The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince – Chapter 62

The Night Sky Covers the Shadow

 When I was about to summon Makina to prepare a sword-wielding Shall outside, I just remembered Ross going to talk to Makina.

 By the time I’ve become a habit, I rely on Makina as my right arm. That’s why I’m really worried that his appearance is strange.

 At first I thought it was because of my contact with Lucille, but before that, his appearance was a little strange. When I try to find it, he tries to act as if nothing to me. ……Disagreeable. Different. I felt the strength to say that I didn’t want to tell anything to me, rather than to me.

 It’s so lonely … it’s also a shock.

 Makina and I are of the same age, so it may be difficult to say. I’m not telling you not to hide. Everyone will have one or two secrets, and there will be things that should not be forcibly revealed.

 But that appearance of Makina is a little different.

 Even though the secret is a secret, I felt a clear “rejection” intention toward me.

 It’s smaller than it is now … I’ve been together since I was a kid and came with me. I also trust it as my right arm. The fact that Makina rejected me so much … I’m surprised that it was a more shocking event than I had expected.

 I really want to ask. But even if I ask Makina as it is, he will be deceived and staggered again. He is good at taking such an attitude.

 I have to leave it to Ross as a parent and wait for him to talk to me …

(… No. No. That’s the same as Leo’s brother)

 When I got the insert and went outside, my legs suddenly stopped.

 The time when I fought against Leo in my head passed. With that kind of thing, with that kind of feeling, I’m about to make the same mistake again.

 …… Am I still scared to face people close to me?

“Ah … damn. I’m stupid. I am.”



 Shall, who would have already finished training, had his eyes rounded in front of me, who was standing still.

“What happened? Stand alone in a place like this …”

“I brought it in … but was it a little late?”

“That’s not the case …. Thank you. I’m glad.”

 Shall receives a pledge (although it’s just a towel to wipe off water and sweat), but her expression is awkward.

“Are you worried about something?”

“… Why did you think so?”

“It looked like that. And I was worried because I was stupid about myself …”

 …… Apparently, the soliloquy I mentioned earlier was in Shall’s ears.

 So that’s it. In other words, did she hear a strange soliloquy from her fiancé?

“At death …”

“Eh !? Why suddenly …!?”

“… No. Don’t worry, it’s a matter of shame over here.”

 It’s too embarrassing. However, it was helpful that Makina wasn’t near her. There is no doubt that she was teased when she was told, “Al-sama is also around the age. There are times like that.”



 Leo’s brother came to my mind, and I noticed that I was making the same mistakes.

 I can understand that even if I hold it down and push it into myself again, it won’t give me a good result.

“… That’s right. I’m worried.”

“If you just listen, I can do it. If that’s the case, I can do it too …”

“I know. Rather, I want you to listen because it’s Shall.”

“―――― …… Is that so?”

“… Bad. Was it annoying?”

“That’s not the case! Not so …”

 Shall looks shyly away.

“… I was just happy. I was able to rely on Al-kun. Especially now, I was keenly aware of my powerlessness …”

“I think Shall is strong, but at least more than me.”


“The reason I pulled in Erine was because Shall faced his heart, and the incident in the royal capital united the knights’ hearts. I couldn’t do it, that’s it. I think it’s the strength of Shall. ”


“… I’m really happy, because Shall, who has a strength I don’t have, became a fiancé.”


“Shall? What’s wrong?”

“… Al-kun is a little sly.”



 Shall doesn’t make eye contact. I wonder if something strange has happened.

“… Thank you. It made me feel a little better.”

 Shall’s face broke slightly. I hope my words helped me.

“That’s the story, can I continue here?”

“That’s fine, but is it okay outside? Even while sitting in a chair in the room …”

“It’s okay. I feel like I’m feeling a little cold now …”


 I didn’t pursue it deeply because I have no objection even if I stay outside. After that, we somehow sat down on the ground, leaning back against the wall, blinding our eyes to the night sky overhead, and looking toward the dark ground.

“What’s wrong with Makina … It’s strange. It’s true that Lucille happened, but it was strange before that … So …”

 I couldn’t spin the words well, probably because I wasn’t used to spitting out my worries obediently.

 Still, Shall is waiting silently. Her care and kindness is strangely awesome.

“… I felt like he was’rejected’. So Ross … I left it to the parent who raised him … but in the end, I made the same mistake as when I was Leo. I feel like I’m … ”

 I admit this, but I think I have to admit it.

“… In short, I was scared to face him head-on.”

 I feel sorry for myself. Even though that was all that happened, I’m repeating the same thing again. I am also afraid to spit it out as a weakness in this way.



“I think it’s a little ugly.”

“That ……… Uh, that’s …!”

 Endured. I managed to endure it. She was almost dented by the “cool” remarks from her fiancé, but she just barely endured.

“In that situation, I can understand the idea that even if Al-kun talks to me, it will have the opposite effect. First of all, I think it is correct to leave it to another person. But …”

 Shall closes his eyes. What is she thinking under her eyelids? Is she thinking? I don’t know. It’s irresistible and frustrating.

“… What Makina needs most is Al-kun.”

 The words were strangely confident.

“It’s okay later. You can be a little scared …. But in the end, please take her and face her feelings.”

“… Thank you. Shall.”

 Certainly not cool, I am. I have my back pushed in this way to face my loved ones.

 …… But I don’t feel bad. I’m a little happy now that I’ve become uncool.

 That’s something I couldn’t do before. Because Shall is next to her, she was able to do it.

“That’s right. Yeah. I’m enthusiastic.”

 When I stood up and raised my face, the night sky was lit up with many brilliance.

 Things that I couldn’t see if I just looked down. You couldn’t see it unless you took the plunge and raised your face.

“When tomorrow’s purification work is over, I’ll talk to him again.”

“I think it’s good”

 It made me feel a little better … maybe because I was thinking about Makina.

(At such times, he would say that. I should invite about one date in this flow.)

 While smiling alone, he turns to Shall again.

“… I’m sorry. Do you want to take a walk?”

 Shall was surprised for a moment when he saw the hand extended with my suggestion,

“… Yes, I felt like walking with Al now.”

 She took her hand with a smile.


“Are you here, Makina?”

 When I was looking at the scenery under the dazzling night sky that I wanted to turn my face away, a man in black appeared silently. The person who wears a familiar mask and hides his true face is the parent of my upbringing and the teacher who taught me all the techniques.

“Is it still on the roof? It’s still the same. If something happens, I have a habit of climbing high places.”

“… for something?”

“It’s a request. It’s from my Lord.”

 Ross’s words that Al-sama asked me to shake my heart.

 The awareness that a slight upset has appeared in my facial expression is delayed, and I get frustrated.

“You can be upset, but you should have told me not to expose it.”

“… Noisy. Unlike that, I don’t hide my true face with a mask.”

“This is the rebellious period.”

“Don’t be amused”

 It’s also annoying to be able to easily imagine laughing tightly under the mask.

“… And what. What was requested by Al-sama?”

“I was worried about you. I think something is wrong these days.”


 It was spotted. No, that’s not surprising. She knows she couldn’t control herself. She was so noticed by Al-sama.

“……… Nothing. Report that there is nothing wrong.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not used to lying to the Lord like you are.”



 The words are suffocating. I can’t speak. I have a pain in my chest.

 ……I know. I was lying to Al all the time.

 I’ve hidden my true feelings. Hold it down, put it away, and make sure you don’t realize it.

“… It’s the technology you taught. What’s wrong with using it?”

“But you must have said,’Don’t lie only to your heart.'”

“… I’m lying to myself?”

“It only looks like that”

“… It’s okay, because I have to do that.”

 I can not say. I can’t say that. That’s why it was so painful.

“Even though I’m lying to myself”

 When I noticed, there were a lot of words.

“Even though the knights and the knights have some regrets. They hide it, push it in, and act like nothing.” Don’t lie only to your heart. ” It’s the same that you’re lying to your heart. ”

 ………… No. He said terrible things. She has said something she shouldn’t say. She hurt.

 why. It’s like this. such a thing. I don’t like it. Already. I hate myself.

“… That’s right. If you say that the knight has no regrets, it’s a lie.”


 Ross’s voice was kind.

“I’m sorry … I’m going to do that …”

“I know it”

 It should have been hurt. I should have hurt it.

“…me・ ・Can no longer be a knight. The qualification has been permanently disqualified. But he chose this path himself. I have no regrets ”

 I’m kind to you forever ………… I hate myself forever.

“So don’t hunt yourself down too much. Alfred doesn’t want you to break.”

“………… Yeah. Thank you.”

 I can’t see Ross’s face. I’m sure he cares for me now.

 That’s the person who raised me. But I don’t want to see it now. Something like that kind person. It makes me feel like I’m being squeezed out of what I don’t like.

“… I’m sorry. I want to be alone now. Otherwise, I ………”

 I’m going to say something worse.

“… I see. I’m back.”

 Perhaps it was transmitted without words, Ross said only that at the end and disappeared without sound.

 Did I still decide that I needed to be alone and calm down? ……Disagreeable. different. I’m sure I thought I couldn’t do it myself.

 I’m worried. To the people around me. Al-samaShadowMaidI’m disqualified.

 ―――― Makina-san. I know your wishes. And how to make her wish come true. That’s easy. Because … you have the blood of the royal family.


 Many times. Many times, Lucille’s words echo in my head. do not stop. I can’t stop thinking shallowly. Even though it’s just a maid. Even though she isn’t in Al-sama’s field of vision.


 Hold your chest down. baffling. There should be no trauma, but it’s so painful.

 Then, when I’m holding my chest down while dripping ――――


 From the roof of this mansion, Sole came into view.

 There are Al and Shall. Hold hands together.

 I was walking in a beautiful garden illuminated by the moonlight … it looked very good.

“Oh, that …? It’s funny … it should be a good thing … why …”

 My chest feels painful. It’s black and overflows with unpleasant things.

 Lucille’s words echoed in me over and over again and again and again and again and again. Fill your head.

“……… Disappear. This feeling, disappear. Disappear. Disappear …”

 As always. As usual. Become the usual stupid maid.

(Is the blood of the royal family really flowing in me?)

 That’s not true.

(If the blood of the royal family is flowing, can I be next to Al-sama?)

 Don’t think about anything extra.

(Can I convey this feeling to Al?)

 There is no good reason.

(Do you have to be jealous of Shall?)

 Disappear. Disappear. Feel like this, disappear.

 I want it to disappear …

“Why …………… Doesn’t it disappear …?”

 The way I choose.

 It must be — only in the shadow.

The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince

The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince

悪役王子の英雄譚 ~影に徹してきた第三王子、婚約破棄された公爵令嬢を引き取ったので本気を出してみた~
Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Alfred, the third prince, is the only member of the royal family with black hair and eyes.  He has been supporting the kingdom from behind the scenes by playing the role of an incompetent. One day, he comes across his older brother, the first prince, Leor, announcing to Charlotte, the duchess, that he is breaking off their engagement.  In order to save Charlotte from being falsely accused, Alfred plays the villain and takes her place, and the situation seems to be settled.  –But then Charlotte becomes Alfred’s fiancée… The days of being in the shadows are over.  The third prince finally decides to step out into the limelight and shows off his exceptional talent and emerges as a force to be reckoned with.  A heroic fantasy about a villainous prince who starts off with a broken engagement, begins!


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