This Heroine Is Not Pretty – Chapter 31

Li Na learned to be smart, she didn’t want to be so passive, and secretly twisted Jiang Ke’s thigh before signing.

Jiang Ke smiled even more happily, and it could be seen that Li Na was finally not deliberately unrestrained towards him. After a while, Jiang Ke was pushed into the operating room, and Li Na used Alipay to transfer Jiang Ke’s medical expenses. After all the procedures were completed, she sat in a chair in the corridor, and Fairy called to ask how the situation was.

Li Na explained the situation again and asked Fairy to send her wallet and change of clothes in the morning. After all, Jiang Ke explained that he was injured, and his relatives should not know about it. Only Li Na has the responsibility and obligation to take care of the injured Jiang Ke. .

Jiang Ke was pushed out of the operating room in a drowsy state. He was placed in the general ward. At midnight, the other two patients in one ward were already resting. Li Na also tried not to make too much noise. with the hanging needle above.

But not long after, the patient’s husband got out of bed and turned off the light.

Li Na was embarrassed to speak, and was afraid of disputes and displeasure, so she sat on the small chair, lying beside Jiang Ke’s bed, in order not to let herself fall asleep, she could only rest while playing with her mobile phone.

There are a total of six bottles of the drip, and the drip is not finished until more than 6:00 in the morning. In addition, the nurse also explained that in 24 hours, you can’t eat anything except drink some water properly.

Li Na didn’t have to worry about buying breakfast for Jiang Ke in the morning. After taking the drip, she lay beside the bed. She was so sleepy that she took Jiang Ke’s hand and fell asleep.

She was conscious rather than unintentional. She just wanted to hold Jiang Ke’s hand, knowing that he was still there and that he was okay, she felt very secure.

Jiang Ke was woken up by someone, he opened his eyes, it was Fairy, and his first sentence was: “Where’s Li Na?”

Fairy pointed to the bedside speechlessly: “It’s not like that, but she’s asleep. , I can’t wake her up, so I can only call you, the general manager.”

“Well… what time is it?”

“At half past seven, I’m here to deliver clothes and wallets to Li Na.” Fairy looked at Li Na: ” There was blood on her clothes.”

Jiang Ke frowned and remained silent, as if thinking about something.

“Well, general manager, what happened to you last night?” Fairy was terrified.

“I went to your side when I got your call. I called the security guard downstairs. I happened to meet those two people when I went upstairs. They entered the stairwell,” Jiang Ke recalled: “One ran up, the other Jump down, I will chase the one who went downstairs, and the security guard will chase the one who went upstairs.”

“Last night, the security guard found me and said that I didn’t catch up and I was nowhere to be seen. Yesterday when Nana was in the hospital, the police also came, The community surveillance was transferred and said it was under investigation.” Fairy said: “I will send them the hospital ward number later, saying that I will come to you to prepare a case later.”

“I understand, the company will hand it over to you to deal with it. Okay, call me if you can’t solve it…” Jiang Ke sighed: “I almost forgot.”


Jiang Ke reached out and asked Fairy for his phone: “I’ll call.”

“Oh.” Fairy handed the phone to Fairy he.

Jiang Ke called his own phone, and it went through within three rings. “Hello?” It was Jiang Wen’s voice: “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m Jiang Ke.

” The situation? I ran out in the middle of the night without saying a word. I didn’t bring my cell phone. I didn’t come back overnight. I thought you were kidnapped and I was worried that I was going to die. I almost called the police, you know? Where are you? , hurry back, breakfast is ready.” Jiang Wen babbled a lot.

“Come to the People’s Hospital after you eat. I’m in Ward 1203 on the twelfth floor. By the way, bring my mobile phone wallet.” Jiang Ke glanced at Li Na, and his voice became even lower: “By the way, buy some fruit.”

“The hospital What’s the matter? Why are you there? What happened?”

“Come on, let’s hang up.”

Jiang Ke handed the phone to Fairy: “Okay, you can go to work. My injury must be kept secret.”

“Well, then the general manager, I’m leaving.”


After Fairy left, the other two people in the ward started to get up one after another, making a lot of noise. Li Na moved, her brows furrowed, and she looked at Not feeling well.

Jiang Ke thought about changing to a single VIP ward when Jiang Wen came, so that he and Li Na could sleep more peacefully.

Li Na woke up after a while, she was extremely sleepy, “Wake up? Is there anything uncomfortable?”

Jiang Ke smiled and looked at her: “No.”

“The nurse said that you can’t eat for 24 hours after the operation, I can only drink some water.” Li Na shaved her hair and tied it again: “Maybe I have to trouble you to bear with it.”

“It’s fine.”

…Li Na has never served her family, so she tentatively asked Jiang Ke: “Going to The bathroom?”

Jiang Ke nodded.

“Come on, I’ll help you, take your time,” Li Na put away her slippers, stepped forward to hold Jiang Ke’s right arm, and helped him get out of bed slowly.

Jiang Ke was just stabbed and hurt his intestines. After the anesthesia passed, his stomach continued to hurt, and it was not easy to walk.

Fortunately, there is a separate bathroom in the ward. Li Na was a little worried after helping him in: “Can you do it alone?”

Jiang Ke thought it was a little funny, why don’t you help me?

He didn’t dare to say this, so as not to frighten the little sheep Li Na.

“It’s okay, I can do it alone.” Jiang Ke smiled, and Li Na walked out of the bathroom without saying a word and closed the door.

After Jiang Ke lay down on the bed, Li Na put on the one-shoulder top and shorts sent by Fairy, then went downstairs with her wallet to the nearby supermarket to buy toiletries, and stopped by for dinner.

After Li Na left, Jiang Ke was lying on the hospital bed alone, thinking about things. The man in his thirties in the next bed took the initiative to talk to Jiang Ke: “Young man, is it your girlfriend who has been with you here?”

Jiang Ke Ke smiled: “Yes.”

“You are very convinced, young man. Don’t look at that little girl, she is very attentive. Last night when you took an IV, that little girl didn’t say a word, just sat beside your bed and pulled Hold your hand, turn on the flashlight from time to time to see if the IV is done.

At the last five or six o’clock, you finished the IV, and the nurse hadn’t come yet. She ran around looking for the nurse, and finally pulled the nurse on the eleventh floor over to give her You pulled the needle.”

Jiang Ke listened with a warm heart, and joked, “How do you know so clearly?”

“Alas, I just had the surgery yesterday, and I didn’t sleep well all night. It’s not like you, sleep well. So fragrant.” After speaking, the man laughed, and Jiang Ke laughed along with him.

“Why are you laughing so happy?” Jiang Wen and Lan Tainian stood at the door of the ward with Mao Mao, who was wearing kindergarten uniforms and ran to Jiang Ke’s bed, “Uncle!”

“Mao Mao,” Jiang Ke smiled, looking at Jiang Wen, who was fruit, was a little surprised: “Why are you all here?”

Jiang Wen put her things on the table dissatisfied and sat beside the bed, “You call me and I called Lan Tainian to come over before I ate, get down. When I heard the security guard downstairs saying that someone in Building A was stabbed by a gangster yesterday, and you didn’t come back overnight, you called me to come to the hospital, and I guessed what was going on.”

Lan Tainian looked worried: ” Is it serious? What did the doctor say? Has the operation been performed?”

“It’s not serious, it’s just a skin injury and sutures were performed.” Jiang Ke looked at Jiang Wen: “Don’t call your parents, hide it first, I’m afraid they will be worried. ”

Cut,” Jiang Wen was a little angry: “Who told you to run out in the middle of the night, why did you get hurt?”

“…” Jiang Ke was silent.

“Heroes are sad about Beauty Pass.” Lan Tai came out with such a sentence.

Jiang Wen pinched the flesh on Jiang Ke’s thigh: “It’s done, I have to stay here to take care of you.”

Mao Mao also said, “I’ll also stay and play with my uncle.”

“No!” Jiang Ke promptly Rejection: “It’s like there’s no one around me. I have so many employees, so I won’t bother you. Someone was with me last night, so you don’t need to worry.”

Jiang Wen looked curious: “Who is it? Your girlfriend?”

Lan Tainian: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Mao Mao followed suit: “Aunt?”

Jiang Ke looked arrogant: “Yes.”

“Where is it?” Jiang Wen looked around: “I Why didn’t you see her?”

“I’m going down to eat, and I’ll leave soon after you finish my work, don’t frighten others.” Jiang Ke peeled an orange and divided it in half: “Wait a minute to help me in your name. I’m registered in a VIP ward, because there are some things, I can’t use my own identity.”

“What?” Jiang Wen frowned: “Brother, aren’t you doing shady things?”

Jiang Ke sighed and gave Jiang Wen made a call: “Am I

that kind of person? Don’t talk nonsense, you help me register and pay the fee, let the nurse bring the wheelchair over, and the medical fee will be paid to you another day.” Let’s go, take care of yourself.”

“Brother, let’s go.”

“Goodbye, uncle.”

Ten minutes after Jiang Wen left, Li Na was carrying a bento box, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, washbasins and other daily necessities appeared.

“Eh? Where did you get the fruit?” Li Na asked.

“My old sister came to see me just now.” Jiang Ke pointed to two fruit baskets, which contained dragon fruit, apples, bananas, oranges, lemons, mangoes and oranges. “You can eat whatever you want.”

“Uh…” Li Na tentatively said, “General manager, it’s time for me to go to work, should I go to the company?”

Jiang Ke was stunned: “You want to abandon me?”


“I’ve suffered With such a serious injury, you don’t intend to take care of me and only want to go to work?” Jiang Ke felt a little aggrieved.

“That’s not what I meant…”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I meant to take care of you here or go to the company to work…”

“Which one do you want? You choose.” Jiang Ke looked at her.

Li Na was a little speechless: “Take care of you.”

Jiang Ke smiled, with a contented expression on his face, knowing that he would be near the water tower as the general manager, and he would not have been distressed for so long.

Li Na: …

Fast forward to the finale of ×32,

everyone, I’m going to end it all. Calvinka is too bad, and there is no plot, so the next step is the finale… Maybe there will be time or opportunity to overhaul it in the future.


Jiang Ke and Li Na got along a lot in the hospital, and Li Na became Jiang Ke’s personal assistant, running back and forth between the company and the hospital.

During this period, I met a senior who practiced Taekwondo together in the VIP ward next to the hospital. They chatted happily and often visited.

Jiang Ke was very angry and jealous, and the consequences were very serious. One night after his injury, Li Na thumped on the bed and gave him a gentle kiss.

Jiang Ke pressed Li Na under him and asked, “Do you like me?”

Li Na tilted her head in silence.

Jiang Ke kissed her again: “I’ll ask again, do you like me?”

Li Na was angry and shy: “I don’t like you.”

Jiang Ke was taken aback, this time he kissed her collarbone and neck directly: “Lie.”

Li Na was afraid that his wound would open, so he didn’t dare to struggle vigorously, so he could only keep saying, don’t do it, stop playing, I don’t want it.

Jiang Ke stopped and looked into Li Na’s eyes: “For the last time, do you like me? If you don’t answer, I will eat you.”

Li Na looked at him, shaking her head, and whispered: ” Like…”

“What?” Jiang Ke smiled: “I didn’t catch it.”

Li Na closed her eyes, desperate: “I said I like you.”

Jiang Ke kissed her again: “Me too.” The

two of them Finally open up.

On the way to the hospital, Li Na privately sent a text message to He Suanran’s lawyer saying that they agreed to reconcile, because he was worried that Jiang Ke would have an accident or be injured because of himself.

But it was discovered by Jiang Ke inadvertently, and the two had a fight because of it.

In the end, Jiang Ke took the initiative to reconcile, and proposed that Li Na live with him, which would be safer, but Li Na refused.

After he was discharged from the hospital, Jiang Ke took the initiative to move to the vacant room opposite Li Na’s apartment, and came to visit from time to time for meals.

At the same time, Jiang Ke is also operating in the dark, collecting evidence of the extraordinary means arranged by He Suanran’s lawyer, and officially starting a war with He Suanran.

Li Na received the salary of the first month’s internship, everyone gathered for dinner again, and He Suanran’s matter was resolved smoothly.

Jiang Ke tricked Li Na into a dinner party with his parents on the grounds of a dinner party.

During this period, Mao Mao kept calling from her aunt and aunt, and Li Na was in a queasy mood, but Jiang Ke’s family was very kind and treated Li Na very well.

During this period, Jiang Ke’s mother mentioned engagement, Li Na hurriedly shied away, and Jiang Ke replied with a smile.

After going back in the evening, Jiang Ke took Li Na to the villa, found and returned the umbrella to Li Na, and confessed affectionately again.

Li Na decided to let go of all her worries, all her secrets, and love Jiang Ke wantonly.

So Li Na’s first time was given to Jiang Ke, and he asked for leave and didn’t go to work the next day after being tortured. After that, the two lived together sweetly, and finally one day, the mother who came to visit Li Na saw that Li Na was not at home, and she called and scolded Li Na, who was about to do something shameful with Jiang Ke, angrily.

Li Na rushed home, and Jiang Ke followed.

Li Ma, who was about to get angry, was tenderly disrespectful when she saw Jiang Ke.

The two have been in such a sweet relationship for more than four months. On New Year’s Day, Li Na and Jiang Ke watched fireworks together. During this period, Li Na mentioned his father and family. Jiang Ke proposed to go back to see Li Na’s father on New Year’s Day. .

Li Na agreed after struggling.

After returning, thanks to Jiang Ke, the gap between Li Na’s father and daughter disappeared. Jiang Ke proposed to Li’s father in private to marry Li Na.

Li’s father expressed his support and told Jiang Ke a lot of things about Li Na. In the evening, Jiang Ke

was lying on the bed with Li Na in his arms, complaining: “What should I do if I love you more?”

Li Na rolled her eyes: “What else can I do? What else do you want to do after you have eaten and wiped?”

He hugged Li Na’s waist: “It’s obviously that I promised you my body, and it’s just that I was wiped clean.”

Li Na: “It’s really shameless.”

Jiang Ke smiled: “I’m really glad that you are so kind and fortunate, too. Last year I helped a young man who committed suicide at Moon Bridge.”

Li Na closed her eyes, “I’m also very glad that I didn’t give up on myself because I wasn’t pretty.”

——end ——The


[Really, I wrote It’s over, many details about getting along with each other during the period have been omitted, it’s almost a month, I tried my best]

[The second book “The Night When I Slept With Idols” is better and better-looking than the first book. If you like it, you can read it. It will be updated every day, and it will not be broken. 】

This Heroine Is Not Pretty

This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Li Na’s appearance was as ordinary as her name, and her facial features were neither delicate nor unusual. The only thing she had to offer was her small round face that has been popular in the past two years… Even if she was easily lost in a crowd, she followed her mother’s chicken soup (advice) until she was twenty-two. ‘Girls don’t need to be fair or beautiful, but they can’t be bad. You must have a kind heart.’ So she was kind-hearted, had done a lot of good deeds, and suddenly became a living Lei Feng. To what extent? From fighting a gangster on a bus to helping a fallen elderly and almost being scammed. Until one night, she jumped off the Moon Bridge to save a man who committed suicide for love… A year later, the man appeared in front of her, as the general manager of a large corporation. He put his arms around her, and said with a chuckle, “Benefactor, I have come to repay your favor.” “How will you repay me?” He kissed the corner of her lips from behind: “Of course, I will repay it with my body.” In short, the heroine looks ordinary, but is kind-hearted, and does good deeds everywhere to be a good person. Then she met a gentle and rich man who returned her favor with his body. Every kind girl, no matter how you look, someone will love you.


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