The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 35

Confront the strongest onmyoji, the mastermind


 I and Amu were able to escape the dungeon safely.

 The trapdoor at the exit was blown off with “Ashes” along with the soil above, which surprised the teachers, but no one was injured, so there is no problem.

 After being taken back to the school, the teachers asked me in detail what happened and we talked as it was.

 The magic circle in the forest moved to the dungeon, but he managed to escape by defeating the boss.

 However, regarding my technique and Amu’s curse, I talked with Amu and laid down. It was inconvenient to talk.

 The teachers didn’t seem to know that there was a dungeon in the basement of the temple.

 Maybe no one knew in this city. Normally, if I knew that such a monster was inside the wall, I wouldn’t be able to live in such a place because I was scared.

 The magic circle in the forest was already gone.

 Apparently, it was designed to disappear once it was activated. It’s a careful thing.

 Thanks to that, I didn’t even know the criminal.

 I was wondering if there was such a thing and it would be a fuss that it was closed again, but this time it was only canceled for three days.

 I don’t know who’s doing it, so I think I’ll keep going. I wonder if there are many.

 Well, it didn’t close when attacked by the demons, and it’s probably now.

 It’s been seven days since then.

 Everyday life has finally returned to me and Amu.

“Excuse me”

 As I go down the stairs to the basement of the research building, I say so.

“I came to return what I had in my possession. Mr. Cordell.”

 A vast basement.

 On the pale magic circle drawn on the floor, Cordell picks up his round glasses.

“Are you Lamprogue? Excuse me, did you lend something to you? Rather than that … how did you get here? You should have locked it.”

“I’m sorry, the key has melted. The magic tool that informs the intruder is now in the barrier. I’ll come back to the deposit later. I have something to ask the teacher today.”

“… I wonder if it was something I didn’t understand in class.”

 With a little laugh at Cordell’s joke, I walk around the basement.

“Is the ritual going well? Teacher”


“Amu is still fine.”

“… How much have you noticed?”

“Come on, but I thought it was strange. No matter how good the magic of transfer is, I wonder if it is possible to invade the city of the empire alone and prepare such a magic circle. Then the other day’s dungeon It’s an incident. It may have been a souvenir of the assailant, but … If you think about it normally, there are insiders. “

 Cordell sighs.

“Maybe you killed the assailant? Do it. I don’t know who it was, so I told you not to send the odd one.”

“He looked really great, though.”

“Anyway … why am I? I shouldn’t have left any evidence.”

“Well … I guess.”

“I wonder if I’ve been fooled.”

“It will take a long time to talk. Then, teacher … It’s about time, even if you show me your true appearance.”

 Cordell laughs tightly.

“Are you kidding now? Unfortunately, I’m a human being. This is what I really am.”

“The demons use human spies.”

“It has some demon blood, but that’s about it. Like the empire is using demon spies.”

 After all, does the human side do that much?

“Did that dungeon also reach the demons?”

“No, I found it. Look at the old literature. There was no doorway for humans to pass through, so it should have been impossible to escape.”

“Hey, it’s dangerous, it’s dangerous … I was definitely going to bury the hero along with the’curse’.”

“… Is it a prospect?”

“Is this a technique you devised yourself? If so, the teacher must be a genius.”

“I’m glad you understand the value of this.”

 Behind the round glasses, Cordell squints.

“It’s an unprecedented and groundbreaking’curse’that incorporates light-based rituals. From afar, you can disguise yourself as a disease and kill the subject with certainty.”


“In the experiments so far, no magician or strong warrior with any skill died without any help. Suffering. I’m still enduring it now, but that hero will eventually follow the same path. I didn’t really care about the dungeon. “


“But there is one drawback. It takes time. And if you get in the way, you’ll be able to solve the trick. So — I’ll let you die.”

 When Cordell waved his wand, countless magic circles appeared in the air.

 In the light, a magician from another world pushes up the round glasses.

“This is my workshop. Of course I’m prepared for this much. I wonder if this place will be alienated and run away so that you can talk to someone. I’m sorry, but I saw it in hell. Please … I hope I will make a triumphant return with the honor of killing the brave man. “

“Oh, is it a little better before that?”

 I raised my hand and interrupted Cordell’s story.

 Cordell frowns and shuts down in a relaxed manner.

“I mentioned earlier that there is one drawback, but in reality there are two more.”


“Did you notice? The’curse’isn’t on Amu right now.”

“What are you saying …”

“This is the one who is cursed now.”

 Solve the art of invisibility.

 What appeared before me was a half-melted black human backlash.

 The expression of Cordell who saw it is stiff.

“It’s difficult to target with a curse. Normally, I tie it up with the target’s name, hair and nails … The teacher set interesting conditions. I was bathed in the blood of a demon. Who? “

 In the center of the magic circle on the floor was a jar filled with black liquid.

 Perhaps that is the blood of the demon.

“Sure, Amu had defeated the demon at the time of the attack. Maybe I and Efa, who have a high seating order, were also targeted? It was dangerous, but thanks to that, I was able to transfer the curse to this human backlash. but”

 The black human backlash was repositioned when the jar was turned over by Cordell and was exposed to that fishy liquid.

 Demon blood.

 I tried it first when I tried to transfer Amu’s curse, but it worked easily and I was surprised. Well, I was suspicious of Cordell from the beginning.

“No matter what conditions you aim at, it’s true if you get caught. You didn’t notice it at all? The curse doesn’t know what the target is, from the side who is performing the technique. A man who resented in the previous life. It was not uncommon for the story of a woman who continued to curse after her death and eventually turned into a demon. Besides, the aim was soon missed. There are even ways to take advantage of the ease of removal, such as inugami and guinea pigs. “

“Previous life …? What are you talking about? Why is my technique …”

“Well, another drawback, but before that.”

《Vocation — Daemon》

 Pull out the demon caught in the game against Galeos from the phase.

 The red-patterned demon floating above my head doesn’t move at all. It seemed dead. After all, unlike youkai, monsters that are highly dependent on the body can’t stand the phase.

 Well, it doesn’t hurt now.

 Cordell opens his eyes behind the round glasses.

“Now, Ark Demon !?”

“I will do this”

 Use the shikigami to tear the demon’s corpse with all your might.

 A large amount of blood and debris of offal falls on me.


“I will do this further”

 After chanting the mantra, burn the black human backlash with fire.

“Yes, this has moved the curse to me.”

 I feel the power flowing in.

 Mmm, this is pretty strong.

 Poor, did Amu endure this?

 Cordell has a stunned look on his face.

 That’s right. At this rate, I’m just a crazy guy.

“Stupid … Isn’t it wrong? You can take my curse yourself and get rid of it …!”

 When I heard it, I lifted the edge of my mouth.

 It’s like each other.

 I make a voice.

“WorshipAweKashikoKiIzanami OgamiIzanami wolf―――― ”

 A word with magical power.

“――――殯斂ArakiIn the underworldMaggotMaggotWhen beatensamuraiHabeRiSittingWellLetYabashiraYahashiraofRaijinIkazuchi no Kami,Shikome ugly womanYotsukomeetcEtc...variousVariousCurse, Haunting, Grudge ―――― ”

 It bends the world and modifies the curse that is directed.

“――――FoodKuRahiSalaryMarbleHiReturnKaeShiSalaryMarbleToWhiteAlreadyListen to meCallMeSetoFearKashikoOnlyFearKashikoSee,FearKashikoAlso onlyWhiteAlready………… If you curse a person, there are two holes. teacher”

 Suddenly, Cordell vomited blood.

 Not an ordinary amount. A tremendous amount of blood, as if squeezing the heart, spills out of Cordell’s mouth, polluting the magic circle on the floor.

 A magician from another world suffers.

“Nah … I’m sorry …”

“The biggest drawback of curses. It’s easy to return. It’s a so-called curse return.”

 I walk around the room and explain to Cordell, who falls to the floor.

“When the curse is returned, it will be many times more powerful than the original and will attack the caster. Okay, sir. Curse is not a technique that can be safely exercised from a distance. Or, if you hire a curse, it’s a dangerous technique that will turn you into a predicament. “

 I still speak to the magician, who bleeds from his eyes and nose and eventually loses his breath.

“The reason the teacher was successful in the experiment was simply because it wasn’t widespread in this world. If a countermeasure was created, it would become obsolete at once. This is such a technique. Unfortunately … Sensei. Are you a teacher? “

 Cordell wasn’t moving anymore.

 A genius magician from another world died in a sea of ​​black blood.

 I look down at the corpse and say.

“Well, I think it’s amazing that we created the curse methodology from scratch. But —“

 Sigh and mutter small.

“―――― The curse isOnmyojiIBecause it ’s my specialty. ”



“I can’t really feel good about that spell.”

 For curse return from Shinto, which was often used by mastersReverse congratulationsNori and.. A little long is a balldefectScratchesHowever, it is perfectly compatible with different world magic. It’s amazing.

CongratulationsNoritoIs rare for Seika-sama. “

 Yuki, who came out of her jacket’s inner pocket, says.

“That’s right. It’s the easiest to use to return the curse to myself, but it’s been a while since I’ve been cursed.”

 Onmyodo is a magical system that combines Shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism in Japan, and has a wide range of techniques that can be used.

 In fact, the mantra is Sanskrit, the sign is Chinese, and the congratulatory words are Japanese. Of course, there may be some strains that are not used at all due to the preference of the surgeon.

 The system of purifying and purifying spirits is strong, but Shinto. It’s dull because the spell is long.

“By the way, there is something Yuki doesn’t understand.”


“Seika-sama seems to have been suspicious of that person ever since she returned from the labyrinth … how did you find out?”

“Oh. When I was observing the ground before escaping, I saw pollen on his coat, because it was the same flower that grew near the magic circle of the transfer.”

“Is it pollen? You know that well.”

“Pollen reflects UV light. You can see it well in the bee’s field of view.”

“What is ultraviolet light …?”

“Isn’t the bottom of the rainbow purple? But actually, there is a color below that that is invisible to humans.”

“I see”

“That’s UV light. Well, it’s just a literal translation of ancient Greek words. Many birds and insects can see it.”


 Yuki hits a slack.

 It’s subtle if you know it.

 Well, anyway.

 With this, the insider to the demons, which was a concern, was also cleared.

 You can finally start a normal school life.

 There is only one problem right now.

 Looking down at the monster’s bloody clothes, I muttered.

“… What should I do to change my clothes?”

Ultraviolet rays were discovered in modern times, but in the setting during the work, they were found by ancient Greek alchemists.

Also, Sanskrit is Sanskrit.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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