Thirty-ninth Raiders

Thirty-ninth Raiders

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Synopsis Thirty-ninth Raiders

#The thirty-ninth time embarked on the journey of attacking the Lord God# ——”The Lord God is like a flower on a high mountain, and it can only be seen from a distance.” The soft, waxy and clean women’s clothing boss gently tugged at the corner of her clothes, “Sister, I can’t sleep without you.” ——”The Lord God will always be high in my heart.” The sickly and beautiful prince said softly and lazily, “If you don’t marry me, choose the one you like with these handcuffs and shackles.” ——”In short, the heart of the Lord God is pure and flawless!” The fox demon boy slightly curled the corners of his lips, his nine tails curled slightly, and hooked up softly: “I will treat you very well, think about it?” “…………” It’s all small scenes, don’t panic! ⊙﹏⊙∥

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