Using a Wok to Reorganize Life and Fly to Immortality – Chapter 107

Day after day, year after year.

Su Yu and Xiao Muge passed the food basket road every day to deliver food between the two worlds.

According to him, Tianjie Takeaway has expanded its establishment.

Several of the evil phoenixes who were released from prison have all changed their ways and are very happy to do these jobs.

Su Yu only makes five orders a day.

It’s just that sometimes the delivery address for takeout is very strange, there are hidden caves all over the fairyland, and the courier is also very hard.

At the age of three and a half, Tianlei quickly found a successor.

The human world has been ringing with thunderstorms from time to time in the past few years.

“Second Junior Sister, the gift for you…the welcoming ceremony is ready.”

Xiao Muge and Jasper Turtle, pulling the rope to the sky, looked down at her.

“You can choose a good day and auspicious day, and you will ascend.”

They rummaged through the immortal welcome ceremony recorded in the immortal world, and they searched forward for thousands of years, but they could not find a preparation higher than theirs.

Only owe the east wind.

Su Yu handed him the takeaway, and found Hang Wan’er winking at his side.

“Cough, during business hours, be more serious.”

Hang Wan’er immediately gave the senior brother a look to educate the other disciples.

“See what Second Senior Sister is doing!”

Su Yu pressed his eyebrows, looked at Xiao Muge, and nodded at him with a smile.

“I also feel that the day of my ascension is approaching this time.” The

cultivator was close to the ascension, and he felt it.

It was a call from above, as if something was attracting her.

She has been walking on the road for the past few days, and she feels that her consciousness is light and light, as if she is about to fly.

“I’ll sort it out again to see if I’m missing anything.”

Su Yu pressed his eyebrows.

Moving is a hard job that requires meticulous care.

Especially when you have to move the entire back kitchen.

Of course, most materials cannot be brought to the upper realm.

Therefore, it is mainly the inventory of the kitchen staff, as well as some handover work, such as how to maintain the road to heaven in the future.

At present, the successor recruitment has been completed.

Rongxing from Jiuyao Mountain, Xuening from Bingling Sect… all of the five major sects are willing to continue on this ladder.

Su Yu also left some pointers.

Not only her, but the rest of Zhi Qiongfeng, more or less, felt that it was difficult for them to advance in this mortal world.

It seems that the Daoists are already struggling to suppress, delaying their ascension.

Because this time he didn’t want to leave his disciples and left first.

He had been missing for many years before, which made his disciples terrified. This time, he wanted to stay until the end and watched the disciples take the lead in ascending safely.

“There is your senior brother on the top to answer, and the elder Zhang is one step ahead. You go up first, and you are very relieved for the teacher. It is the bottom of the teacher.” Mu Daoren said so.

Next is the ranking among the disciples.

After Su Yu was handed over, he became the first person to ascend among the disciples.

Wei Zhao followed closely, and then Lu Yizhou.

But after waiting for a few days, Su Yu didn’t wait for the catastrophe. She wrote several recipes for her juniors and sisters, and even thought about what to do if the current road to the sky breaks down.

She made a V2 version of the building again, using the idea of ​​sweet and sour pork ribs and pagoda meat.

As a result, the V2 version was transformed and placed in the Zhi Qiongfeng warehouse, and Tianlei hadn’t come to her yet.

Finally, when she was about to go to ring the bell to ask Xiao Muge, she heard a burst of thunder.

Su Yu stood up immediately.


As she walked out of the small courtyard, she finally glanced at the scenery of Qiongfeng.

Zhi Qiongfeng’s master and apprentice reluctantly gathered around.

“Senior sister, if something goes wrong with you, just give us a call.”

“Well, second senior sister, if any immortals bully you, you must tell me. I’ll follow soon.”

Hang Waner reluctantly followed behind, feeling a little down.

If only she could fly with the second senior sister.

She suppressed her feelings of parting, “Second Senior Sister, last time we sent Elder Zhang away, you made a pot of dumplings, I wish him a full trip, safe and smooth.”

“This time we also made it for you!”

She Quickly wave back.

A group of people are ‘refining’ in the air while heading towards the deserted island dedicated to ascension.

The Taoists rolled up the wind and made the noodles, and Yan Yan cut the noodles and chopped the stuffing.

Yu Dong controls the seasoning bottle to season, and Hang Wan’er controls the five immortal rope to make dumplings one by one.

The dumplings were rolled and opened three times in the Dan furnace they temporarily borrowed, like ears and ingots.

Bless those who have left, and have a full harvest all the way.

Xi Quan, who is experienced in burning incense, is responsible for watching the timing of adding water to the three rolls.

Hang Wan’er also stared wide-eyed, staring at the pot, as if facing a big enemy, “We are right in every step, shouldn’t it be a problem?”

In fact, they practiced secretly for many days.

Since the senior brother told them that the day of the second senior sister’s ascension is approaching, they have been preparing silently.

I don’t know how many bowls of dumplings I try every day, to make sure that the level that the second senior sister tasted today will not pull her hips.

But today, I’m still very nervous.

Su Yu was very comfortable and relaxed. Looking at their movements, he felt that there was nothing to fault.

“You did a good job, don’t be under pressure.”

She took a bowl from Hang Wan’er while Tianlei No. 2 was still brewing above her head.

“Relax, once raw and cooked twice.”

This dumpling is stuffed with cabbage and pork.

These junior brothers and sisters, as if they were afraid that she would not get enough to eat, one of them made a slap and slammed it into it.

The dumplings were tender and tender, round and round, and the dozen or so folds they were pinching were about to burst.

As a family taste is enough, they can be considered a teacher.

Su Yu took a bite, the skin was thin and light, the cabbage inside was rich in juice, and the meat was delicious.

Add a little vinegar, and she can kill it all in one bowl.

But with a bang, she bit into a hard lump, spit it out and saw that it was a spirit stone wrapped in it.

“Wow, Second Senior Sister has eaten it!”

“Huh, I thought I made a mistake.” Yu Dong breathed a sigh of relief.

Yan Yan held the sword and nodded, blushing and rarely said auspicious words to Su Yu, “Second Senior Sister has a good luck all the way, great luck.”

Wei Zhao and Lu Yizhou both came over respectfully, “Second Senior Sister is with the wind.”

Tianlei roared more and more . the closer.

Until it was visible to the naked eye, everyone at Qiongfeng was reluctant to part, but had to back away.

Su Yu put down the empty bowl and waved to them, “Second Senior Sister is waiting for you up there.” After

that, she didn’t hesitate, and immediately called out the five-element stove, followed the upper bound’s greeting, and slowly flew up.

Mu Daoist master and apprentice all took out three pieces of Jiaojiao stewed in a clay pot from the mustard seed bag, and quickly ate one piece with relish.

“Hey, Senior Brother, Jasper Turtle, Second Senior Sister is here.”

“Hmm, did you see it?”

They held the money belly between their chopsticks and began to adjust their direction.

Connecting to Shijiao’s phone video conference –

soon, in the backyard of Tianfu in the immortal world, there are pictures of Su Yu’s clothes fluttering and slowly rising from different angles in the eyes of each grape.

Xiao Muge quickly carried them to the passage to meet them.

Fly and watch.

He did not forget to communicate with Daoist Mu and his apprentice, “Don’t worry, everything is up to me. I’ve already gone to pick her up.”

Daoist Mu in the video of the multi-person meeting nodded with confidence.

He also asked him to put Shijiao closer to the entrance of the passage.

In this way, as soon as Su Yu went up, they could hear her voice.

Jasper Turtle did so immediately.

They were all watching Su Yu’s soaring ascension.

Tianlei clunked down from her side and passed by.

Su Yu: “?”

Everyone: “?”

“Oops, mistakes and mistakes. Don’t complain, it’s just here, I’m not skilled in business, I’ll teach it~”

Tianlei No. 1, who is three and a half years old, is now in charge of Ascension Rules, hurried to the Shijiao conference call.

“Hey, hey, don’t chop from her pot or shovel… Be careful, or you’ll be gone.”

“Aim for the chop, and move to the left.”

Su Yu’s eyes twitched.

Finally, the thunder light drowned her.

The five-element stove was bathed in thunder and transformed with her.

The road to the vegetable basket she built, the whole high-rise building, rose from the ground and flew to her feet.

Spread all the way to the heaven channel.

Su Yu closed his eyes and walked up the steps step by step, reaching a height that everyone could not see.

Until a gentle voice rang in her ear after waiting for a long time.

“Second Junior Sister, the road you forged has become an immortal way.”

“You are already an immortal.”

“Welcome back.”

Su Yu opened his eyes and saw a pair of articulated palms, reaching out to her.

It was as if she opened her eyes in this world for the first time.

At first glance, he handed her the seal of the peak master of Qiongfeng, and the palm stretched out towards her.

Su Yu’s lips couldn’t help overflowing with a smile.

The nails are clean, the crescent moon is full, slender and powerful.

Look again, this is still a pair of god-chosen handshakes.

“Well, here I am, eat noodles today?”

Su Yu smiled.

The jasper turtle on Xiao Muge’s body jumped with excitement, “Ramen, Yangchun noodles, Dragon Beard noodles…” At the

age of three and a half, Lei couldn’t help wiping his saliva with his small hands.

Those who see have a share.

Ten Jiao’s conference call was shocked.

“Second Senior Sister is here? Well, it’s a triumph to welcome back the noodles!”

“I want to eat it too, can I fly up tomorrow? Senior Brother, leave me a bowl!”

“Second Senior Sister, Senior Senior Brother, behind Tianlei Is there a three-day shift? We will arrange for two in one day, and Xiong Feng~”

Three-and-a-half-year-old Lei faced Shijiao’s communication and spread his hands in distress: “…Jiajiajia, try to arrange as much as possible. After this wave of peak season, I will send you all away, it is the off-season.”

Su Yu chuckled softly.

She stood at the entrance of the passage and did not immediately enter the fairyland.

Instead, he gently threw the seven-story Secret Palace Pagoda from the sky.

Inheritance will always continue in some way.

Just like she learned to cook.

“Okay, let’s go.” Su Yu clapped his hands.

But what responded to her was a nine-turn secret palace tower that was also thrown down.

Xiao Muge looked at her and smiled.

Then, the two of them were stunned.

“Maybe, many years ago, they were thrown down like this.”

The road to the sky will always exist.

Maybe just around the corner.

Jasper Turtle waved his little hand, “I’m hungry, let’s go!” The

two laughed lightly, and immediately flew into the fairyland building.

It didn’t take long for a strong fragrance to fill the nostrils, spreading through the entire cloud.

It’s over, thank you little cuties for accompanying us all the way.

Using a Wok to Reorganize Life and Fly to Immortality

Using a Wok to Reorganize Life and Fly to Immortality

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Su Yu, a descendant of a royal chef, entered a novel of the immortal world. She became a second senior sister who took over a mountain full of wounded and disabled from her missing senior brother. According to the original plot, her third junior brother’s golden core was broken. Her fourth junior brother gets into trouble. His fifth junior brother was deceived… In short, they are dead, become casualties, or are injured. Su Yu: Ah, this… our division seems to be over. Looking at a group of skinny, weak, or disabled juniors, Su Yu, who wanted to retire: What kind of immortals are cultivating and fighting? Come and help me cook! Peace is a blessing! However, when she researched the ingredients in this world of cultivating immortals and decided to make a pot of delicious vegetables… the spiritual energy in the wok was great and the fragrance spread, but there was a faint circle of energy, which turned into super-quality spiritual pill that could repair broken meridians lying on the bottom of the wok. Su Yu: ! The seriously wounded and waiting to die juniors: ! Master Su didn’t believe in failure. When she was preparing to make a lotus leaf roasted rib, oil dripped and the aroma was overflowing. But at the bottom, there was a faint gleam of light accompanied a two-foot-long spirit sword, unparalleled in sword energy and a rare treasure once in a century. Junior brother who gave up cultivation because of lack of spirit sword: ! Looking at the pots and pans full of spiritual pills and spiritual treasures piled up in her small kitchen, Su Yu frowned. You may not believe it, but I just want to make a dish.


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