The Class Genius Sitting Next to Me Is Always Trying To Flirt With Me – Chapter 96

Except for the high school sports meeting, this was the first time that Lu Xiao carried Ye Cheng on his back in front of a large crowd, and walked on the street so recklessly.

Fortunately, the two had not completely lost their minds, and temporarily asked the security guard at the door to borrow an umbrella.

Ye Cheng held an umbrella to shield him from the wind and snow, leaving a string of winding footprints in the snow behind him.

“The road to the right is my junior high school. At that time, my mother was hospitalized all the year round, and the driver picked me up every day.”

“The wontons in this store are very delicious. I used to come and eat them every day. Pack a copy.”

“Have you seen that lawn? I used to play football there when I was in junior high school, and if we disagreed, we would have a hard time playing.”

Ye Cheng put an arm around his neck, listening to him ramble, and complimenting him from time to time. A “great”.

“I spent a few years in Bai Ze in elementary school, and we didn’t know each other in junior high school,” Lu Xiao said.

Ye Cheng thought he was going to sigh, but he smiled and folded his hands and said, “But it’s good to meet you in high school.” For some

reason, Ye Cheng suddenly remembered him many years later.

Is he also regretting why he didn’t meet him in high school.

Are you also regretting that I didn’t find out that the “little sister” I liked since childhood was actually him.

Are you also regretting that you didn’t walk this road behind his back and say these words to him.

Lu Xiao felt the person behind him buried his face in his neck, a warm breath coming from his skin, and… a few drops of warm water.

He paused and asked, “What’s wrong, Ah Cheng?”

Ye Cheng shook his head, hugged him tighter, and said softly, “I’m sleepy, I yawned.”

Only then did Lu Xiao’s clenched heart relax, and he said with a smile, “Scare me, I thought it made you angry and made you cry. I just thought of ten ways to apologize.”

Ye Cheng Without saying a word, he put his entire face on his back.

Snowflakes slid down the transparent umbrella, bounced a few times like a slide, and then perched lightly on the zebra crossing covered with thin snow.

He heard Lu Xiao’s heartbeat, which seemed particularly clear and calm in the vast snow.

As powerful as the nights he hugged from behind after so many years.

Are you happy, these have all come true.

I will accompany you to many years later, and then personally ask you at that time.

He said silently in his heart.

Ye Cheng only pointed in a general direction, and Lu Xiao understood where he wanted to go.

A few years ago, Shanhai Road was much deserted than before, but some small shops were still overcrowded with no shortage of customers. The proprietress of Yipin Crayfish was eating melon seeds at the door and greeted them with a smile.

The two walked through the streets and alleys and finally came to the gate of Thirteen Middle School.

The gate of No. 13 Middle School is only two or three meters wide, and it is usually only half-open. Only vehicles entering and leaving are fully open. Next to it hangs a gilded font with a brick red background, which reads “Nandu No. 13 Middle School”. The bottom of the “three” is crumbling, and it is estimated that another strong wind will turn it into “Twelfth Middle School”.

Compared with the door and school plaque of the attached middle school on the opposite side, this side is simply shabby and desolate.

The first and second year of high school are already on vacation, and only the third year of high school is still in class, and the light of incandescent lamps is not obvious during the day.

Ye Cheng patted Lu Xiao and said, “Let me down, I’ll go by myself.”

Lu Xiao said, “You still know how shy? I

won’t let it go.”

Lu Xiao is very stubborn, so he likes to fight against him. He walked straight to the guard room with his back behind his back, and raised his voice, “Is there anyone?”

Ye Cheng was anxious and kicked him on the back, trying to make him Let yourself go.

The door of the guard’s room was pushed open from the inside, Ye Cheng immediately stopped moving, lowered his head and muttered “I can’t see me, I can’t see me, I can’t see me”.

A full-fledged voice sounded above his head: “Yo, it’s you stinky boy again.”

Ye Cheng looked up, and the uncle of the guard had just finished eating, and pointed at them with a toothpick and said, “Lu Xiao, right? Who is that on his back? Hehe, why is he still a boy.”

Lu Xiao said cheerfully, “Master Wei, you still remember me.”

“Of course I do, I can’t count the number of times your kid was caught skipping class with both hands. , can’t you remember?” Master Wei smiled, “But I really don’t remember the one you carried on your back, is it also from our school?”

Ye Cheng’s face flushed red in front of a stranger who was carried on his back. .

Lu Xiao shook his daughter-in-law and said, “Of course, this is the first grade in our school, and I sit at the same table, Ye Cheng.”

Master Wei thought for a while, then clapped his hands, “I remember, the commendation wall. I’ve seen it.”

“You two are in a good relationship, have you both gone to college? Where are you studying?” He opened half of the school door and let them in.

Lu Xiao said, “I’m in other provinces, thank you, I’ll come back and bring you a pack of cigarettes.”

Master Wei laughed and scolded: “Little bastard, don’t make any noise, the senior year is not yet on vacation.”

“Okay, I understand.” After walking

away from the school gate, Ye Cheng punched him on the shoulder: “Put me down!”

Although Master Wei didn’t say anything, it would be embarrassing to meet the teacher in a while.

Lu Xiao didn’t let go: “Be good, don’t move, your shoes are dirty when you get off, I’ll let you go when you get to the teaching building.”

Ye Cheng glanced down and found that his white shoes had stepped on the mud.

The snow in the southern capital is thin and easy to melt, and the places where the snow is shallow are often mixed with mud.

Lu Xiao carried him to the second year’s teaching building and stopped.

The long-lost Building 1.

The two walked upstairs holding hands. Unfamiliar faces were replaced on the wall of honor, and the positions of several classes were also adjusted and renovated.

The hallway was quiet, and the floor was covered with a layer of chalk dust.

When he reached the corner, Ye Cheng looked at the other end of the corridor from a distance.

“Remember we had a fight there, you idiot had to go to six.” He pointed indifferently to the corner.

Lu Xiao said angrily, “If it wasn’t for you, I could have beaten me.”

“Damn, if I hadn’t been here, your head would have been broken.”

They went up to the fifth floor noisily, and Lu Xiao said in surprise: “Fuck, the brand in our class has been replaced with a new one… Look, there’s even an air conditioner installed in the classroom! Why don’t we install it when we’re here? Damn it’s so hot in the summer!”

Ye Cheng was also a little angry. , peeping from the glass window face to face with him.

“The water dispenser and TV have also been replaced, why?!” He said speechlessly.

“The cheap bastards…” While complaining, Lu Xiao noticed that the window was open. He hurriedly called Ye Cheng to see, “Baby, the window is unlocked!”

He decisively opened the window and turned over neatly. Then open the door for Ye Cheng from the inside.

After graduating from Ye Cheng’s previous life, he never went back to the high school attached to him. He only occasionally invited a few teachers and classmates out for dinner, so he felt very strange.

He touched the table, touched the chair, and finally returned to his previous seat and sat down, feeling an indescribable feeling in his heart.

“look here–”

Lu Xiao shouted from the podium, and saw that he wrote the names of two people on the blackboard with chalk, and also drew a heart in a very girly way, and circled their names inside.

Ye Cheng burst out laughing, pretending to be serious: “This classmate, you are not allowed to have a crush on the handsome male classmate in the class, you must study hard and try to get into the ideal university.”

Lu Xiao said with a face down: ” But the male classmate is my ideal, what should I do?”

He stepped off the podium, walked towards Ye Cheng, looked him in the eyes and said,

“The first choice is him, the second choice is also him.”

“Without him, you How can I work hard?”

This male classmate is the rain at the end of the summer, the cicadas roaring on the trees, the dense thoughts in the pages of the book…

It is the ideal, the love, and the lingering nostalgia.

Entwined in the slightly drunken wind, hovering under the yellow leaves of the sycamore.

Lu Xiao took his hand, bowed and dropped a kiss on the back of his hand.

He raised his eyes, with a bright smile in his dark eyes.

“Same table, summer is over, can I say that I like you?”

Ye Cheng stared at him without blinking, smiled and was about to speak, when a voice pinched his throat came from the back door: “I’m going to Okay, tell me.”

They turned their heads, the back door was slammed open, and a group of people stood outside.

Jiang Jin and Zhou Minhao stood at the front, followed by Jiang Yirong, Tan Xiaoqi, Tan Mengmeng, Li Junxiao and the two basketball teams, all with malicious smiles.

Zhou Minhao said yin and yang strangely: “You can do it, brother, if it wasn’t for Lao Jiang’s leak, how long would you two want to hide it from me?

” Is it because you can’t see it yourself and blame others?” Jiang Jin said immediately.

“Come on, aren’t you always a big mouth?”

Lu Xiao covered his forehead, Ye Cheng couldn’t laugh, and asked them, “You come to see the teacher? Why didn’t you ask us to come together?”

“Not to see the teacher, Lao Xu It’s already a holiday.” Jiang Jin curled his lips, “We wanted to have dinner a few years ago, so we stopped by here to check it out. He called Brother Xiao a few days ago, and he said that the company was too busy at the end of the year, so the two of you would take a punt. Don’t leave, and come out again in the next year.”

Ye Cheng turned to look at Lu Xiao, he shrugged and said helplessly, “I’m not busy now, I can do it anytime.”

Everyone took a group photo on the podium, and after a few moments Two girls pulled each other to take pictures of each other.

The boys chatted in twos and threes in the hallway.

Zhou Minhao opened his mouth and said, “Really out of the closet?”

He took out a pack of cigarettes to distribute to Lu Xiao, but Lu Xiao waved his hand, “I quit early.

Piaoxue said, “I guess there is still a tough battle to fight.” Zhou Minhao said, “Brother, I really admire you. In your family’s situation, coming out of the closet is not a joke. By the way, when did you get together? I’m surprised, how come I don’t know at all?”

Lu Xiao laughed, cleared his throat and said, “Since that’s the case, let me tell you how Ye Cheng chased me back then. ”

He… chased you?” Zhou Minhao dropped his jaw in shock.

Lu Xiao’s face was full of shyness, “Of course, he did everything possible to persuade Lao Xu in order to be at the same table with me. All this has to start with his love at first sight for me…”

Ye Cheng and Jiang Yirong went downstairs, she She said she wanted to go to the flag-raising platform to take a photo, but several girls said they didn’t want to go because it was too cold outside, so Ye Cheng accompanied her down.

After Jiang Yirong took the photos, she also helped Ye Cheng to take a few.

At this moment, a boy with a stack of books passed by hurriedly.

Jiang Yirong put down her phone and said, “Hey, this isn’t the dance from your class…”

Her words came to an abrupt end, and Ye Cheng also recognized the man, and shouted in surprise, “Hu Jiawei.”

The man stopped and looked over. , it really is Hu Jiawei.

He looked a lot thinner, still wearing thick bottle-bottom glasses, his hair cut short, and more spirited than before.

“Ye Cheng, it’s you.” He greeted them in surprise.

“Are you back to school again?” Ye Cheng asked.

Hu Jiawei nodded: “I took a year off from school, and now my health is much better, so I want to come back and finish high school.”

Ye Cheng said sincerely: “Congratulations, come on.”

Hu Jiawei smiled: “I’ll go to class first. , I have to give them homework and get back in touch.”

After he left, Jiang Yirong sighed: “I didn’t expect him to be so bad before, but now he has recovered. Sometimes people’s willpower is really tenacious, a small grass. All flowers can bloom on the cliffs.”

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Why suddenly became literary.”

Jiang Yirong showed sadness: “I just think it’s too difficult to be a human being, and there are nine out of ten unsatisfactory things in life.”

“We Miss Jiang is still unhappy?” Ye Cheng teased her.

She said, “My parents don’t agree with Jiang Jin and I. I sneaked out to see him today.”

Ye Cheng was silent for a moment, then patted her on the shoulder and said, “Take your time, uncles and aunts may still I don’t know him very well, there is nothing that time can’t solve.”

Jiang Yirong had to nod, “I don’t want to give up, you and Lu Xiao are more difficult than us.

” , I’m already very grateful.” Ye Cheng said lightly.

Jiang Yirong didn’t understand the meaning of “again”, but before she could ask, Ye Cheng asked easily, “Will you go to eat hot pot later?” You have to eat hot pot. Let’s go, let’s get them down.”

They walked into the courtyard of the teaching building and looked up to see people standing in the corridor on the fifth floor.

Lu Xiao was still chatting with Zhou Minhao, bragging about how he used his terribly handsome face to fascinate Ye Cheng. Zhou Minhao heard a completely different version from Jiang Jin’s mouth, and everyone was dumbfounded. , staring blankly at him dancing.

Ye Cheng put his hand close to his mouth and shouted, “Lu Xiao, tell them to come down, let’s go eat hot pot—”

Lu Xiao heard the voice, waved to him upstairs, and said loudly, “Okay, wife. -”

When the people upstairs heard that they wanted to eat hot pot, they all ran down with a rumble.

In the ice and snow, a group of people marched to the hot pot restaurant mightily.

Just like a few years ago, a group of students in school uniforms swaggered to eat crayfish under the scorching sun.

The stores near No. 13 Middle School were as crowded as ever, and the wind from Baize Lake finally blew on Shanhai Road.

The author has something to say: After the text is over – I suddenly feel reluctant to type these three words.

Thank you for catching up to the end of this story, and thank you for liking this book and these characters. Although there were twists and turns during the serialization, there were many troubles, but Xiaocheng really brought me a lot of happiness. Although they are called “Xiaocheng”, the story is not depressing, their world is full of positivity and sunshine. In fact, there is a lot to say, but the update is too late, I will talk about it next time hahaha.

Sweepstakes: 1 Draw a reader this month to send 10,000 Jinjiang coins. 2. When all is over, the same fragrance and Jinjiang coins will be given in the vb lottery draw, remember to keep an eye on it. (The above is exclusive to all readers~)

The next plan will be more exciting. The extras cover life after marriage (chicken flying and dog jumping), past life (up and downs), and if you want to watch it, you can also add a little more supporting characters. There may be a campus essay next summer to satisfy my secondary school heart.

Next, I planned to open “I thought the high-cold junior brother turned out to be green tea”, click on the column to see.

The day after Li Xinghe was cheated on by her boyfriend, he went out in a disheartened way to find someone to shoot.

Friends Pao is a handsome little fresh meat with an angelic face, but he was so violent on the bed that he almost killed him.

Li Xinghe couldn’t afford it, so he picked up his pants and ran away. This morning is the freshman orientation day, and as the head of the student union, he has to pick up freshmen at the door.

Among the new students was a very famous junior named Zhao Qingbei.

Not because of anything else, but because he is the son of a leading man in the industry, and this boss is not only a well-known alumnus, but also just donated a building to the school.

Li Xinghe was hinted by the chairman that he should be included in the student union first.

However, Zhao Qingbei didn’t slap him, and every time he replied, he must not exceed two words.

[En] [Oh] [Know] [Don’t go]

Li Xinghe gritted his teeth, thinking that this person is too pretentious.

On the day of school, under the scorching sun, a tall figure covered the sun.

A familiar deep voice sounded above his head, “Senior, how can I get to the administrative building?”

Li Xinghe raised his head, dumbfounded—isn’t this the pao friend from last night!

Zhao Qingbei squinted his eyes, showed a pure smile, and took out something from his pocket, “Senior, what are you doing in such a hurry, the earrings are left with me.”

Everyone in the student council looked at them.

Since then, Gao Lengkuo’s younger brother has become a sticky green tea essence.

“Senior, your new hairstyle today is so pretty.”

“I envy your boyfriend so much that I can see you every day.”

“It’s all my fault, so don’t quarrel because of me.”

Until one day, Li Xinghe’s parents took him to see his little bamboo horse who “brings the belly for marriage”. , Zhao Qingbei emerged from the door, blinked and greeted: “Senior, we meet again.”

Li Xinghe: …?

*Yan Ba ​​Judio Green Tea Junior Brother Gong & Dare to Love, Dare to Hate, Brave, Senior Shou

* It is probably the story that Gong has been secretly in love with Shou secretly waiting for him to break up and take the opportunity to rise

The Class Genius Sitting Next to Me Is Always Trying To Flirt With Me

The Class Genius Sitting Next to Me Is Always Trying To Flirt With Me

Status: Completed Author: Native Language: Chinese
Most people in Lu Group feel that President Lu Xiao has a strict wife. General Manager Lu kept low. Whenever his wife, Ye Cheng, came to the company to check the accounts, he was more respectful than welcoming his father.​​ In the interviews with reporters, Ye Cheng repeatedly complained about his lover. “I hope he quits drinking.” “Do not smoke and don’t snore when he sleeps.” “If I can go back to when he was young, I will surely help with correcting his bad habits.” Ye Cheng said politely to the camera.


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