The Most Popular Comedian Chapter 17: Just want to touch

Just want to touch

When Rong Yuheng went backstage, Pu Zaixi leaped forward and gave him a big bear hug, “Awesome!”
Rong Yuheng was hugged with both feet off the ground, thumped twice in the air, and then resolutely gave up after struggling to no avail.
He didn’t know where Pu was so excited about Xi.
Pu Zaixi was excited enough, and only then landed Rong Yuheng. The whole process was still very solemn, showing a sense of solemn ritual.
Coupled with Rong Yuheng’s suffocated expression, it was as if the flag was lowered at half-mast.
Shan Qi has been waiting in the background since he left the field. After watching the solemn landing ceremony, he walked over from the side and patted Rong Yuheng, “The atmosphere on the scene is not bad.”
Rong Yuheng’s memory is like a goldfish, and as soon as he receives praise, he immediately breaks away from the tragic atmosphere.
He bent his eyes and smiled, the peach blossoms in the corner of his eyes were reflected in the side lights, vivid and bright, “Brother Xiao Qi, are you worried about me?”
Shan Qi nodded, “Well, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to catch me. It seems that I am worried for nothing.”
Rong Yuheng felt moved, so he opened his arms and hugged him, “Thank you brother.”
After a ten-meter-distance in the corner, Wen Zezheng’s eyes stayed on the two of them for half a second, then turned to Ke Ting aside, “Mr. Ke, I’ll go to the bathroom first.”
“it is good.”
Wen Zetong got up and walked outside.
Ke Ting saw Wen Zezong left, and he couldn’t sit still alone, so he stood up and walked towards the backstage students, like an old patrol cadre, unable to resist lonely trying to get into it.
After several failures to mix in, he found sadly: It turned out that he was just squeezed in, and he was just an outsider.
Ke Suantou wandered around in the crowd, then cast his eyes on the two inconspicuous people aside.
As Zhou Shubai and Zou Yi were talking, Ke Ting suddenly appeared silently in the field of vision-and the latter’s eyes were so burning that it was completely impossible to ignore.
The two, “…!” Grass.
Ke Ting concealed his ardent expectations in his pupils, coughed lightly, pretending to be reserved, “What are you talking about?”
Zhou Shubai and Zou Yi looked at each other with a hesitation on their faces. The latter thought for a while and then raised his hand to touch him, “It just so happens, you tell Teacher Ke.”
Ke Ting originally asked casually, but he didn’t expect something to happen, so he couldn’t help but froze, “What’s the matter?”
Zhou Shubai glanced at him, then turned to Zou Yi. After receiving the latter’s encouraging look, he said, “I’m a little worried… the last time I performed, there was a problem with my ears.”
“What!” Ke Ting didn’t expect such a thing, his eyes widened, “How could this be?”
He said, pulling Zhou Shubai aside, and asked seriously, “Do they know Mr. Qiao?”
“I told Teacher Qiao later. After Mr. Qiao responded to the program group, my family members came to me directly.” Zhou Shubai pursed his lips, “My family doesn’t want me to debut.”
Ke Ting was speechless for a while. Not far away, there was music on the stage mixed with the joking and laughing voices of the backstage students, but the large area in front of them was silent.
After a while, Ke Ting suddenly reached out and picked up Zhou Shubai, turned his head and walked towards the director team.
Zhou Shubai exclaimed like a little chicken, “Mr. Ke!?” Chicken father Zou Yi was also taken aback, and hurriedly followed.
Ke Ting’s frowned brows showed a dignified look, “I will accompany you to find Director Chen. Don’t worry, the teacher will personally check for you.”

When Rong Yuheng and Shan Qi talked for a while, they thought of Zhou Shubai. I don’t know how he is now, do I need an egg stripper to touch him.
“I’ll find Brother Shubai.”
Pu Zaixi looked around a few times, “He and Brother Yi were there just now?”
Rong Yuheng said, “Let me ask.”
When he went there, he happened to see Shilu chatting with a few students. After asking, I learned that Zhou Shubai and Zou Yi had followed Ke Ting, as if they were going to the direction of the director group.
Rong Yuheng was a little worried, and after thanking a few people, he went to the director team.
At this time, most of the students were either in the background or in the rest room, and there was no one in the corridor. The TV station has been built for many years, and the overhead lights in the corridors are a bit aging, and one section of it is not bright. The lights calmly illuminate from the top of Rong Yuheng’s head, reflecting the shadow of his feet.
As soon as he turned a corridor entrance, a tall shadow was suddenly cast on him-Rong Yuheng was taken aback, reflexively letting go, and then hit the wall with a “bang”!
“Hiss…” He took a breath of pain. This was too sudden. Not only was Rong Yuheng scared himself, but the person opposite was also scared.
Before Rong Yuheng raised his hand to rub his shoulders, a large palm came up, and the temperature of the ironing was spread to the skin through the thin shirt, and he gently rubbed it twice.
“Are you okay?”
Rong Yuheng looked up when he heard the words, “Ms. Wen?”
Wen Zetong’s brows were slightly twisted, his eyes focused on the shoulder that the former hit, the strength of his men was not light or heavy, “The old injury is not healed yet, and you want to add a new one?”
Rong Yuheng pouted, “Who made you appear suddenly?”
Wen Zezong gave a good-tempered “um” and kept pressing and rubbing his hands, “blame me.”
Rong Yuheng was pressed so comfortably, like a snoring puppy, groaning in his mouth. He hummed a few words and reacted, he seemed to be a little too brazen, just enjoying the service of the actor like this, and he felt at ease.
“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Rong Yuheng withdrew a little bit, and said to Wen Zezong, “I’m also going to see Brother Shubai. Teacher Ke seems to have taken him to the director team.”
Wen Zezhen stared at the peach blossom in the corner of his eye for two seconds, and asked if the bull’s head was wrong, “I’m not feeling well?”
Rong Yuheng was taken aback, blurted out, “Comfortable.”
Then he felt something was wrong, “Eh no, Mr. Wen, I’m not telling you about this… Mr. Ke took Shubai to the director team. I want to see it. Do you think it’s okay?”
Wen Zezhen received a satisfactory answer, and finally began to accept people’s words, “No need to go, Teacher Ke is very reliable.”
“Oh…good.” Rong Yuheng lowered his head a little reluctantly. There was nothing between the two of them. After a moment of silence, he was a little embarrassed. Just about to say goodbye, Wen Zezheng’s hand suddenly came up again.
Rong Yuheng, “?”
Wen Zezhen stubbornly pressed his shoulders, and then he massaged them skillfully.
Rong Yuheng, “???”
He felt that everything in front of him was a bit magical—he was standing in the corridor of the TV station at the moment, and the actor was giving him one-handed massage!
Wen Zezong didn’t seem to think there was a problem, and he commented while pushing, “Your bones are growing upright, but the blood is not particularly smooth, and there are already a little clumps. Go for a massage if you have time.”
“…” Rong Yuheng was in a complicated mood, opening and closing his mouth, holding it for a long time, and finally couldn’t hold it back, his tone was sincere.
“You are so young and have a successful career.”
Wen Zezhen paused with his hand, his eyes revealed doubts.
Rong Yuheng, “It’s unnecessary to plan for the sideline so early.”
Just want to touch the former’s shoulders, Wen Zezhen, “…”
I’m not here to practice hands.
With Ke Ting escorting Zhou Shubai, Rong Yuheng felt that there was no need to worry about it, and now followed Wen Zezhen to the rest room.
The topic of massage was ended tacitly by the two in unspeakable silence, and Rong Yuheng intimately opened another topic.
“Brother Sun said, after this promotion, I got a quota for variety show.”
Wen Zezhen said, “Very good, what variety show?”
“”A Guest From Afar” said there was a half-hour cutscene.”
“It’s okay, you behave well.” Wen Zezhen paused, and then said, “There will be a lot of people who like you.”
When Rong Yuheng listened, his mood became brighter. His happiness is easy to understand, and it is all written on his face-the corners of the crooked mouth are raised, his chin is raised unconsciously, and the light on his face reveals a kind of extravagance.
Wen Zezhen glanced, and somehow felt happy.
He had guessed before that Rong Yuheng’s family background may be very good, and that what he said during the audition should have been misinterpreted. Thinking that the environment in which the latter grew up was not as bad as he had thought, a trace of fortune appeared in Wen Zezong’s heart.
It’s like a piece of baby has never been dusted.
Rong Yuheng was in a good mood, and he talked more and more. He kept his mouth open, “If you want to record a variety show, what about the training camp?”
Wen Zezheng said, “You haven’t received any notice yet. Teacher Qiao will tell you when you go back today. The training sessions will be more relaxed and the tutors will not come every day. After this promotion, the remaining people are basically There will be companies contacting and signing contracts, and some trainees who have lost their jobs due to the draft will also restart. In short, you can join the circle to get in touch with work while training.”
“Can this happen?” Rong Yuheng had never been in contact with the circle before, and he didn’t know that there was such a mechanism, so he immediately burst into a desire for knowledge, “What about the recording of the show?”
“Choose your own choice.” Teacher Wen answered patiently, “Generally speaking, the work received will be better than the resources of our program, so if you have a job, you will work first, and if you don’t have a job, the program group will be recorded as a subsistence allowance. Anyway, The program group is automatically recorded by the camera 24 hours a day, so no manpower is wasted.”
After he finished speaking, he saw the former’s hairy head dangling in front of his eyes, and the palm of his hand was itchy and he wanted to snore twice.
Before he took the shot, the head suddenly stopped.
Wen Zezheng’s gaze moved down the top of his head, and he saw Rong Yuheng taking a step aside suspiciously, showing vigilance.
Wen Zezong had a meal, “What’s the matter?”
Rong Yuheng, “Nothing, it may be a light problem…”
He pondered his words, and said cautiously, “Mr. Wen, your eyes looked like green light just now.”
The green light of a hungry wolf.
Wen Zezhen looked away lightly, blinking his eyelashes. The actor buff instantly upper body, leaving only clear eyes in his pupils.
He turned his head again and said softly, “You read it wrong.”
Rong Yuheng looked at it calmly again, “Well, indeed. I’m sorry.”
Wen Zezong showed generosity in a timely manner, “It’s okay.”
The author has something to say: Wen Zezheng: I am a professional when it comes to acting.

The Most Popular Comedian

The Most Popular Comedian

The Hottest Comedian, TMPC, 最红谐星[娱乐圈]
Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Rong Yuheng, a rich second generation, was driven out of the house by his father and had no choice but to sneak off to participate in an audition to start his career. While introducing himself on the audition stage: The host: “Please briefly describe your experiences.” Rong Yuheng: “I’ve lived life like a joke for the first half of my life.” Audience: “He must have a hidden, tragic past!” In his promotion, Rong Yuheng, with his comedy skills, muddled along and made a name for himself as he debuted as a comedian among a group of idols. Audience: “……So, it turned out to be a joke like this!” Meanwhile, Wen Zecheng, a top star in the entertainment industry, made his debut at a young age and won three awards, his road to stardom shining and bright. It was commonly known in the industry that Wen Zecheng was a serious, rigorous, cold, and restrained man without any hint of scandal. They danced together for the first time on the audition stage. Rong Yuheng, with his mouth filled with obscenities, said, “Wen-laoshi, let’s rock! Raise your butt higher! You can do it right?” Wen Zecheng: “……” — On a certain year, underneath dark, windy skies. Wen Zecheng, “Raise your butt higher, you can do it right?” Rong Yuheng, “……” Huhuhu. 🙂


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