The Landlord And His Wife – Chapter 235


One year later.

At the end of September, Shicheng was driving a car with Liu Xuer on the way back to Taohua Village. The shop in Hanzhong Mansion received a big business. A businessman from the northeast took a fancy to the five-finger cotton hand cover made of rabbit fur. They wanted to buy a large batch. Dedicated to free up a line to do this kind of hand cover.

And Liu Xuer was worried that the rabbit fur would not be able to keep up. This time, she came back to see the situation of the rabbits.

The two people’s carriage entered the village, and someone recognized Shicheng, mainly because the carriage was still a bit dazzling to walk in the village. Although the Taohua Village is really different now, most of the people in the village live better than before. One point, this is more or less related to Liu Xuer’s family, but it is still obvious that the carriage enters the village.

When a younger man saw Shi Cheng, he first shouted, “Is this Shi Juren?” Before Shi Cheng nodded, he turned around and shouted, “Shi Juren is back! Shi Juren is back!”

Shi Cheng With a wry smile, Liu Xuer heard it in the car, so she also opened the car curtains and windows. They are all acquaintances in the village, and they are still hiding in the car, so they are a little bit on the air, there is no need.

Sure enough, after a while, the carriage was surrounded by a lot of people. Everyone smiled and walked slowly around the carriage. Some asked Shicheng’s parents how they were doing, some asked how the Liu family’s grandma and parents were doing, and some asked how their business is now. Yes, the chatter is so lively.

Shi Cheng and Liu Xuer all smiled and answered one by one, seeing that the two had no sense of life and no air, the villagers were more satisfied, and they looked at the two of them in a different way, almost surrounded by them. The carriage came all the way to Liu Changqi’s side.

Liu Changqi’s yard has been renovated and expanded a bit. There is a yard dedicated to the rabbit’s nest, and the yard wall is higher than that of their own yard.

Liu Changqi knew that the two were coming, and had already been waiting at the door. When he saw a group of people walking by like a snail from a distance, he knew they were coming, and greeted them with a smile.

At the door, Shi Cheng helped Liu Xuer to get out of the car, the two smiled and greeted Liu Changqi before entering the courtyard, and the more enthusiastic villagers were still reluctant to leave, so they also followed in and wandered around the courtyard.

Everyone in the village was like this, and Liu Changqi didn’t care, and welcomed the two of them into the house first. Liu Changqi’s daughter-in-law was busy making tea when she saw the two of them entering the room and said with a smile: “Shicheng and Xu’er are here!” The

two hurriedly agreed, and Liu Xu’er went over and said with a smile: “What is the aunt doing? Don’t be busy, our two juniors are just here! What are you doing to make tea?”

“Nothing! You must drink tea when you come!” Liu Changqi said with a smile, and then said to Shicheng: “I have heard your husband say This month, I need more than ten kilograms of rabbit hair, and I have started to prepare.”

Shi Cheng asked hurriedly, “Is there no big problem? Because he is a businessman from the Northeast, and the weather in the Northeast starts to get cold in September. Now, winter starts in October, and they have to go back before the end of October, otherwise it will be difficult to go on the road when it snows, so we are urged to hurry.”

Liu Changqi nodded: “It should not be . What’s the problem, if you can figure it out, I’ve been busy with this in the past few days, and it can be sent to the workshop in three or two days!” The

tea was already cooked, Liu Xuer and Zhao Shi brought it up, and then they sat down and talked. , Liu Changqi talked about the rabbit, and he was also eloquent, and it seemed that he had some experience.

After drinking tea and talking, they sat and chatted for more than half an hour. The two followed Liu Changqi to the yard where the rabbits were raised. They only saw that the rabbit cages were neatly arranged on the upper and lower floors. very.

On the north side, there is a large open space, but there are also two layers of wooden boards on the open space, which are elevated horizontally and vertically, this is to prevent moisture. In the middle is a large wooden table with thin mats on it, which is the work table for shearing rabbit fur. Nowadays, there are many rabbit hairs that have been cut in the place where the rabbit hair is dried. They have been rolled once with a hair stick and are extremely clean.

Looking at the number of rabbits that can be sheared today, Liu Xuer calculated that it should be about the same, and then she was relieved.

He returned to the main house where he lived. Shi Cheng was here talking to Liu Changqi, and Liu Xuer went to help the aunt to cook. Zhao gave Liu Changqi a son and a daughter. The boy was three years old and the girl was three years old. The son was only one year old, one was walking around at his feet, and the other was sleeping on the kang.

Liu Xuer and Mrs Zhao were chatting while cooking, and it could be seen that the uncle’s family was already living a good life. The aunt Zhao’s was a shy and quiet person, easy to be satisfied, and very happy with the current life. Satisfied.

After the two had eaten here, they said goodbye and went back. Liu Changqi told them to wait for a while and ran to the yard where the rabbits were raised.

He smiled and said: “This is a hunter in the village who went into the deep mountains to hunt. I thought they were selling them after peeling their skins. When I found out, I bought both of them! I thought I would fix it myself and give it to your father and mother Your fourth uncle sent it, just as you are here, I will be lazy, you can go back and do it yourself, I have to cut the rabbit fur and I can’t spare it.”

Shi Cheng and Liu Xu’er were taken aback. Er hurriedly said: “This, this… Uncle, you still keep it for yourself…”

Liu Changqi smiled and said, “Why should I keep it?! I don’t have time! Besides, if I eat it for myself, I won’t buy it. , why are you buying this? Every year there are people in the village who can wear robes and eat them all the time!”

Shicheng touched his chin and smiled, “Then we’re welcome, uncle! Thank you!”

Liu Xuer looked at him in surprise. Glancing at him, I didn’t expect him to agree! Shi Cheng approached her with a grin and said, “This robe is the best roasted meat! Let’s go back to the barbecue to eat.”

Liu Xuer laughed ‘pochi’ and shook his head.

Liu Changqi laughed: “Yes! Baked is the best!” After saying that, together with Shi Cheng, they put the two robes on the car outside.

The two thanked them and got into the car, and then went to the city. Shi Cheng smiled and asked Liu Xuer, “Have you ever eaten robes?”

Liu Xuer asked back, “Have you eaten?”

Shi Cheng laughed: “I have really eaten… In a restaurant in Hanzhong Mansion, it was also a treat at that time, roasting robe meat. At that time, I wanted to bring some back to you, but there were too many people left…”

Willow catkins I laughed.

Shi Cheng turned to look at her while driving the car, and asked with a smile, “What are you laughing at?”

After a pause, Liu Xuer smiled and said, “It’s nothing… I’m quite satisfied. Today’s life is quite satisfying.”

Shi Cheng He also smiled, reached out and grabbed her hand, put it on the lips and kissed: “Is this enough? As I said, it’s still far away, and I can live better, at least there must be three or five around. Just a kid, run around and play in groups.”

Liu Xuer sneered, didn’t speak, just leaned on the cushion in the car, looked at him with a smile on her lips, and then leaned on his back after a while. Back, close your eyes and meditate. Shi Cheng straightened his waist to support her, glanced sideways from time to time, and drove the car back.

Back in the city, he put a robe at home. Senzi had not seen the whole robe yet, so he was really surprised, but Liu Changgeng was overjoyed, and rolled up his sleeves and asked Liu Sen to help him clean up and peel the skin tonight. Eat BBQ!

Here, Liu Xuer called the servants to find Liu Shu, Liu Lin, and Liu Tao to come back and help!

Shi Cheng himself sent the other robe to the fourth uncle Liu Changshi. When I entered the alley, I heard the sound of beating. The yard on the fourth uncle’s side was being expanded, and it was still a big project. The yard next door was repaired first, and then the yard wall was opened up, and finally repaired.

Most of the yard over there is a garden, because the fourth uncle has few people here, and there is enough yard to live in. There is a garden over there, where you can play and hang out.

Shicheng’s car stopped at the door, and the servants had already stepped forward to hold the horse, helped to move the things down, and followed Shicheng into the yard. Someone had already reported it, and Liu Changshi had already heard the news. The man came in with Shicheng carrying a robe, and was startled and shouted with a smile, “Aiya! Where did you get such a big guy?!”

Shi Cheng smiled and said, “I’m going back to the village. Uncle gave me two. There was one hunter in the village. Uncle bought all of them. He asked me to get one from my husband and one from my fourth uncle.”

He Ruyu Hearing the news, he also came out of the room, and when he saw the same, he was startled and said, “This…how can I fix this? This…this is complete…”

Liu Changshi ran over and walked around the robe, smiling. Said: “This guy’s meat is delicious…but it’s really hard to clean up, it hasn’t been peeled yet!” He raised his head and asked Shi Cheng: “How do you clean up your husband-in-law?”

Shi Cheng smiled: “How can you clean up? Go back, peel and clean up.”

Liu Pu and Liu You heard the movement and ran out early, and saw Shi Cheng first calling: “Third brother-in-law!” Then the two of them wailed around the dead robe.

Liu Li also came out, still a little timid, but in the end he was young, and curiosity outweighed his timidity, so he followed the younger Liupu Liuyou around the robe.

He Ruyu came over, his eyes were wide open, and he turned to look at Liu Changshi: “His father… we can’t eat such a big one, we should give another half for the second brother’s family… How many people do we have? The second brother has a lot of family. ”

Liu Changshi touched his chin and pondered, Shicheng put it down and was about to leave, Liu Changshi had already smiled and held it back: “Wait, wait… Then what, since your stalls have been spread over there, why not Just clean up over there! No need to divide, we can all eat over there… We have no place here!”

Shi Cheng sneered: “That’s fine.”

He Ruyu giggled over here, Pushing Liu Changshi, Liu Changshi smiled and turned his head to look at her and said, “What are you doing… I will definitely help! At most, let

‘s eat less!” He Ruyu couldn’t smile even more, and wanted to hit him, but Shi Cheng This junior is still in front of him, so he quickly closed his hands.

Here, Liu Changshi called the servants to pick up the robe and put it back into the car. Liupu Liuyou didn’t know why, so they all shouted anxiously and chased after him. Even the introverted Liu Li couldn’t help it, and shouted, “Why don’t you give it to us? We… Isn’t that ours?” and ran after him.

Liu Changshi laughed, turned around and called He Ruyu to slowly pack up. He went out directly, took the children with Shi Cheng, and came to Liu Changgeng in a carriage.

When they came back, Liu Shu, Liu Lin, and Liu Tao were all called back, and Liu Tao went to pick up Xiu Xiu. At this moment, the house was busy as if it was Chinese New Year. A group of men found a suitable man in the backyard kitchen. From the place, a wooden table was moved, and the two robes were placed on the table, and they began to flay the skin with a knife.

The women prepare stoves, iron forks, iron sticks, iron wire masks, silver basins and other objects that should be roasted.

The whole thing is done over there, and it is divided into pieces, washed, washed, cut, pickled, pickled, and the yard is busy.

Liu Tao was sent to pick up his father and mother again. It’s not good to pull Liu Changqi and his wife off. If the rabbits are too busy to cut the hair, they will hire a few more people. If not, they will all go down and help cut the rabbits tomorrow. hair!

Liu Tao was naturally happy, and took Xiuxiu to Peach Blossom Village to pick up Liu Changqi and the others.

When it was dark, the family was all together, and Liu Changqi and his wife and two children also picked up from the countryside. Divided into four or five rooms, each room is a stove, a whole set of iron forks, iron sticks, iron wire coverings, etc., each of them warmed the wine and drank and talked.

In the upper house, the three brothers Liu Changgeng accompany the old man Liu, and in the left wing are the He’s and other daughters-in-law accompanying Liu Gao’s.

Willow and the others are not divided into males and females. They live in the same room, but there are a lot of people. There are two stoves in the room, with wire hoods on them. Yes, come over and bake it on top of the wire hood, watch it for yourself, and don’t blame others if it gets burnt. There are also two or three pots of stewed bones, which can be eaten by anyone who wants to eat them. There is also a large bowl of meat and bone soup with some green vegetables.

Song Yao sat on a chair with a big belly, waiting comfortably for Liu Lin to bake it for her and bring it over. There was a bowl full of soup on the table next to her, and she slowly drank it.

Shao Rong was a little more delicate, pursed her lips and smiled and sat in the distance. There was a bowl in front of her. There was also soup and vegetables. There was also a bowl of barbecued meat. After the willow tree was roasted, she would take it and use it from the iron stick. Pick up the chopsticks and put it in the bowl before giving it to her. Shao Rong ate by himself and fed his son some soup by the way.

Xiuxiu and Liu Xu’er were around the stove, grilling the meat themselves, and when it was cooked, they bit off the stick and ate it.

Xiuxiu saw Shao Rong’s way of eating, and she also commented: “Sister-in-law, if you eat barbecue like that, it will have no taste. It’s better to bite it like this!” When Xiuxiu showed a small handkerchief in her sleeve, she took it out and wiped the seasoning on her face.

Liu Xuer was sitting by the fire, holding two skewers of meat elegantly roasting in her hands, her face flushed red, when she heard Xiuxiu’s words, everyone laughed, only she nodded seriously and said, “What are you laughing at? People Xiuxiu said. That’s right! Sister-in-law, eating barbecue meat is all about taking a mouthful of meat and a mouthful of wine! That’s refreshing!” Seeing that a string in his hand was already roasted, he picked it up and took a bite, turning his head and shouting: “The wine !”

Shi Cheng sat next to her, holding a dozen skewers of meat, tendons, etc., roasting in his hands. On the other side of him is a large wooden wine cellar with dragon and phoenix play beads pattern embossed with vermilion and black lacquer. The lid is open, and a bamboo wine scoop hangs on the edge. Next to the wine cell is a small table. On the table is a small The copper heater has a stuffy silver frosted charcoal underneath, and a copper pot sits on it, and wine is warmed in the copper pot.

Willow and Liulin also have a set of such copper stoves and jugs beside them. They also warm the wine. After drinking, they come and scoop in the big wine yard here.

Hearing Liu Xuer’s call, Shi Cheng immediately put the meat skewer in his hand on the wire hood, poured the wine from the copper pot into a small white porcelain wine glass with iris pattern on the table, and tasted it for himself. It was not hot, so it was brought to Liu Xu’er’s mouth, and Liu Xu’er drank it with his hand, and then ate two skewers baked by herself.

Shi Cheng’s baked goods were ready, and most of them were put into her mouth. When she was full, Shi Cheng would have time to eat meat and drink. Liu Xu’er also felt sorry for him. He sat still without moving, and grilled it for him. After grilling a few skewers, I was going to give two skewers to Moriko next to him.

Shao Rong looked at the couple from here and couldn’t stop laughing. Liu Shu came over to put the roasted meat in the bowl for her again. He kept looking up at her while looking down. He couldn’t help but smile and asked, “What are you laughing at all the time?”

Shao Rong pointed at Liu Xuer and He Shi Cheng leaned closer to Liu Shu and said with a smile, “Look at the couple… Shi Cheng gave his wife a drink, but it was not ambiguous at all! It’s so old, don’t worry…”

Liu Shu thought about it for a while. When he understood, he smiled and shook his head: “As long as her mother-in-law isn’t in a hurry, we don’t have to worry about it. It’s better if you’re older.”

Shao Rong pushed him with a smile and whispered, “Then I was born early?”

Willow He smiled and said in a low voice, “We are different, I am the boss!”

“Isn’t Shicheng also the boss?!” Shao Rong immediately asked back.

Liu Shu was suddenly stopped by the question, with a ‘pochi’ smile: “Are you full? You are very energetic now, why are you arguing with me? I haven’t eaten yet… I won’t give it to you.” Then he turned around Go and bake yourself.

Everyone was roasting the meat. Naturally, they had to roast Liupu, Liu Li and the others together. Those with sticks and forks were not allowed to take them. It was too dangerous to play with the ones who ran in and out. And for these children, I will give Liu Sen a bunch of them by the way. You and I will have a bunch. Liu Sen can’t eat it without roasting it at all.

The children ran in and out, but fortunately there were people watching, and they didn’t care. They could eat their own way. The children who couldn’t run were on the kang in the Westinghouse. All of them began to babble, and the women couldn’t help but be attracted to look over and laugh for a while.

Liu Changqi was full of food that night, and Liu Changqi also had a few brothers who drank too much, and none of them left, so they just slept on the kang all night.

The next day, Liu Changqi got up screaming, “It’s not good, it’s not good,” and hurriedly wanted to take his wife back to the countryside. Those rabbit hairs hadn’t been cut yet!

Liu Changshi, who said yesterday that he wanted to help cut a piece together, also got up, took care of the preparations, and went back to help. Now there is not much life in the field.

The women also got up one after another. After hearing this, they discussed it together. Why don’t they all go back and cut the rabbit’s fur! Although it may be possible to invite someone, but now it is obviously over to find someone, anyway, everyone is free to be fine.

Discussions came and went, and in the end, everyone went back! He also took half of the robes that had been prepared and marinated them, and prepared to move to Peach Blossom Village for barbecue at night.

Xiuxiu thought that the wild vegetables growing in the countryside were so greedy that she discussed with Liu Xuer that she could fry the wild vegetables to eat when she went back. Liu Xuer thought that she hadn’t eaten for a long time, and she really wanted to eat it.

So early in the morning, the whole family packed up and took four or five cars to Peach Blossom Village. When I arrived at Liu Changqi’s side, I divided the labor, catching rabbits, catching rabbits, shearing, and finishing.

The work is also full of enthusiasm. No one of them is born by hand. Song Yao was born in a serious official family. He can’t do anything. Just sitting in the distance, serving tea and water to the workers.

More people means more power. The whole family plus some maids and servants, the old lady, and at least twenty or thirty people. Together, thousands of rabbits have been sheared in one day, most of them have been cut. The shade became cooler, and some were still dirty, so I loosened the shackles with iron shackles and put them aside.

In the evening, everyone eats barbecue and drinks here again, because many people are thinking about the wild vegetables in the countryside.

I slept here at random all night, and then went back to the city on the third day, and then went home. Although I have eaten twice, there is still a lot of meat in the remaining robes, all of which are kept by Liu Changgeng, Mr. He smiled and said when everyone was leaving: “The rest of the meat is all marinated, and I will come back during the New Year. Eat!”

After eating and drinking so much these two days, Liu Xuer’s stomach was a little bit unbearable, and when she got home, she felt a little upset.

Shi Cheng was also taken aback, although the two tried their best to pay attention, but the current method is not as effective as in the future. If it is really pregnant… Maybe it is possible, so I hurriedly invited a doctor to check the pulse. Fortunately, it was not pregnant. It’s just that there are too many indigestible things to eat, so I have to eat some light food in the past two days to clear my stomach.

Shicheng then called the kitchen stew soup, and all kinds of soups were stewed and drunk.

Liu Xuer drank pigeon soup the first day, and the next day she saw the maid came in with the soup, so she asked, “What kind of soup is today?

” Yes .”

Liu Xu’er leaned on the cushion and looked at him angrily and funny: “The doctor said that I was eating and drinking…cough, I need to clear my stomach these days, but you still give it to me. What chicken soup and pigeon soup… Still not greasy enough?!”

Shi Cheng sat beside the bed, scooped a spoonful and brought it to her mouth, smiled and said, “The soup is already bland… It’s all soup without big fish or meat. “Isn’t this clear? You can’t overdo it, it’s too ruthless, and it will break your body.”

Liu Xu’er drank it and felt that the chicken soup was really delicious, and she narrowed her eyes comfortably.

Seeing her appearance, Shi Cheng knew that she liked to drink. He smiled and leaned closer, and carefully continued to feed her, whispering: “Xu’er?”


“After a while, let’s stop drinking, okay?”

Liu Xu Er opened his eyes, pursed his lips and smiled and looked at him: “What do you want to say?”

Shi Cheng also smiled: “You should know.”

Liu Xuer smiled and nodded: “Okay… I guess my parents should be anxious too. Now, if you drag it, you may be urged.” He took another sip.

Shi Cheng smiled, finished feeding her the soup in the bowl, put the empty bowl aside, came over and sat next to her, hugged her, and kissed her tightly…

There was a sudden sound of thunder outside, and soon, raindrops fell from the sky, and the raindrops hit the eaves outside with a ‘crackling’ sound. This was unexpectedly a rare autumn rain in the northwest, indicating that With this year and tomorrow, the earth will not be so dry.

The Landlord And His Wife

The Landlord And His Wife

TLAHW, 大地主和小娘子
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Liu Xu’er had once hoped that if she were to be reborn, she would be born to old money, and have a rich, handsome and tall husband. That way, she could have a carefree life of luxury! Then she actually was reborn…. to a family that had been poor for generations, and lost her rich, handsome and tall husband. Wait, why does this little husband sound so familiar? Surely it can’t be…. Liu Xu’er helplessly thought – Heaven, must he too be sent here? Would it have been so difficult to have given me a different husband…


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