The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 34

Picking up souvenirs, the strongest onmyoji

When I followed the passage that extended to the back of the boss room, I arrived at a small room.


“I’m not sure, but maybeIt・ ・Isn’t it a room for? “

 In the center of the room was something like an altar.

 And on top of that, a sword is thrust.

 It’s covered with dust and looks a lot old, but … it was a wonderful sword.

 The pattern is modest but decorated, and there is a slight flow of force.

 There is no rust on the beautiful silver sword.

 What is the material? It doesn’t look like steel or bronze …

“this……Holy silverMithrilI wonder “


 I think it was a rare metal that allows magical power to pass through.

“I’ve only seen Mithril weapons once, but maybe.”

“Maybe it’s a pretty good guy?”

“It’s the perfect material for a cane sword. It’s unusually expensive, so I wonder if it would cost a lot to put it on the market … Still, I don’t want to pull it out and take it home.”

 Saying that, Amu looks at the altar creepily.

 It was a huge hand that Mithril’s sword stuck to the altar.

 It has five fingers, but it is not human.

 Its rugged skin resembles a reptile.

“Seal … right? This”


“What happened except for my hands?”

“I’m sure they’re separated and sealed in different lands.”

 Even in the previous life, there was an example of sealing a mighty youkai in that way.

 It’s a different seal than sending it to phase.

“Is that so bad?”

“Maybe, but …”

 I grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it out casually.

“Hey! Hey!”

“It’s okay. This hand has already lost power.”

 The huge hand was broken and crumbled in the beat of pulling out the sword.

 It’s pretty old. I can’t even feel the flow of force.

“But why did you seal it in the back of the dungeon?”

“… I think it wasn’t a dungeon when it was sealed. When that hand was still powerful, Naga was called in, and it eventually became the core, and the dungeon spread over a long period of time. I went … or something. It looks like some kind of ruins here originally. “

“Yeah. I see.”

 Well, anything is fine.

“Yes, Amu”

 I give Amu a sword.


“Is this a good sword? Why don’t you use it?”

“… Is it okay? It’s also your credit.”

“I don’t use a sword. You can sell it, but it’s rare and you should use it if you can.”

“Is it really good? I’m very grateful that the current cane sword was damaged by acid …”

 Amu says so, receives the handle, and raises the sword.

 At that time, something fell from the handle and rolled on the floor.

 I pick it up.

“Well, did you get the decoration?”

“No … this is a ring.”

 Apparently it was hooked on the handle. I didn’t notice it because I thought it was part of the decoration.

 It’s dusty, but it’s a beautiful ring.

 A small magic stone with a complex color is set in the same Mithril ring as the sword.

 I feel the flow of power even though there are no letters or magic circles.

 This may be …

“Amu, can I get this one?”

“There’s no reason to say no … Yeah, this looks like a good sword. I need to fix it.”

 Amu, who was waving Mithril’s sword, says with satisfaction.

“No way there is such a pick-up”

“Oh, we’re crazy.”

 Really … Really, I’m lucky.

 At first I thought I would fall into such a boring trap, but thanks to that, I learned about Amu’s curse and even made an interesting souvenir.

 If I let Efa go normally, it would have been the worst, so my judgment was good.

 Amu says.

“Speaking of greed, I also wanted a dungeon drop.”

“Dungeon drop?”

“Some dungeons have items inside. Weapons, jewels, etc. Because they are created by dungeons like monsters.The blessings of the labyrinthDungeon dropThat’s why “


 Speaking of which, even a lost house in the previous life could be given a spell that brings wealth to its owner.

“It looks like it’s fun to look for that.”

“You are right”

 Amu laughs and says.

“Adventurers are not a good profession, but they are interesting. Well, it’s not a world where great aristocrats are involved.”

“Hah, no … an adventurer? Not bad.”

“Well, are you really saying that?”

“Even though I’m an aristocrat, I’m a concubine and I can’t take over my house. I have to work.”

“If you’re out of school and have good grades, you should be a regular official. You could be a court magician, right?”

“Is it an official …”

 To be honest, I was tired of my official life when I was in the Onmyodo dormitory.

 I’m busy, I’m just doing chores, my colleagues are incompetent, and my relationship is annoying … I don’t want to do it until I’m reborn.

“The officials are a little … and the adventurers are profitable, right?”

“Successful people, but next to danger.”

“I don’t care about that. I hope it seems free.”

 If you have the power, you can quickly make a lot of money without being tied up.

 It’s the perfect job for me.

 Money is important wherever you go.

 I laugh at Amu.

“I enjoyed fighting with Amu this time. It’s a long time ago, but let’s think about it.”

“Well, yeah …? Then think about it. If you become an adventurer …”

“Let’s go on an adventure together again. Get ready this time. With Amu, I feel like I can go anywhere.”

“Uh, yeah … promise”

 Amu looked away, as if she was a little shy.

 If you become an adventurer, you can be near Amu.

 What’s bigger than that.

 Basically, if you are an adventurer who acts on a party basis, even if you are a little strong, it will not stand out.

 Behind Amu’s spectacular success, I will be quietly happy.

 This time, I was able to win a lot of trust.

 This life is really going well.

 Is it so easy to start over?

“Well, then I’ll hurry. If this is an underground ruin made by a person, the exit should be near …”


 I kept Amu walking.

“There is a door ahead. I’ll take a look.”

 A short walkway extending from the altar room.

 From here as well, I could see the bronze door beyond.

 Amu suspiciously says.

“I’ve defeated the boss, so there’s nothing.”

“Just in case. Wait a minute.”

 With that said, I walk to the door.

“Se, Seika-sama …”

“I know”

 I had noticed it since I entered the altar room.

 The big flow of power over there.

 The dungeon hasn’t lost its power yet.

 The nucleus is still alive.

 A light rattling is blown through the gap in the bronze door, and a gentle peek inside.

 A vast room.

 There were three Nagas there.

 To the right is the golden scale Naga.

 On the left is the silver scale Naga.

 And in the center was a poisonous rainbow-colored Naga, with his arms folded and a tongue wrapped around him, sitting solemnly.

 The magnitude of the force is different from the previous Naga.

 Obviously bad.

 I instinctively pull my face.

 No, read the air …

 It was about to end, because it was a while ago. Why are you folding it up? I don’t need it now …!

 A glance at Amu.

 No matter how brave it is, it would be impossible to deal with those three animals now …

 it can not be helped.

 Three new hits are thrown through the gap in the door.

 They gently stuck to the three Nagas that did not move with their eyes closed.

 Make a mark with one hand.

《Shadow Phase — Ice Tree Technique》

 The darkness quickly took away the heat — the three Nagas were all turned into ice sculptures.

 From the entire dungeon, the power disappears as if the lights were off.

 After all it seems that that was the true core.

“What? What? Now”

“Ah … the dungeon has lost its power, hasn’t it?”

“Eh, but the boss is already …”

“Maybe that Naga was alive until a while ago. You see, the snake has a strong vitality.”

 While saying the right thing, he skips the rattling of the door and throws Naga’s corpse into phase.

 Alright, the evidence was destroyed.

 I open the door.

“It looks like there’s nothing in this room. If the dungeon was alive, monsters might have sprung up.”

“Hmm … yes? Something is wrong …”

 To Amu, who looks uncomfortable, I point to the back of the room in a deceptive manner.

“It seems that there is a passage in the back. It may be an exit.”

 Actually, it was a shikigami that I had already skipped, and I knew that there was a staircase leading up.

 The trapdoor, which is the exit, is covered with soil and it seems that it will not open easily.

 At the temple ruins on the ground, there were school teachers.

 I guess I came to look for it. You can see how impatient it is. I’m the son of an aristocrat.

 I suddenly caught one of them in the sight of a bee — and laughed inwardly.

 I see, i see.

 After all, I’m lucky.

* The art of ice trees

A technique to take away the heat of the target and freeze it with the darkness. There is nothing to write in particular.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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