The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 21

Before fighting the strongest onmyoji, the demons

There was a big forest on the grounds of the school.

 It is a forest where precious herbs grow, and that is the reason why the school was built in this place. Dangerous monsters have long been eliminated, but their hinterland is still a natural sanctuary beyond the reach of human light.

 There was a shadow of a person in the forest.

 A huge pale magic circle is drawn in the open place, standing on it to concentrate the spirit.

 Black skin illuminated by moonlight.

 A deformed head with a winding angle.

 It’s not about a human figure.

 If it was a previous life, it would have been mistaken for a demon.

“―――― If you meet a person in the moonlit field at a suspicious night.QingAs expectedShikere “

 A figure looked back in his voice.

 I smile at the black demon.

“This is a song that my mentor wrote. I hated him, but I like this song. If I meet someone on a night when the moon is suspiciously beautiful, it’s not a person, I Is a nemesisMetaplasiaMakeupEven so, it feels good for some reason … that’s what it means. It fits my mood right now. “

 I continue to become a demon with a sword-like look.

“My teacher was sick in his later years. He’s not a person, but he’s also hanging on himself. Even if he’s lost his heart, he still has the feeling that the moon is beautiful … There is also such a meaning. How about you? I’m a non-human metaplasia, but do you have a heart to feel the moon tonight is beautiful? “

“What? You are”

 What finally came back was a low voice like a rumbling.

 A human-like face, like a black goat.

 I’ve only read it in books, but this one must be a demon … among them, a race called a demon.

 The mouth is distorted.

“Why do you have a human child? Did you sniff here? If so … stupid. Trying to challenge me alone.”

“I wanted to play a little, because my body seemed to get sick.”

“… Is it impatient? A pitiful, short-lived person.”

 I ask the devil, who interprets it conveniently.

“If you’re so confident, tell me I won’t run away. You — what are you looking for? You’ve been watching for a long time. Through the eyes of that Lesser Demon.”


 The devil’s eyes are slightly opened.

“Do you notice, but stupid. There is only one such thing.”

“That’s why”

“… I don’t know if I don’t say it. I’m a brave man. I’m sure it’s decided.”


 I tilt my head.

 I’ve read it in books in this world, but …

“That legend?”

“That’s it”

“Why such a thing”

“It must have been decided because I was born! Despite the appearance of a hero on the human side, the hero of our demons, the Demon King, has not yet been born … That’s why I came to crush. Before empowering “

“Hmm. I’m sure, the hero is … the fairy tale hero, right?”

“fairy tale?”

 After a moment of silence — the demon man laughed loudly.

“This is ridiculous! Stupid, stupid, pretty humans! What is that legendary battle, a fairy tale. What the people do not know seems to have lost the prophetic art of knowing the birth of a brave man and a demon king. Even though the time has continued without it, I don’t think people have fallen so far. “

“Oh, I don’t understand the situation …”

 In short, there are amazing guys, heroes and demons, who reincarnate regularly, but because of the long intervals, the human side becomes a fairy tale, while the long-lived demons are properly spoken. I mean …

“But is it true that you are a hero or a demon king? Isn’t it your delusion?”

“Playing words. It is impossible that the decree 12 years ago was a delusion. And I did see it in that mansion tonight. The brave man told in the decree — wielding extraordinary power , A woman with red hair “

“Red hair?”

 No way.

“Ah, Amu? It’s true that she’s a little weirdly strong. Yeah, a brave man …”

“Is it called Amu? I didn’t have to look it up.”

“Welcome. Well.”

 I laugh at the devil.

“You’re going to kill me here.”

“… Hmm, is this the end of the question and answer? If so, let’s finish it quickly. —- Come, genus.”

 From the huge magic circle and the slightly smaller magic circle embedded inside it — three demons appeared.

 Mmm, it looks a little strong.

 Much smaller than those in the auditorium, but with a large force flow.

 Especially in the middle, the one with a red pattern on the body.

“They are different from the Lesser Demon. They are the elite of my subordinates, who also cross over with your army on a single horse. Unfortunately …”


《Phase of fire and soil — The art of demon fire》

 An oversized blue fireball hits the one on the left.

 The exploding core of “Onibi” was digging into the demon’s chest.

 A piece of human backlash secretly sticks to the individual on the right side, blinding the individual on the left side that collapses flashily.

 Tie a mark with one hand.

《Phase of the sun ―――― Art of fruit drop》

 At that moment, the demon on the right was crushed.

 Due to its own weight, which has increased a thousand times at a stretch, the ground is dented and the body is sludge in it.

“I don’t need to be weak”

 Without a glance at the two bodies that were defeated in an instant.

 A demon with a red pattern rushes to me.

 The claws approach.

“Get only this guy”

 The last demon stopped working.

 Don’t make slight movements while swinging your nails at me.

 Around it, there are five pieces of human backlash.

 The five-pointed star team with that as the apex blocked the movement of the demon.

 Float the human backlash that will be the door.

 Tie a mark and chant the mantra.

“―――― ओम्दश सप्त षोडश त्रीणिअष्ट एकम्निक्ष।कष्निक्ष।

《Dharmapala — Demon Phase Transfer》

 Space is distorted and light leaks.

 The last demon was quickly sucked into the rattling of the door.

 Before I knew it, the embers of phosphorus burned and the sludge returned to a quiet forest with an unpleasant odor.

“You … what have you done now?”

“Hmm? I got it. I didn’t need it, but for the time being.”

“… Transfer magic? I don’t know where it was sent, but manipulating the magic of darkness to bury my genus. It seems like I’ll do it a little.”

 Also, a devil who interprets it conveniently glares at me.

“Good. Then — I’m proud. This demonMaleYuTo die in the hands of Gull Galeos “

 A devil who calls himself Galeos. The soil around it rises.

 It was a black-silver sword that grew out of the clod.

“I’m the metal devil who controls the soil and fire. I don’t think I can do the same thing as the genus.”

 The blade emerges and points its cutting edge at me.

 I wonder if the material is iron.

 It certainly looks stronger than the demons.

 I’m not sure because I knocked it down too much in an instant.

“You can’t get the same hand?”

 Try hitting some “Onibi”.

 Galeos greeted it with a floating blade.

 The blue fireball does not reach, and everything explodes in the air and cracks.

“Hmm. Then what about this?”

“it’s useless”

 The human backlash of “Fruit” that was secretly skipped.

 All of them burned as soon as they approached Galeos.

 It seems true to use the magic of fire.

“Is it over? Then die.”

 Galeos shoots a blade.

 I avoided it normally.

 What is it, it’s late. Was it disappointing …



 I turn away from the humor.

 From directly behind・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・The blade that flew in had only to squeeze the cheeks shallowly.

 If you glance at the back, you can see the afterglow of the magic circle in the air.

 Did this guy transfer the flying blade?

“I’m a demon. It’s natural to be able to manipulate it like a limb, a transfer magic of darkness.”

 This time, the magic of fire is released to me.

 I avoid it a lot, but I was dazzled by the light.

 Because of that, I was only slightly delayed in noticing the appearance of Galeos, who was thin.

MadaOgoWhat? “

 The black silver blade in his hand is flashed.

 Severe pain in the right arm.

 ―――― The tip was cut off from the elbow.

 Fortunately, the time it took to realize that fact was instant.

“Chi …”

 I immediately swapped positions with the formulas that were nearby and moved away from Galeos.

 The flow of qi suppresses pain in the right arm, and hemostasis is performed in the cross section with human backlash.

 I can still fight, but I can’t help but get frustrated.

 I’ve done it.

“You use strange transfer magic, humans. But what about this?”

 Innumerable fine blades that had been created before I knew it were released from Galeos in all directions.

 They accurately pierced my shikigami.

 The weakened human backlash flutters to the ground.

 I feel my facial expression strengthening.

“… Well, I understand Shikigami. I should have hidden it.”

“Now you can’t use metastasis anymore.”

 Galeos says.

“Let’s admit, humans. You are strong. You defeated my genus lightly and resisted me with various magics. You and your heroes have been defeated with pride in your compatriots.”

“… What do you think it’s over?”

 I fire “Onibi” in rapid succession.

 However, the target figure of Galeos disappears with the afterglow of the magic circle.

“The cause of your defeat is thatMadaOgoRida “

 The next moment.

 Black blades fell on me from all directions.

 There should be no place to avoid it, and it penetrates the whole body.

 I poke my knee.

 Blood spills from the viscera and overflows from the mouth.

 Galeos stands in front of me, who is dyed red.

“I was unlucky to have such power as a child. If I was mature, I wouldn’t have tried such a reckless battle.”

“Well, so … what, I feel like I’m done …”

“Is the end”

 Galeos shook his sword casually.

 The blade has no mold.

 But unfortunately — I cut off my neck.


 Looking down at the headless corpse, Galeos sighs and mutters.

“I’m trying to have an interesting fight against a human child … No, there was still another brave man left.”

 A demon man who returns his heels.

 Towards its back.

 I sing a song.

“―――― Clear night, without cloudiness, be lonely. HateBlack cloudKurokumo,LostUI don’t think

* Fruit drop technique

A technique to increase the weight of an object and crush it. The positive energy governs the positive energy. In “Konjaku Monogatari Shu”, Vol. 24, Episode 16, there is a description of a similar technique used by Seimei Abe.

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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