The Most Popular Comedian Chapter 23: Wise player

Wise player

When I arrived at the recording site of the “Treasure Hunt” program, it was still very early.
The Lu family is the main sponsor. As soon as Rong Yuheng entered the venue, he saw the huge “Luei” logo hanging high above his head, breaking into the field of vision with a sense of presence that could not be ignored, bringing a visual impact!
In particular, the colorful light bulbs shine brightly, full of the smell of money.
He deserves to be a loud grandson, so fancy.
When the director Yang Wen saw them, he immediately walked over to greet them, “Come on, here’s Xiao Rong, right?”
Xu Sun immediately leaned forward with a shy face, “Hello Director Yang, this is our Xiao Rong. Come on, Xiao Rong, this is Director Yang Wen, hello!”
Rong Yuheng saw that Xu Sun was very likely to put himself on his head and bowed his head, instantly bent his waist to avoid his claws, and called out “Director Yang”.
Yang Wen was startled by his “K”-shaped greeting for a second, and then he thought of Wen Zezong’s experience, and comforted himself that it was nothing.
He calmed down and said, “Come here, Teacher Su is here too, just to talk to you about the shooting.”
Rong Yuheng and Xu Sun followed Yang Wen into the room. When they entered the rest room, they saw a man sitting on the sofa. His looks are not outstanding in the entertainment industry, but his features are correct and the stars are full of aura.
“Teacher Su, this is Rong Yuheng, who recorded the show together, and his agent Xu Sun.” Yang Wen introduced, “Xiao Rong, this is Teacher Su Yu and Yin Su.”
“Hello, Teacher Su.” Rong Yuheng stepped forward and shook hands with the other party.
Su Yuyin did not put on airs, stood up and held his hand, then smiled and said, “Xiao Rong, I have a good friend who asked me to take care of you, who can you guess?”
Rong Yuheng was stunned for two seconds before poking out his head quietly, “I guess it’s Teacher Song.”
Su Yuyin’s eyes lit up, “Hey, how do you know!”
Rong Yuheng’s gaze fell on Su Yuyin’s vacuum flask, “You two have the same living habits.”
Su Yuyin followed his gaze and laughed suddenly.
Xu Sun was relieved to see Rong Yuheng getting along well with the former, “Xiao Rong, I will leave first, and I will pick you up after the section list. Director Yang, Teacher Su, we Xiao Rong will take care of you. what!”
Yang Wen waved his hand, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”
As soon as Xu Sun left, only three of them were left in the lounge.
There are three gold master fathers standing behind Rong Yuheng, and Yang Wen will naturally not neglect him; although Su Yuyin didn’t know it, but entrusted by Song and Tang Dynasties, he also deliberately took care of the former. For a time, the atmosphere of the three of them was extremely harmonious.
Su Yuyin said, “I thought your agent would stay here to accompany you.”
Rong Yuheng seems to have become accustomed to Xu Sun’s urinary sex.
He made up for the scene where the latter took care of himself like an old mother, and he had an inexplicable sense of “weasel greetings to the rooster”, and his whole body immediately resisted.
“No, no…I’m not worth it.”
Yang Wen had a lot of dealings with Xu Sun, and he knew about the latter’s virtues. He got to Rong Yuheng’s point and couldn’t help laughing. “Xu Sun brought a lot of people under his hand and wanted to take care of everyone. It’s really difficult, not that you don’t deserve it.”
Su Yuyin also comforted him, “It’s okay, brother will take care of you.”
Rong Yuheng instantly burst into tears, “Brother Su!”
Su Yuyin raised his hand and rubbed his dog’s head, “After all, Teacher Song has asked me…Eh, what kind of person do you think Teacher Song is?”
Rong Yuheng put away his tears, thinking of the former, the wolfberry thermos, which never left his hand, and said with emotion, “He is a person who will live a long time.”
Su Yuyin and Yang Wen immediately shook their bodies! Can’t believe what I heard.
If Rong Yuheng didn’t realize it, with a sincere blessing, his face was pious, his hands clasped together, “Ms. Song is so focused on health preservation, he will definitely live a long life.”
Su Yuyin couldn’t help but burst out a series of leaping swan laughs from her chest, “Goose giggling! That’s right, that’s right…!”
After a while, he eased his breath from the giggles and squeezed out a voice with difficulty.
“I will bring your thoughts for you.”
Rong Yuheng doesn’t want to favor one or the other, “Brother Su, you have worked so hard, and the same blessing will be given to you.”
Su Yuyin, “Thank you so much.”

The conversation among several people was interrupted by three other guests who arrived one after another.
The web drama played by Xi Tao has just been released, and she came here to do some publicity; Chen Shulin and Gou Li are trainees from the same company, and the relationship between the two is good, and they have come all the way to make trouble.
Under the leadership of Yang Wen and Su Yuyin, several people also introduced each other, and then they were ready to start work.
The show “Treasure Hunt” is a competitive adventure style. Multiple levels are designed within the scope of security. Players are required to pass through several challenging levels according to some hidden hints, confirm the final clues, and work together to find “Treasures” hidden on site.
The recording venue is very large, and the scene layout is quite detailed, and the scenery inside cannot be seen from the outside. The entrance is an iron gate, and the player must enter from here.
At the beginning of filming, Su Yuyin led everyone into the first door. As soon as I entered, the door was “kang” and locked from behind.
Xi Tao was the only girl in there, she was so courageous, she couldn’t help shrinking nervously.
Rong Yuheng noticed and waved his hand and said, “Xi Tao, you come behind me.”
Xi Tao slipped over immediately.
Su Yuyin said, “Don’t panic, let’s take a look at the environment and find clues.”
When everyone heard the words, they looked around.
The interior layout is not intimidating, like a sweet candy hut, the background wall is pink and mint green, and there are rows of shelves around it. Every exhibition shelf is filled with jars of crystal candies, blinking under the lights.
Xi Tao peeked out from behind Rong Yuheng, “Can this candy be eaten?”
Su Yuyin said, “Don’t eat now, what if you have a clue?”
Gou Li looked around, “What are we going to do now, do we want to find a way to go to the next room?”
Rong Yuheng was silent for two seconds, then suddenly stepped up to the door leading to the next scene, reached out and pressed his hand on the doorknob, and with a click, the door opened in response.
There was a silence of up to five seconds in the air.
Everyone, “emmm…”
Rong Yuheng, “It’s not an escape room, the door is unlocked.”
Yang Wen behind the camera sighed regretfully, thinking that he could fool them for a while…
After realizing their misunderstandings, the five people began to think about countermeasures. Su Yuyin said, “Let’s divide into two groups and act separately to save time. The rooms are all connected, and there is something to say.
As soon as Su Yuyin’s voice fell, the other people looked at each other: This proposal is good, but who doesn’t want to mix up more shots with Su Yuyin?
When the atmosphere was stalemate for a while, Rong Yuheng suddenly took a step back, “I don’t want to follow Brother Su, his IQ will cover my light, I will shine alone.”
Su Yuyin laughed.
Rong Yuheng asked, “Who wants to be with me?”
Xi Tao hesitated for a moment, but did not open her eyes. When Gou Li and Chen Shulin saw this, they also hesitated.
Rong Yuheng looked at them gloomily, “Don’t you plan to group 1-4 like this…”
Chen Shulin was amused for a while, think about it, let it go, walked over to put his shoulders, “Look at how pitiful you are.”
Gou Li sighed, “Hey… Brother Lin and I are inseparable. Add me.”
The two groups were separated. Su Yuyin took Xi Tao and stayed in the first room, while the other three boys walked inside.
After the three of them left, Su Yuyin bent down and started to turn the sugar bowl, Xi Tao stood beside him and said, “Brother Su, I’ll look through the shelves.”
Su Yuyin didn’t answer after three seconds, and then said with a smile, “Rongrong was the first to protect you just now, why didn’t you come with him?”
Xi Tao’s rummaging movement stagnated, and a trace of panic was mixed in the embarrassment, “I…”
Su Yuyin stood up and patted her, “Don’t worry, what I told you will be cut off. I just want to remind you that no matter what tasks you bring to the show, once you start recording, we are a group. ”
Xi Tao said softly, “I see, Teacher Su.”
Su Yuyin glanced at her, then his expression relaxed, and switched to the recording state again, as if nothing happened, “Okay, look at the shelf and I look at the sugar bowl.”

On Rong Yuheng’s side, as soon as the three of them stepped into the second door, they were instantly shocked by the overwhelming plush toys!
The ground is a plush carpet, the surrounding walls are all hung with toys, the corners are also stacked with white rabbits and teddy bears, and the oval shelf is full of long-haired dogs.
Straight man Gouli fell into a sluggishness, “If it were not for the recording of the show, I would never enter this kind of room in my life…”
Rong Yuheng has no complaints, as if he has been integrated into the dream scene, and even wanders happily like a fish in water.
He pulled a unicorn hairpin from the branch-like hook on the side and put it on his head. Chen Shulin turned his head and saw, and smiled and stretched out his hand to dial his horn, “What are you doing with this?”
The horns on Rong Yuheng’s head dangled, as if receiving a wifi signal, “I think I have become smarter.”
Gou Li glanced at him and evaluated objectively, “It’s quite wise.”
Rong Yuheng picked up the long-haired dog and “puffed” him.
After a few people rioted for a while, Chen Shulin cut back to the topic again, “Aren’t we a competitive adventure show, why are we so peaceful?”
Gou Li flew on the conspiracy theory, “The tranquility before the storm!”
Rong Yuheng turned thoughtfully for a few times and said, “Do you think the scenery of these two rooms are very similar to girls’ rooms?”
The other two stunned for a moment, and then nodded.
Gou Li ran to the door of the next scene, opened the door and saw that there was a machine inside that was blowing bubbles like a pea shooter, and the whole room was bathed in a bubble bath.
Gou Li immediately received a magnitude eight earthquake, “This is too exaggerated!”
Chen Shulin said, “Maybe the theme of the whole issue is the girl’s room.”
Following the kidnapping of Naobuwen Zetong, Rong Yuheng began to spread his brain holes again.
“Our theme is’treasure hunt’, maybe the style of the whole scene is also one of the clues, the last’treasure’ we are looking for may be the treasure that belongs to the girl.”
After hearing this, Gou Li and Chen Shulin were persuaded that they stood there like two “thinkers”, and they haven’t moved for a long time…
Just when Rong Yuheng thought that he was chanting the Dancing Body Mantra, Gouli suddenly awakened, excited to agree.
“Yes, yes, yes! I think what you said makes sense. This issue is definitely looking for treasures that belong to girls. We are right to lean in this direction!”
Rong Yuhang’s throat choked: What a keen reaction this is!
He sighed and looked around. Suddenly, his gaze stayed on a floor mirror.
After a two-second pause, Rong Yuheng stepped forward, “I may have found it.”
Chen Shulin was more sluggish than Gouli, at this moment he was still outside the situation, “What? Where??”
Gou Li looked at it suspiciously, “Mirror? Isn’t it too ordinary?”
“This is not ordinary!” Rong Yuheng turned his head seriously and scolded, as if he had been greatly insulted, the rainbow-colored little horns still swayed twice above his head like a demonstration.
He raised his hand and stroked it on the mirror, as if Naxos was photographed by the water, with a certain tone.
“Here, there is a treasure boy.”
The two, “…”
The author has something to say: Rong Yuheng: I am the treasure of girls (boys)!
Wen Zezhen: You are not.
Ps. Those who don’t know “Naxos” can Baidu by themselves~

The Most Popular Comedian

The Most Popular Comedian

The Hottest Comedian, TMPC, 最红谐星[娱乐圈]
Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Rong Yuheng, a rich second generation, was driven out of the house by his father and had no choice but to sneak off to participate in an audition to start his career. While introducing himself on the audition stage: The host: “Please briefly describe your experiences.” Rong Yuheng: “I’ve lived life like a joke for the first half of my life.” Audience: “He must have a hidden, tragic past!” In his promotion, Rong Yuheng, with his comedy skills, muddled along and made a name for himself as he debuted as a comedian among a group of idols. Audience: “……So, it turned out to be a joke like this!” Meanwhile, Wen Zecheng, a top star in the entertainment industry, made his debut at a young age and won three awards, his road to stardom shining and bright. It was commonly known in the industry that Wen Zecheng was a serious, rigorous, cold, and restrained man without any hint of scandal. They danced together for the first time on the audition stage. Rong Yuheng, with his mouth filled with obscenities, said, “Wen-laoshi, let’s rock! Raise your butt higher! You can do it right?” Wen Zecheng: “……” — On a certain year, underneath dark, windy skies. Wen Zecheng, “Raise your butt higher, you can do it right?” Rong Yuheng, “……” Huhuhu. 🙂


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