Middle-aged Love Patch
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Middle-aged Love Patch

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Synopsis Middle-aged Love Patch

In 2035, in order to make a love game, Xu Youyuan, who was suffering from a mid-life crisis, decided to take down her old face and experience the love life.
Unexpectedly, the appointment will be a big-trouble.
Xu Youyuan: “Don’t ask, what good experience can you have on a date with a kid?”
Shi Yue: “Do you want me to recall the 300-word praise you wrote for me?”
This is an evaluation from an anonymous user: “I have to say that there is endless aftertaste, excellent technology, outstanding advantages, super battery life, and excellent user experience. I personally tested it, five-star praise…”
Xu Youyuan:…
Sweet story, the young one is initiative.
The milky wolf sportsman pretends to be a pig and eats tiger puppies x middle-aged crisis game industry master.

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