The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 33

The Strongest Onmyoji, Reaching the Boss Room

After walking for a while, we arrived at the room.

“What is that …”

 A huge snake was winding around in a large room with a bronze door.

 A snake with black scales on a body as thick as a big tree.

 However, the upper body was a human being.

 It is black like scales, but its skin and arms are human. But only the head is back to the snake. It was a variant like a god enshrining evil spirits.

 A huge sword is also held in his arms, but his eyes are closed.

 Are you sleeping …?

“That is Naga”

 Amu says that he was looking inside through the gap in the door.

“I see it for the first time. Maybe the boss of this dungeon.”


“The core of the dungeon or the monster that protects the core.”

“So that’s it”

 If you defeat it, this dungeon will be completed.

“Maybe if you defeat the boss, will the road to the outside appear?”

“It wouldn’t be possible in a dungeon that goes down to the bottom, but it’s been flat all the time, and I feel like it’s based on the ruins … maybe. There seems to be a passage in the back of the room.”

“OK, then …”

“But I think it’s better to stop.”

 Amu blocked it so.


“Naga is a pretty strong enemy. If it’s a six-person party, it’s all 4th grade or higher, and if it’s a four-person party, it’s a tough level unless it’s third grade or higher. It seems that it will blow fire, so it probably has some special ability. It’s too dangerous not to know it. “


“Let’s turn back. There should be a separate entrance, so it’s safer to look for it.”

“I can’t do that, Amu. We’re not prepared to spend time exploring. Rather, we should be lucky to have arrived at this room now that we have enough strength.”


“Let’s defeat that. Even if there is no exit at the end of the room, if you crush the nucleus, the threat of monsters will disappear.”

“Seika … do you have the confidence to beat that?”

“Become Amu”

 Amu suddenly turned his eyes down and laughed a little.

“Okay, but if that doesn’t work, run away. Is that okay?”

“I’m good at running away. Tell me whenever you withdraw.”


 You can always run away.

 Amu pulls out the cane sword from the scabbard.

“If you count three, I’ll go. When you enter the room, Naga will occur, so shoot magic before you’re ready.”

“Roger that”

 Anyway, do you do it without omitting the mark and the mantra?

“Three, two —-“

 I float a human backlash.


 Amu kicks the door and starts running.

 Naga’s snake eyes opened.

 Spread both arms with a sword and look at the intruder Amu.

《Phase of wood — The art of stakeout》

 Like a logAshAshThe stake was released, and he flew the sword from Naga’s left hand.

 In addition, the second and third hit the chest and torso, causing them to stagger greatly.

 After all, the power is different if you do it properly.


“… shallow”

 Not much damage.

 Naga pulled out a stake stuck in his chest and abdomen with his left arm, and turned his vertical pupil this time toward me.

“I haven’t seen anything else!”

 Amu on the snake’s headFlame bulletFireballWhen I released it, Naga staggered like a flutter.

 Amu repels the huge sword swung with his right arm with foolish power, and then magically tosses it.

 What? This is my freedom.

《Phase of wood — The art of stakeout》

 A thick stake attacked Naga, who was distracted by Amu.

 It sticks out one after another on the shoulder and throat. This time it seems that some damage has been done.

 So that’s it. What is the role of the avant-garde?

 It’s easy to use even in battle, thanks to Amu’s constant attention.

 I wonder if it would have been easier to get rid of youkai if the warriors and the surgeons cooperated in the previous life …

“Be careful! Something will come!”

 When I saw it, Naga was inflating his chest.

 The upper body is greatly projected, and the liquid is ejected from the mouth of the snake.

 Amu rolled and avoided, and I also retreated greatly and hesitated, but the floor covered with liquid was melting with bubbles.

 Do you spit out strong acid?

 Hmm …

 The sword is swung down to Amu who is out of shape. But,AshAshPile flipped it.

 I got a lot of attention and Naga approached me, but Amu’s wind magic restrained it.

“Amu, I want to come out a while ago. Can you take on the attack?”

“Wow, I understand!”

“And when you signal, go back.”

 While supporting the avant-garde Amu with “Pile driving”, I will wait for the opportunity.

 Not yet, not yet …

 Eventually, when Naga rebelled greatly with the magic of Amu, his chest swelled.

 Pre-swing to spit out strong acid.


《Phase of gold ――――LOLIsThe art of nailing >>

 A white metal spear stood out in the mouth of a snake that spit out strong acid.

 The strong acid leaked from the mouth melts the spear and upper body, and Naga screams silently and twists himself.

“Go down!”

 Gives a signal to Amu and tries to shoot “Onibi”.

 However, it was blocked by a rampaging tail.

 No, I’m completely wary …

 Wait, do I have to do it myself?

“Amu! Toward my headFlame bulletFireballShoot! “

 Call on Amu, who was in a position where it was easy to aim.

 What was released instead of a replyFlame bulletFireballMagic.

 It flies exactly to Naga’s head —,

 A flashy detonation rose around the spear.

 There is no defense anymore, and half-human half-snake monsters mess up the ground.

“I finally got my head down.”

 And in the eye socket of the still burning snakehead — Amu’s cane sword was thrust deeply.

 The upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake cramp violently.

 But then … the dungeon boss Naga stopped all that movement.

 The flow of force suddenly weakens and disappears.

 It looks like he’s dead.

 Hmmm, it was easier than I expected.

“Amu! I did it — I’m sorry.”


 Amu who ran up hugged as it was.

“I did it! Ahaha, it’s the first time I’ve subdued the dungeon boss! Even though we’ve just formed a party, aren’t we breathing?”

 Amu who takes my hand and frolics like jumping.

 The place where I was laughing carelessly — really resembled that child. It’s not an unreasonable reincarnated person like me, but it’s just a coincidence.

 Perhaps he noticed my bitter smile as if he was looking at a child, Amu shyly released his hand and cleared his throat.

“But you’re crazy too. You don’t have to stop and stab the guy who’s rampaging with such a fire.”

“There are some guys who play when they’re leaning. It’s okay because I’ve killed them properly.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing, Amu. It’s not something you can do like that.”

 There was a warrior in Japan who slashed demons as a human being, as if he were a demon himself, but it was a battle that reminded me of that.

 As I was stroking my red hair while thinking about it, Amu stared at me.

“What is this hand?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m sorry”

 I hurriedly let go of Amu’s head.

 I sometimes do it to Efa, but I feel like I’m dealing with a disciple.

 Let’s stop because it seems to be treated as a child and will be disliked.

 Amu turns away.

“… I don’t mind”


“Nothing. More than that … What is that silver spear? It exploded with the magic of fire.”

“Well, that’s a metal of that nature.”

 A metal discovered by an alchemist in the ancient Greek city of Magnesia,Magnesia silvermagnesiumHas the unusual property of burning itself.

 Furthermore, because it easily dissolves in acid and generates a burning gas, <<LOLIsYou can easily make such an explosion if you use ZENAIL well.

 I was just spitting strong acid.

“Are you injured?”

“… No. It’s unnatural. I thought I had a slight burn.”

“Then the fulu I gave you would have been a substitute. I’ll still keep it at all.”

“Can you do that? It’s convenient to use fulu.”

“I can’t heal a big injury with that. Well, let’s move on.”

 As I walked, I looked up at the ceiling and said.

“If there is an exit ahead, you’ll just be near the temple.”

“…? Why do you know that?”

“Oh no. Somehow …”

 I hurriedly deceive the suspicious Amu.

 Yuki asks as if whispering.

“Mr. Seika, maybe … do you know where you are?”

“Well, from a while ago.”

“How and how …”

“Use the power of magnets in the art”

 The force of a magnet that attracts iron — magnetic force is one of the few forces that can affect the thick crust without being attenuated.

 If you create a strong magnetic field with positive air, it will reach the surface of the earth even if there is some distance.

 It was sensed by the shikigami who had transformed into a bee.

 There are magnetically sensitive minerals in the abdomen of the bees, and you can feel the changes in the magnetic field. Of course there is no such thing in the formula, but the function is the same because it works according to the sample.

 By changing the position and height to create a magnetic field and capturing it from the ground, the rough current location was known.

 I should have been able to do the same with foxes and pigeons, but when it came to catching small changes near the surface, bees were the best.

 It was hard to see, but I couldn’t help it.

“So, by any chance, could you escape at any time by the method of replacement?”


“Why then, why bother …”

“Did you say that? I really wanted to have fun. It was my first time in a dungeon.”

 I also wanted Amu to gain experience.

 ―――― In order to be the strongest in the future.

* The art of exploding nails

How to shoot a magnesium spear. Magnesium burns on its own and easily dissolves in warm water, let alone acid, to generate hydrogen. It was actually discovered in modern times, but during the work, an ancient Greek alchemist discovered it from local minerals.

* The art of magnetic flow clouds (the art name has not appeared)

A technique to generate a strong magnetic field around human backlash with positive air. Originally, it was a technique of avoiding arrows using Lenz’s law (simply speaking, it repels when a metal is brought close to a magnetic field), but this time the main character used it instead of a beacon to identify the position from the ground.

* Shikigami (honey bee)

Bees have magnetic crystals in their abdomen that allow them to sense changes in the magnetic field. Probably, it is necessary to have a sense of orientation to inform the companion of the position of honey, and it is thought that the organ that senses the geomagnetism has developed. You can also see ultraviolet rays.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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