Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 9

Outrageous medicine

How long has it been since Tim left? In Danis’s room, Alain could only lie on the sofa with his body burning and his head blurred.

 I’m not aware that Tim was given any medicine. If Danis comes, don’t trust others before you come here. I just said, and I thought I was going to have a disgusted face.

 Tim will be a little tough for Alain who has fallen down, but he will soon be comfortable, so stay calm. Rather, he happily went out of the room with a benign face.

 The medicine served was probably similar to the candle aroma used by Danis. My body became irritable, and my own thing was reacting to my lower abdomen regardless of my intention.


 Perhaps it is a stronger effect than aroma, but the body reacts when the clothes rub against the skin. As if the inside of my head was melting, I couldn’t move much except for the feeling I felt from my whole body.

 I can’t help myself with the body that reacts when I move, and instead of suppressing it, my senses gradually increase.

 I want you to help me.

 Someone please do something about it.

 In the end, I’m wondering if the memory of Danis revived yesterday and I want him to touch it. Among them, if Danis was in his room, he would come back, and there was a mixture of feelings that he wanted to come early and feelings that he didn’t want to come.

 What happened to me? No, it must be because of the medicine.

 Regardless of Alain’s complicated feelings, the entrance door opened.

 Alain was relieved that his black hair and coat was just Danis and no one else. I had eyes with Danis who came in, and even if I wanted to do something, I could make a strange voice and squeeze it out with a killed voice.

“… Da … Nisu … Hmm … Tasu … T …”

 Danis settled for a moment as if he was a little disappointed. Then I leaned against the door that came in and turned my gaze to another place, and after squeezing my bangs, I sighed a little longer.

 Did you get surprised after all? That’s right, Alain thought that he wouldn’t have thought that he was in such a state when he came to the room. I’m not careful, but I can’t help but now I have to rely on Danis.


“… I don’t have to apologize, because I was bad when I asked him.”

 Danis approaches Alain with the usual look.

 Apparently I’m not surprised. Rather, he seemed to know why Alain was like this and who did it.

“For the time being, it will be difficult there.”

 With that said, Danis touched his shoulders and feet to pick up Alain, who couldn’t move from the sofa. The body, which is sensitive to even the friction of clothes, trembles just by being touched by Danis, and a lustrous voice comes out with a sigh as to where it is coming from.

“… Hmm … Ah …”

 Danis’s hand stopped for a moment and then gently lifted him up.

 Compared to other good guys in this place, Danis is slender, but he seems to have power. Although he is still short, he is at least a man, so he has a certain weight. And I was usually embarrassed to be picked up by a man, but now I don’t care about that. I wanted you to get rid of this condition as soon as possible.

 Danis laid Alain on the bed and saw his body reacting, or wrinkled a little between his eyebrows.

“What the heck … how strong the medicine was put in. He is.”

 Danis is unusually frustrated at the end of the word. As soon as he took off his coat and jacket and loosened his tie, Danis sat down on the bed.

“It takes a little bone to pull out the medicine …. If you don’t want to be held, say it early.”

 Danis removes Alain’s wig, pulls it in, and undresses it randomly.

 Suddenly, Alain was confused, but was suffocated by the body that reacted sensitively just by being touched. The body follows Danis’s hands undressing as it is without any force.

“… Hmm …?”

 Although I was confused, I couldn’t believe that my heartbeat was beating. However, without looking away from the unbuttoned fingers of the shirt, he confusedly answered the question.

“… What else …?”

“If that is the case, the 3rd …. The 5th will not be complete.”

 The words made Alain chill in his spine for a moment.

 I wondered if this condition would last for 3 days … for 5 days at the longest, but I would go crazy before the medicine was removed. Alain didn’t have the confidence to endure it.

 I could endure being treated humiliatingly by the soldiers because my body endured at least my own will from suffering, but now it’s different. You have to endure your feelings and sensations, regardless of your will.

 Besides, it’s already strange. It’s really strange that my body got hot the moment I was told to hold it. But if I could be released from this state …, Alain nodded slowly.

“……all right”

 When Alain responds, one hand of Danis touches the cheek and traces the contour to raise the chin. Danis’s face was already close to his sight, and he noticed that his mouths overlapped.


 Alain is surprised and opens her eyes as it is. I felt a warm feeling on my lips other than myself, and the black eyelashes of Danis, who was closing my eyes, lifted up, and when my eyes met my black eyes, I felt that my back quivered.

 When the overlapping mouths are separated a little, when you exhale and the mouth is closed again, the tongue suddenly enters the open mouth and the tongue is entangled.

“… Hmm … Hmm … Hmm …”

 When I closed my eyes to the suffocation, I felt the heat rising from the core of my body due to the stimulation in my mouth, and Alain unconsciously grabbed Danis’ shirt.

 He looks up at Danis, with his mouth separated and his head brought to the lingering stimulus.

“Huh ……… this … is …?”

 Alain was inwardly surprised. I didn’t expect to be kissed.

 No one was kissing when he was laid down by the soldiers. Even more so, it may be superfluous because I was wondering if Danis would be indifferent because of this situation.

“What should I do, should I feel good? And …”

 Danis laughs.

 Alain notices that he was almost undressed before he knew it. Danis pulls the thick liquid out of the container and slides it into the crevice in Alain’s butt, sinking his fingers into the buds without hesitation.

“Huh! … Ah … Yeah …”

 Pain runs to a place where the soldiers have been violent and healed yet, and Alain jumps his body. Danis’s fingers mercilessly groped inside without giving a response of refusal, and Alain groaned in pain and twisted in bed.

“I’m sorry to be with those who made it this way.”

“That … uh … that”

 I can’t think of it.

 What the soldiers did was to force them to agree and to anger. The current situation was nothing but me, and I realized that this was … and Alain became embarrassed because his face became hot in an instant.

 The movement of Danis’s finger inside does not stop, and the back of his ear is patted with his finger with his surplus hand, and if the body responds to it, Danis smiles and returns, saying that it is weak here. Alain was embarrassed to try to hide her face with her hands, but her arm was grabbed and blocked.

“Show me a little more”

 Danis and his eyes collide, and Alain looks away in a restless manner. Danis laughed at me with my nose, and I felt like I was treated as a child, which made me a little annoyed. The grasped arm is released, and the hand touches the decoration on Alain’s chest and rolls it around.

“Huh … huh? …”

 I felt an indescribable feeling on my back. Even though it’s because of the medicine, I’ve never felt it in such a place. Alain responded to Danis, who was relentlessly playing with him, as he was being done.

 Danis has an untouched chest protrusion in his mouth, which in turn rolls with his tongue and bites sweetly with his teeth.

“Hmm … Hmm … Hmm … Ah”

 The body, which was originally raised, came out as it was without being able to suppress the voice and reaction.

 Alain wants to die with embarrassment because his control doesn’t work, but his body feels thrilled and sad, and he looks at Danis.

“Hmm? What’s wrong …?”

 It’s mean to ask there. Alain thought, but the body that was originally raised by the medicine wanted another place. It’s so obvious that you can see it from the time it’s taken off instead of hiding.

 Danis understands that and asks with a thin smile.

“… Muu … there … good … because …”

 Really? Danis picked up one of the protrusions with his finger, but Alain was panting.

 Besides, when he swelled and glared back, Danis seemed to have some fun while saying that he was not particularly bad and was bad. It was kind of frustrating to feel like I was playing, and when I tried to turn away, it was definitely here, and Danis’s finger buried in his ass rubbed inside.

“Huh !!”

 Alain screamed at the sudden pleasure as if he ran on his back with electricity.

 If the body shave back and reacts greatly, the lower abdomen itself will run ahead and dripping liquid from the tip.

“Do you want to get it first?”

 Danis touched Alain’s lead and rubbed his wet tip with his finger.

“Eh … oh … oh … oh …!”

 Alain, who was suddenly pleasurable and defenseless, had no choice but to panting as it was, and his body trembled with the movement of Danis’s hand that continued as it was.

 Danis’s finger in his ass pokes through Alain’s reaction earlier.

“Huh … huh … huh … wait … already …”

 Both the front and the back are attacked at the same time, and the body that is excited with pleasure screams that he wants to exhale heat immediately. Meanwhile, Danis’s hand mercilessly pokes with his fingers only in good places, but he bends his body and his hips unconsciously float.

“Ah … !!!”

 When the unbearable heat blows from Alain’s own, the bed gets wet and the body cramps with a jerk and a lingering finish. When I was out of breath and looked at Danis, I was embarrassed, probably because I had a strange face.

“This looks good, but … can you get up?”

 Alain looks away from Danis with embarrassment. I tried to put more effort into my body, which I couldn’t get rid of, but I couldn’t get rid of the burning of my body and I couldn’t put my strength into it.

 Alain shakes his head.

“It seems impossible … I mean … what …?”

 On the contrary, even though I just got acme, I’m standing up.

 Danis pulled a nearby pillow under Alain’s hips, opened his legs by hand, and applied the tip of his fever to Alain’s butt buds.

 Alain is surprised at what is applied, but her body trembles.

“I told you, it’s a little painful to get rid of the medicine.”

“Eh … a little … and … true”

 Shortly after calling out to rest, Danis’s stuff entered Alain with his hip movements.

“Huh! …”

 A big and hot thing, which is clearly different from the finger, rushes in, but Alain’s mouth screams. There’s no reason why it doesn’t hurt to get inside the scars laid by the soldiers … Danis sinks as it is, even though Alain’s body is shaking a little.

“Don’t be afraid … I’ll forget it immediately because of the effect of the medicine.”

 Alain, who is already full of Danis’ words, isn’t it? I don’t know what was said and listen back. At the same time as I caught Danis laughing a little, Danis hit his hips.

“Fah !! … Ah … !!”

 The moment Danis rubs against the mucous membrane inside, Alain runs through like electricity running on his back and his back bends.

 I noticed that what I put out was hanging on my belly. Alain couldn’t understand what happened for a moment, but his body was lingering and reacting with his whole body … I don’t want to believe it, but apparently I got caught just by being put in Danis.

 Without understanding, Danis’s thing slowly started to move in the shallow part of Alain.

“Ah … m … i … taba … huh … !!”

 Alain immediately got a big reaction and got acme again. Shake your shoulders and disturb your breath. I heard the blood pulsing in my body.

 Every time Danis’s thing pushes into the back, my body trembles and panting with joy.

 Danis’s hand patted Alain’s cheek while his thoughts were cloudy.

“It will be like this for a while, but give up thinking it’s such a medicine.”

 Alain was horrified by the words.

Will this continue? When.

Then Alain really thought that he wanted me to say it first.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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