The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 22


 Slowly, Galeos looks back.

 His face, which lacks facial expressions, now shows a startling feeling.

 I laugh.

“This is a song I made for my master. The clear night sky without cloudiness is something unsatisfactory. Even if you hate it like a cloud that hides the moon, it seems like that when you’re gone … I’m not good at singing, but how about it? I couldn’t ask my teacher what he thought … Well, I killed him. By the way, I’m the first person to sing. It’s terrible. “

“… Why are you alive?”

 Galeos says that I can’t hear my words.

“Why, as you can see”

 Show your arms outstretched.

 Far from being satisfied with the five bodies, there is no blood stain on the uniform.

“Healing of light attributes, no resuscitation …? Can you tell if you kill it again?”

 In a blink of an eye, he created a huge blade and threw it at me.

 It sticks to the forehead exactly and the head is cracked.

 I’m dead.

 ―――― And the technique is activated.

 The blade that pierced my head disappeared.

 The wound heals in a blink of an eye.

“Yes resurrection”

 I have come back to life.

 I lost power due to a hole in my headSubstituteMinoshiroThrow away the human backlash in that area.

“… What is that magic? Aside from reviving, why the blade disappears. Why did you go back in time …?”

“I didn’t do that. I just put in a formula to erase any foreign objects. By the way, I also try to fix my clothes. It’s inconvenient when I’m burnt to death.”

“… Good, then just kill until you die.”

 When I see Galeos starting to make blades, I am amazed.

“I’m still motivated. Normally, this is the place to retire once? Do you want to defeat such a brave man?”

“Of course, defeat the strongest being before becoming the strongest. You can’t miss that opportunity.”

“The strongest, the strongest …”

 I leak a smile.

“It’s crap”


“I’m saying that the strongest is crap. The hero, the demon king, and you who stick to it are generally crap. The humans in this country who made the hero a fairy tale are still smarter. Think about this world. Is it just a strong person who is moving? Is it a person who excels in martial arts? “

 In my previous life, there were other strong men besides me that I couldn’t think of as humans.

 An Islamic leader who reigned at the top of the Order of Assassins with the protection of the evil Shaitan.

 A Jewish philosopher who was accompanied by countless mechanical dolls and had incredible wisdom in his mind.

 In Japan as wellCentipedeMostlyThere was a warrior who slashed demons.

 But they were not the ones who moved the world.

“Power is number. Strength is manipulating it.CunningKokatsuThat’s right. Personal violence is insignificant to the world. “

“It’s just that you don’t know your true strength. Everyone bows down before the overwhelming power.”

“What the former strongest says.”

“Playing words …!”

 All of Galeos’ floating blades are wiped out.

 Oh, I transferred it.

“Okay, that”

 A black blade that falls from all directions.

 All of them crumbled just before they reached me.

“Barrier !? But, such as disabling magic …”

“Because it’s a barrier, it’s natural to seal the technique? Moreover, I’m using 11 pieces of human backlash. It’s not so easy to break.”

“If so, just destroy that mark!”

 Galeos shoots flames and blades.

 They were certainly aiming for the human backlash, which is the pinnacle of the barrier.

 Well, it doesn’t make much sense.

 Would you like to go out with me?

《Water phase ――――WaterfallBakufuArt of”

 A huge amount of water is spit out from the human backlash.

 It swallows the flame.

 Swallow the blade.

 I also swallowed Galeos.

 Even if there is no yin or yang, a large amount of water is strong by itself.

“What kind of magic is this water magic …”

 The figure of Galeos appears.

 Did you get out of the metastasis after all?

“Doesn’t magic work? If so, bury it directly.”

 Galeos kicked the ground with extraordinary leg strength.

 Well, that’s right.

 I open the door of the human backlash while retreating.

《Vocation — Raijū》

 Pulled out of phase was a small black animal that resembled a badger.

“Shi — Jichichichi, Shijichichi”

 A strange cry, like a roar with sparks.

 Perhaps he saw the swordsman’s sign, Galeos’s aim was directed at the thunder beast.

 You have a good intuition. It’s meaningless.


 An oversized lightning bolt was released from the thunder beast — and rushed to Galeos.

 The devil blows away with a plosive and rolls to the ground.

 The light is so bright that my eyes flicker.

 Well, after all it is a great power.

 Thunder beasts rarely fall to the ground with lightningYoukaiAyakashiThat’s right.

 It looks just like a small beast, but it has the power of lightning strikes.

 Soaking soaked would not have prevented it, even with the lightning protection that sailors have.

“Hey, is it over? … Ah”

 The figure of the devil disappears. It looks like it has transferred.

 Oh, is this behind?

 I looked back.

 Galeos’s knife pierced his belly.

“Are you hungry?”

 Galeos mutters, staring at me with a heat-clouded eyeball.

 I laughed, spitting blood and grabbed my arm.


《Phase of gold and water ―――― The art of ashes》

 A technique is activated between me and Galeos.

 With a terrible explosion, a yellow pillar of fire rose.

 I was blown away by the blast, and after a while I stood up and cleaned my uniform.

 Looking at Galeos, it looked terrible.

 I don’t have one arm. The internal organs are spilling from the abdomen, and the body is melting in places.

“Did you know, the metal devil?”

 I speak to the dying Galeos.

“When you break down salt into two elements, you’ll see gold on one side, which means that the salt contains metal, and its pure crystals react violently with water, just like it does now.”

 The head and arms are torn off, strongbasealkaliNext to the human backlash that dissolves in, I speak steadily, unscathed.

“What … that is. I don’t know … yes, I can’t get … that’s right … metal …”

“You guys, maybe I’m a little lacking in study.”


“I admit. Four-attribute magic is quite useful, especially when dealing with monsters.”

 If it ’s just strength,YoukaiAyakashiWas much stronger.

 However, in reality, the damage caused by youkai to humans is extremely small. Stray dogs and bears are much more scary. Moreover, magic worked well for youkai, who are souls that do not depend on the body.

 On the other hand, this monster is stronger than wild dogs and bears, and even attacks people more often. Moreover, because it is similar to an animal, it is harder for magic to work than youkai.

 Therefore, what was developed to quickly obtain firepower is probably the four-attribute magic that shoots real fire and ice.

“That’s okay, but then why don’t you go further? You guys have wondered what fire is? What does it mean to break down water into wind? Cooling the wind makes it colder than ice? Did you know that the most abundant elements in the soil are actually the same as those in the wind? “

“What … what, what do you say …”

“It’s bad that you can’t understand this level of story. It’s the story of the third layer that we recognize. It’s not the story of the second layer that is processed only after observing, or the story of the first layer that is the root. Study more. Shina. I used to go all the way across the sea to seek ancient wisdom. Isn’t there such a passionate magician in this world? “

 Galeos attaches his remaining arm and raises his quivering body.

“Preaching in front of the enemy … I can afford it …”

“That’s right”

“But … I’m still … fighting, I’m …”


“Your strange marks are … no longer left, there should be few … I have a chance to win …”

“What is this?”

《Vocation — Hitogata》

《Vocation — Hitogata》

《Vocation — Hitogata》

《Vocation ―――― ……

 Countless human backlashes taken out of phase line up in the night sky.

“There are many more.”

 I’ve been working hard for years to make it.

 Galeos returns a void expression to me with a smile.

“… I can’t … I can’t … I can’t … I’ll lose … I’m ……… I’m defeating the predecessor … , This Galeos who even defeated the sword king … “

“It feels like it’s over? You were weaker than you thought.”

“Now …”

“If you just run around and scream small fish, you don’t need to do anything else. Well, you’ll die soon if you send it to the phase.”

 Huh, one sigh.

“Okay. It’s a feast, but it’s open here. Finally, with that person’s body —“

 Select a piece of human backlash and open the door.

“―――― My servantFeastChisoLet’s end this feast. “

《Vocation ――――MizuchiMizuchi

 From the distortion of space — a thick, tremendously long body stretched out.

 Covered with turquoise scales, it twists its giant body and rises to heaven.

 It resembled a snake.

 However, he was not a snake.

 Fangs that grow on a long nose. Two beards like a thick rope. White hair flutters in the wind on the head, and horns can be seen between them.

 MizuchiMizuchiTurns over and approaches the devil.

 When you eat the prey, your jaw opens wide.

 Galeos opened his eyes to the sight of despair.

“What’s this … What’s this …! Impossible … Even the Demon King, like this … Dragon … Follow the dragon …!”

“Not a dragon”

 The fangs of the moth captured Galeos.

 The devil’s body is squeezed into the air, chewed several times, and then placed in its belly.

 I muttered a little to a demon male who wouldn’t hear me anymore.

“―――― It’s a dragon.”

* The art of waterfall

A technique to produce a large amount of water with the qi of water. A waterfall is a waterfall.

* The art of ashes

A technique to mix and explode metallic sodium produced with gold qi and water. Alkali metals such as sodium have the property of reacting violently with water. The detonation is dyed yellow due to the flame reaction of sodium. The scattered water becomes an aqueous solution of strong alkali and dissolves the body. The name of the technique is derived from the fact that alkali originally means wood ash in Arabic.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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