The Most Popular Comedian Chapter 24: Straight man speaking

Straight man speaking

Chen Shulin felt itchy palms.
He wanted to press Rong Yuheng’s head against the mirror and rub it.
A long-haired dog toy in Go Li’s hand was rubbed and rubbed by him, and he tried his best to warn that he was still on the show.
The two of them exhaled a long breath, then turned around to continue looking for clues.
Rong Yuheng brewed for a long time without getting a response, and finally got out of the world in the mirror, turning his head and asking them in confusion,
“Did I just be blocked?”
As he spoke, he raised his hand and dialed his corner, trying to confirm that the signal was good.
Gou Li looked dumb, “Why don’t you go to Teacher Su, believe me, he can’t hide your light.”
Rong Yuheng, “…”
Alas, blame him for being too dazzling.
Several people searched for a while, and Chen Shulin suddenly exclaimed, “Hey! Look at this!”
He took out a piece of paper from the belly of a kangaroo doll and drew a five-pointed star magic circle on it. “It’s so familiar.”
Gou Li took a look, yelled “Oh oh oh”, turned his head and ran to the next room, “Isn’t this here?”
The remaining two followed to take a look, and they saw exactly the same magic circle pattern printed on the door of the next room. Gou Li pushed the door, but didn’t push, “It’s locked? Does this door need us to open?”
Rong Yuheng said, “There are so many people and powerful, I’ll call Brother Su and the others.”
Chen Shulin looked complicated, “…should we not be able to open the lock with violence, right?”
Rong Yuheng’s expression is more complicated than his. “I mean brainpower.”
Rong Yuheng turned his head and called Su Yuyin and Xi Tao. The latter two also found clues. They were five cards with a dashed solid line and a serial number on the back.
Su Yuyin walked to the magic circle and took a look, “How do you open this, do you have any other clues?”
Chen Shulin handed over the piece of paper in due course.
The front side of the paper is exactly the same magic circle, but when it is turned over, there is an octagon. Su Yuyin flipped it twice, then picked it up and looked at the light—the five points of the five-pointed star were aligned with the five corners of the octagon on the back through the paper.
Xi Tao said, “Will you have to recite a spell, maybe it’s a voice-activated door or something?”
Rong Yuheng thoughtfully, turning his head to face the door quietly, “Magic circle, magic circle, who is the most beautiful woman in this world?”
Su Yuyin’s clues were immediately disrupted by the word “woman”.
He was simply broken for Rong Yuheng’s screen image, “Baby Xiao Rong, you are a man.”
Rong Yuheng, “…oh, man.”
Everyone, “…” What kind of eagle is this?
After the car overturned, Rong Yuheng lost his expression, shifting his sight and reinvesting in the detection of clues.
He got his head under Su Yuyin’s armpit and squinted at the piece of paper. “Do you think this looks like a gossip array.”
Su Yuyin’s eyes lit up, and he didn’t care how Rong Yuheng’s head was made, and quickly turned on the deciphering mode.
“It makes sense! Are these five corners suggesting five pieces of information? Look at the clues Xi Tao and I found. The combination of three solid lines and dotted lines is not a symbol in the gossip?”
Gou Li heard the cloud, “Why are you still involved in gossip?”
Su Yuyin explained, “We just found five cards with symbols and numbers behind them. In this way, we can find the numbers corresponding to the five corners.”
Rong Yuheng said in popular science, “The solid line represents’Yang’, and the dotted line represents’Yin’. This is the’two instruments’ in the gossip; the two solid lines are the’sun’, and one is real and the other is’Shaoyang’; like This card—”He pointed to the three solid-line cards in Su Yuyin’s hand, “It’s the’Qian Gua’ in the gossip.”
Gou Li was not aware of it, “You know so much.”
Rong Yuheng said frankly, “It’s mainly my superstition.”
Su Yuyin glanced at the Jade Guanyin on the chest of the person in front of him, “You trust me quite mixed.”
It’s Buddhism and Taoism.
Rong Yuheng choked, comforting himself, “They will forgive me.”
Su Yuyin didn’t want to be entangled with the former on such a subjective issue—he could see that in the subjective world, Rong Yuheng had a logical system of King Kong invincibility, and no one could shake it.
Su Yuyin said, “These five cards correspond to the five hexagrams of Qian, Kan, Gen, Zhen, and Dui. Each hexagram corresponds to exactly one direction. We should sort the five corners of the door according to the number and touch the mechanism. “After he finished speaking, he walked over first, “Come and come with me.”
When Xi Tao was about to volunteer, a hand was placed on her shoulder.
She turned her head and faced Shang Rong Yuheng’s empathetic face, “You are timid, just let me do this kind of thing.”
Xi Tao, “…”
A smile appeared in Su Yuyin’s eyes, “Xiao Rong, come here.”
The two stood in front of the door, pressing the five corners one by one according to the number on the back of the five hexagrams. Gou Li probed his head from the side, “Will the door open? Eh… wait, how do I feel that the seam of this door is drawn up? of?”
Almost as soon as his voice fell, Su Yuyin pressed down the last corner with his hand, and the magic circle on the door emitted a dazzling light, and then a loud noise came from under the feet of the two of them!
The mechanism covered under the square carpet collapsed instantly!
The three people who stayed on the sideline only heard Rong Yuheng’s uncontrollable tone floating in the air. The two who were still standing there just now fell below the ground—
“My God! Teacher Su, Rong Yuheng!”
“Is the show group playing such a big deal!”
Rong Yuheng and Su Yu Yinrao, no matter how strong their psychological qualities, were also frightened by the sudden sense of weightlessness.
Fortunately, the distance from the ground here is not too high, and there is a pool of ocean **** below it, which plays a very good buffering effect.
Gou Li on the ground trembled and looked down, “I just said… the tranquility before the storm.”
Although Su Yuyin was in his 30s, he was more agile than Rong Yuheng, who was in his 20s. After a few flops, he stood firm and picked up the latter who was still swimming in the ocean ball.
Rong Yuheng had a lot of plays, and he was still in shock after being salvaged, “I thought I would drown!”
As he said, he wiped a handful of water marks that didn’t exist on his face.
Su Yu pursed her lips, “Don’t place too much hope in the later stage.”
It still requires some cost to turn this place into a swimming pool.
Rong Yuheng, “…”
The two were silent, and a worried call from their teammates over their heads, “Are you okay!”
Su Yuyin raised her head and replied, “It’s okay, it’s safe for the time being! Don’t come down first, maybe you need cooperation inside and out!”
“Okay, then you guys be careful!”
Su Yuyin moved a few steps hard in the ocean ball, looked around the walls, and saw that there seemed to be two rows of rock climbing-like “rock spots” on the front wall, leading to an exit from above.
“Xiao Rong, we have to go up there.”
Rong Yuheng took a look, then rushed to the wall, “I will try to climb.”
“I’m coming, it’s too dangerous.”
Rong Yuheng shook his head, “Aren’t you wearing leather shoes today? It’s inconvenient. Let me come, Su brother, you just need to protect me a little bit below.”
Su Yuyin was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Rong Yuheng looked a little sick in his brain, but he was very careful at the critical moment.
Su Yu’s heart was warm and moved, “Okay, brother will follow you down below.”
Rong Yuheng had just climbed two ladders, and he heard the words, “…Let the ocean ball follow me, brother, you are lying underneath, we are just losing both.”
Su Yuyin, “…” He withdrew his previous touch.
Rong Yuheng cautiously climbed up all the way, still feeling a little frustrated. He actually has a slight fear of heights, especially now that there is no such protection device as a lanyard.
But just like what he said, the leather shoes that Su Yuyin wore today are prone to slipping, so it’s up to him to crawl on his own.
It is already a favor for Song Tang to take Su Yuyin to take care of him, and I can’t say that I can really enjoy this care with peace of mind.
After all, they are all one group, and care is mutual.
Rong Yuheng slowly climbed to the top, her palms were already a little sweaty, Su Yuyin urged like an old mother, “Be careful, be careful…”
Rong Yuheng took a deep breath and poked his head little by little to the hidden door on the ceiling.
However, he forgot to wear a unicorn hairpin on his head.
At this point, the small rainbow horn hit the door panel, and it was squeezed into a cake softly, and it also acted in the opposite direction on Rong Yuheng’s head, causing him to “Owl”.
Su Yuyin, “Puff.”
It feels pretty cute.
The door panel was finally opened, and Rong Yuheng propped up a crooked little horn, popping his head from the ground, and he looked like a sea of ​​flowers.
This “Flower Sea” is really a detachable “Flower” and “Sea”—
The flower is a plastic flower, and the sea is a low profile sea.
A narrow single wooden board without guardrails is placed on the pool full of plastic flowers, with smooth platforms at both ends for people to stand on. The place where Rong Yuheng is now is in the center of one end of the platform, and there is a wall on the opposite side, and clues can be seen faintly.
“Brother Su, there is a pond and a single-plank bridge on it, and there are clues on the opposite side!” Rong Yuheng crawled out of the passageway, looked around, and saw a button on the wall behind him, “There is another button here. I will press it first. Take a look.”
With his hand pressing the button, the wall on the other side suddenly made a “boom” sound, and the wall slowly moved away, revealing the previously filled room with bubbles!
At the same time, an automatic telescopic ladder fell from the entrance of the passage and stretched straight into the ocean ball pool below.
“Oh my God!”
Everyone yelled, Gouli and the others rushed over from the other side, Su Yuyin also climbed to the top of the telescopic ladder.
The latter climbed up and hugged Rong Yuheng’s shoulders, “Thanks for a lot of hard work.”
Rong Yuheng was shy, “Everyone works equally hard.”
After the false courtesy, the five continued to enter the game. Looking at the single-plank bridge in front of them, everyone was anxious collectively.
Gou Li said, “I really can’t do this.”
Xi Tao thought for a while, stood up and said, “I’ll try it.”
She has a professional background in dance, and her balance is better than that of the others. To prevent slipping, she simply took off her shoes and socks and stepped barefoot on the single-plank bridge.
The bridge ladder is not thick, and it barely stabilizes in the first few steps, and Xi Tao is a little shaken when he walks in the middle. She was so frightened that she was motionless, and looked down tremblingly.
Chen Shulin shouted hurriedly, “Don’t look below, look ahead!”
However, it was too late, Xi Tao squatted down with a soft foot, holding the single-plank bridge underneath with both hands, in a dilemma.
Rong Yuheng watched her movements, and a long-lost sense of familiarity came to her face… Suddenly a flash of light flashed in her mind.
His expression was as solemn as an old cadre, and a string of vigorous tenors flowed out of his mouth, as silky and melodious as a cello:

The Most Popular Comedian

The Most Popular Comedian

The Hottest Comedian, TMPC, 最红谐星[娱乐圈]
Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Rong Yuheng, a rich second generation, was driven out of the house by his father and had no choice but to sneak off to participate in an audition to start his career. While introducing himself on the audition stage: The host: “Please briefly describe your experiences.” Rong Yuheng: “I’ve lived life like a joke for the first half of my life.” Audience: “He must have a hidden, tragic past!” In his promotion, Rong Yuheng, with his comedy skills, muddled along and made a name for himself as he debuted as a comedian among a group of idols. Audience: “……So, it turned out to be a joke like this!” Meanwhile, Wen Zecheng, a top star in the entertainment industry, made his debut at a young age and won three awards, his road to stardom shining and bright. It was commonly known in the industry that Wen Zecheng was a serious, rigorous, cold, and restrained man without any hint of scandal. They danced together for the first time on the audition stage. Rong Yuheng, with his mouth filled with obscenities, said, “Wen-laoshi, let’s rock! Raise your butt higher! You can do it right?” Wen Zecheng: “……” — On a certain year, underneath dark, windy skies. Wen Zecheng, “Raise your butt higher, you can do it right?” Rong Yuheng, “……” Huhuhu. 🙂


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