Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 7

Behind the downtown

When I got off the secret passage of my house with Danis, it was connected to the underground waterway. Who is really preparing such an escape route?

 If you follow Danis, you will climb the stairs that go up to the ground on the way.

 I wondered if it was a warehouse somewhere, I opened the door of the secret passage in it and went up to the warehouse.

“It looks like this area is still okay.”

 Danis murmured, wondering if he was listening to the outside, not seeing the voices or footsteps of the soldiers. Apparently, Alain took a breath when he escaped from the soldiers.

“It’s too early to be relieved. From here, if you follow me, there is something I want you to be careful about.”

“What do you want me to be careful about?”

  Alain tilts his head. However, Danis takes it seriously, so it must not be overlooked. Being chased by soldiers, you should avoid getting stuck in your feet.

“Don’t believe people easily where you’re heading now. And shut up being a prince …. and then …”

 After that word, I stared at my face, but no, nothing. Said.

 Alain was worried that he closed his words on the way. Anyone should be worried if they stop in such a place.

“What? What? You’re curious”

 Even if I hear that, Danis doesn’t look here, maybe he doesn’t want to answer anymore. I’ll go as it is. That said, I went out of the warehouse.

 Alain, who does not know what is going on, follows him, though he is worried.

“I was waiting!”

 Immediately after leaving the warehouse, a man standing by the side of the road spoke to me. Suddenly, Alain is surprised and ready.

 Danis sighed at the man who spoke to him, without making any particular movements.

 Apparently they know each other.

“Tim … You told me to go back to the base?”

 A man … A young man in his twenties, who had slender chestnut-colored hair and a hat over his bounced hair, laughed happily.

“I told everyone properly …! It’s rare for Danis to be conservative this time, so I’ll accompany him to the base …”

 In the middle of the talk, a young man named Tim turned his gaze toward Alain. Maybe it’s interesting, I bend down a little and look into my face.

 Alain unknowingly stepped back under Tim’s pressure.

“What? This boy? … ha !! … Danis-san has a wide range of defense … bufufu !!”

 Danis’s fist shook Tim’s head.

 While groaning, Tim painfully holds his head in his hand.

“… I just got involved in something a little troublesome. I brought it because I was spotted by the soldiers.”

 I don’t know if I was convinced by Danis’s words, but Tim took his eyes off Alain.

“Then, let’s go because we know where the soldiers are likely to be thin to the base.”

 With that said, Tim walks ahead.

 Apparently, is Danis the original place? It seems that he will go to the place where he is based.

 On the way, if he meets Tim, he will smile, so he must be a friendly person. I spoke in a slightly light tone, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

 However, even though it was a downtown area, as I followed the guidance, it gradually became a noisy place. The few people in the corner of the alley are obviously unusual, Gorotsuki. I’m looking at this with interest.

 Feeling uneasy about his vulgar laughter and gaze, he unknowingly grabbed Danis’ sleeve.

“It’s okay if you don’t leave me.”

 Alain nodded to Danis’ words.

 There is an aristocratic and class system in this country. Although the king’s politics is stable, he has learned that the difference in security and economy is inevitable with downtown, but he has never actually come to such a place.

 The prince does not come to such a place, and even if he comes to visit the private sector, it is a place where the safety is guaranteed by the soldiers.

 From such Alain’s point of view, the sight that is now in sight was far from the private city that I knew.

 Enter one building in the back of downtown with such an atmosphere. It looked like a normal brick house. And when he came to this point, Alain had a faint sense of what a person named Danis was.

 When Danis entered, the people around him, who had a big physiognomy, looked at Danis, and when he was glared at him, the men who seemed to be frightened for a moment returned with a smile.

“Go home, boss! This time, you’re going home early !?”

“Oh, then you’re telling me not to say that boss. It doesn’t suit my gender.”

 Besides, Alain who was frightened around for a moment feels relaxed somewhere, but at the same time … Boss! ?? I was surprised at what the man said.

 Certainly, I thought I wasn’t the only one. The fact that I wasn’t entangled with the rumblings along the way so far … I thought that Alain wasn’t the person who had seen it, but no way … he was such a person.

“I say so, but everyone here thinks so …. and what about that boy?”

“Eh? … Ah …”

 When one man wearing sunglasses looks at Alain and asks Danis, all the other bad-looking men turn to us.

 Alain was frightened when he was glared at by several people with bad physiognomy. As long as there were soldiers in the castle, there were men who were strict and scared of their faces, but the men here had a different sense of intimidation than the soldiers.

 Alain is pressured and does not know what to do with the question, so he steps back and muddys his words.

“Don’t get involved when you withdraw. I’ll hide it for a while … Don’t do anything.”

“That’s a guest. I’m Bourne. Regards, this is the place, but please tell me if there is anything.”

 The big man wearing sunglasses smiled disproportionately. Alain bows lightly in a hurry.

“This is what I’ll take care of. Oh … Adele.”

 I remembered that I suddenly said my name and told Danis not to realize that I was a prince, so I gave myself the name on the spot.

 I was told not to trust Danis, but I thought it would be good not to have such a distrust though it is strong.

“So what’s going on with this kid?”

“That’s right … let me go through my room for the time being.”

 Understood! Tim replied in a light tone, and was guided by Tim. Danis looked at Danis’s back with his eyes, as if he was talking to the people here, and immediately turned his gaze toward Tim’s guide.

 Guided by the room, I glanced at the room. I don’t know if it’s Danis’s personality or the appearance of this building, but it was as simple as the house he was brought to.

 It’s the minimum necessary, or there is a sense of life around an ashtray, a coffee bean puller, a cup, and some books, but for a person called a boss, it shows the size of existence. There is no such luxury.

“It’s dull. Sometimes I change my base or location, but I don’t receive any gifts, and where do I go except for the funds to move the organization?”

 Tim looks at Alain and replies, prompting him to sit on the sofa. I wondered if I knew what I was doing, and when I made coffee, I offered it to Alain.

“Danis was the center before I came here, but he doesn’t show much attachment to things.”

 I wondered if that was the case, and while I was interested in Tim’s story, I ate the coffee offered. Somehow, I was aware of Alain.

 I have some cold eyes. He didn’t get caught up in things, and he didn’t seem to be interested in the person, no matter what kind of person he was. Even if you know yourself as a prince, treat him as the same person.

“That’s why it’s rare.”


 The moment Tim muttered in a low voice and raised his face toward Tim, his vision was distorted.

 Alain clings to the sofa at once. My head was dim, and I felt it was getting hot, and my body was sweating slowly, and I started to breathe.

 A man named Tim lightly stroked Alain’s head.

“It’s okay, it’s not like dying.”

 When he muttered, the man smiled seductively.

 Keeping it in the corner of his field of vision, Alain collapsed on the sofa without any help from his will.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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