The Villainess and the Demon Knight Chapter 1

I want to reincarnate in a maiden game or cry.

… after being isolated from the house from the abandonment of engagement.

I rememberedGraduation partyDanzaibiWhat should I do the night before?

Sure, I complained to the heroine, and as the prince’s fiancé, I made the biggest faction in the school and ignored the heroine, and didn’t invite him to the tea party.

To reach out to a man who usually has a fiancéContraindicationstabooIsn’t it possible that nothing is done at the school as a mini social circle? If left unattended, it would rather damage my reputation.

From the middle, I was disliked by the second prince, who is a former fiancé and loves heroines, and I thought that I would be condemned at the graduation party as planned.

But at worst, he was sent to a monastery, and he said that there was nothing more than that.

Even if I actually condemnChildish wrongdoingCommon sense in social circlesHowever, the prince could only abandon my engagement for a small reason as a daughter of the Marquis. Even so, it will be a wound, so in the futureAdvance and retreatMarriage activityHas an adverse effect on.

Even more so, a former princess candidate. It seems that His Imperial Highness the Second Prince, who loves color, was secretly trying to make me a concubine, who was about to crush my house because there weren’t many underwriters.

What a guy!

Sure, the heroine looked like an infant, and I’m a nice buddy, but is it stupid to be a concubine of a former fiancé who abandoned his engagement? Are you longing for a muddy love triangle?

However, the heroine who saw through such a disturbing idea of ​​the prince cried to the prince secretly and sent me to the brothel. It seems that he did something to the prince and the Marquis without getting caught, so he must have asked the Chancellor, who is good at being angry.

That’s why I was forced to change jobs from a nun to a whore.

The heroine’s personality is too bad.

No matter how much I’m a villain daughter, I think it’s okay to respond a little kindly.

Really, there is no such thing as this situation. It’s too cruel!

There is literally the first customer standing in front of me, the first time I’ve become a whore.

Bright dark blue hair like the dawn sky and golden eyes like honey. A beautiful woman with a gentle smile, dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a tight collar.

――― A sword of a big business that is too unsuitable to come to Brothel in one hand.

…… Is I laughing properly now?

Why … Why is the first customer a hidden character set in the devilish specification Hyahui who has no mercy on the heroine’s enemy! ??

Lucas Hairpst, the second son of the Duke of Hairpst, is the deputy leader of the Knights of the Guard with the royal family.

It’s an elite cheat with only a hidden character and many supers.

My mother is a royal sister and has the right to succeed to the throne, but when I was 15 years old, I joined the Knights with the aim of becoming a knight because I was the second son.

He quickly passed the entrance exam for the classroom of the elite, which is unthinkable, and quickly joined the Konoe Knights, a super-elite group who was entrusted with royal guards at the age of 18 with his achievements. ..

I heard from a woman who was excited at a tea party that she seemed to do something within the Knights, where only her ability was important, and that she was a genius who climbed up to the deputy leader in the first year of joining the group.

At that time, I had no memory of my previous life, so I was guarded as the fiancée of the second prince, and I always remembered my respect for his gentle smile and his unwavering calm attitude.

But now I know.

Lucas always smiles, but in fact his eyes aren’t laughing. I think it’s just a matter of squinting and hiding the cold, shining eyes.

Because at the graduation party, I was waiting with a troubled expression behind the second prince and the heroine, but the line of sight to me was so dark that it was a hitman … There is no light even though my pupils are fully open. My legs in the dress kept shaking because I was staring at them all the time. When I looked at him, he probably collapsed … Thanks to him, His Highness was condemned, and he thought I was scared of him, and he had a happy expression on his face.

Anyway, I was really really scared.

It’s a great deal to add a devil to such an existence as an option! ??

When Lucas is playing the game normally, he behaves just like a hit horse character. …… It’s supposed to be a maiden game, but it’s for capture characters.

Moreover, all five of the target people will play the role of hit horses. Obviously I tried to make it easier with game design.

Anyway, when the heroine identifies the capture character and proceeds with the capture to some extentheLucasIs on a business trip.

As a maiden game, Lucas and the heroine were childhood friends who used to play a lot when they were little, probably because the heroine is a count daughter, which is rarely set to a slightly higher rank. Although they do not have romantic feelings with each other, they appear in Stalker Bali as a role to protect the heroine who grew up like a brother and sister as an important existence. Isn’t that the role of the capture character? Appear as much as you think.

If the face is as good as the capture character, it is also smart. If you have a sword, you will be unrivaled. Why isn’t it a target for capture! Well, it was actually a hidden character, but … Anyway, the invincible older brother who is absolutely trusted by the heroine begins to lean toward the heroine. It was a mysterious story like this.

…… If you proceed normally.

Why was he a perfect chojin shouted as a devil?

That’s because it takes an unusually strict response to the heroine’s enemies.

The heroine seems to have been kidnapped when he was little. Lucas Hairpst helped that.

He has been a genius since he was a kid, and he saw three kidnappers all half-dead and half-lived with a stick that had fallen there. It seems that the tendons of the limbs were cut and the bones shattered so that they could never be kidnapped.

A certain Marquis son who touched the body with obscene words on the heroine at the evening party was found in a break room naked and tied up after the evening party. He had a cigar pressed against his tongue and his knuckles removed, and he trembled with fear and became abandoned, and the criminal was unknown. It was only rumored that he had an unusual reaction to the Knights’ uniform.

Well, up to this point … I don’t know if it’s self-defense or the culprit.

The problem seems to be a maiden gameIncidentEventWhen that happened.

The daughter of the Marquis, one of the heroine’s fiancés, was so jealous that she spilled red wine on the heroine. She laughed with her bloody red wine around the heroine, whose dress was catastrophic and shed tears. Coincidentally, there was no one near the heroine at that time, and it seems that the heroine was exposed to abusive miscellaneous words until he was rescued by the capture characters.

One day the daughters are in the middle of shoppingEven・Naturally・This is also where I was about to be dragged into the back road after being attacked by thugsEven・Naturally・Helped by Lucas passing by.

…… Cut off the thug’s neck from behind. The flying neck fell to their feet, which made a mochi, and the fresh blood that blew out spilled over their heads.

GurariTiltKashiWhen he grabbed the criminal’s body casually, Lucas seemed to extend his bloody hands to the rattling daughters with his usual gentle smile.

The shock they struck broke their hearts and never saw them again in social circles.

It’s too scary.

Horrible and outrageous.

It’s not about goose bumps. Why is such a dangerous person left unchecked … Oh, because there is insufficient evidence and he holds the right to succeed to the throne.

Even so, it’s a devil. This is just a devil.

And some of you may have noticed.

Yes, this red wine case was exactly what I was supposed to do as a villain daughter!

But on this day, I had a cold and didn’t attend the evening party. Besides, I basically hate acts that are not good. Make sure to buy wine or something that is very unpopular with people around you. I was a candidate for the princess, so I never tabooed in social gatherings.

…… Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t, really.

No, I’m upset right now. All the things that don’t matter are running around in my brain. Is this a magic lantern?

Ah, but I heard that this brothel is a famous place for aristocrats, but at first glance I heard that he refused. No way, “Knight of the blue roseLucas HairpstI don’t think I’m using it. It’s a good place to be popular enough to be named two strange things, so it seems that it is not necessary to go to such a place.

I’ve heard that the daughters and widow who want to be held by him are in line. I don’t know if it’s true.

Oh no, I can’t get my head around. Well, so no matter how much Lucas cherishes the heroine, I’m not doing a big deal to retaliate, it shouldn’t matter, but Lucas is in front of me … … Oh? Why are you in front of me? Um … I’m sure … I’m sure he’s voicing terrifying words now …

“… Good mood, Son of the Duke of Lucas Hairpst. I was wondering what kind of business you had when you came to such a place … What did you say now? ? ”

“No? Tezilia, I bought you overnight.”

Smile. What a sound you can hear.

It’s a very bad personality to say it word by phrase, but it is praised as being by far the most beautiful in the kingdom.faceKanbaseSomehow when you can smile atsinkThroughI’m about to end up.

ReallyheLucasIt has a beautiful face. I am also a former Marquis daughter. It was said that it was beautiful as it washeLucasI don’t think it will be a match. What about as a woman?

…… Oh no, wait … wait, wait! !! I said I bought it! ?? And overnight! ?? I said overnight! ??

“… Duke of Hairpst, son? This brothel is on an hourly basis, and there shouldn’t be a unit for one night.”

I don’t like cheeks, I don’t have common sense

Gakuburu. This is exactly what Gakuburu is!

I managed to keep a smile as a former Marquis daughter, but I’m definitely cramped.

But I think it can’t be helped! Let’s start crying in retaliation!

If a man who is superior in physique and physical strength allows him to do whatever he wants for hours, no matter how many prostitutes he has, he will not be in business.

Therefore, of course, in this brothel, it is decided that there is a one-on-one three-hour system between customers and prostitutes, and it seems that customers who behave violently will be banned. One of the leading luxury brothels for aristocrats in the royal capital. Even if the whore has fallen, my original status is high, so this is just right for aristocratsBrothelShowIt seems that it became. I was dropped off … I’m not grateful.

In such a place, permission cannot be given to a knight who is fighting for physical strength overnight.

There shouldn’t be. Isn’t it? Say no!

“Yes, I know. Then I negotiated and bought it overnight.”

e? Can you do that when you negotiate? Isn’t it useless?RulesruleDoesn’t it make sense?

“I’ve never used it before, but in this case I couldn’t help it, so I used it without hesitation.powerChikara”

――― So I look forward to working with you overnight.

When I shortened the open distance in a few steps and put my hand on my chin, Lucas sledged quietly, squinting his golden eyes, which lit a mysterious light.

To buy a whoreHolder of succession to the throneHow to writeAndDuke’s HouseReallyofpowerChikaraI’m using it or using authority incorrectly! ??


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