The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 13

The Stronest Onmyoji Fights

A magical training ground illuminated by moonlight.

 The place away from the mansion was the stage of the duel at midnight.

“Isn’t it too fast? Grai brother”

 I say.

“Did you wait until tomorrow? My father said he would be there.”

“—- Shut up”

 Gly distorts his expression.

“Shut up, shut up! When did you start planning !?”

“What? I’ve always wanted to go to the Magic Academy since I was seven years old. I think Gly’s brother taught me happily. Don’t you remember?”

“You …! Don’t worry … I’m just lucky! If a monster happened to appear and I couldn’t defeat it, you would be thrown into the army!”

“It happens, ne”

 I smile bitterly.

“Then I wish my brother had defeated him. Don’t scream and run away.”

“My father had instructed me not to leave the mansion! I would have just followed it!”

“If so, why don’t you say that directly to your father? In the first place, my brother was abandoned because of poor behavior from before.”

“It doesn’t matter what you do! If you have the ability as a magician”

“So you say I’ll show it tomorrow, right?”

“Under my father’s conditions, it’s lukewarm …”

 Gly clasps the cane.

“Attack magic of medium or higher is prohibited? Then you can not show your ability. There is no condition, Seika. Either one will surrender or it will be settled because it is impossible to fight. If you lose, you can say that you will get off the game to your father tomorrow. Get out! “

“Isn’t it dangerous to have magic above the middle level? Tomorrow … I wonder if I can speak.”

“What’s wrong with that?”


“I’m Seika. You haven’t liked it for a long time.”

“I know, brother. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been an enemy of my eyes.”

 By the way … why?

 I was wondering if it was a concubine, but is it really just like this?

 ……whatever. I don’t care.

“Because I’m sleepy, let’s do it sooner.


 Power swirls around Grai’s wand.

“――――Flame halberdFlame note!! !! “

 A thick band of Guren bursts from the cane.

 The flames that illuminate the night swallowed me with momentum.

“How is it! I can handle it more easily, like the magic used by slaves!”

“―――― If you say so, why don’t you give it a little more power?”

 A space where the flames are clear.

 Looking at me standing in the same place unscathed, Gly opens her eyes in a daze.

“…Wind spearWind LanceHmm! !! “

 A spear of the wind is released.

 But it didn’t reach me.

 When the wind spear hits an empty space, it disappears leaving a ripple of light.

 I don’t even feel a breeze.

“Ke, Barrier !? It’s the magic of light attributes !?”

“Hey, the barrier is a light attribute.”

 Mumble vaguely.

 It’s a simple barrier using eight human backlashes, but there is no sign that it is likely to be broken by Gly.

 I pick up a new human backlash.

 ―――― Gly’s hair is squeezed with wax.

Wind spearWind LanceHmm! Wind spearWind LanceHmm! “

“It’s noisy. No magic anymore.”

 Draw a mark on Grai’s human backlash with magical power.

 Grai also swung his cane down with the vocalization of the surgical name.

 But this time nothing happens.

“…? Wind spearWind LanceHmm! Shit,Flame halberdFlame note!! !! What’s the magic …? What did you do! “

“It is also prohibited to move afterwards”

 Hit the human backlash with a magical hand.

 Then Gly, who was trying to get close to me, suddenly stopped moving.

“Nah, move … this is a darkness attribute …?”

“Is this a dark attribute?”

 It’s certainly dark, though.

 It seems that the light and dark attributes here do not correspond to the positive and negative of the Yin-Yang road at all.

“Huh …”

 I sigh and approach Gly casually.

 And, as a matter of fact, I squeezed the right foot part of the human backlash.


 Grai screams, kneels on his right knee, and falls to the ground.

 My face is covered with dirt because I didn’t touch it properly.

“Hey Gly. If you say no conditions, Gly should have brought a sword. You’re a little good at swordsmanship, right? It doesn’t matter if that happens.”

 While saying, squeeze the left hand part.

 Gly screams again.

“Oh, oh, you … what, this, magic … this, I heard …”

“That’s it. Don’t you think it’s funny?”

 I speak while walking around Gly, who lies down on the ground.

“You can do anything magic? After all, it’s a technology that interrupts the world’s reason. You can curse and kill people from a distance, you can see where you are looking for and the future. You can cure any wounds or illnesses, and in some cases death. , Even the soul is at your disposal. “

 While talking, I squeeze the left foot and right hand of the human backlash.

“But when it comes to four-attribute magic, it’s fire and wind … You can often use it in such an insignificant way. Don’t you think it’s a waste? Hey, Gly brother?”

 When I saw it, Gly seemed to be breathless.

 As expected, there was no scream in the fourth one.

 By the way, the pain is not enough now, but if I leave it as it is, my limbs will rot over a few days.

 This is a curse.

“How are you, Gly brother. Will you surrender?”

“Surrender, … forgive …”

“Forgive me”

 Stroke the human backlash.

 Then, all the crushed wrinkles grew and were restored as if they were new.

 I peel off the waxed hair and throw it away.

 This completely lifted the curse.

“Uh …”

“Well, can’t I move for a while … but I’ll keep my promise. Tell my father that I’m going to get out of the game tomorrow and leave the house and join the army. Don’t scream anymore. That’s why “

 Without looking back, I leave the training ground.

 Oh my god, it took extra effort.

“Hmm. You’re a completely unfamiliar person, such as challenging Seika to that extent.”

 Yuki in a fox looks into her face through her hair.

“But was it okay? I showed you a part of Seika’s power, but you can keep it alive.”

“I promised Luft.”


 As my brother expected, I hope I’ll be disciplined with this.


The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an exorcist. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


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