The Most Popular Comedian Chapter 27: Ill-packed


The contrast between ideal and reality is like being struck by lightning to Wen Zezong.
He felt that his tears were about to come down.
Qu Youhe didn’t know, so he leaned over and took a look, “Eh, this groundhog is so cute…” After he finished speaking, he scanned Wen Zezhen’s expression, and his pupils quaked, “Fuck! Brother Zong, you are being caught.” Moe is crying?”
Wen Zezheng endured his sadness and corrected him aggrievedly, “This is a sea otter.”
Qu Youhe, “Oh, what is that groundhog like?”
Wen Zezhen, “The groundhog is the one that can scream.”
For example, the current self.

After expressing his heart, Rong Yuheng received his mobile phone happily, and turned his head to Pu Zaixi’s expression of indescribable expression.
Rong Yuheng stretched out his hand and patted his distorted little face, as innocent as a little wise, “I’ve made it all clear, don’t worry.”
Pu Zaixi’s face was slapped with a “pop” sound, but he still felt that the noise was far less than the one-hundredth of the pat on Wen Zezong’s face.
“What can I do to rest assured, I think you should be more concerned.”
Rong Yuheng’s head turned back happily, as if thinking of something funny, he was immediately touched by the switch, making a sound of “Kokokoko…”.
“Why do I grow so much heart, do I have a flower in my heart?”
After he finished speaking, he arched Pu Zaixi like a pig and worm, “The hair in my heart~ I want to take you back to Ga~”
Pu Zaixi was staggered, “…”
He wanted to turn into a dog and take his roommate away.
Pu Zaixi patiently guided him, “Do you know what a good person card means?”
Rong Yuheng is not a pure stupid, he immediately understood his subtext when he heard this, and analyzed,
“Isn’t a good person card a pig-killing knife in love, a name-voting certificate in friendship?”
Given his relationship with Wen Zezong, what’s the problem with issuing a good person card?
—No problem at all!
Rong Yuheng gave himself a “like” from the bottom of his heart.
Pu Zaixi pondered for several seconds, and then he was persuaded by his seemingly, plausible and reasonable logic!
He thought: Yes, this **** “friendship”.
This wonderful statement about the “good guy card” was quickly put aside by these two equally forgetful silly roe deers.
Because it will be the third round of promotion in one week.
The director group has always been bells and whistles, and the third round of the promotion has changed its competition system compared to the previous two: this time two groups of teams are divided into ten groups for performances, and the two are both partners and competitors.
Therefore, who to choose as a partner has become a crucial part of winning the game.
Each of the four in Rong Yuheng’s dormitory had their own methods, and they were kept neatly until now. They plan to digest internally, in pairs.
Here, Rong Yuheng and Zou Yi are ranked higher. Rong Yuheng intends to put Zou Yi and Pu Zaixi in the group, and himself and Zhou Shubai in the group.
Zou Yi and Pu Zaixi said there was no problem, but Zhou Shubai fell into hesitation.
“No, I’m afraid that my brother will get in the way and hurt you.”
When he mentions Jianlun against Jianlun, the other three are exhausted together.
Especially Rong Yuheng, who had battled head-on with the former, he didn’t understand the brain circuit of this evil tyrant at all.
Zou Yi said, “Why don’t you go to Teacher Ke for asylum this time.”
Zhou Shubai, “Can you?”
Rong Yuheng was still immersed in his personal senses, and he blurted out, “How can’t it, isn’t garlic just to ward off evil spirits?”
The topic was suddenly interrupted for a few seconds like an old TV.
Then Rong Yuheng’s head shook, and a piece of hair stood up leisurely to signal everyone.
Zou Yi has a strong physique and strong resistance to toxicity, and is the first to connect to the radio wave.
The first thing he did after powering up was to condemn, “Your brother is too hateful!”
Zhou Shubai corrected him for the second time, “He is not hateful. He is just overbearing and self-independent. He is arrogant and self-respecting, regardless of the wishes of others.
Rong Yuheng felt that the weight of this string of modifiers was much heavier than “hateful”.
“Is your relationship good or bad…”
“It’s fine too.”
Zou Yi, “He has interfered with your wishes, don’t you hate him?”
Zhou Shubai said, “I don’t hate it.”
Zou Yi didn’t understand. He wasn’t a real brother. It was not like under the blood bond, many things can be understood and forgiven.
He hated iron and steel and squeezed Zhou Shubai’s fate on the nape of his neck, trying to lift him up and shake him a few times, “I don’t allow you to possess the Virgin!”
Zhou Shubai was lifted and slipped like a face, but he still did not lower his noble head.
“This young master is not the Virgin! … I just think that it is very tiring to be disgusting if you don’t see the person you see when you look up.”
Zou Yi loosened his hand and the white-faced leather returned to the ground.
Zhou Shubai clutched the back of his neck and continued to speak, “Seriously, this thing my brother did really hates me, but I don’t hate him as a person.”
Rong Yuheng was stunned when he heard the words, “Can you separate the disgusting person from the disgusting thing?”
Zhou Shubai said, “As long as you want, you can be separated. Why should people have trouble with themselves.”
Rong Yuheng’s eyelashes trembled, and his heart felt like he had been knocked lightly by something.
There is a faint muffled pain, and echoes.
Pu Zaixi cruelly broke this deepness and forced Zhou Shubai to face reality.
“But you still have to develop in the entertainment industry in the future. What can you do if your brother doesn’t allow you to be exposed to the public?”
Upon hearing this, Zhou Shubai faltered like a prince in trouble in a troubled world.
He also raised his hand and wiped the tears that didn’t exist at the corner of his eyes.
Rong Yuheng didn’t want to see the former’s pretentious posture. He broke away from the inexplicably low mood before, and his brilliant and colorful soul began to glow…
For a moment, a Venus star suddenly rose from the horizon—with the brilliance of wisdom spilling on the guarded Zhou Shubai.
Rong Qiming, “I can show you a clear path.”
Zhou Shubai probed, “What?”
Rong Qiming’s eyes were kind, “playing a double-action.”
Although Rong Yuheng’s proposal seemed like an absurd fart, it also opened up new ideas for Zhou Shubai—
He was going to ask Qiu Jianlun if he would not interfere with his performance as long as he did not show his face.

At this time no one realized that the plot has quietly changed to a strange branch.
Wen Zezheng has not returned any news to Rong Yuheng since he was issued his card.
Whenever he opens the dialog between the two, he always sees the phrase “You are a good person.”
There is also a sea otter rubbing his face below, as if that sentence came from the sea otter’s head.
Wen Zezheng was uncomfortable:
He didn’t know why such a lovely creature had such an extraordinary lethality.
Moreover, Rong Yuheng didn’t receive a reply and didn’t ask for a second sentence-he was completely placed!
Wen Zezhen was unhappy for a moment, and then poked into a dialog box of one of his friends.
This person’s name is Kuang Zhao, and his father Kuang Yong is a good friend of Wen Zhongyun’s circle.
Kuang Yong once gave charcoal in the most difficult moments of Wen Zhongyun’s opera career, and supported the latter all the way out of the trough. Since then, the relationship between the two has been called a close friendship.
After Wen Zexong came into contact with Kuang Zhao, he found that the latter likes giving charcoal just like his father Kuang Yong, and then classified him as a friend.
At this moment, Wen Zezong is trying to take in a trace of human warmth from Kuang Zhao, the heir of the “sending charcoal family”.
He poked into Kuang Zhao’s dialog box, holding the principle that silence is golden, and said with restraint:
—I was issued a card.
Kuang Zhao’s essence is a playboy, and he doesn’t know where he is at this moment. After a long time, he replied in shock:
—At your worth, someone can still issue a small card when staying in the hotel! ?
For a moment, Wen Zezhen questioned his vision of choosing a friend.
[Wen Zetong]: It’s not that kind of card, it’s a good person card.
[Kuang Zhao]: It scares me to death, that’s good.
Wen Zeleng, “?”
No, this is not good at all.
[Kuang Zhao]: It seems that your charity has finally paid off.
Wen Zezong, “…”
It may be that he usually feels like a personality. Indifferent, Kuang Zhao doesn’t think about it at all. Wen Zezheng squeezed the phone, fixed his eyes on the screen, facing the word “philanthropy”, inexplicably heartbreaking.
His enthusiasm is more than charity.
Wen Zetong closed the phone, not only did not feel the warmth, but was even more sad…
I was sore, calling him as soon as a phone call, Chen Li, the director of “Ace of the Stars”, expressed expectation in his tone.
“Ms. Wen, you haven’t come to our program group for a long time. The audience misses you. Can you come here in two days?”
A beam of sunlight shines through the window into the room, and the whole room is full of glory.
Wen Zerong’s eyebrows were reflected in light, and he felt the ice and snow in his heart melt, gurgling…
He tried to make his voice sound as steady as usual, “I have to check the schedule first, it should be ok.”
It’s not just a good person card. When you see me, you can’t apply for a refund.
The director team not only called Wen Zezong, but also Song Tang, Qiao Tan and Jin Zhiyao.
The third qualifying match is coming soon, and all the instructors must be on the scene before the start of the match to drive traffic.
Near the competition, almost all the trainees returned to the training center and found their own partners for training.
Rong Yuheng and Zhou Shubai are in a group, correcting his pronunciation like an intelligent AI.
“It’s no… nasal, oh-no.”
Rong Yuheng, “Here! Now here—!”
Zhou Shubai, “Huh! Huh!”
Rong Yuheng was tired, and Zhou Shubai seemed to be feeding pigs.
The key point is that he still has a sense of sight, that he is the pig.
“Brother Shubai, if you pronounce it like this, I am afraid that no one will dare to play duo with you in the future.”
Zhou Shubai’s eyes widened like brass bells, “Why did you acquiesce that I want to act as a double spring!”
Rong Yuheng suddenly awakened from his inherent thinking, then raised **** in ashamed, and made a “kneeling” motion on the palm of the other hand.
“I’m sorry to arrange you without authorization.”
The two tortured each other to train until the meal.
When I was walking to the restaurant downstairs with my partner, I saw a familiar figure standing at the top of the stairs.
A window was opened on the wall of the stairs, the light from outside penetrated, and the man was completely caged in the halo, tall and straight.
Zhou Shubai slammed into Rong Yuheng, “Hey, don’t you see that…”
Rong Yuheng raised his eyes to look over, and immediately pointed out cheerfully.
“This shape! It’s Teacher Wen!”
Zhou Shubai took a breath: What a beautiful Chinese!
Rong Yuheng pulled Zhou Shubai all the way to “Da Da Da”, “Teacher Wen, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”
Wen Zezheng’s eyes stayed on Rong Yuheng’s hand holding Zhou Shubai for two seconds, and then moved to the opponent’s face.
“long time no see.”
It’s really been a long time since I saw each other. The last time I met was in a police movie.
As soon as Zhou Shubai called out “Teacher Wen”, he saw the words “Quickly Go” in Wen Zezhen’s eyes.
“…” He blinked vigorously, not an illusion.
Zhou Shubai “leaned” in his heart and consciously broke free of Rong Yuheng’s claws, “Pe…Yuheng, you talk first, I will go down to Zou Yi and the others.”
Before Rong Yuheng could answer, he slipped his feet and disappeared into the corridor with the exhaust of aristocrats.
Rong Yuheng was caught off guard to be abandoned:…
Wen Zezhen glanced at him and said lightly, “Let’s go.”
Rong Yuheng wondered, “Where to go?”
“I packed some meals, in the rest room, let’s eat together.” Wen Zezheng added, “I heard that your resources are always intercepted. I want to talk to you.”
“Okay.” Rong Yuheng did not doubt that he was there, and followed the former to the rest room. After just two steps, he exclaimed, “Mr. Wen, you are really a good person.”
Wen Zezheng paused, and a group of sea otters instantly filled his mind, rubbing his faces with joy in front of him…
He didn’t want to think about it, and instead competed with the same title, “You didn’t call me that before.”
Rong Yuheng was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered, “Oh~little brother-Kekekekeke…”
After he finished calling, he leaned forward recklessly, “Teacher Wen, you like this kind of address, so just say it if you like it.”
Rong Yuheng Lang saw Wen Zezong’s face looking bad, and immediately hugged himself vigilantly, “Brother, what do you want to do? You are a good person, you can’t collapse.”
Wen Zezhen took a deep look at the former: It’s really too much to clean up.
He was holding the three shiny cards of good people in his heart, and then, a sullen thought came up:
The little brother is not a good person.
The little brother may still want to do bad things.
The author has something to say: If I stayed in the comment area yesterday, I might be overwhelmed: [Sea Otter Rubbing Face] I threw it in wb @总攻马户子_lvz I need to be able to pick it up~
Ps. Regarding the big guy’s worries about the geese:
*The broker will change at ease
*The road after Mr. Qiu is a magical road, and the scenes rarely need to care too much.
—Really don’t try to replenish the blood drama, orz, this is a pure sand glyph!
You can rest assured “hahaha” ~ The sand sculpture in this article is justice, and logic is its own system!

The Most Popular Comedian

The Most Popular Comedian

The Hottest Comedian, TMPC, 最红谐星[娱乐圈]
Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Rong Yuheng, a rich second generation, was driven out of the house by his father and had no choice but to sneak off to participate in an audition to start his career. While introducing himself on the audition stage: The host: “Please briefly describe your experiences.” Rong Yuheng: “I’ve lived life like a joke for the first half of my life.” Audience: “He must have a hidden, tragic past!” In his promotion, Rong Yuheng, with his comedy skills, muddled along and made a name for himself as he debuted as a comedian among a group of idols. Audience: “……So, it turned out to be a joke like this!” Meanwhile, Wen Zecheng, a top star in the entertainment industry, made his debut at a young age and won three awards, his road to stardom shining and bright. It was commonly known in the industry that Wen Zecheng was a serious, rigorous, cold, and restrained man without any hint of scandal. They danced together for the first time on the audition stage. Rong Yuheng, with his mouth filled with obscenities, said, “Wen-laoshi, let’s rock! Raise your butt higher! You can do it right?” Wen Zecheng: “……” — On a certain year, underneath dark, windy skies. Wen Zecheng, “Raise your butt higher, you can do it right?” Rong Yuheng, “……” Huhuhu. 🙂


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