Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 6

Nostalgic Memories

 From the day I started being chased for innocent charges.

 … To be precise, Alain had no memory of sleeping properly since the day his father’s king was assassinated by someone. I don’t know when the day will come when I will calm down and sleep, and if I stay in the castle as it is, this country that the king loved will be different, and if I think that I will do what I want without rewarding that man, I just run away There was only.

 In the current situation where it is unknown who is an ally and who is an enemy, that is all that Alain could do. I had no choice but to avoid it, at least in terms of being Gabriel’s puppet and being able to move politics at will.

 During that time, I couldn’t even have time to breathe, and when I was desperately wondering, I reached an alley somewhere and collapsed as if I fainted.

 I haven’t solved anything yet, but I felt like it’s been a while since I fell asleep by relying on someone.

 A faint scent of lavender …



 Ah … that’s right. That is ………


 The garden on the grounds of the castle, the blue spread all over the sky so that no clouds could be seen in the sky, and it was a sunny day, and the sun, temperature, and wind were pleasant.

 Even though it was such a day, the young Alain sat hiding in the vegetation in the garden, holding his knees and looking down.

 As a prince who became the first successor, education was strict from an early age, and when he was disgusted, he escaped to the garden and hid.

 My mother died of illness early, and my stepmother hit Alain hard because she couldn’t give birth to her own child.

 In such a childhood, there was another person besides my father who brightened my heart.

 When Alain was hiding in the vegetation and swirling, he heard the sound of rustling and squeezing the vegetation, and his body trembled as to whether he could find it.

“Are you there? If you don’t come out early, you’ll get angry again.”

 The voice is not a maid or a butler who is desperately looking for a prince. Alain raised his face when he heard the familiar voice of the boy.

 Perhaps I found it at the right time, I met a boy who was a little older than me through the vegetation that I had squeezed through.

 With black hair and black eyes, which is rare in this country, long hair is tied up behind. The boy smiled and shook Alain’s head lightly from top to bottom with his fist.

“That’s it !!!”

 Alain holds down the lightly tapped head with his hand.

 The black-haired boy sighed.

“Hey, don’t bother the maid and the butler.”


 Alain is in a bad mood when he swells his face.

 There was no choice but to exhale lightly, and the boy stroked Alain’s head and smiled gently.

“Then, if you listen to what the maids and butlers say today and finish everything, I’ll go out with your favorite play later.”

 Upon hearing that, Alain suddenly brightened his face, which had been lonely.


 With glittering eyes, Alain looked at the boy and nodded and smiled back.

 Alain stood up immediately and ran to the maids and butlers who would still be searching around with the boy on his back because of his promise.

 I was busy studying every day, and since I was a prince, I didn’t have any friends in Alain who would treat me like this in the same year. From a standpoint, even the actions that were hit earlier would be a big fuss if there were a maid or a butler here.

 Alain, who has almost no one to treat him in the same position, was pleased with the existence of the boy. I also liked the hand that stroked me.

 By the way, I feel that the boy also wore the scent of lavender.


“Alan … Alan !! Get up !!”

 Alain opened his eyes as he shook his body and rubbed his eyes. A man with black hair is calling if the visibility is still unclear.

 The color of his hair overlapped with him who had dreamed for a moment after a long time.

“… Renius?”

“Hmm …!? … I’m not when I’m asleep, I’ll be out soon.”

 I noticed that the overlapping appearance was Danis, and finally I heard a flashy knocking sound from the front door.

“I’m a national soldier! Come out now !!”

 Alain jumped up to the roaring voice of the soldier. When I saw Danis, I was wearing a coat, probably because I was ready.

 Why are the soldiers back? Did I find myself here? Alain is impatient.

 In such a situation, Danis throws his clothes and the brown wig he wore when the soldiers came once.

“Change your clothes soon, you’ll be out soon”

 Hand over the clothes given in a hurry. It was a simple outfit like a boy you see in downtown. Since it is long with a wig, if you shed your hair behind with a hair clip, it will be loosely tied at the bottom.

 But Danis said he’d be out soon, but now there are soldiers outside the front door. No matter how disguised you are, you may notice it when you see your face.

“How do you get out of here !?”

 By the time he asked Danis, he was moving the position of his desk and lightly kicked the floor made of plain wood.

 Then, the wooden part of the floor floated with a width that could pass for one person, and a staircase leading down from there came out.

 It’s a so-called hidden loophole.

 Alain was surprised at the sudden thing, but is there anything ready to have such a loophole? Alain thought that he wasn’t the only one who could get rid of Danis’ soldiers, but he wasn’t really an ordinary civilian.

“What are you doing, I’ll open the door soon.”

 When told to hurry, Alain went down the stairs of the loophole in a hurry.

 Danis then returns the floor to its original position as it tries to descend.

 A few minutes later, when the violent knock stopped, the door was dull and loudly kicked after a while. As the soldiers entered, one soldier shook his tongue at the appearance of the room that had become a shell.

“Did you escape … shit! If you noticed at that time …‼ ︎”

 While listening to the soldiers, Danis realized that he was unaware that there was a loophole, and then went down the stairs silently.

 Alain catches Danis’s corner of the mouth slightly rising with the edge of his eyes for a moment.

 Even though I was asleep with this person and that boy when I was a child, why did I make a mistake? The only thing they have in common is their hair and eyes, and their personalities and personalities are too different. Alain wondered with the memory that he had in such a dream.

 However, I knew that if I weren’t this person, I wouldn’t have been able to escape in this way.

 A soldier standing in a shelled room called out to a few leaders.

“what should I do?”

“I’ll go back and report to the captain …. Danis Harvard … the black phantom that controls the dark society of this country at that young age. If you’re involved, it’s not straightforward.”

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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