filter out a lot of Omegas.

But the last level.

Si Zhou looked at the last remaining Omega with complicated eyes. She didn’t know whether he should clear the customs or let him leave.

For the first time she met an Omega who couldn’t hear her heart.

She couldn’t be sure whether this Omega came for her or for the power behind her.

Si Zhou was puzzled by those deserted cloud-like black eyes, stared at the last Omega, and said that habit was the last opening remark.

“The level begins.”

Villain Alpha is Pregnant

Villain Alpha is Pregnant

Status: Completed Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Si Huaixi got bored while playing with zombies in the end times and picked up a novel. The title of the novel is “Interstellar Heartthrob.” Si Huaixi thought it was a science fiction novel set in a peaceful era. But he had no idea it was about a strange ABO world. The men in it would actually have children?! The protagonist is a male Omega who can have children !!! Even more, the protagonist relied on hooking up with various rich and powerful Alphas, finally dominating the interstellar entertainment world. Si Huaixi wanted to drop the book when he read it, and then he fell !!! As a result, he became the cannon fodder, a gloomy 18th-line ‘Beta’ starlet, whom the protagonist hated, since his photos were popular on the Internet grabbing the protagonist’s limelight. How can the cannon fodder who offends the protagonist have a good life? It wasn’t long until the original owner was drugged and sent to the bed of an investor who enjoyed making short videos. Si Huaixi did not escape the drugging plot after crossing. But, he met a handsome Alpha by chance. When he woke up the next day. Si Huaixi was surprised to find that the Alpha who spent the night with him was Pei Zhaozhou, the villain in the book!!! Strangely, the book’s villain, Pei Zhaozhou, was not furious. He pinched his eyebrows, smoked a cigarette, and let Si Huaixi go. I thought the matter would end. But, Pei Zhaozhou suddenly came to the door one day and gave him the medical examination report. “I’m pregnant, and I need the company and comfort of the child’s father because of pheromone disorders,” he said, while slightly narrowing his eyes.


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