The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 5

The Strongest Onmyoji, After Using Magic

This life’s father silently looks at me.

 Blaze Lamp Rogue.

 The current head of the Count Lamploge.

 The Lamprogue family has produced a number of excellent magicians, as they were originally awarded the title for their achievements in magic research. Blaze also seemed to have been a front-line magical researcher before he took over, and even now he is often vacant to visit research institutes around the world.

 Furthermore, he seems to be excellent in magical battles, and he has never been invited by a court magician once or twice.

 But I’m not sure how great it is.

 I think I was a court magician when I was an official of the Onmyodo dormitory, but to my colleaguesauguryIThere were usually Bonkura who couldn’t be satisfied.

“Hey Seika! What are you talking about! What do you do when you don’t have magical power like you!”

“It’s okay”

“Oh, my father !?”

“But just look. If that’s okay, get ready early.”

 I smile in front of the stunned Gly.

“Thank you, my father. I’m ready.”


 A little away from the mansion, there was a magical training ground used by the Lamprogue family.

 However, there are only rock targets lined up on a wooden stand.

 The Lamprogue mansion itself is at the foot of a small mountain, a short distance from the city.

 Grai says that he will eventually hunt monsters that live in the mountains and gain practical experience … Anyway, I wonder if it would be a nuisance to make a loud noise here.

“Try from Luft”

“Yes, my father”

 Luft, the eldest brother, holds a cane with a tense look and points the tip at the target rock.

“It’s green to wind in the opposite direction! Let’s get together and use that anger as a blade.”

 With words, power flows to Luft’s wand.

“――――Wind sharp bladeWind edge!! !! “

 The wind from the cane slams against the target rock.

 Looking closely, it seemed that the surface of the rock was slightly scratched.

“It’s stable. Power is also a point. In this case, you can try non-chanting.”


 I think with my joyful eldest brother sideways.

 Magic that deals directly with substances. After all it is a magic that is quite close to existence.

 It’s different from learning combat magic first and assuming a situation where you face the opponent directly.

 It is quite different from the magic of the previous life, where curses and fortune-telling were the main characters in every country. It’s more like martial arts.

 I mean … it’s a waste.

 Another thing I was interested in was that spells are usually colloquial.

 The language can actually be anything, so it’s not strange in itself …

 Somehow, it’s embarrassing to hear. These guys are fine.

“Next is Gly, give it a try”


 Grai steps out triumphantly and holds a cane with a licking gesture.

“Burning is red! Flame heat and sulfur-producing spirit, roar and do with that angry fireball! ――――Flame bulletFireball!! !! “

 It was a bright red fireball that was released from Grai’s wand.

 It hits the rock vigorously … and scatters as it is. It’s natural because rocks don’t burn.

“How was it, my father!”

“Gly, why didn’t you use the magic of the wind like Luft?”

“Uh, that’s …”

“It’s good to learn new magic, but it’s still rough. You should have taught me to master one system first.”


“Remember to devote yourself like Luft. You’re not bad at all. If you don’t neglect your efforts, you’ll eventually succeed as a two-way magician, wind and fire.”

“Yes! Father!”

 I think again, looking at Gly, who I don’t think I’m reflecting on.

 Hmm …

 Is that burning pure magical power, not magical power?

 It is inefficient, has no physical power, and it is difficult to aim for the spread of fire. Isn’t that a fire arrow?

 Well, I think it’s actually more powerful just because I’m not good at Gly.

“Fufufu … That’s right. Hey Seika! You should try it too!”

 Suddenly, Gly, who was in a good mood, called out.

“Hey, Gly …”

“It’s boring to look at such a place. My father is looking at me, I’ll lend you my cane, so why don’t you show me something like the Lamprogue family?”

 Ignoring Luft’s restraint, Gly walked here and pushed me with a cane.

 Seeing me who can’t do it, it seems that I’m trying to make him laugh.

 This guy has a really bad personality.

“… I understand. I’ll try it.”

 Pass in front of Gly, who grins, and stand in front of the target.

 Now myCurseSeriousTo be honest, I don’t really want to show my life.

 Those who stand out are made enemies of the eyes.

 Therefore, in fact, the stronger the world, the easier it is to die.

 Even if I tried to be the strongest, I couldn’t escape from that reason.

 However, the weak continue to be robbed. That is also the truth.

 It’s still inconvenient to be ridiculed. It would be nice to show the minimum power here.

“… Hmm, what are you holding in front of you? Even though you have no magical power.”

 Behind Grai’s voice, I am aware of my magical power.

 You can’t use mantras, marks, or spells as long as you’re seen like this, but it’s probably going to work.

 Recite the mantra in your heart.

 Make a mark consciously.

 We call it fire and soil.

 I’m sorry to say that this technique name is short.

“―――― Fai Abouru”

《Phase of fire and soil — The art of demon fire》

 The cane, to be exact, was released from the space in front of it — a large fireball wearing a pale flame.

 The fireball hits the rock as it is.

 And it exploded in a flashy manner.

 A quiet training ground.

 Everyone’s eyes are on the rock that has been halved and the embers that raise white smoke.


 went too far.

“present……Flame bulletFireballOr …? “

“No chanting … and that power … and the flames were blue …”

 As my brothers muttered in a daze, my face was drawn.

 The technique of the Ying-Yang Five Elements that I devised is an element of the worldwoodMoku,fireKa,soilDo,MoneyGon,waterSuiApplying to the five elements of, and the total of seven attributes of yin and yang, eachQiKeIs what you call freely.

 Of these, this “Onibi”, which was often used in the previous life, was called as Toke.phosphorusRinofmassClumpAlso, it’s a simple technique of igniting with fire … Apparently, the amount of phosphorus was too large, and all the debris burned up at once in the beat of the rock and exploded.

 Moreover, the quartz fragments mixed to maintain the shape of the nucleus crushed the rock with the blast.

 Also, I completely forgot about the flame reaction … I could have made it a natural color by mixing it with lime or salt at least …

 This is terrible.


 This student’s father says in a calm voice.

“Aim at the rock next door and try again.”

“… Yes, my father.”

 Alright, at least let’s adjust this time.

“―――― Fai Abouru”

 A pale fireball is released again —,

 Along with the loud sound, it destroyed the target rock again.

“Ah …?”

 It’s better than before, but it hasn’t changed much.

 Apparently, the curse of this body is so good that I can’t control the technique well.

 This is bad if I don’t fix it.

“My father … what does this mean? Seika has no magical power. You shouldn’t be able to use magic … Maybe my strong magical power remained on the wand?”

 Grai looks up at his father and says.

 No, is there such a reason?

“Even those who do not have magical power by nature have used magic. It is said that depending on the quality of magical power, the flame may have a characteristic color.”


 I call on my father.

“I also want to learn magic like my brothers.”

 There was a slight miscalculation, but this is a good opportunity. If I know that I can use magic, I may be able to tell me.

 But my father shook his head.

“It is useless”


“There are examples of people without magical powers using magic. However, there are no known examples of successful magicians. It is meaningless to learn.”


“Seika. From this year, you will have a tutor like your brothers. Focus on that.”

“… Okay, my father”

 My father looks at his two older brothers and says.

“This is the end of the exercise. Let’s arrange a new one. Until then, both of us should work hard on our own.”

 My father leaves with the reply of my two older brothers. Luft followed his back.

 Grai tells me to snatch a cane from my hand and throw it away when I leave.

“Don’t get in the way, no magical power”

 And I chased my eldest brother — I was left alone.

 It was a very meaningful time.

 I understood the magic of this world and my own challenges.

 I am honestly happy to have a tutor. There was a limit to studying with only the books I could read.

 Magic exercises are okay.

 You can see it by skipping the formula.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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