The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 9

The Strongest Onmyoji Gives a Human Soul to a Slave Girl

Efa was clearly upset.

“Eh … what do you mean?”

“Actually, I’ve seen Efa chasing the soul of an animal or something with her eyes several times.”

“You can see it like Seika !?”

“Oh dear”

 In my case, I was born, but even in my training, I can see spirits.

 But other than that.

“But that’s not all.”


“I’m looking more than I’m chasing something that I can’t even see. Efa, what do you see other than the spirit?”

“… Wow, Seika-kun. I understand that. My dead mother told me that no one should know about it.”

 With that said, Efa reaches out to something in the air.

 Of course, I can’t see anything there.

“This is surely a spirit.”


“Yeah. It’s in a fairy tale, that.”

“… What does it look like?”

“Most of them are round and vague and have small wings. But sometimes they look like small animals. Birds, lizards, fish, moles, etc. Maybe they are strong children. I think. The place where such a child went was warm and the wind blew …. After all, you can’t believe it, right? “

“No … I believe.”

 I have felt something that is neither a spirit nor a youkai in my previous life.

 Druid, a Celtic sorcerer he met on a journey to find Western wisdom, had a special wand made of mistletoe.

 He said that the wand contained spirits … I could certainly feel the flow of force, but I couldn’t see it.

 Can’t you look like you? This indigo raven.

 That surprising word didn’t sound like a lie.

 After all, were you in this world …?

 It may be the remnants of a spiritual soul, a soul that does not depend on a youkai-like body … or a completely different entity.

“Mom was wise. Probably nothing was good to be known to others.”

“… If you don’t have Seika, you won’t believe me. I’m sure.”

 Oh, maybe.

“Maybe it was thanks to the spirits that I could find Carbunclo and my clothes today?”

“Uh, yeah. Those kids are flocking to magical power. Only Seika-kun’s belongings are … a little special.”

“What is special?”

“If you have Seika-kun’s belongings, the spirits will be weird. There are strangely crowded children, and some of them spin around like they’re drunk … So I knew immediately if I was nearby.”

“Hey … By the way, for myself?”

“That’s what Seika-kun is doing at all. I feel like I’m avoiding it. I usually have a lot of magical people, such as my husband, always sticking to me … so it’s really strange.”

 Hmm, why? whatever.

“You can’t touch the spirits … can’t you? Do you hear what you say?”

“Yeah, because they are children who live freely, regardless of humans.”

“Really at all?”

“Yeah … oh yeah. Only once.”

 Efa says as he remembered.

“I had heard a request only once. When I was drying the laundry, many children in the shape of birds were playing … At that time, my husband’s shirt was blown by the wind. I was about to be blown away, so if I stopped and yelled, everyone would run away. I came back soon, but after that all the kids were grown up. Yeah … that’s it. I’m sorry it’s not a big deal. “

“That’s not true”

 Listen to what you say. That’s a big factor.

 This may be possible.

“Efa. Suddenly, do you want to be able to use magic?”

“Well! That’s … I’d be happy if I could use it, but it’s impossible.”

 Efa laughs powerlessly.

“I don’t have any spirits at all. I think I have no or little magical power.”

“No, I don’t need magical power.”

 I open the door through the human backlash that I have in my back.

“Because you can let them use magic”

《Vocation ――――Human soulHitodama

 A number of fireballs pulled out of the phase appeared and floated behind me, shaking the orange flame.

 … or rather, these hot guys. Let’s get away a little.

“Eh, eh, what’s this monster !? What’s wrong with Seika-kun !?”

“Um … I picked it up.”

“picked up!?”

 It’s not a lie.

 I recovered what was floating in the graveyard in the previous life.

 It’s dangerous because it can cause a fire.

 If you push it with an invisible shikigami, the human soul will drift toward Efa as it is done.

“I think it’s a monster close to the soul. You can rest assured that it’s not the one that attacks humans.”

“Yeah, it’s hot, but …”

“Then let’s put out the fire.”


“Please ask. Like a spirit of the wind.”

“Yeah … I understand. I’ll try.”

 After looking at the human soul, Efa closes her eyes as if to think about something.

 As it was, about half an hour (* 15 minutes) passed.

 Nothing happens in particular.

“Seika-kun. Did the fire go out?”

“Not disappeared”

“Eh! I’m asking you so much …”

 Efa drops her shoulders.

“Why don’t you try it aloud? It has nothing to do with the spirit, but it makes you feel good.”

“Okay … please disappear. Please.”


“Please disappear. Thank you very much.”


“That really … please …”

 Not disappear.

“… Already! It’s gone !!”

 Had disappeared.

 I couldn’t see all the flames, as if I had sprinkled it with water. The surrounding temperature drops quickly.

“Well, uh, I’m gone !?”

“I’m here. See.”

 When Efa looks up, a small fire flickers from the air.

“… you don’t have to come out”

 When Efa glares and says so, the fire gets smaller.


“Like. Let’s try a little more.”

 About two minutes from there.

 While putting out and extinguishing fireballs many times, Efa was able to manipulate the human soul without speaking out.

“This is like this?”

“You’ll improve quickly. You’ll soon be able to control the direction and strength of the flame. I’m sure.”

 I was completely satisfied.

 In the previous life, monster foxes often manipulated the human soul.

 Seeing that, I thought that an absolutely human surgeon could do the same thing, and I had been doing research for a long time, but in the end I couldn’t do it myself. That’s why I was thinking of finding such a talented child and passing on my ambitions someday, but … I don’t think it will come true so quickly in the afterlife.

 Finally my hypothesis has been proved …

 It was worth the effort while being treated as an eccentric by the same trader.

“In the future, it wasn’t the ghost fox’s flame art … it should be possible to do something similar to the magic of fire attributes.”


“Not only that. Even the spirits that Efa can see may be able to hear your request. Like a fairy tale princess.”

 There was a druid of the previous life. That’s not impossible either.

“Wow … Seika knows everything.”

“I don’t know anything, but I’m studying hard.”

“I’ll do my best too! I thought it was a useless feat, but I’m a little confident and I think I can have it! Thank you, Seika-kun.”

 Yes Yes. Good luck, good luck.

 I’m lucky too.

 I was able to find such a talent as soon as I reincarnated.

 Well, this kid is a little weak, but … it’s better to have friends.

“Yes, does Efa ever want to leave here?”


“No, it’s not a breakout. Even if the slave is released, he will work as a servant of the house? Efa’s father is like that. Even though he is a slave, the place where he lived all the time It’s hard to leave, but what do you think of Efa? “

“I want to go out”

 Efa flatly said so.

“I don’t hate this place, I want to go to various places. I want to know various things and see various things. This country is so big, isn’t it? So it’s a waste to stay here all the time. I feel like it. If I can be free someday, I’m sure … “

“Yeah, that’s right”

 Efa’s eyes seemed to look somewhere far away.

 After all, this child has a lot of energy for his quietness.

 Similar to what I used to be … Isn’t it?

 My urge wasn’t so positive.

“Oh yeah. Efa had another errand.”


“I’m going to leave the house a few times, but I wonder if everyone can cheat me properly. I’m not feeling well and I’m sleeping in the room.”

“Uh, yeah. Good, but …”

“I want to look around alone here and there, but I don’t want to be disturbed by my brother Gly. Please.”

 That said, Efa nodded as he was convinced.

 This is fine.

 Let’s start preparations from tomorrow.

 I have to go back soon, so I put a shikigami on Efa who is rushing back to the mansion.

 Human backlash with the art of water phase.

 Of course, it is for fire extinguishing just in case.

 It would be difficult if the mansion burns with the human soul.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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