Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years – Chapter 6


 This should be a place to receive guests and discuss matters. The layout is stable and simple, with a few carved chairs and square tables on each side.
  The disciple led them to sit down and brought two cups of tea. Wu Xingxue was rude, took a sip, and had a faint peach fragrance.

  Several disciples in the hall were sweeping and saluting when they saw guests coming.
  There was a long altar in the center of the Tinghua Hall, and there was a jade statue on the platform. The disciples sprinkled incense on the statue and then retired.

  This statue looks exactly like the giant statue in Chunba Castle. It’s just that the city is carved from stone, and this one from the Hua Family is carved from hibiscus jade.

  ”Which one is this?” Wu Xingxue asked in a low voice while holding the tea.
  ”Flower letter.” Xiao Fuxuan replied.

  Only then did Wu Xingxue realize that the name was written on the painting behind the statue.

  ”Painting is the same as Yuxiang? That’s a bit different.” He whispered again.
  ”…” Xiao Fuxuan glanced under his nose, presumably wanting him to shut up and talk less.
  But seeing that he was really interested, he added a sentence after a while: “It’s more like a painting.”

  The immortal in the portrait is gentle and handsome, with slightly curved smiling eyes, one hand stroking the white deer and the other a lantern. She looks like an immortal who can protect people, completely different from Xiao Fuxuan’s temperament in charge of punishment and pardon.
  Next to the name “Flower Letter” is his fairy name “Mingwu”.

  In this bleak and chaotic world, there are hundreds of large and small immortal gates, not to mention the small ones, the most famous ones all had their ancestors ascended to immortality. The reason why the Hua Family has a detached status in Chunfan City is because of Huaxin.

  ”Do you know him?” Wu Xingxue asked.
  ”I know.” Xiao Fuxuan said in a low voice, “The first of the

  twelve immortals of Lingtai.” The first of the twelve immortals of
  Lingtai… The twelve immortals of Lingtai…
  Wu Xingxue sounded a little familiar, but after a while, he suddenly remembered what Ning Huaishan had mentioned with great admiration—the Twelve Immortals of Lingtai were also killed by him.

  Wu Xingxue choked on the tea on the spot.

  Hua Zhaoting, the head of the Hua Family, came at this time.
  He seemed to have encountered something, and when he walked through the folded corridor, he strode forward and his face was not worried. There were also two busy little disciples behind them, holding golden silk wooden boxes to persuade them.

  ”No need to say it. This little injury doesn’t need any medicine. A poor idiot knows something, so he is bound to be reckless. He has said it many times, and he must not be bothered with him. It’s the Chiyao and the others who are sent to Xuantai. Think about it behind closed doors!” After
  Hua Zhaoting finished scolding, he entered the Tinghuatang, his face changed: “It’s been a long time.”

  After all, he is from the same family as Mingwu Huaxin in the portrait, although his appearance is not similar, but as long as he smiles, Gentle and clear temperament is in the same line.
  He also doesn’t have the pretense of being the head of the Xianmen family. He doesn’t even look like a person in Xianmen. He doesn’t have that kind of arrogance.

  ”I heard that Young Master Cheng was in the city this morning, and when he came, he passed the unprovoked sea whirling road?” Hua Zhaoting asked with a smile.
  Wu Xingxue: “…”
  What son? ? ?

  He quickly realized that when he first entered Yanzigang, Ning Huaishan pouted at the two disciples with swords, and turned the “City Lord” into “City… Young Master”.
  The two sword-carrying disciples belonged to the Hua family, and it seemed that they knew everything about their situation.

  Okay …
  Wu Xingxue thought to himself: Young Master Cheng is just Young Master Cheng, so I don’t have to make it up now.
  But the worst thing was that Ning Huaishan also said that Xiao Fuxuan was a puppet.

  No wonder Hua Zhaoting only spoke to him alone, it turned out that he did not regard the other as a living person.

  Wu Xingxue originally planned to be a well-behaved “dumb”. Whatever he said or asked, he would leave it to Xiao Fuxuan. After all, he knew nothing about this place.
  Well now, it can’t be installed.

  Ning Huaishan is really a fucking baby.
  He scolded in his heart, but his face was very steady, and he answered Hua Zhaoting’s words unhurriedly: “Yes, the sea was really scary last night, we didn’t expect to encounter such a thing, this time we run It ‘s actually a bit out

  of time.” “When I entered the port this morning, I heard that the Canglang Northern Territory has really collapsed. Now that I think about it, I’m really scared.” Wu Xingxue patted his knee and added, “To tell the truth. , by now, my legs are all soft and shaking with all my strength.”
  Xiao Fuxuan: “…”

  Hua Zhaoting nodded and said, “It’s really dangerous, so today I heard that a visitor came from the sea and was very surprised. Last night There are elders and disciples under my sect, and they are all embarrassed when they come back. You can imagine.”

  Wu Xingxue: “If I had known this earlier, I would not have chosen this time to disturb.”  
  Hua Zhaoting waved his hand: “Forget it. Don’t bother, Mr. Cheng mustn’t say that. My Hua family has a clear understanding of the immortals, and guarding this piece of Peach Blossom Continent is supposed to ensure the peace of one party and relieve others’ worries, at any time.”

  He paused . After a pause, he said, “I heard from the hospitality disciple, is Cheng Gongzi here to look for Mr. Yi Wusheng?”
  Wu Xingxue nodded: “Yes.”

  ”Mr. Yi Wusheng has made great achievements in the art of soul and dream. It is widely known that most of the people who came to my door to look for it came for this reason. But…I don’t know if Cheng Gongzi heard that Mr. Wusheng saved people because he wanted to see the sick, and he had to bring people here. ”

  I brought it.” Wu Xingxue pointed to himself, “I am.”
  Hua Zhaoting was taken aback.

  He couldn’t help looking at Wu Xingxue and said, “However, Young Master Cheng doesn’t look like that.”
  Most of the reasons that he would come to Hua’s house to find a doctor, Wusheng, were because his soul was damaged – some were swallowed by demons. Some of them got away with it. Some are because of the sorcery forbidden. There are others, because of the inability to practice the Dharma and become obsessed with demons.
  Such patients are either stupid or insane.
  It is indeed rare to speak human words like Wu Xingxue.

  Hua Zhaoting asked, “That’s what Mr. Cheng is?”
  Wu Xingxue: “I’m a soul on someone else’s body and squeezed out the original owner. I want to ask the doctor, Mr. Wu Sheng, but there is a way to send me back. .”

  For the people of the Immortal Sect, it is common to take a house, change one’s life, and to invite a god to invite a ghost is also common. But Wu Xingxue is a three-way touch.
  Hua Zhaoting asked a few more questions, and when he saw that he was open and unconcealed, he said: “I know, Mr. Yi Wusheng’s retreat has come to an end, and he will be able to leave tomorrow. Today, please ask Cheng Gongzi to stay here with me. Peach Blossom Island to rest.”

  If you can stay guests, it means that there is some way to go, then you can hope to go back.
  Wu Xingxue took advantage of Huazhaoting to talk to his disciples, and by drinking tea, he tilted his head to Xiao Fuxuan, smiled and blinked, and said with his mouth: “Thank you Shangxian.”

  Xiao Fuxuan was holding a sword and pretending to be a puppet, his eyes from his lips Sweep away the shape.

  They are arranged in the west corner of Taohuazhou.

  The disciple who received the guests said: There are many disciples in the Hua family, and they have homework before 90 o’clock every day. They were afraid that the sound of the sword would disturb them to rest, so they were arranged in the farthest place from the disciple hall.

  Nearby are the Bookstore and the Qingxintang.
  The former is Huazhaoting’s own bookstore, which is not used by the disciples. The latter is where Yi Wusheng lives, and there are only some disciples who are swaying and serving medicine.

  The whole thing was really clean, but an accident came

  across. While several disciples were helping to tidy up the guest room, a figure came in, shouting “Ahhh”, and madly knocked over a chair and a basin of water.

  ”Ayao! You can’t run around here—”
  ”Didn’t I tell you to take good care of him, why did he break into the guest room! He has recklessly injured the door owner today!”
  ”Hey, what do you think, he It hasn’t stopped in the past two days, the sword qi is flying wildly, and the strength is huge! The sect master still doesn’t allow us to handle him too hard. But if we start lightly, we won’t be able to hold him down!”

  Wu Xingxue didn’t want to intervene, so he only helped the staggering little disciple and avoided Xiao Fuxuan.

  The crazy man had disheveled hair, couldn’t tell his age, and couldn’t speak, but only shouted “Aah” with a hoarse voice. 
  At one point he reached out to grab Wu Xingxue. Xiao Fuxuan wiped out all his strength with a light touch, and then he was dragged away by the disciples.

  ”Young Master Cheng is frightened.” The hospitality disciple cleaned up the mess and said apologetically.
  ”Who is he?”
  ”He used to be Mr. Yi Wusheng’s medicine-serving disciple, one of the most gifted with spiritual energy. Later, after some stimulation, he became like this for many years.”

  ”Mr. Yi Wusheng’s disciple. ?” Wu Xingxue said.
  ”Yeah.” The guest disciple said, and quickly explained: “Oh, no, no, our husband’s soul dream technique is very powerful. You must not misunderstand. The disease is too special.”

  The disciple seemed to think that it was not convincing just to say that it was special, and after thinking about it, he added: “Because it was the big devil Wu Xingxue who hurt him.”

  ”Wu Xingxue.” The disciple repeated in a low voice.

  Wu Xingxue fell silent instantly.
  He looked back at Xiao Fuxuan subconsciously, but found that Xiao Fuxuan’s eyes were on him.

  ”Ayao’s life is really bad.” The chattering voice of the receptionist disciple was in the room, and he didn’t know how many times he told the guests about Ayao.

  He said that A Yao used to be the most proud disciple of Yi Wusheng, and he was always by his side, especially when he was refining medicine, he lived in Qingxintang all day.

  At that time, a guest came to Taohuazhou and asked Yi Wusheng to help him with some things. The guest was born with the appearance of a noble son, with a sassy appearance. From Taohuazhou to the head of the house, down to the younger disciple, no one noticed what was wrong with him. On the contrary, they all liked this guest.
  At that time, Doctor Wusheng was refining a medicine, and he had no time to spare, so he simply left the guest to live on the continent for half a month.

  As a result, in that short half month, four lives were lost to Yiwu’s father, brother, wife and daughter.

  That day, A Yao ran to the front of the hall madly, stumbling, crying and screaming, dripping with blood and covered in demonic energy.
  At that time, Doctor Wusheng and Hua Zhaoting were discussing matters and were shocked. Following him back to Qingxintang, he saw that Yi Wusheng’s elder brother, Yi Wuxi, had only one piece of skin left, lying in blood with a smile on his face.
  At first glance, it was sucked by the demon.

  At that time, almost all the people up and down Taohuazhou surrounded it, and Huazhaoting immediately ordered people to investigate. The result is not bad. After checking, I found that my own sister—Yi Wusheng’s wife, father, and daughter, as well as several Sasao disciples who were serving in the guest room, all had problems…

  Knock on the top of their heads, and the head issued The sound is like a hollow wooden fish. Tap on the belly, and the sound is also like a drum.
  ——They are already empty skins, and they have been sucked out before that.

  In the small half month that the guest stayed.

  At that time, they grabbed A Yao and wanted to ask what was going on, but found that A Yao had been subjected to a forbidden technique, and even Doctor Wusheng couldn’t solve it. So he was crazy and couldn’t say anything.
  As a last resort, Hua Zhaoting invited people from Mengdufeng’s family to help.
  The Feng family has a secret technique, which is the technique of illuminating the soul and soul. It can see the last scene seen by a mad or dead person.

  So, with the help of the Feng family, they saw the scene that A Yao couldn’t say.
  They saw that the elegant and noble guest had returned to his original appearance. He was standing in the Qingxin Hall, holding Yi Wuxi’s throat in one hand and holding Yi Wuxi’s own sword loosely in the other.
  The blood trickled down the hilt of the sword and pooled into a puddle on the ground.

  He turned his head and glanced outside the door, the cold white moonlight reflected on the bridge of his nose. He seemed to notice that someone was outside the door, and suddenly laughed, and the end of his slightly lowered eyes curved at that moment.
  He dropped the empty body in his hand, threw the sword, and wiped his hands with a clean towel on the table. Then he came to A Yao in an instant, and slapped him on the top of his head, neither light nor heavy.
  Then, just like when he came, he walked away sassily. Disappeared in the sea of ​​nowhere.

  Everyone knows that the devil Wu Xingxue does not have a sword. He’s lazy, doesn’t carry extras in his hands, and never carries a sword.
  He always draws other people’s swords and kills them.

Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years

Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Tens of thousands of demons in this world roam; half call the city of Zhaoye home. As for the other half, they’ve all died in the Canglang Northern Territory controlled by the Tianxiu Immortal Xiao Fuxuan. Only one demon has been imprisoned for twenty-five years and still lives—the lord of Zhaoye City, Wu Xingxue.


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