The Most Popular Comedian Chapter 25: Called brother

Called brother

As soon as the voice fell, even the air fell into silence.
Xi Tao’s trembling body stopped shaking and became stiff.
The three men present looked at Rong Yuheng’s eyes instantly, “…are you straight?”
Rong Yuheng was at a loss, “Ah?”
Has he just hinted at his sexual orientation?
Su Yuyin tried to enlighten him, “You let a girl crawl… uh, creeping, isn’t it unsightly?”
Rong Yuheng turned his head and glanced at Xi Tao, who had already stood up again. He didn’t think there was a problem at all, “She is wearing pants.”
Su Yuyin sighed, “Stop Liao.”
You can’t attribute this person’s brain circuits to ordinary people.
Although Xi Tao was afraid in her heart, she did not flinch. She came with the task of promoting the new drama this time, and she must perform well.
Moreover, Su Yuyin mentioned to her that they were awake: They are a group and should work together.
Under the nervous crowd watching, Xi Tao finally slowly moved to the opposite side. The moment she stepped on the platform, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
There is a row of words written on the opposite wall:
Everything here is given to my favorite daughter Jenny.
Xi Tao read it again, but didn’t see any information. She took a closer look and suddenly found that the point in the middle of the word “love” was a button.
“Here is a button!” She exclaimed, raising her hand and pressing it.
Two partitions stretched out from both sides of the pool, slowly moved to the middle, and finally joined together to form a piece of land connecting the platforms at both ends.
“We can pass.” Su Yuyin walked over the partition with the remaining three people. The clapboard under my feet is very stable, I can see that the program group has spent a lot of money.
Chen Shulin sighed, “It’s just a trial version that is so elaborate. I don’t know how much it will cost for the official recording in the future…Thank you to the sponsors and fathers.”
Gou Li repeated, “Thank you to the fathers of the gold masters.”
Su Yuyin followed the line, “Thanks to the fathers of the gold masters.”
After the three of them finished speaking, they cast their hopeful eyes on Rong Yuheng.
“…” Rong Yuheng was silent for two seconds, but still opened his mouth, “Thank you to the fathers of the gold master.”
The key is that those few are really his “daddy”.
When the five arrived opposite, Xi Tao also returned with shoes and socks.
Although Rong Yuheng didn’t know what was wrong with the phrase “creeping forward”, he expressed his kindness apologetically. He reached out and patted Xi Tao, “Thank you~”
Xi Tao pursed her lips and smiled, “It’s okay.”
Su Yu, who brought this scene into his eyes, was deeply gratified.
He felt like he had brought a group of problem children before, and now the cubs are finally beginning to be sensible.
Gou Li was unaware of the wonderful aura between the three of them over there, only delving into the clues of the game.
He was brainwashed by Rong Yuheng’s “Girl Treasure Theory”, and now he sees any setting that is full of meaning.
“What’s the hint for this sentence, right?”
Chen Shulin said, “I think so too, otherwise, what are we doing here?”
Su Yuyin analyzed, “This sentence contains two pieces of information: first, everything here belongs to a girl named Jenny; second, the giver is her father or mother. So this’treasure’ should be for this Both have important things.”
The others nodded like chickens pecking rice.
Mother chicken Su Yu slapped her wings, “Let’s go, let’s see where the next scene is.”
Xi Tao, “But this room is closed, can’t you get out?”
“I just heard something in the last room,” Chen Shulin said, “Let’s go back and take a look.”
When the group returned to the bubble-filled room, they saw a crack in the wall on the other side of the room. They rushed forward and pushed hard at the cracks in the wall together—
The room behind it appeared in front of you.
It was dark inside, and only by relying on the light in this room to penetrate in, could some of the scenery be faintly seen. Five infrared rays are fired alternately inside, and there is a luminous switch on the innermost wall of the room.
“You have to go inside to turn off the infrared rays, right?”
Su Yu spread her hands, “I really can’t do this, can anyone of you go there?”
No one knows the consequences of a mistake. Although Xi Tao wants to make more shots, he still needs to make sure that he doesn’t make a mistake.
Chen Shulin and Gouli thoughts similar to hers: Chen Shulin knew that she was not flexible enough, and Gouli didn’t dare to take this risk.
Anyway, there will be a chance to perform again later, and this mechanism is really a bit hanged right now.
Rong Yuheng actually didn’t really want to go. He was severely night blind, and he didn’t know if he would bump into it when he entered.
Su Yuyin saw that none of the others had the will, so she could only say, “Or I will go.”
He walked inward as he said, but before he even entered the door he stumbled on the threshold and almost rolled in!
Fortunately, Chen Shulin quickly helped the former with his eyesight, and this did not lead to a tragedy.
Everyone, “…”
Teacher Su seems to be a not too smart Yazi.
Rong Yuheng looked complicated, “Brother Su, or I will come.”
She is only night blind, but Su Yu Yin seems to be blind.
Rong Yuheng’s T-shirts were all loose-fitting versions. At this moment, he was afraid that the hem was swept by infrared rays, so he reached out and tied the hem on his waist.
In an instant, the tight and flexible waist curve was revealed. Below the tight waistline, there are straight buttocks; tight-fitting black jeans wrap the legs, symmetrical and energetic.
Xi Tao couldn’t hold back her mouth, “Oh”, the sound of “grass” was hidden behind…
Gou Li’s eyes lit up, and he ran over carelessly, and slapped Rong Yuheng’s buttocks very straightly.
“Eh, your little figure…!”
Rong Yuheng, “…”
As a long-haired dog “pattered” Gou Li’s face, the former took a deep breath and stepped into the room.
Infrared scanning is messy, but it is not without rules.
Rong Yuheng thought for a moment, and suddenly fell to the ground with a “puff”!
Everyone behind them was frightened collectively, and they all poked their heads out, “What are you doing…!”
Rong Yuheng was very persistent about his proposal, “creeping forward.”
Everyone, “…”
Then they saw the former move in like a cat, rubbing against the ground bit by bit…
This is completely different from the handsome action of an agent in the imagination!
Rong Yuheng crawled quite smoothly, and it could even be said to be as silky as milk-with a kick of his calf and a push of his butt, he quickly approached the target with twists and turns!
Yang Wen’s pupil behind the night vision camera earthquake: How could this happen!
He didn’t even think that someone would slip past the floor in strips, so the range of infrared rays was basically above the height of the calf.
Who knew that Rong Yuheng was such a show, almost swam past!
Outside the room, after a few seconds of shock, everyone unexpectedly discovered that the plan was feasible. They couldn’t help but cast aside their conscience in a uniform manner. They all waved their flags and shouted, “Rongrong quickly!”
Rong Yuheng’s swimming speed instantly increased, and he reached the other side of victory in less than half a minute. He got up, raised his hand and pressed the switch—the next second, the infrared was turned off, and the light in the whole room was bright.
Except for the Kangzhuang Avenue where Rong Yuheng slid past, there are a row of shoe cabinets on both sides, full of beautiful high heels; the surrounding walls are recessed, made into a wardrobe full of skirts.
Xi Tao couldn’t resist completely, her eyes were full of energy: These are all treasures! It’s all treasures!
The remaining four people walked up to Rong Yuheng to join him, Su Yuyin stretched out his arms and hugged him, “It’s been a lot of work, it’s very cold on the ground, right?”
Rong Yuheng didn’t want to exaggerate the hard work, but humbled his head, “Fortunately, when there is heat when rubbing, it will be offset.”
Su Yu choked, and then convincingly exclaimed, “What a novel knowledge of physics!”
There is an envelope in the center of the showcase at this end. Chen Shulin reached out and took it, opened it and found that it was a wedding invitation: the bride is Jenny.
“What does this mean?”
Gou Li’s brain opened wide, “Could it be that the treasure is the baby?”
Rong Yuheng was horrified, “You mean the show crew has hidden a baby who can’t be called here!?”
Everyone, “…”
Su Yuyin felt that it was time for him to play the correct guiding role, so he immediately stopped the loss in time.
“It’s just getting married, I didn’t say it was Fengzi’s marriage.”
Gou Li & Rong Yuheng, “Oh.”
I don’t know if it was an illusion, the two looked very regretful.
Su Yuyin said, “The treasure is related to marriage.”
Rong Yuheng was stunned, “You mean hiding a man!”
This time even Go Li was silent, “…”
Su Yu choked, and then said earnestly, “Don’t be full of Tibetans…wait for your future girlfriend to see this show, and see how you coax.”
Only then did Rong Yuheng attract attention, “I have been taught.”

The room is all here. Several people rummaged in the space for a while, and when they found nothing, they got together again and started discussing the results.
Su Yuyin took the lead and spoke first. “Let’s summarize, first, this is something the parents gave to their daughter Jenny, indicating that this treasure is meaningful to both parties; second, Jenny is getting married, indicating that it must have something to do with the wedding. relationship.”
Chen Shulin and Gouli had no clue at all. Their minds were all “babies” and “men” who were biased by Rong Yuheng, and the more they thought about it, the more reasonable they became!
Xi Tao thought for a while and raised his hand, “I have an idea, because I am also a girl, so from my point of view, I will cherish the wedding dress I wear when I get married.”
Su Yuyin’s eyes lit up and she looked around, “Isn’t this just a closet? Let’s find out if there is a wedding dress!”
When the two of them made such a proposal, everyone quickly searched and searched around, and suddenly heard Chen Shulin exclaimed, “Really found it!”
The former stretched out his head from the cabinet, holding a wedding dress in his hand. The skirt is packed in a gift box, submerged in the middle of a pile of gift boxes, you can’t find it unless you open them one by one.
“Hiding so deep, it’s it!”
Chen Shulin raised his hand and opened his dress, and saw a card pressed below—
To my favorite daughter Jenny: You will always be Dad’s baby.
Su Yuyin said, “I think so. The’treasure’ of this issue is the wedding dress my father gave his daughter to get married.”
The sound of the program group is transmitted into the field through the microphone in a timely manner, “Are you sure?”
Su Yuyin nodded, “We are sure, because this’treasure’ is not just a skirt, but a father’s love.”
He said, “In fact, we can see that this father has created so many’girls’ paradise’ for his daughter, how much he should love his daughter. But now his daughter is leaving him and going to marry The other man… those of us present can’t realize this mood for the time being. I think this mood is the most precious thing for Jenny.”
After a while, Director Yang sighed helplessly in the microphone, “Teacher Su, you have said it like this, even if it’s not right, I have to say it right…not to mention-you got it right! Congratulations!”
“Yeah!” As the director announced the success of the mission, everyone present cheered and hugged each other.
Especially Rong Yuheng, the whole person is shining, and the joy is almost overflowing the camera. Looking closer, this joy is also mixed with the joy of going to eat.
He is really going to be starving. This show lasts for four or five hours. The consumption of physical and mental energy is not a joke.
When the recording ended, everyone returned to the lounge to open their lunches.
Yang Wen stood in front of them and clapped his hands. “Thanks for your hard work, just add some thoughts in a while.” He finished speaking and turned to Rong Yuheng, “Xiao Rong, your phone rang before, do you want to answer it? phone?”
“Okay, thank you Director Yang.”
Rong Yuheng thought it was Xu Sun, but he didn’t expect it to be the call invitation initiated by Wen Zezheng.
He froze for a moment, then got up and walked out the door and dialed back.
The call was picked up after ringing twice, and Wen Zezhen seemed to be on long standby.
“Hello? Teacher Wen, I was recording a show just now, and I didn’t bring my mobile phone.”
Wen Zezhen’s voice sounded very soft, “It’s okay, I know.”
Before Rong Yuheng asked him why he knew, the latter asked, “How is the section list?”
Rong Yuheng recalled the recording process, and it blossomed immediately, “Very good! And Brother Su also takes good care of me.”
The other side was silent for several seconds.
Just when Rong Yuheng thought the signal was bad, Wen Zezong’s voice came again clearly, “Brother Su, who is it?”
“Su Yuyin, Teacher Su.”
“You call him’brother’?”
Wen Zezhen’s tone was a little weird, and Rong Yuheng was unclear. So, “Yes, Brother Su is ten years older than me, so it’s okay to call me brother.”
Wen Zezhen paused, and after a while, with a hint of awkwardness, he said suggestively, “I’m about five years older than you.”
A small question mark appeared on Rong Yuheng’s head and tentatively said, “So you also call him’Brother’…?”
Wen Zezong, “…”
There are only zero and countless times of discarding face.
Wen Zezong gritted his teeth and simply did nothing, “I mean, what do you call me?”
Rong Yuheng’s blocked brain circuit was suddenly connected at this moment, and he actually understood Wen Zezong’s suggestion!
He thought: It’s over, Wen Zezong’s illness is still not healed.
But what is going on being a little cute?
Wen Zezhen on the other end of the phone waited for a while before hearing a reply. He was so nervous that he pursed his lips. He heard a string of “Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke” laughter from the other side.
Rong Yuheng’s voice smiled, as light as a feather, penetrating the earpiece and scratching his heart.
“Then you are little brother~”
The author has something to say: Wen Zezheng: Some people are alive, but I am already dead.

The Most Popular Comedian

The Most Popular Comedian

The Hottest Comedian, TMPC, 最红谐星[娱乐圈]
Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Rong Yuheng, a rich second generation, was driven out of the house by his father and had no choice but to sneak off to participate in an audition to start his career. While introducing himself on the audition stage: The host: “Please briefly describe your experiences.” Rong Yuheng: “I’ve lived life like a joke for the first half of my life.” Audience: “He must have a hidden, tragic past!” In his promotion, Rong Yuheng, with his comedy skills, muddled along and made a name for himself as he debuted as a comedian among a group of idols. Audience: “……So, it turned out to be a joke like this!” Meanwhile, Wen Zecheng, a top star in the entertainment industry, made his debut at a young age and won three awards, his road to stardom shining and bright. It was commonly known in the industry that Wen Zecheng was a serious, rigorous, cold, and restrained man without any hint of scandal. They danced together for the first time on the audition stage. Rong Yuheng, with his mouth filled with obscenities, said, “Wen-laoshi, let’s rock! Raise your butt higher! You can do it right?” Wen Zecheng: “……” — On a certain year, underneath dark, windy skies. Wen Zecheng, “Raise your butt higher, you can do it right?” Rong Yuheng, “……” Huhuhu. 🙂


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